Sound Off: Tony Scott's Unstoppable - So What Did You Think?

November 12, 2010

Tony Scott's Unstoppable

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Directing his 16th action-packed thrill ride, Tony Scott takes us on a high speed adventure involving a deadly, unmanned runaway train in Unstoppable - hitting theaters everywhere this weekend. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine star, with Rosario Dawson, Kevin Dunn, Ethan Suplee and T.J. Miller. So did Tony Scott actually deliver a kick ass action-packed movie about a train this time around? How are Pine and Washington as the opposing young/old leads? Is the story even believable? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on Tony Scott's Unstoppable!

To fuel the fire, as I've now seen Unstoppable (this section has been updated), to be honest it was actually damn good. I was impressed, Tony Scott actually pulled off a completely entertaining, well made action film involving humongous freight trains. I was actually amazed at some of the stunt sequences, it was cool to see them "play" around with trains that big. I was expecting it to be extremely cheesy, but they stuck to the story at hand and took us on an intense, fun ride. Washington/Pine were great playing off of each other and the rest of the cast was solid, too. I really didn't expect to like this as much as I did, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

What did you think of Unstoppable? Tony Scott is back in the groove again or he's still lost it?

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I think everyone is waiting for the Skyline soundoff. Just sayin.

Adam on Nov 12, 2010


^ I'm letting that one simmer a bit longer, will put up a post for it later tonight. UPDATE - Okay, Skyline sound off is up as well, check it out:

Alex Billington on Nov 12, 2010


Please go see my movie.

Chris Pine on Nov 12, 2010


Tony hasn't lost his groove, he just isn't as consistent as his brother with in depth, solid storytelling. There is no doubt Tony has a firm grasp on some of the best action movies in the business. Having said that, Unstoppable (though many will just say its a repeat of Pelham) holds its own. The visuals are great, the intensity is great, the two heroes are great...the story is just a little on the bland side. Good popcorn movie though.

one on Nov 12, 2010


My ass was clenched the entire time.

Nate on Nov 12, 2010


I am pissed because this movie, instead of Skyline, is on the ULTRAscreen by me.

Chad on Nov 12, 2010


Runaway train movies suffer from the requirement to suspend disbelief and accept that trains cannot be easily derailed by even the most pedestrian of methods.

Beesus on Nov 12, 2010


I thought Unstoppable was pretty good. I can legitimately claim that I have not seen one Scott Free Production that has disappointed. Denzel delivered an insightfully strong-willed role that blended well with Pine's character and as a duo, they meshed well (not the same as Denzel & Russell, but on an enjoyably different scale). Pine - as an actor - is being tested with each new role he enters. I personally thought he rocked out Star Trek. Rosario Dawson was comical when needed and she always puts down a great role. And the story over all was deep enough for the movie's 98min run time without stretching into the yawn factor of uninteresting story twists. After watching the trailers for Due Date, Skyline & Unstoppable in a row; I'm glad I went with Unstoppable. Besides, I think Battlefield: LA is going to be a much better film to see in theaters compared to the analogous Skyline! Overall Rating : B

Brandon C. on Nov 12, 2010


@8, I totally agree with you on all your points. It was a very enjoyable movie and a fun exciting ride. I thought Denzel and Pine had great chemistry and were very believable as two men who are faced with a life or death situation for the sake of the townsfolk of Penn...I'd like to know or read about the real story where this is based on, but very intense indeed! This movie really takes you into the lives of workers who work in the train based industries.

jah p on Nov 12, 2010


@9, the true story is not exciting as this film makes it out to be. I had wondered the same thing and did a little research.

Denver on Nov 12, 2010


this movie sucked hard. it was laughably bad

Brian Ricci on Nov 12, 2010


actually no. it had one good part. the trailer for battle of los angeles.

Brian Ricci on Nov 12, 2010


Maybe if we shoots guns at the train it will stop...LOL

Chris S on Nov 12, 2010


LOL @5

Duck on Nov 13, 2010


Scott delivers once again. A total improvement over "The Talking Of Pelham".

Last Son on Nov 13, 2010


Loved it! I wasn't looking for John Sayles-like realism of America in the workplace, I went for a thrill ride... and my Gawd, did I get it! Sensational! Washington and Pine are really rather special together.

JasmineK on Nov 13, 2010


#3 you made my day

DoomCanoe on Nov 14, 2010


I liked. It was intense.

Kevin on Nov 14, 2010


I think anytime a train needs to be stopped in a movie they hire Denzel Washington. Either that or he really likes movies about unstable trains (the taking of Pelham 123)

notimpressed on Nov 14, 2010


It should have been named "Unwatchable". When it Hollywood going to realize that the entire movie market isn't a bunch of mouth-breathing morons.

Pete on Nov 14, 2010


I'm surprised, I saw the trailer and was dissapointed because i figured it showed the whole movie. Guess I'll check this out.

tyrell on Nov 14, 2010


Not a Tony Scott fan, but I am very much looking forward to seeing this one.

Craig on Nov 14, 2010


Big Tony Scott fan, but Taking Pelham 123 was well beyond a disappointment. Unstoppable delivered, though. Now it's time for Scott to bring back the acid burn action of Man On Fire & Domino.

Delvis Crasho on Nov 15, 2010


I enjoyed the film, good action for just some bucks. If i want a good story I will take a book rather...

pipo on Nov 15, 2010


I felt deep down inside me after all the speculation i got about the movie that it will suck.That this movie will rock the joint, seems i was right eventually.

Fisherr on Nov 15, 2010


#23 im gree with you,becuse im fan for Tony Scott.he must comeback in fire with domino.

Bob on Nov 15, 2010


Vintage Tony Scott! The best filme he has done in years! Can't wait for Top Gun 2!

Keith on Nov 16, 2010


to begin with i feel like tony scott did a awsome job!!!!! the moment i sat down at the movie theater in miami lakes i was trilled by concept of the movie and how everything played out. what really caught my attention was how the train volsity keep rising with nobody in the train seat. over all i loved it

jimbo on Nov 29, 2010


Terrible job. Cut out the horrible language. No one wants to hear that. Wouldn't the movie be just as good without disrespecting God a dozen times. I walked out of the theater after 20 minutes. I will probably not see another movie by him again. This was not a PG-13 movie. I want my money back!!!

Jeannie on Dec 10, 2010

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