Sound Off: Sylvain White's The Losers - What Did You Think?

April 23, 2010

Sylvain White's The Losers

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Adapted from the Vertigo comic book series comes The Losers, an action movie about a group of badass ex-CIA black ops operatives who go on a rogue mission to take down the corrupt individual who tried to kill them. How is director Sylvain White's first action movie after directing Stomp the Yard? Is it a fun and entertaining movie worth the ticket price? How are all of the characters, from Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Chris Evans to Zoe Saldana to Idris Elba? Was it too cheesy or just fun to watch? If you've seen it, then leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of The Losers!

To fuel the fire, I enjoyed The Losers, I had a good time, but it's not really one of the best movies this year. It's a bit formulaic and at times it feels like the same action movie we've seen many times before. That said, it lived up to my tempered expectations and I walked out smiling. Chris Evans was unquestionably the highlight (along with watching Zoe Saldana in lingerie kicking some ass and making out with Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Although he did a good job, I got a little tired of how ridiculously cheesy Jason Patric was as the villain "Max." It's fun and it is worth the ticket price, but I think I'll forget about The Losers fairly quickly.

What did you think of The Losers? A good entertaining comic book movie or dull and boring?

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This movie sucked. It was so... I dunno... 90's action? But not being funny about it. In a PG-13 setting. Fail.

Syphous on Apr 23, 2010


I don't plan on seeing it.

Daniel Felts on Apr 23, 2010


This movie actually sucked major ass, alot of cheesy lines and guys with skinny shirts. Just horrible.

nem on Apr 23, 2010


I give it a 7/10, it was good...but forgettable. The cast was good, I found Idris Elba to be somewhat weak in the film...hopefully this will not happen in his next films, Jason Patric was awesome as Max, and Saldana, Morgan, Evans, Short, and Jaenada were all great. Its a fun film, worth watching, a solid 7/10.

Xerxex on Apr 23, 2010


Wow, I was maybe a little to hyper to see this movie but, for me ... I got the cheesy lines (remember this use to be a comic strip) and I got the whole there has to be a bad guy in here somewhere... I also get it that hollywood has to sugar down movies to make them pop...thus the eye candy for girls and boys of all ages.. Jason Patric was and is amazing and I can not wait for the sequel ( there will be one because this is hollywood hell they made a sequel to Anaconda on FX!) Something about this formula appears to much like a TNT episode though and being a betting person I would say this is headed to the tv screen when and where I don't care... I will up it to 8 out of 10 missing 2 because the formula was a sugary one and because how does Max get away... Oh Duct Tape saves the world a little side eye to MacGruber????

Patricia on Apr 23, 2010



Stephanie on Apr 23, 2010


wasn't a very good movie, full of cheesy one liners & cliche slo-mo shots, the action wasnt creative, the storey was boring.

shichibukai on Apr 23, 2010


I thought it was good. I loved the cheesy one liners and it was a bit formulaic but still fun to watch. The Losers are winners in my book!

RJ on Apr 23, 2010


Loved it. Thought it was incredibly entertaining and feel like it's only really getting snuffed because it's coming out at a horrible time (in between similar movies like Kick-Ass and A-Team). Not the best movie of the year, sure. Liked Kick-Ass more, but I wouldn't say Losers is forgettable. I definitely want to add it to my DVD collection as a "lets just have a good mindless time on a friday" movie. If you like the comic, you'll like the movie. If you like action films, you'll like the movie.

Rops on Apr 24, 2010


Anyone who liked this crappy movie is a Loser.

KepaX on Apr 24, 2010


KepaX is obviously more of a Sex in the City 2 fan.

el on Apr 24, 2010


Since when did cheesy lines become a bad thing in action movies? I saw Losers at the midnight showing and had a blast. The "cheesy" writing was perfect for the genre and the action was great. Some people are so jaded and self absorbed these days they can no longer enjoy going to the movies. I pity them.

mdeedon on Apr 24, 2010


i liked it.

Dbamma on Apr 24, 2010


only LOSERS pay money to see movies like!

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Apr 24, 2010


The Losers is a popcorn movie at its best. It blends action, humour and entertainment on a level of general acceptance. Sure some lines were cheesy, people get shot and feel nothing and all that jazz... BUT...overall, The Losers is a popcorn flick that delivers on pure, uncanny entertainment. And for that, i loved it! A fun action movie that has it all! Check it out, but if you want Oscar gold, wait for something else...Get Low anyone?

Lucas N on Apr 24, 2010


Dude I loved this movie, I thought Kick-ass was a good comic book movie but this was just awesome. Cheesy lines so what? enjoy the movie for what it is. It was a straight up great action movie with a blend of humor and romance. 9 out of 10 easily.

Rooney on Apr 24, 2010


@12 "Some people are so jaded and self absorbed these days they can no longer enjoy going to the movies. I pity them" Sooooooo true couldnt of said it any better, the same thing can be said for a lot of the dumb reviews for Kick-ass last week. Its really too bad people let themselves get in the way of enjoying a good movie.

Cody w on Apr 24, 2010


This was a fun and fast paced film and it's great to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the leading role. I also enjoyed Jason Patric as the villain they need to give the guy some more work. The weak spot for me was Idris Elba he was dull and gave a very weak performance but I loved the rest of The Losers and of course Zoe Saldana. I also give it 9 out of 10 I plan on buying it on BluRay when it becomes available.

CLAW on Apr 24, 2010



MMH on Apr 24, 2010


I agree completely. Alex.

danielvutran on Apr 24, 2010


#5 stop ruining the shitty movie for people who havent seen it yet

Gmorra on Apr 24, 2010


I'd give it a 6/10 maybe. There was no movie experience going to watch this. I could have sat at home and picked one of the many hour long action tv shows and had the same entertainment. I like my movies to be a step above your weekly tv show, I don't think this did it. I found perhaps 10 minutes worth of footage that I found entertaining, the rest of it was just eye rolling fluff.

CB on Apr 24, 2010


Movie was terrible. Cliche. Nothing special about the action.

Jreece on Apr 24, 2010


You might enjoy drowning a sackful of crippled puppies more.

Jreece on Apr 24, 2010


Were you guys actually expecting more from the guy who directed stomp the yard?....Seriously none of you should be disappointed, and should of saw this mediocrity coming.

Cody w on Apr 24, 2010


I enjoyed the movie I went in without any expectactions and was entertained, unlike Kick ass were I went in with hype and left disappointed, so it all depends on your expectactions on the movie, I didnt think it was great, but it entertained me, and I didnt find myself bored with it. The Sniper was the best part of the movie

Kalil on Apr 25, 2010


this movie was good i enjoyed it except the one scene with the island imploding thet was horrible

pulp fiction212 on Apr 25, 2010


I went in not having read the comic yet and very much enjoyed the movie. I thought it was hysterical. Best part of the film was the ridiculous humor. Reminds me of my friends and I and the movies we make. Also if it's PG-13 don't bother having a soft soft-core 30 sec porn. lol They could have just implied what happened. Also the action was entertaining. Now I have started reading the comic book. And I have forgiven Hollywood of any screw up they've ever made cause God damn the comic is just a pissy little British guy trying his hardest to make the U.S. look bad by writing a comic cause he hates the fact Bush sent us to war. Gah...

Aaron on Apr 25, 2010


personally i liked it

Juan on Apr 25, 2010


Enjoyable enough for a popcorn kind of movie. Chris Evans was rather funny and I generally found most of the characters enjoyable. This is certainly not Bourne, nor is it meant to be. Its a silly action/comedy. That said, I wish the villains weapon wasn't so ridiculous. If the movie as a whole was silly, that aspect would have been more at home in Saturday morning cartoon. All in all its at least a strong renter if you don't take it too serious.

Aaron on Apr 25, 2010


This movie was just plain awful! I love popcorn flicks but this was like getting a shard of glass slammed in your eye...thats right i said it! LOL

CRaZY OLYPHANT on Apr 25, 2010


All in all, Liked it didn't love it. Paid matinee price and it paid off. A sequel would be REALLY cool though given how things turned out. The movie definately knew who and what it was, which made it fun. That said, in watching this flick I have come to realize that Chris Evans should be playing FLASH instead of Capt'n America.

jomba joose on Apr 26, 2010


This movie was silly and entertaining, it was worth my price of admission.

Chase on Apr 26, 2010


i much rather shit a tractor than sit throught that stupid ass movie again!

NY til I Die on Apr 26, 2010


did we see the same movie?! The Losers is the best action movie I have ever seen! Great story, some terrific stunts, hilarious one-liners, and a female lead that kicks a$$ as much as the guys! Loved it and hope they make a sequel.

Elizabeth Smith on May 26, 2010


Movie was just plain fun. Loved it! Set-up perfectly for a sequel and hope all the original cast members come back. I saw it twice!

Jana Leblanc on May 26, 2010

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