Sound Off: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - Thoughts?

March 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The last time we saw Alice fall down the rabbit hole was 1951, but now Lewis Carroll's classic story is back again, and it's definitely unlike anything we've ever seen before. Tim Burton's newly re-imagined look at Alice in Wonderland hits theaters today with a stellar cast including Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Michael Sheen, Alan Rickman, and Mia Wasikowska as Alice. And how is it this time? Is it as whimsical and entertaining as it looks in the trailers? How are all of the CGI characters? So if you've seen it, then leave a comment and tell us what you thought of Alice in Wonderland!

To fuel the fire, I enjoyed Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, but it's not great movie. It's very much another fun new Disney movie, with all the wacky sensibilities and talking animals that you'd expect from the Mouse House. But it's got way, way too much Johnny Depp and way too much Helena Bonham Carter. My favorite parts were any time the Cheshire Cat would appear or any time the Blue Caterpillar was there, which unfortunately wasn't enough. Overall I thought it was good, not great, and it's a lot of fun, but nothing I'm excited to see again. It's better than Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but that's not saying much.

What did you think of Alice in Wonderland? A new Disney classic or just a mediocre fantasy?

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Burton needs to get over his Depp fetish....seriously its starting to show in his movies way too much. Overall I thought it kinda sucked but kinda like you said I enjoyed the characters that actually werent on screen that much, more than Alice, the queen and mad hatter. But I know for this type of movie you need a lot of CGI but I still felt like there was just way too much and I never felt immersed in the world like I had hoped. Overall not that good more worth a rental than a Friday night.

Cody on Mar 5, 2010


Entretaining, but... it's not what I was expecting, say, since about 7 yars ago I had the dream of seeing Alice in Wonderland taken to the big screen by Burton...but, as many other times, disney spoils a good story just beacuse it aint Mickey Mouse style.... but, indeed Johnny and Helena still make this film something to enjoy... but, my dream really didnt came true at all, Burton genius was chained by a giant talking mouse.

godius333 on Mar 5, 2010


7 YARS AGOOOO!!! lol what are you smokin' pirate Godius?

LINKFX on Mar 5, 2010


I'd see it for Hathaway only.

Xerxex on Mar 5, 2010



Clover on Mar 5, 2010


my tickets are at 10:05 tonight so i'll get back to you

Nel on Mar 5, 2010


It was saturated with Depp. Unfortunate.

Tom on Mar 5, 2010


Boo, it was weak. Best thing was Chesire Cat, March Hare, and Red Queen. Hathaway was decent, just not much material. Script was the primary problem. Visually it looked nice. Depp was a bit disappointing, but not sure if it was his fault.

Michael on Mar 5, 2010


I think it was overrated, not as good as I hope, and yes it was entretaining, but too much greenscreen animation for a tim burton film, sometimes it was real bad animation..

Roccat on Mar 5, 2010


The TRON Trailer was OFF THE HOOK!!!!

InLikeFlynn on Mar 5, 2010


@10 lol going to see it Sunday

Daniel Felts on Mar 5, 2010


Very Bad. My rating is 5 in 10. Cheers from Portugal!

Fernando Ribeiro on Mar 5, 2010


Sounds like a big let-down. With that said, I will go watch it with low expectations what will (by the ound of it) be either what I thought it would be or be better by comparison.

Phil Ringer on Mar 5, 2010


I loved it. Alex you say that there was too much of Johnny Depp in the film. Well whats wrong with that. Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor and he is really great as the Mad Hatter. Depp + Burton = Gold. Overall I had no hype to see the film. My girlfriend dragged me along and I just let myself get lost in the film. I think that's what it takes to truly enjoy films these days. Stop getting so over hyped and watching all the trailers before the film comes out. I had not once seen a trailer for this film and I had a great time watching it.

last son on Mar 5, 2010


#14 - True about Depp being a great actor... But there was still way too much of him. His character was too wacky for me to really enjoy in that quantity. Plus, the movie is about Alice, not the Mad Hatter. He overshadowed everyone else, took the attention away from the real story. It even felt like Burton beefed up the character because it was Depp playing the Hatter and that's my problem with it.

Alex Billington on Mar 5, 2010


I loved it. No complaints here.

giraffic on Mar 5, 2010


I completely agree with you Alex. It was a fun trip down the rabbit hole again, but nothing really stood out as a major reason to go see it again. FX were amazing, characters were fun and colorful. I enjoyed it and really didn't have a problem with any of it. Just ready to move on to the next thing.

Nick Sears on Mar 5, 2010


And what the hell happened to previews at the IMAX?! It just went right into the movie.

Nick Sears on Mar 5, 2010


Pretty much just plaining entertaining, not much else.

BoxOfficeZ on Mar 5, 2010


It was pretty bad, none of Alice's decisions really had any weight. Threwout most of the film Alice thought that it was all a dream, and the problem was that was all it really was going to amount to was a dream for her. The entire plot was laid out early and obviously, hell the film tells you what the climactic battle is going to be 5 minutes into wonderland.

shadow on Mar 5, 2010


The caterpillar with the hookah was the greatest!

Martin on Mar 5, 2010


This alice in wonderland movie is going to be one of the first disney movies to be released to dvd and blu ray disc 13 weeks after its theatrical release date, instead of the usual 16 weeks that it would normally take to be released to dvd and blu ray disc!. The reason for that is because, well, disney is starting to do that as a new trend!. So, in other words, this movie is not going to be in theaters for very long, even if it turns out to be a big box office hit!, which i'm sure it will be a big box office hit!.

Sean on Mar 5, 2010


The film is not so bad but I couldn't find any interesting part. It is just same as Narnia 2 and similar with other fantastic films. I think Tim Burton should watch "Nine" which is about a movie director struggling to find a script for his latest film. My rating is 5 out of 10

LLuvia on Mar 6, 2010


I still haven't seen it yet and I probably won't. But I lost excitement for the movie when I realized Depp would be the focus. Yes, Burton and Depp work fantastic together (and I'm probably going to upset people) but, that should not be the reason to see a movie. I can understand going to see a movie done by a specific director. But the general public expects gold to come from this pairing every time it happens and that's just not possible. They both are exceptionally talented, but to expect perfection from them each time they team up is a little unfair for them. (And honestly, I think the problem with their recent flubs i.e. Chocolate Factory and apparently Alice)

Chris on Mar 6, 2010


It needed the charm, set and creature design from the film Labyrinth. CGI used like this comes across as sterile and insipid. This new Alice is just another bland re-telling of a great story.

harv on Mar 6, 2010


Anyone who says there is too much Johnny Depp must have seen a different cut of the film than I did. Alice is probably in 90% of the scenes. The Red Queen gets more screen time than the Hatter. Johnny Depp was the focus of the trailers because his name sells tickets. It's called marketing folks.

EJP on Mar 6, 2010


Underland or Wonderland (whatever it is) looks AWFUL. It has nothing to say with the Pandora World. Im still hoping that Alice would still gross and reach the 1 million mark worldwide..

mC iVAN on Mar 6, 2010


I enjoyed it, but i thought it could have been better...maybe that missing footage will entice me more..

JL on Mar 6, 2010



Clover on Mar 6, 2010


Not buying it. Waiting for rental.

Angry Chief on Mar 6, 2010


There's a lot of good things, but there's also a lot of so-so things in Alice in Wonderland. The good: great performances, costume design, art direction, Tim Burton. The bad: uneven script, pacing is a problem, too much CGI, 3-D not all that amazing. Overall, I liked Alice in Wonderland and I would give it a solid B.

Alex on Mar 6, 2010


I rofl'd at anyone who said they were looking forward to this movie to begin with. movie looks gayer than aids. I'm glad it failed. on Mar 6, 2010



DoomCanoe on Mar 6, 2010


Tron2 trailer looked so good .......

frank on Mar 6, 2010


i thought it was a well written story

cyrus the virus on Mar 6, 2010


TRON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I care about. This movie is forgettable.

Sharlto on Mar 6, 2010


Ive said it before and I'll say it again, Burton is like Cameron, GREAT IDEAS, GREAT VISUALISTS, EYE CATCHING/PLEASING ARTISTS, but they fall short in terms of STORY TELLING!!! Ive felt this way about Burton since around Sleepy Hollow! Cameron since..what did he do right before titanic? anyway..I know if I see one of these guys movies I'll LOVE the aesthetics but will be bored or unsatisfied with the story itself! I'll admit they wow me with what I see but by the time ive driven home after their movies I find that Im not even thinking about the characters or their emotion or conflicts but how "cool" something looked or what a great idea was behind things. I like to take home more than that from a movie!! I want to wake up the next day thinking about the movie, asking myself questions etc..NONE of that happens with these guys! Sorry.. and yea, Im WAY over Johhny Depp!!!! he's fallen into the same old actor trap.."Johnny Depp as Johnny Depp acting as "Name of character here" in "name of movie here" just like Jack NIcholson who has become a parody of himself.. PS Depp disses the United States to all non US media but ironically makes all his money here! gotta love it! Atleast he doesnt sleep where he shits (he lives in france).

Lando Calrizzle is a system not a man on Mar 6, 2010


As bad as corpse bride. nuff said

movie mike on Mar 6, 2010


Disney and Burton, never again. Was a great movie, but I felt he didn't put in enough quirky Burton and the Avril lavign song sucked, should have been Fiona Apple like in the Corpes Bride. He REALLY NEEDS another Pee Wee, Beatlejuice, or Edward. He's great at creating character and memorable personalities, as well as stellar art direction. He needs some more original chracters to play with. I think this whole 3d and pixar thing is getting to his authenticity and true Burtonesque style.

Mark.c on Mar 6, 2010


I liked it alot!!!

Joe Potochar on Mar 6, 2010


Went in with low expectations from the reviews i read here and came out happy, i liked it alot! Loved the atmosphere throughout. Whoever said its full of Depp should go back and examine the film, theres more of the Hatter character then you may expect but they show just enough methinks! Good movie and fun to watch!

Ken on Mar 6, 2010


i thought it was really good and almost identical to the books *alice and its sequal through the looking glass were both used in the movie.* the only thing Burton changed was why she fell into the hole. she originally spotted two blue cats eyes winking at her then she was pulled in by smoke. other than that everyone performed exactly how it was in the books

Jerry on Mar 6, 2010


I have no problem with Depp. I have no problem with Burton. I like and respect them both but this film was easily their worst. period. I booed, the first time I've ever booed, and I really didn't want too, but it had to be done. Others joined in, and I was quite pleased.

Al on Mar 6, 2010


I liked it. The film was well done and is entertaining for audience members of all ages. The 3D effects had the audience ducking and weaving as teacups whizzed past with insane accuracy. Underland is an amazing world and it is hard to remember that all of this is computer generated imagery. The performance by Mia Wasikowska brings to life an older Alice one who has accepted the world around her and yet still understands as does Burton, Disney and other innovators that believing in the impossible makes everything possible. Burton's look into the world of Underland is as invigorating to the Alice canon as any modern retelling can hope to be.

Angela on Mar 6, 2010


I just came back home from watching Alice in Wonderland in the theaters earlier this evening, and oh my god!, it was such an AWESOME movie!. Every single this about it was AMAZING!, i have to say that Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, and anne hathaway were all outstanding in this movie!. Everyone else in the movie was great, but not as giid as those three mentioned above in my comment here!. I'd honestly see this movie over and over again!, i expect it to be a big box office success in the movie theaters world wide!.

Sean on Mar 6, 2010


jonny deep in woderland was weak only good thing was the tron trailer now that was bad ass

daftpunkfan on Mar 6, 2010


It was ok, not great. Didn't like some of the CG stuff, looked weird at some times. Not a very good script, felt like something missing.

Christ on Mar 7, 2010


it was ok... so-so for a tim burton movie. i didn't find anne hathaway's role doing her any good. helena bonham carter was a great red queen. the red knight reminded me of a character in anime called jubei-chan with her lovely eyepatch. i loved johnny depp's mad hatter, however, he could have been a little bit more psychotic. story-wise, the white queen could have become a little more active in her role minus those awkward hands. effects, i liked it, no complaints here. going beyond those nit-picks, i still find it rather entertaining and worth the watch. 🙂

KaeBoo on Mar 7, 2010


If you guys are so "over" Depp, the solution is very simple. Don't go to his movies! It seems that people aren't happy unless they can complain about something. Now that Depp has become so popular, it has become fashionable to be a "Depp-hater". In my opinion, Johnny Depp is among the finest of actors. He always puts forth his best effort and although the films themselves may not always be excellent, his performances always shine. I enjoyed Alice very much but I expected more intensity. I don't know if the mouse tied Burton's hands or what but I just expected more. Johnny Depp was fantastic and in my opinion there could have been more of him in it. It was picturesque, humorous escape for a couple of hours.

Elyse on Mar 7, 2010


It was good film but not great. It was missing something. I saw it on a regular size screen, a small one really, so the 3D wasn't all that impressive. Burton has made much better films. If you can't see a 3D movie in IMAX, digital (fake) IMAX or just a really big screen I say don't bother. The 3D just doesn't work. I also wasn't all that impressed by the TRON Legacy trailer. Could have been the size of the screen as well.

Moviegimp on Mar 7, 2010


I saw it yesterday. And i don't know what else to say except that I'm a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to it. Although it was slow at times and lacked depth, I still consider it forth seeing. I enjoyed it. And when it comes out on DVD I am going to buy it. For me, just seeing Wonderland come to life was good enough and the actress who played Alice was, well, wonderful. There was some comedy, overall it was OK. The 3D wasn't anything special though. I went with my friends and they basically watched the whole movie without them. Which it is true that until Alice falls down the hole and discovers this world for her second time, you don't see the need for "3D". And on that note, I really do wish they spent a lot more time in Wonderland, it seemed like your only there for maybe a little over an over, the rest of the movie almost pointless. Still, it was nice to watch for I was anticipating it. Lastly, to everyone saying there was too much Johny Depp, not that I think about it, I agree. I didn't notice while watching, there a smidge too much of him. But there's a lot of Alice too, which is good. Anne Hathaway was great. All the characters were incredible i.e. Mad Hatter, Hair, Rabbit, Mouse, and some others I don't want to mention, because then I'd spoil the real fun from watching it.

Fac on Mar 7, 2010


I saw it yesterday. And i don't know what else to say except that I'm a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to it. Although it was slow at times and lacked depth, I still consider it forth seeing. I enjoyed it. And when it comes out on DVD I am going to buy it. For me, just seeing Wonderland come to life was good enough and the actress who played Alice was, well, wonderful. There was some comedy, overall it was OK. The 3D wasn't anything special though. I went with my friends and they basically watched the whole movie without them. Which it is true that until Alice falls down the hole and discovers this world for her second time, you don't see the need for "3D". And on that note, I really do wish they spent a lot more time in Wonderland, it seemed like your only there for maybe a little over an hour, the rest of the movie almost pointless. Still, it was nice to watch for I was anticipating it. Lastly, to everyone saying there was too much Johny Depp, not that I think about it, I agree. I didn't notice while watching, there a smidge too much of him. But there's a lot of Alice too, which is good. Anne Hathaway was great. All the characters were incredible i.e. Mad Hatter, Hair, Rabbit, Mouse, and some others I don't want to mention, because then I'd spoil the real fun from watching it.

Fac on Mar 7, 2010


I absolutely LOVE Tim burton and anything he does, so I knew that I would love it. But I didn't expect to love it s much as I did. Maybe it's just me, but the thought that someoe could think up a place like wonderland is just, well, intersting. tim burton's rendition of this classic tale was AWESOME. the actors and actresses were chosen spectacularly, and i must say that the next animal i get will be named bayard.

Cassidy on Mar 7, 2010


It was OK, it was kind of boring. Johnny Depp was the best in the movie, and Mad March lol. But overall i would give it a 3/5

Peace Love & Gaga on Mar 7, 2010


I loved this movie. The Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat stole the show. I truly don't understand the indifference leveled at this. The story wasn't actually that bad if you look at it as a continuation of the prior stories. Visually dense in the best way. Dark as hell(for a Disney flick to boot). And the 3D was just eye poppingly insane. There were a couple of times I litterally had to duck. I will definitely be going again next week.

Alboone on Mar 7, 2010


Jack Sparrow + Willy Wonka + Boy George = Mad Hatter. Entertaining? yes - Outstanding? no. "period" LOL. I agree with Alex, too much of Depp. Bummer, Tron Legacy's trailer was not screened on Guatemala ='(

Chucho on Mar 7, 2010


Jan Svankmajer's Alice was better than this trash. Damn too much Elijah Wood as Mad hatter!!!

REAL6 on Mar 7, 2010


I thought that the movie was merely ok. The caterpillar was good, with his snarky and contrary personality as well as the cheshire cat who didn't appear in the film hardly enough. Johnny Depp was background scenery although his chemistry with Helena Bonham Carter is definitely obvious. I thought the ambience of the film was great though. I have to admit I'm quite a fan of Tim Burton though.

The Movie Tracker on Mar 8, 2010


Looks soulless. Computer animated characters looks like something on a Nintendo 64 system at best. Foggy backgrounds with the standard dead and withered trees? Has there ever been a Burton movie with depth and weight? Big Fish was his best, and nothing else resonanats beyond what is now his totally predicatable 'Stage-Sets'. Burton movies are just hollow scripts in which he re-cycles his set designs over and over and over. Empty Calories all.

Pirate Tim on Mar 8, 2010


I think I know what it is. Tim Burton is best at being Tim Burton. He needs to stay away from the remakes and re-imagining (Planet of the Apes,Willy Wonka,Alice) and concentrate on why he is who he is. Beetleguese (Brilliant) Edward Scissorhands (brilliant) Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure (classic) Ed Wood Original stories that created him and one more thing go back to Warner Brothers!!!!!!!!! Disney is fucking up his artistic integrity.

jeffrey on Mar 8, 2010


Oh my God, why is everyone hating on it?! I loved it. And as far as the Johnny Depp debate goes, he is a GREAT actor! So, why you guys are complaining is beyond me. And the story line was great because it was based off of a poem called "Jabberwocky" by the same guy who originally wrote Alice in Wonderland. So, there was reasoning behind the story line. And Tim Burton portrayed the poem perfectly! I'm singing the song version of it in chorus class, so I know it pretty well. It was extremely cool to see it on screen. The acting was great, I thought. Johnny Depp was amazing as was Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, and everyone else in it. All of you haters need to stop hatin'.

Izzy101 on Mar 8, 2010


I love Anne Hathaway,but I felt like she was reaching in this role.

jeffrey on Mar 8, 2010


it's odd that the Depp character was my least favorite of the ensemble cast. I thoroughly enjoyed everything else to the end. Has he reached his limit in new styles? Was it just me - or did he just mash Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka together? Only other downside seemed to be the CG crudeness of the Knave character vs the rest of the film. The tracking and animation was very off-putting and stood out as not the same quality level as the rest of the effects. Anyhow loved the remainder of the film. Brilliant. Would see again!

Vandessa on Mar 8, 2010


Depp was one of my favorite performances from the flick. It wasn't spectacular, but I enjoyed it much more than I expected. I thought Depp did a great job immersing himself in the role and played it well. Carter did great as well, and I thought Mia was a wise choice for alice. Loved that "George McFly" was the Knave of Hearts. loved the cgi characters. the 3D was neat. fun experience overall.

mmurphy on Mar 8, 2010


Alex get over yourself, sometimes I wonder how you got this job I really do!!! The film was breathtaking, Burton really was at his best and I couldn’t think of anyone else who could have done a better job, Depp, Bonham, Hathaway, Sheen, Rickman, and Wasikowska were all outstanding, but I think Depp stole the show with his version of the Mad Hatter closely followed by Bonham with her wild and wacky Queen of Hearts, they really work those weird and wonderful characters well. The Cheshire cat and caterpillar lived right up to my expectations and the adult humour throughout the film was very witty. To sum up everyone should experience this film for it will remind you what it’s like to be a child once again. Well done Burton and once again thanks. Can’t wait to own this on DVD

Dar-El on Mar 8, 2010


You people all need to get over this whole idea that everything Burton does has to be a masterpiece!! This movie was made to introduce a new generation to a story we all grew up with and love!!! I can't understand why good directors like Burton and others try to make movies we can take our kids to and both get something out of and evryone thinks somehow it should have been darker or more story to it!!! Everyone booed George lucas when he released episodes 1-3 of star wars but if you think about it what made the original trilogy so special to us all was that it was the first time we had seen anything like that and as kids we fell in love with it!!! And those movies were just as silly as the new trilogy we were just older and had built the whole thing up in our heads thinking it would be different!!! Get a life and learn to see movies for what they are intended an escape and in this case not only an escape but a chance for us to take our kids to see something that they will think is cool and for them to see us as more like them and in a way cooler!!!!

garl on Mar 8, 2010


omfg this movie was so boring i almost fell asleep. and depp dancing at the end i was like im out of here this is gay

falcom on Mar 8, 2010


The movie was fabulous! Helena Bonham Carter made the movie! I think they should have shown more of her craized antics as the Queen of Hearts, not to mention that Tim Burton can do no wrong in my eyes because all of his moviesare so deep. All of his characters are three dimensional even the extras, and that take a kind of talent that no other director has.

Claire on Mar 10, 2010


I was very let down by this. I felt like the overall "awe and wacky" factors of Underland was sorely lacking. For instance, the Dragon and Horse fly early on in Underland. I expected more little touches like that. Instead, they made sure to beat us about the head with that one example, and left much of the rest undeveloped. Depp did not sell me on the Hatter as mad at all. Rather sad and goofy, s'all. Also, Burton did not sell me on Underland at all. All that said, not a bad movie. It wasn't terrible and I did not ask/demand for a refund. However, I could have skipped it in the theatre all-together, and the 3D expereince did not strike me as worth the extra cash. Just not amazing either.

Scott on Mar 12, 2010


I just saw it yesterday. It wasn't a masterpiece but by no means was it terrible either. I really appreciated the maturity this story offered. Wonderland was no longer this great happy place, it changed and darkened with time just as the character of alice. My only issue is with how Johnny depp decided to portray the madhatter. A borderline schizo with multiple Personalities? I understand a depth needed to be brought to the character just like the rest of the story, but that was just creepy. That aside, the movie was pretty cool.

Kat on Mar 13, 2010


The movie was great. Depp and Wasikowska were fantastic. A great balance of talent. Wasikowska held her own opposite Depp (much of the time). She will go places. The movie's low point was Anne Hathaway. Her's was the only costuming that looked cheaply done, her acting was horrible, and her hand motions tried to be quirky but failed in a big way. She shouldn't have been cast next to this group. It showed her for what she is, just a pretty, talentless face.

Jabe on Mar 14, 2010


Alice was recently released in Belgium. The main (monopolist) cinema chain Kinepolis has made a controversial decision in presenting the movie as 3D 10 times the standard version. Forcing many people to go along with a 30% price hike or go watch on saturdays at 14:00. On the merits of 3D in this movie; there were to many moments where the inclusion of 3D went at a cost of sharpness or even felt like an old computer game with parallax scrolling. That said, the movie was ok. Maybe I expect to much of him or Burton is just showing his age in becoming more conservative.

Jan Staelens on Mar 17, 2010


I liked it - teen daughter loved it more. It is nice to see that there are a few costumes coming out that are actually based off the dress Alice wore in the movie Alice costume. I'd love to see a costume designed after her warrior garb from the image above though. haven't come across that yet.

Jeanette on Mar 18, 2010


it was amazing. end of story, i love tim burton and suck it up of you dont like johnny depp. he is the best actor like ever.

gabby on Apr 26, 2010


Alice in Wonderland. I went to see it IMAX but was not overly impressed, which is strange as I am a huge Burton fan, and a naturally quirky character, I enjoy dark themes, and although I'm young enough to have missed Alice in Wonderland as a novel I was lucky to have eye-opening parents and it was one of my favourites as a child. To put it bluntly, I don't see how I could have closer matched the target audience, and I really really tried to enjoy the movie, but it was so average and unimmersive. White Queen didn't get enough showing but as Anne Hathaway is hopelessly un-kitsch perhaps that's a blessing. I enjoyed the Hatter, but he was frighteningly schitzo and then the parts of the movie that should have been frightening weren't. Rather than twists and turns of confusingly wonderful pun-filled plot I found myself led by the hand through uninspired sets to an obvious ending. As mentioned previously in the comments, that first glimpse of horsefly and dragonfly should have set the stage for more and more very witty jokes. The humour was pretty much all subtle adult jokes. I would personally have prefered to have gone to an Alice showing where I would have to watch it a second time to fully enjoy it because I couldn't get some of the jokes in time. Of course, I didn't hate the movie. I really enjoyed the caterpillar, but the cheshire cat, who is very high on the list of characters I have loved, got a mere mention (and not in the best of lights either). They made Hatter Alice's guide almost, where I always felt that the Cheshire cat's gentle prodding led Alice through the Wonderland in the books and previous film. Maybe it was to add romance; though I firmly quenched the thought with a good dose of rationality, a small romantic part of me twinged in a wrenching way when Alice chose to go back to reality after Hatter asked her to stay. All in all, a very average feeling film but I didn't not enjoy it (double negative time!). I wasn't bored, but I wasn't astounded, and it did not capture my imagination in the way only Lewis Carrol could; the disappointment was perhaps not in the film but in my own imagining of the story. With such a book, where imagination is tantamount to enjoyment, you are surely set a difficult (and thankless) task to try and please everybody in creating a visual for it. Like many things Disney has churned out over the years, it was too blase a film for it's fantastical conception.

April on Apr 29, 2010


Great work by Burton not the best but I liked it! Johnny Depp is the best always I agree with you!

George on May 8, 2010


At first I thought it was pretty crap, then the mad-hatter started to dance and I nearly walked out of the cinema.

Erik Pohl on May 25, 2010


I LOVED THIS MOVIE! silly people saying that tim burton isn't an absolute GENIUS! or that Johnny Depp isn't one of the greatest actors of our time! but that's just my opinion, i won't be shoving it down anyone's throat...just expressing what i think is absolutely true((: i love tim burton's movies and i love johnny depp, very talented peoples there(: and lets not forget the other people in this wonderful movie: Alice, the Red Queen, the White Queen, Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit, March Hare, Dormouse, Alice's family and society, the white queen's army, and the Red Queen's army, the talking flowers, the do-do bird, the bandersnatch, and of course the jabberwocky(: and yes, i did feel the need to list those charcters 😀 i hope i didn't forget anyone...:O but ya... so good job to Tim Burton and all of the cast! great special made me want to go to Wonderland...SO...BADLY! 😀 can't wait for your next movie!

Alison on Jun 4, 2010



LINDSEY DEPP on Jul 29, 2010


This movie is fantastic. It has evolved just as we have!

Christopher Dziuba on Sep 13, 2010


I think it was a brilliant sequel to the Lewis Carrol books, and a perfect continuation of the worlds and the journey he created. I'm sick of people telling me it's not like the original movie, meaning, of course, the cartoon, but why would it be when the cartoon was not really anything like the books - all the cartton did was take a random sampling of event from the books (yes, books, because they threw in a lot of events and characters from Looking Glass just to confuse things more), toss them together in random order, and water them down to make a childs story. It had the main concept, but for any real fans of the books, it was not really a tribute to the author. Burton, on the other hand, has done an amazing job of extending Carroll's writings, and further elaborating the evolving his world. Burton's tripping writing is perfect for replicating the drug induced writing's of Carroll, so much so that it would be easy to believe that this sequel had been written by Carroll, and purely adapted to screen by Burton (& I think if he was alive today, he'd love it). I absolutely adore Johnny and Helena. Chess and the March Hare are hilarious. The Tweedles are adorable. Mia, though obviously new to the big screen, had the perfect innocence/vagueness/confusion for the role. I love this movie and only wish I'd been able to spare time to see this a few more times on the big screen. (ps, for those wondering, yes I abhored Avatar. I thought the story was a lame reincarnation of an well overused storyline, was and hour and a half too long, and the only thing that stopped me falling asleep was that the scenery was great and I cuold pretend I was watching a nature documentary instead of a pathetic movie. If I ever - and hope to never - see it again, it will be too soon)

Sheer, adorable, brillance on Sep 19, 2010

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