Sound Off: Todd Phillips' Due Date - What Did You Think Of It?

November 6, 2010

Todd Phillips' Due Date

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The Planes, Trains & Automobiles of 2010? It's time to voice your opinion on Todd Phillips' Due Date, the new road trip buddy comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, with a fantastic supporting cast including Michelle Monaghan, Jamie Foxx and Danny McBride. So how was it? As director Todd Phillips' new follow-up to The Hangover, is it funnier than that movie or not? How are Galifianakis and Downey Jr. as two polar opposite leads? How was the epic road story and the ending? If you've seen it, leave us a comment below and tell us what you thought of Due Date!

I haven't seen Due Date yet, but wanted to open it up discussion, as it seems like this is the film most people are excited to see this weekend. I will update this section once I've seen it with my own quick thoughts, too.

So what did you think of Due Date? One of the year's best comedies or just okay/forgettable?

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Here's what I thought -

Jamie on Nov 6, 2010


without promoting myself with a separate link, i thought it was entertaining but not hilarious.......

Jericho on Nov 6, 2010


It had it's funny moments but overall, it was a bust. It didn't need to be made R rated. Some of the worst, not funny, parts could have been left out and it would have been a tighet, funnier, pg-13 movie. A scene not needed at all, and somewhat out of context to the rest of the movie anyway, was the Galifianakis self-pleasuring scene with the dog going along. Not funny, majority of the audience I saw it with didn't think it was funny. Also all of Downey Jr.'s F-word outbursts were way too much. It lost it's funniness and relevance by the middle of the movie. Another thing was their driving a Mexican border police vehicle through Arizona and California. Two states with significant Highway Patrol activity along the same routes they would have been on. They would have been stopped long before California. I'll probably not be adding this oen to my collection when it comes out on disk.

Scott on Nov 6, 2010


This was movie was laugh out loud hilarious throughout!! This was as funny if not funnier than "The Hangover" This was was one of the funniest movie I have ever seen and I mean it!! I saw it yesterday and haven't stopped thinking or talking about it!! "If Planes,Trains, and Automobiles" and "The Hangover" had a baby it would be "Due Date"!! Go see this right away and you won't regret it!!!

Ry Ry on Nov 6, 2010


Thanks for telling him the whole movie Scott! Now it really won't be funny for him because you ruined it by telling him every single funny scene, he asked for an opinion not the whole entire plot!

Ry Ry on Nov 6, 2010


I loved it, definitely darker than Todd Phillips' earlier films, Downey Jr. was fantastic as always. Galifianakis showed some range, especially the three emotional scene he had. @Scott spoilers man, ever heard of them? sheesh. Oh and for the record Downey's use of "fuck" was definitely needed, you cannot have an R rated comedy without one of the most used words in the human language. I never found myself bored with the story and the performances were all excellent. I give in an 8/10. Shame that Michelle Monaghan's part wasn't fleshed out more.

Xerxex on Nov 6, 2010


Good movie, but it's the victim of it's own demise. They showed all the good parts in the commercials. I felt like I already saw the movie. Sometimes they need to back off and chill on the previews.

The Black Guy on Nov 6, 2010


This was literally one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's definetly in my top five. This movie was hillarious. Period. I loved it. Great cast, and great supporting cast. The movie had alot of range. There was parts of the movie where I had butterflies in my stomach. Don't think, just go see this movie.

Alex Irv on Nov 6, 2010


Stupid and awful. Yeah, I chuckled a couple times but Zach's character was way too much of an idiot. And the plot got to a point where it just wasn't believable anymore. RDJ's character would NOT want to have anything to do with Zach and would probably have killed him. Unbelievable, mostly unfunny mess. Wouldn't say I hated it but I really disliked it.

Rops on Nov 6, 2010


I just watched it today and it was... meh. Both Galiafanakis and Downey were good in it, but the writing wasn't that sharp and the majority of the jokes were humorous, but never quite "funny". I think I laughed out loud maybe once, and the rest were just chuckles. The masturbation/dog scene was absolutely unnecessary, and is completely out of tone for the rest of the film - it's a lame nod to the gross-out humor and toilet humor fans. I liked the progression of the characters, but it felt a bit too much like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I'm also getting a little tired of Zach Galiafanakis playing basically the exact same character in everything he does. The only real difference between this character and his character in The Hangover is a dead dad, a dog, and a desire to be an actor. Lastly, there were plot threads that got brought up but never resolved (like his wife and friend being a little too close, or RDJ's characters lack of parenting skills or even demeanor befitting a father). They're just little jokes that get brought up and then thrown away just as quickly. Overall, I'd still suggest people see it if they liked The Hangover, but maybe catch it at a Sunday morning matinee or something.

Pete the Geek on Nov 6, 2010


Other than the scene in the car when Zach was pleasuring himself, the movie was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Zach and RDJ both gave great and funny performances and the supporting cast was good too.

lamar on Nov 6, 2010


I really enjoyed it, it was a funny movie, but i dont think it was as funny as "the hangover" but i thought it was a better movie. its weird cuz it seems like some people liked scenes that the others didn't, so i guess its what ever your taste is. RDJ acted the way i thought he would, which is fine with me cuz i love his acting, and ZG acted kinda like in the hangover, but he still was really good. I agree with a 8 out 10

cheezy c on Nov 6, 2010


Saw Due Date yesterday and Megamind today; hands down Megamind was better if for no other reason than they didn't give all of the best parts away in the commercials and trailers. There wasn't much left to enjoy in Due Date that I hadn't already seen 100 times in the commercials.

Joe Gillis on Nov 6, 2010


Felt like a combination of dinner for schmucks and planes trains and automobiles. Both of which I enjoyed more than this movie, not to say I did not enjoy this though. It was good but not great. The physical humor was better than the rest. Definitely not better than the Hangover or Tropic thunder. I felt bad for the characters in the film and when it comes to comedy feeling bad for the characters should not be the overriding experience. Overall I would give it a 7/10 and if I never saw it again there would be no great loss.

foomanchew24 on Nov 6, 2010


OMGG i cant believe this movie is OUT!!!!! I have been dreaming about a movie like this since i was like 5. I cannotttt waaaaaaaaaaaaaitttt to go to the movie theater tomorrowwwwww morning and watchung it withj some gfs (girlfriendss). I hope sooomeone get naked in this movie tho, cuz if not then this is kinda a big letdownnn. πŸ™ Hope is Jaime Foxxx hehehehehehehehe πŸ˜‰ Like OMG im soo freakin happy its here, that im kinda peeing in my trousers heheheh. Hope yyoou all liked itttttttt gonna go make plans fror tomorrow! bye byes luv4likfe! peace!

Cockaholic69 on Nov 6, 2010


Very weak ... and that's shocking given all the talent involved. Zach's shtick feels old - already - and if you're gonna shoot for a pitch black comedy you need a better script.

Christian Toto on Nov 7, 2010


very funny...and shockingly moving at times. Like Zack's scene in the bathroom :o...who knew he could do that

talli on Nov 7, 2010


Whatchya'll talkin' about? The scene with Galifianakis pleasuring himself was the only thing funny that hadn't been shown in the previews.

cherry O on Nov 7, 2010


seems like a lot of people here are getting paid to rave about this movie... won't spoil anything but all you need to know in one word... unfunny

sig on Nov 7, 2010


prove it sig.

Xerxex on Nov 7, 2010


i really enjoyed it, VERY funny....i wish i hadnt seen so much before hand though, they showed too much in the trailers

memz on Nov 7, 2010


I'm tired of Zach Galiafanakis already. I'll take back Jack Black please.......

reborninfire on Nov 7, 2010


Doesn't anybody who posts comments on this board know the difference between its and it's?

Captain Midnight on Nov 7, 2010


Doesn't anybody who posts comments on this board know the difference between its and it's? Know?

97.6 on Nov 7, 2010


"Doesn't anybody who posts comments on this board know the difference between its and it's? Captain Midnight on Nov 7, 2010" YES WE DO: its = it is or it has it's = possessive pronoun DUH!

Michael N. on Nov 7, 2010


agreed with 18.

fem!anon on Nov 7, 2010


Too my wife and a bottle of shiraz to a packed saturday night theatre. Got through the bottle of wine - laughed our asses off - and it made for a great night. Good date movie. The audience did that thing where they all laugh really hard at the jokes they knew from the trailer. Whats up with that? I noticed that i found a lot more of the subtle things Laugh out Loud than most people. The limo driver (denver) had me in stitches. I thought it was a bit rough at times - like they were just pushing the pace to get to the next set piece, but overall - i thought RDJ and ZG did great jobs playing their respective roles. ZG always delivers - and its great to see RDJ back in comedy saddle.

Ryan on Nov 7, 2010


It was shit. Like The Hangover.

crapola on Nov 8, 2010


So boring... not very funny at all. The only time I laughed was when he got shot. The whole character development was odd and I didn't like either one of them by the end of it (characters).

True Story on Nov 8, 2010


I'm not going to be seeing this movie. This is just Rober Downey Jr.'s attempt to bring himself credibility through what I'm calling "Zachspoitation". Does Downey ever play someone who doesn't act like Robert Downey Jr.? a dickish, snobby, egomaniac? I won't pay money to support an unfunny, self-loving junkie. Oh and Zach has always been a hilarious comedian, the people who just found out about him from the hangover, think these two movies are so funny because they are just now being exposed to Zach's comic genius.

Travis H. on Nov 8, 2010


Not Bad Love Jr.

MiKe M? on Nov 8, 2010


Travis H kinda harsh man, you basically became a dickish and snobby in one sentence.

Xerxex on Nov 8, 2010


all the are worthless because it is a SMASH!!!! NO , DON'T HATE ME , HATE THE GAME LOLL!

I am... on Nov 9, 2010


OK, couple of things: 1) The movie is OK. I found it funny in short bursts, but the movie sabotaged itself a lot by taking potentially funny things and either killing the mood with some depressing shit or by making the characters unlikeable. Both characters are unlikeable douchebags and they don't really evolve into more likeable characters. They're just douchebags who hate each other less by the end of the flick. RDJ doesn't even want to talk to the guy over the phone at the end of the movie because he hates him so much. Fun-filled comedy shenanigans for sure... 2) @I am... Posting a movie's first weekend box office is not at all indicative of it's being a 'smash'. First weekends are always higher than following weekends. Some of the worst movies ever have had great opening weekends. Word of mouth quickly kills them. It's the second or third weekend that will tell you how much money a movie's gonna make. Second weekend for Due Date is gonna be low. Top three movies will be Megamind, Unstoppable and Skyline - probably in that order - and Due Date will take #4 spot with maybe $8 or 10 million or so.

Squiggly_P on Nov 9, 2010


Huge let down - right up there with pineapple express.

Roy McAvoy on Nov 21, 2010


i just watched this movie & overall it was absolutely amazing . I laughed my heart out at many parts . there were some parts that were unnecessary but the movie was so good it wasn't a worry . i recommend this movie , it's hilarious & zack just makes it ten times better . people that did not enjoy the movie just don't have the right sense of humor . β™₯

vanessa on Dec 22, 2010


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