Sound Off: 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' - What Did You Think?

December 10, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Aslan's back! The third movie in Walden Media's saga of adaptations of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series hits theaters today. After a rough opening with Prince Caspian in '08, Disney sold the rights which then ended up in Fox's hands, who have delivered what looks to be another impressive sequel. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader brings back all four of the Pevensie siblings, and Reepicheep, for an epic voyage across the high seas of Narnia. So how is the movie? If you've seen it, leave a comment and tell us what you thought of Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

Note: I haven't been able to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader yet, but I still wanted to open this up for discussion, as I know it's a movie many of you will be seeing this weekend. I'm definitely excited to see it myself and will update this section with my own thoughts once I've watched it.

So what did you think of Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Another worthy sequel or epically bad?

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I thought it was amazing. The visual effects was jaw-dropping. But the story was slightly yawn.

Jordan on Dec 10, 2010


its another Narnia was slow-ish *a couple of cool parts picked it back up*

Jericho on Dec 10, 2010


I have shared my full review here: I loved the movie. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was a very enjoyable film. The film was an entertaining character-centered movie, but it has several changes from the book. The characters of Eustace, Reepicheep, and Gael were fantastic. The music and cinematography were great. Overall this was a good movie, but it was not as amazing as the previous Narnia movies. This is a must see film this opening weekend.

David Sutton on Dec 10, 2010


The film was incredible. It has amazing visual appeal, as well as a good storyline with excellent lessons taught along the way. It deviates from the book quite a bit, but still makes a wonderful movie I know I'll be going to see it again.

looner on Dec 10, 2010


P.S. - Go see it right away.

looner on Dec 10, 2010


i'm slightly confused. by everyone who has loved this and says the visual affects and everything were so cool. this was the worst film ever. several times it looked like it was shot on a vhs camera, and everything was really cheesy and stupid. the writing is horrible, and the direction makes me wonder why apted is the president of the DGA. worst film in a while. it played out like a comedy and i most definitely prefer the old BBC versions of these timeless books of the remakes which makes me sad because I really want to support Walden Media and what they are doing, but I am ashamed.

boye on Dec 11, 2010


I honestly had no desire to see this from the start and my opinion certainly hasn't changed. I actually didn't realize it was coming out this weekend. The trailers I saw had no appeal to me whatsoever. Narnia Treader looks to be the biggest hackjob of sequels.

Eli on Dec 11, 2010


I really, liked it. It was on par with the first two movies (which obviously I also liked quite a bit). I do hope for movie Narnia movies but I'm not holding my breath. Admittedly I haven't read the books but for the first time after watching this movie I really want to now. My nephew said it was the best Narnia movie by far so kids should like it as well.

JeepFu on Dec 11, 2010


I rather liked it. It was quite different from the last two films, which both felt like they had a similar format. This film involves a sea voyage to different locations of Narnia and has quite a different type of climax at the end. My only beefs with the film is that its too short, leaving little time for smaller quiet moments (the other films took their time and were probably a half-hour longer than this one), and the character of Eustace was a bit TOO irritating for the first half of the movie. He does redeem himself though and I liked his character by the end. I just hated sitting through all his snooty, obnoxious remarks.

Dan Geer on Dec 11, 2010


Jesus was a lion. It's common knowledge.

Cracky on Dec 11, 2010


Aslan had very less screen time than the 2nd movie...he was hardly there for 5 minutes..he was one of the reasons the 1st movie became a hit....

Hellboy on Dec 11, 2010


I want to see this movie, but I don't want to spend $12 or even $15 to see it in 3D!

John on Dec 11, 2010


This is one of the films that they read the book. I am so happy with the movie. I hope they make the rest of the books movies.

April on Dec 11, 2010


Just came out of the movie and loved it! I don't know why posters are complaining about the visuals, they were the best of the three movies. Reepicheep's effects were nearly flawless! Story progressed nicely, and deviated from the book slightly. However, the overall impact was still there. I saw this in 2D and it was GREAT! When the credits rolled I was hungry for more. Long live Narnia!! I'm ready for the next one, and they set the stage for it nicely. I expect there's some Disney execs kicking themselves right now... PS. The dragon action was pretty sweet!!

Gohikeone on Dec 11, 2010


Just came home form seeing The Dawn Treader ... Go and See ... great movie. I am glad Fox picked it up ... it will prove to be a hit for years to come. I will admit, the movie cut short the book ... but ... I think C S Lewis would like the movie (it draws you to WANT to read the book!) I saw it in the 2D version. If I could see it in 3D ... I would go and see it again. Hopefully, I can find a theater with the 3D version some day. Scale of 1-10 ... I give it a 9 ... almost perfect. I is well worth the money to see it. Hope Fox will take up The Silver Chair ... wow ... 3D would be great!

Kevin1 on Dec 11, 2010


I'm sort of surprised that they're still making these movies based on the 15 minutes of the first one I was (barely) willing to sit through on TV the other night.

dRailer on Dec 12, 2010


As a lifelong lover of Narnia, I have to say that, although this movie varies a lot from the book, I like it. Much more than "Prince Caspian". The changes seem to unify the story. In Lewis's book, the ship sails from island to island, at each stop having an adventure, and learning a lesson. Sort of a spiritual Gulliver's Travels. The movie throws all the elements into the soup, essentially telling all the stories at once. At first that bothered me, but at the end, I had to admit, that the story was faithfully told, and the focus was on Aslan, as it should be. We know at the end that the yearning for Aslan's country SHOULD be strong, but as Caspian finally learns, it must wait until we accomplish the work given to each of us. I will be seeing this film again, and I will recommend it. But I also recommend that you read the original books. There is SO much depth there that cannot be conveyed in a movie. I've read them many times myself, and I still gain new understanding. My children are Narnia lovers because I read all 7 books to them, when they were too young to read them for themselves.

guitarteacher on Dec 12, 2010


Crap Crap Crap. A very forgettable film.

Last Son on Dec 12, 2010


I am a big fan of the novels and have stuck with the movies up until this one simply because I love the characters so much. However the first two films failed miserably at achieving, to the same extent as the book, the most important element of the book. The charm and magical feeling that draws you into the world of Narnia. In the first two films you see the children discover and experience this magical world, but you don't experience it for yourself. They just fell flat. However that problem is no more in this film. You truly feel and experience the magical quality and charm of Narnia in this film. I was personally swept up once again in the story, much like I was when I first read the novel years ago. Yes they changed the story a bit, but they developed a story that still somehow incorporated most of the elements of the novel. People may complain about Eustace being to obnoxious and annoying, but in my mind the character was written perfectly and Will Poulter nailed it. The film is not great, but to me it was by far the best Narnia film yet. They finally got it right, and now it seems that they won't get an opportunity to continue the series.

the weatherman on Dec 12, 2010


I think the actor who played Eustace really hit the nail on the fact I think he was one of the best young actors in the movie. Here's hoping they adapt The Silver Chair!

Will on Dec 13, 2010


I really liked it... To the point of recreating the "lazy Sunday" video yesterday (haha). That said, my only 3 complaints were: -Dragon didnt look fierce enough -Not enough Aslan -The mouse was HUGE compared to pt 2 Outside of that it was great and these movies need to stay in the Winter where they belong.

Solo Calrissian on Dec 13, 2010


@#6: You are one of the very few idiots who thought this movie was cheesy an stupid and claiming it was the worst movie ever. Most of us really enjoyed this movie. You are the worst viewer I've heard. @#12: Don't be an idiot complaining about spending money on 3D! You can enjoy this in 2D in a selected theater. But apparently, too dumb to read the ads.

Jedibilly on Dec 13, 2010


Just saw it last night. I enjoyed it more than the last one, but about the same as the first. The returning actors (Caspian, Edmund, Lucy) enjoy being able to build on their characters from the previous films, and have improved as actors. The CGI was all in all very good (wasn't really a fan of the green mist - didn't like it's use in Lord of the Rings either). I liked most of the changes from the book, as far as I can remember, but it's been quite a while since I read it. I thought the changes brought a cohesion to the story that suits a movie, and the exploration of the minds of the main characters, their fears and weaknesses, was well done. At the beginning I found myself happy to experience a return to Narnia, not a groundbreaking series, but filled with a joy and hope and wonder that suits family movies. I love dark movies, but it is nice to tread lightly, too. At the end of the movie, I was sad to leave Narnia, and hope they continue the series with Eustace in The Silver Chair. Will Poulter played his part very well. In fact so well, I had to look him up at home, sure I'd seen him before. Turns out, he was one of the boys in Son of Rambow, I just didn't recognize him, being such a whiny little brat for most of the film, so different from his role in the other film. I'm not religious, so when I was a child I failed to see the Christian overtones of the Narnia series until the last book. I don't have a problem with them though, and I'm glad the film had the balls to be as blatant as it was near the end. I only wish The Golden Compass had been as equally, if oppositely candid (though the ambiguity wasn't as pronounced as I had feared). It's too bad they weren't bold enough, or successful enough to complete that series. The glut of fantasy films riding the coat-tails of the success of Harry Potter are each to blame for their individual successes/failures, and the collectives to an extent. No matter how novel each is on it's own, together they become tedious.

Lana on Dec 13, 2010


The best Narnia film yet. That said, it is still a Narnia film. Eustace and Reepicheep were perfect (which was a welcome surprise after Reepicheep was butchered in the last film).

Mark on Dec 13, 2010


I really like this one as much if not more than the first. It seemed to have more heart.

reborninfire on Dec 13, 2010


I loved it surprisingly, the ending to these films are always kinda sad, Im always sad to leave Narnia. Some of the acting and some of the script were my only problems. They developed Eustace well for The Silver Chair, The pevensie children have kinda been the heart to the movies so far itll be strange not seeing them in future ones.

Cody w on Dec 15, 2010


ben barnes was so hot

sasha on Dec 21, 2010


Sorry, I'm gonna have to chime in here: It was terrible. Even my kids thought so. We had read the books together, and we were SO excited to see the movie; the Dawn Treader story had SO much potential that the movie failed miserably to live up to. Almost everything about the main plot of this story was substantially different from that of the book. (Can someone-ANYONE?!-tell me where the people-eating green mist came from?!) The quest for the swords to lay at Aslan's Table to defeat the "Green Mist" became the central theme, and that element was completely fabricated. It was nowhere to be found in the book. By tampering with the main plot, the writers damaged the entire story. Furthermore, the way they cut short virtually every one of the story's several "mini-quests" and rushed through the movie was incredibly unsatisfying. I left feeling like they'd done a terrible job on purpose, to create a reason not to follow through with the rest of the books in the series. (Let's face it: There's not a P.C. way to approach the portrayal of the "Calormenes" that play such a big role in many of the other books.) The positives of this movie were: Decent visual effects (although I wouldn't say they were top-notch; nowhere near the quality of, say, "Avatar"), an EXCELLENT portrayal of the character of Eustace, and the retention of the spiritual elements of the quest for Aslan's Country. I was pleasantly surprised that they chose to include the bit about Aslan having a "different name" in our world, by which the children must learn to know him better. It would be impossible to completely sterilize the Chronicles of Narnia from all spiritual references and implications, but that particular one was such a blatant reference to Christ that I didn't expect it to make the cut. Bottom line: In NO way did "Dawn Treader" approach the quality of the first two movies (although admittedly neither of them were fully faithful retellings of the books either). If one has never read the book, or read it so long ago that they have only the foggiest recollections of its plot, they might enjoy the movie without realizing just how short it falls of the brilliance of the actual story. It would have been eminently more enjoyable (for all) if it had stayed true to the book. If C.S. Lewis could see this rendering of his story, he would vomit in his hat.

Elise on Dec 28, 2010


I really loved the movie, but I was disappointed that it was so different from the book. I do understand why they had to alter the plot a little because the book lacks the excitement that the earlier books had. I do hope that the next movie, which will probably be Silver Chair, sticks to the book's plot. But all in all, the movie was good, and aged more appropriately for the target audience that the last one.

Brooke on Jan 1, 2011


I agree with Elise COMPLETELY. I grew up on these books and I wanted to cry watching this. I feel like my childhood has been violated.

Penny on Jan 6, 2011


One time I would like to see someone make a movie then, write the a book so that every movie goer could say, well the book was nothing like the movie how dare they. You see how ridiculous that sounds. Watch and accept a persons adaptation, why constantly compare. Cannot something stand on its own merit. My Daughter and I I loved all three movies and will read the books now and enjoy them also in their state. Come on people have an imagination.....

Whippets50 on Jan 12, 2011


It's funny how, for the most part, it is those who have clear recollections of the books that disliked this movie for plot murder.  Those who don't recall the book as well or never read it have no problem.  I have read all the books and loved them faithfully.  Loved the first movie, hated the second movie (zero character development, all fights and graphics) and was okay with the third one.  The third one did mangle the book plot a bit but at least it didn't turn the movie into Shrek like the second movie was.  It was never the plot that mattered to Lewis it was the moral behind the plot. As long as the movie told the moral of the story, then he would have approved.  If anything one should be able to see the vices and virtues of each character and apply them to oneself to gauge ones own spiritual state - similar to "The Pilgrims Regress".  So the question ought to be more fundamental: Did the story reveal the point that Lewis was trying to make?  Or did it fail and present a story that movie execs thought would sell tickets?  I thought Movie 1 was faithful to point of story.  Movie 2 not.  Movie 3 pretty much.  So I might think true Lewis fans wouldn't care if the movie matches the plot of the story, but if it matches the point Lewis was trying to make.

Edmund_Boromir on Nov 30, 2011


I have read the books multiple times and I'm currently on the second reading with my 5 year old daughter.  I concur with Elise--they absolutely destroyed the whole meaning of Voyage.  Corakin says that until all of the seven swords were laid at Aslan's table, evil had the upper hand.  Anyone who has read the books knows that evil NEVER had the upper hand.  Aslan was in control at all times.   The awful green mist was contrived and much of the story line revolved around that.  The conflict between Edmund and Caspian was contrived.  Lucy's jealousy of Susan was contrived.  The movie could have been faithfully reproduced, but they chose to "fix" the story that millions of children (and adults) have grown to love.  There is a reason that it has been so successful.  Why change it?  

chris on Jan 27, 2012

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