Sound Off: Vincenzo Natali's Splice - So What Did You Think?

June 4, 2010

Vincenzo Natali's Splice

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It didn't take too long for this sci-fi creature feature to head from the Sundance Film Festival to movie theaters nationwide, but Vincenzo Natali's Splice is now playing in theaters everywhere (see it!). This is one film I'm anxious to hear the feedback on! If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out, then read Brandon's review as well. So what did you think of this crazy horror flick? Did anyone walk out in your theater? Did you see any of the big twists coming? What did you think of the creature and the story? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Splice!

Spoilers ahead! To fuel the fire, I love Splice! I haven't had the chance to see it again since Sundance, but I can tell you it was one of my favorite films of that festival and one I will not soon be forgetting, especially because it's so wild. I absolutely love that Vincenzo Natali (of Cube!) takes us on a crazy journey and down different paths that I never thought I'd never go, but that's one reason I love this movie. Yes, it gets crazy at the end with all the steamy stuff involving Dren and Adrien Brody/Sarah Polley, but it's a beautifully crafted film, an original, unique, thought-provoking well-made monster movie, one of the best of the last few years.

What did you think of Vincenzo Natali's Splice? A fantastic monster movie or a stylistic mess?

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Was decent. Not really a horror movie though. More like a psychological look at what is human and raising a child.

Rashad on Jun 4, 2010


I will probably have to watch it again. I came out of the theater feeling confused. I understood what I had just seen, but it just did not sit right with. Maybe the thought of the incest that had just occurred or maybe it was that I was hoping it was Clives, but I didn't feel like the conclusion was very fulfilling. I agree with Rashad in that this was not a horror film. Much more a psychological thriller, pertaining to ethical research and parenthood. I second viewing may clear this up and hopefully not leave me in such a bothered state.

David on Jun 4, 2010


A great movie. While some may be offended by the material, I loved how it took me to places I didn;t expect. I could feel how uncomfortable the audience became during certain scenes. I have never heard a louder audience reaction of disgust and disbelief. I think at least 10 people left the theater when that scene started. Some horrible editing choices almost bring the entire film though, certain parts inspiring laughter. Especially the complete shit last ten minutes. But overall I was satisfied. 7/10 P.S. You have to give Adrian Brody credit, the man has to have huge guts, or a very strange fetish, to take on this role.

shadow on Jun 4, 2010


wasn't much of a horror movie but it was twisted enough to make me like it. This movie shows us the reason why creation is reserved for higher powers. On a lighter note, this movie demonstrates the need for proper parenting. I actually had my hopes up for a more naively wholesome ending but hey, it was marketed as a horror movie... I can live with that. This movie isn't scary at all but it's definitely something to think about.

redpill on Jun 4, 2010


All I can say is that I thought the overall product fell flat although I will say that it gives a different perspective to cloning and human relationships. It was a idea in the start, but the film really needed better execution.

Dad on Jun 4, 2010


I'd say the only weak point were the acting from Brody and Polley, they just didn't have good chemistry compared to either of their love affairs with Dren who carried the film. So many people were walking out of this when I saw it which baffled me because I thought it was brilliant and I was glued to the screen the whole time.

peloquin on Jun 4, 2010


I haven't seen the movie and I can't wait!! I need to know what's with the big-nasty-plot-twist?? Someoneeee get me out of the misery of my curiosity!!

leinergroove on Jun 4, 2010


I agree with #8, i really curious to know what's the big plot twist that is making people walk out of the

akumared on Jun 4, 2010


I thought it was a very interesting look into the consequences of human cloning and all that scientific mumbo-jumbo. There were definately some "WTF?" moments, which were accompanied by laughter from the audience. But overall, i thought it was an enjoyable movie that made me think.

Ben on Jun 4, 2010


Dont waste your money. Was a good short cheap thrill. Not the greatest and really forgetable unlike smaller films like District 9 where it was a sleeper hit. If you want to save $10 or whatever you pay for these days listen to me. Dont say I didnt warn you!

The movie man on Jun 4, 2010


my only problem with the film was that the hints early on were so heavy handed to the point were you knew what was comeing long before it ever did. sure it was shocking but there was no surprise in it at all. the last half of the film i felt like i was just checking things off a list. but other then that it still kept your interest to the end and the sfx with Dren were awsome and that charecter definately stole every scene she was in.

rowdy on Jun 4, 2010


WOW. this film was an absolute nightmare. A take on genetic design packaged as a terrible shocker film. I was actually laughing so hard at how bad it was that i cried in the theatre. this is worth the watch just for the laughs. The scenes where she was treating dren like a child made me gag. i don't know what else to say about it. i was speechless when it was over.

boop on Jun 4, 2010


Nobody Watch This Movie!!!!! its supposed to be "Scary" but its just down right nasty! i felt bad at first like "aww dont kill it!, its part human like a little girl!" but towards the end i was like "WHAT THE F***!?!" like at half of the movie i felt bad for Dren like "aww she doesnt know what it is to be human, all she wants to do is go outside!, have a pet cat, etc." but then on the other half (especially towards the end) i was like "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" she should have an abortion! "what can go wrong?" really bitch? what can go wrong? did she not learn anything? i would have left, if it wasnt for my friends and other people cracking jokes in the theater #1 - i get it if you want to grade it on a psychological level... so for me (on a psychological level) i would give it a 5 out of 10 maybe a 6 but it was just really nasty!!!

Said on Jun 4, 2010


@13 She's giving birth for it to be experimented on, not to keep as a child. She utters that line hysterically, like someone who has lost it. She's basically holding an experiment in her womb. You can tell in her detached eyes she has no emotional care for the thing in her womb. Sarah Polley's character was the real villian in the film, she raised Dren for selfish reasons the the second Dren became difficult to deal with she turned on her.

shadow on Jun 4, 2010


Its a very well done film. Its supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and strange. I thought it was great but can't recommend it to everyone and not sure if id want to see it again. Its bold without being overbearing. I feel some of the laughter was that uncomfortable laughter. Of course some of it was obnoxious immature movie goers as well. but oh well. Straight up, if you are a fan of the art of cinema, go see it. Its not really for your typical movie goer but can be if you let it in.

Jason McGuire on Jun 4, 2010


Let me see.... #8 agrees with #8. That, I suppose, is a good thing...unless he's really two different in the same body.

Frank N. Stein on Jun 4, 2010


The movie was not what I expected. Was it me or was the ending a piece of crap? I was very disturb with a few of the scenes...I think they were just put in to "SHOCK". I can't quite recommend this movie, which is too bad because I think Sarah Polley is a very good actress!

Karl 25 on Jun 5, 2010


Polley was bad in this. The ending wasn't bad

Rashad on Jun 5, 2010


All I could say after seeing this film was "WHAT THE HELL?!"

JCal on Jun 5, 2010


Why is everyone insisting this isn't a horror film? It was downright eerie, disturbing and scary at times. The themes of what it means to be human and messing with nature by the misuse of science is pure classic horror. Just because it's not "scares a minute" with scary noises and people getting killed constantly doesn't mean it's not a horror film. The creature here, Dren, is the Horror. I get a sense that a lot of cinemagoers don't know what the Horror genre encompasses. Surely this fil is in the same genre as Frankenstein...sure it may be more "psychological" and weird than scary, but the thought of how close we are technologically to create something like this is downright horrifying. As for what I thought of the film, I thought the first 2 1/2 were pretty great, but (Spoilers) when Dren hibernates or whatever happens to her at the end of the film, I thought the two genius scientists would have been able to figure out what was going on with her. She had "died" twice before this had happened and everytime she became something else. It didn't make sense that our two scientists wouldn't realize that she would probably just change again. Also the film flies off the rails and becomes a typical b-grade monster movie at the end and Dren changes and becomes totally evil and unsympathetic off screen which kills the tension and left me with no one to empathize with. But the ending didn't ruin it, I just wished it wouldve been done differently, maybe with Dren actually dying an then the scientists having to deal with the ramifications of their actions in regards to the human-based protein. Make the characters have to really deal with their actions.

Linkfx on Jun 5, 2010


All I can say is that I thought the overall product fell flat although I will say that it gives a different perspective to cloning and human relationships. It was a idea in the start, but the film really needed better execution.

Jane on Jun 5, 2010


@21, Jane = Dad? Did you do that accidentally, you do really think your opinion is that important? Anyways, i liked it. It definitely made me uncomfortable. I never walk out on movies, and i was surprised that no one in the theater did. I was also very surprised after the film ended that a young family got up and left. I would never take a kid to see this one. Whatever, their choice. I agree with Linkfx on horror films. I would just call this one a psychological horror, cause it is both. i think Link is right that we have started to lose the idea of horror and turned it into scares, blood, guts, and bouncy titties. Splice took those elements, squished 'em together with some better ingredients, and made a gem of a film.

Ian Kuah on Jun 5, 2010


I did not like the movie at all. I think I watched it wrong? After the movie I was left wondering if the reviews I read was for the same "Splice" movie I watched. The dialogue was so terrible it made the actors look bad. At least I didn't pay for it.

WIL on Jun 5, 2010


Just got back from seeing it. What an awesome movie! For the screening I went to, no one walked out and no one made jokes or laughed, except toward the beginning where there were intentionally funny scenes. Everyone freaked out when Polley walks into the barn to find Brody and Dren. ****SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER - PLOT TWIST REVEALED ******* Dren starts out as a female, and she and Brody have sex in the barn. Then at the end, like their other spliced creatures, Dren evolves into a male and has sex with Polley. The end scene is Polley very pregnant which I had already guessed was going to be the ending.

EJP on Jun 5, 2010


#24 I saw the movie, but what was the point of that spoiler? It added nothing to your review. lol..

danielvutran on Jun 5, 2010


This movie was messed up! It was down right horrible! CGI was good but that was it. Alex I went and watched this movie after reading your first review but I have to disagree with you on this one....I was not entertained on any level! This has to go up with Daybreakers as one the worst movies I have ever seen! Worst part is, I convinced my friends to watch this movie and they are giving me hell for it being crappy! ha ha ha!

Ron on Jun 5, 2010


#14 but you gotta learn from the experience... would you really want to go through all that again?

Said on Jun 5, 2010


Well, at first I felt sorry for Dren, but then after the scene where Brody and Polley have sex on the couch, I knew where the rest of the story was headed. Wait, #24 (danielvutran), did Polley and male Dren have sex, or did Polley get raped? Anywho, I was really wondering on what Dren had said to Polley when she asked, "What do you want from me?" or something along those lines. I couldn't make out what Dren was saying. I thought it was a pretty messed up movie. I just can't get over it, lol.

Chellie on Jun 6, 2010


Usually I dont say "my life would have been better had I not wasted my time on this movie." This was one of those times. Adrian Brody was horrible (is he ever good anyways?) and you knew EVERYTHING that was going to happen in the next scene about 10 minutes before it happened. I know some of you are like "I liked how it made me feel weird, and it was a good movie because of that!" well that isn't always a good thing! It made you feel weird because the movie SUCKED! Great storyline, the trailer made it look awesome. But the actual movie, was probably the worst I have ever seen. Right down there with Daddy Day Care 2

KG on Jun 6, 2010


just a quick 2 cents in for those that keep saying "I knew where this was going", I think that was VERY intentional. Sure you knew what was coming but be honest, did you really think you'd actually see it? Were you any less prepared when the wtf scenes happened?! i know I wasn't. That is what I think is genius about this film: the director tells you its coming and when it comes ("it" meaning the moment here) you are still shocked. You have this thought running through your head the whole time: "They are not really going there are they?!"

Scared S-less!!! on Jun 6, 2010


This movie is a Freudian wet dream.

LINKFX on Jun 6, 2010


someone ought to notify the church about this movie! 0o

cuozzo on Jun 6, 2010


also i might note that this movie made my friend's furry lovers website look like a playground for little kids

cuozzo on Jun 6, 2010


@ # 24: thanks! I was going nuts about knowing what the hell was all the fuzz about!!

leinergroove on Jun 6, 2010


this was good until it sucked

yup on Jun 6, 2010


Loved it! I was so happy with this movie and so glad to see something so original and creative on the screen. The fearlessness in the movie was incredible and that is one of the reasons why I loved it so much. The thing was that I saw it with my girlfriend. Now she was actually fairly interested in the movie before she saw it but as we were leaving, she felt ill and had no appetite. This reaction was PERFECT! What more could be asked for from a movie than an emotional reaction that is so effective. I mean look at the Exorcist, people left feeling sick and violated and seeing this reaction in my girlfriend was something that I won't forget. This is what movies are supposed to do.

JurassiClarke on Jun 6, 2010


very different very cool and i liked it alot. AND that one scene in the cabin looked a lot like a dream i use to have as a kid...................

dahmer on Jun 6, 2010


BTW #28 dren said "Inside you".

Bryan on Jun 6, 2010


fuck this movie.. it was horrible

jaja on Jun 6, 2010



Kenji on Jun 6, 2010


Heres what I was thinking During start to end: Hmmm, this seems interesting, original. Hmmm Thats kind of strange. Hmmmm, this is getting bizarre. ugh, Thats sick! Man having sex with the thing? Sick sick. Woman getting raped by the thing that just turned into a Male? very sick, twisted, and this is going too far. Shes now pregnant.... sick... the end? Get? me outta here, I'm sickened.

Kenny on Jun 6, 2010


FANTASTIC! I went into the movie expecting one thing and came out completely amazed and astonished at what I just saw. However, I am guilty of watching just to watch. I was not judging, critiquing or second guessing anything. The way the movie dances between a horror and a thriller is incredible! My roommate left the theater hysterical because she believes that something like Splice is going to happen in real life, That shows how real and practical the movie was, and how much work it must have taken to make it seem so real. I have great respect for all involved in this film and look forward to seeing future projects. I would recommend Splice to anyone even remotely curious about it and I would urge the doubters to see it with an open mind.

Sam on Jun 7, 2010


I dont care what anybody says. THAT DREN WAS HOT!

Joe on Jun 7, 2010


Anybody who can be profoundly disturbed by a fictional piece needs to have their head examined.

lulz on Jun 7, 2010


This film was absolutely bizarre. Why, oh why, must sex always find its way into "horror/psychological/suspense" movies? Biology is wickedly cool without the graphics. Give me the science over lab specimen orgasms, please. One thing and to the credit of the producer/writer, Elsa was a neat character. Essentially, she was nuts (and in part, I think, why her mother's mental instability was referenced---there indeed was a family history). This personality quirk could have been more thoroughly explored, however. Also, forget evolution (in science). This movie spent its final fifteen devolving into nothing short of absurdity. It did made me think, and feel ever so slightly uncomfortable. For that, "disasterous" seems too harsh. "Disturbing" seems to fit, though.

Elizabeth on Jun 7, 2010


ok so i will say i enjoyed whatever the F*** that was, but at the same time i have many problems with the movie. 1 who in the right mind bangs a creature that one is not human, and two is basicly the daughter of your girl friend wife fieance or whatever polley and the dude were. dren looked like a baby gerbal mixed with some kind of bird and with this in ur mind ur gonna stick a very integral part of a mans anatamy in it, and also i feel like dren should have stabbed him with that spike when polly walks in. Maybe i just have a black widow thing going on or maybe he was so horrible in the movie i just wanted him to go away idk. 2 ok im not sure at the end she pregnate but whose is it that thing aka dren or brodies young? it could go either way in my mind which makes me ? will there be a sequal. if the baby is drens they could make some hubub and another movie which id personaly go see. the story was good not the best actors tho. the plot twist i saw comeing but still enjoyed. if the made a sequal kept polly and added some better actors i would enjoy a sequal. sorry about my grammer. i know its not the best, but i hope this gives some insight.

Damon on Jun 8, 2010


Does anyone else thinks this.. the movie has a strong incestuous ideas! I mean.. Dren is basically Elsa's child, (that's why Adrien Brody's character questions why she doesn't want a child is because she wants a child that is controllable and therefore put her own DNA in the experiment!) so the male Dren raping (basically) his mother/maker and then impregnating here is bizarre!

Beanssssssss00 on Jun 8, 2010


absolutely love this movie, ok its a little obvious, however the storytelling is amazing. what i am really dissapointed in is the advertising campaign, that shows all the big reveals. i saw this at a film festival and had only read a little and seen a small clip before seeing the movie and i feel that this helped it have a greater impact, i feel that the marketing is going for shock factor but giving all the shocks away for free!

lesley on Jun 12, 2010


I loved this movie very much. It was kinda sci-fi horror film. Theres lot of violence in it but not crossed the limit. Thanks for sharing.

Martha on Jun 13, 2010


Overall, yeah..not the best movie, but I enjoyed it though because it was original and something I've never seen on the silver screen before. I felt bad for Dren (male & female) since it was ultimately the fault of the two dumb ass scientists who created it just to see if they could. She/he/it had to suffer throughout the film, for their mistake. It was interesting that in the film Dren imprinted on Elsa in the beginning and she actually had drawn pictures of her and not just of Clive. In the end when Dren became a male, after Elsa hit him in the head with the rock, he had time to kill Clive, but he could have killed Elsa just as easily and would have prevented his own death. His survival instincts were optimized so, I think Dren actually loved Elsa (somehow) and therefore he killed Clive instead, maybe just to punish Elsa for her cruelty earlier on.

Kristen Tran on Jun 13, 2010


Captain Kirk would have been proud! Elsa forgot the cardinal rule as sited in Zombieland. Don't hesitate for the double tap. It cost Clives life.

Tony on Jun 28, 2010


amazing movie, chill out guys. be open minded for a sec. i Loved it.

Hella Hard on Jul 2, 2010


I really felt let down by this movie. It was structurally flawed and painfully predictable. I think the first hour or so of the movie where the pacing is slow and the science is high is the most interesting bit of the film. I was enjoying it until Dren becomes a human. I also think the terrible mother syndrome was brought into the film way too late. The ending became very climactic and horror filled, but I didn't really think Dren's first words should have been "I want inside you" That made me laugh pretty hard in a nearly empty theater, although I think I offended an old man who was wearing an old X files cap. Personally I think this is a great concept that fell flat due to a poorly executed story. I enjoyed Cube, but I don't think this film holds up to it's own expectations.

James on Jul 13, 2010


i thought it was a bit like species

lujayn on Aug 23, 2010


This has to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. It was laughably bad and incredibly cheesy. on the plus side, because of this and a few other recommendations from "" I'll never have check this site for info again!

NoNameNoSlogan on Sep 11, 2010


the ending pretty much sucked, I thought they had a good idea for a movie but didn't really know where to take it at the end...and for the nerds...most complex organism don't change sex and usually don't want to have sex with with their parent (for example you can put an Octopus dad with their daughters in a tank for months and the parent would not get near them)...

ACM on Oct 17, 2010


I can't decide whether I liked this movie or not. I would go see it if you are interested in a really fucked up plot, but if you're looking for a scary movie, don't go. What I liked about it is how twisted it is, but that is also the part I didn't like. I feel like the people who made this movie were just trying to hard to freak people out. The parts that are the most "awkward" were not only super predictable, but the entire time I felt like I was being lied to. The acting was "blah", and the supporting characters and subplot is absolute garbage. 6/10. If I had another chance to watch it right now, I wouldn't. Just didn't make a lasting impression.

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2010

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