Sound Off: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - Your Thoughts?

September 24, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It has been 23 years since the world was introduced to greedy Wall St. tycoon Gordon Gekko - now he's finally back and better than ever. Oliver Stone delivers a follow-up to his original film and this time tackles our current recession and the crazy, tough life on Wall St. today in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. But how is this sequel? Is it as good as the original? How is Shia LaBeouf in his juicy role across from girlfriend (in both real life and on screen) Carey Mulligan? If you've seen it, drop off a comment and let us know what you thought of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps!

To fuel the fire, I first saw Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps at the Cannes Film Festival and haven't seen it since, but I really enjoyed it at the time. I think it's a well-made, fascinating look at the madness of Wall St. today and would play as a perfect double feature with Charles Ferguson's Inside Job. Stone does some really weird things in the movie with transitions and Obi Wan-like apparitions (you'll know what I mean if you've seen it) and I'm not sure I was into all that, but I definitely didn't hate the film or think any of that ruined it. I believe Wall Street 2 is a solid follow-up to its original and was both eerily educational and entertaining.

What did you think of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps? A great new sequel or just mediocre?

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Veery good movie. Doesn''t even bash Wall street that much either. Shia definitely proves he could act

Rashad on Sep 24, 2010


very mediocre. good acting, Carey Mulligans character was unbelievably annoying, and the story is a giant mess. it's diverting and has some visual panache, but overall it was surprisingly soft and had no edge. the ending is more saccharine than anything in Secretariat. 4.5/10

chrisg on Sep 24, 2010


Brilliant return to form for Oliver Stone. Not only does he provide some great entertainment and a well made film, but he also gets a fantastic performance from almost everyone in the film (the exception is Charlie Sheen, regretfully). Shia LaBeouf has finally given a very good performance that challenges his abilities, and I actually hope he teams up with Stone in the future, considering how highly they seem to think of each other. Carey Mulligan, Josh Brolin, Frank Langella, Eli Wallach, and Susan Sarandon do great as well, but Gordon Gekko really is a joyous return to behold. The film looks fantastic, is quite entertaining, and deserves to be a fine success for Stone and Co.

Kyle Climans on Sep 24, 2010


Movies today for the most part do not really capture the light that is in the original. However this movie was truely a great movie and linked parts of the first movie very well into this movie. The ending however seems to end a bit early, just like the first one. I would of kind of liked to seen an epilogue to this movie. This probley is the final Wall St, it ended all the bad blood from the first movie quite well, could I see this being a great finish to Wall st? Yes. Could I see another take off on this movie based on Bertons demise and revenge? Yes. So either way I will leave this satisfied.

Money never sleeps on Sep 24, 2010


Some of the comic-book style edits were questionable and the intentionally 90's style CG demonstration of the clean energy was kinda off...but the acting was really good for pretty much the entire cast. The technical jargon could've been cleared up a little more for less informed audiences but from another POV maybe that was the point so that the audience could focus on the non-business side of the story.

Jaf on Sep 25, 2010


every character was someone you know. it played the human side and the complexity of what the world has become; and how different the game has become. wouldn't have changed a thing. truly brilliant. and this took shia to another level.

DJ on Sep 25, 2010


great performances. but something bugged me about Stone's directing. not really sure how to put in words. also it felt a little longer than it actually was. i liked gordon gekko was a snake before going soft at the end.

lego on Sep 25, 2010


Totally agree with Chris G. This movie was a waste of time. Poor casting sunk this film. Shia LeBoeuf convinced Oliver Stone to cast his real-life girlfriend (Casey Mulligan) in a lead role. She was terrible. Annoying, pouty, crying - she just sucked the life out of the room everytime she was on screen. Other than Gekko, not enough likeable characters to hold your interest. Movie seemed like it would never end. Not enough Michael Douglas to save this mess. You will want to go see this hoping to see more of "Wall Street", but you'll be disappointed - trust me. The story is not cohesive, goes all over the place, and fails to deliver.

Doug on Sep 25, 2010


A true blue piece of shit flick that I wasted two hours of my life that I will never get back. Seriously disappointed. Fuck you Oliver Stone.

Alboone on Sep 25, 2010


Saw it at a press screening here in Sweden few weeks ago. The acting is good, but the story is really weak. Very little happens. They use split screen editing and other tricks to try to cover the fact that it is basically a movie where people just sit around and talk. The motorcycle scene was fun, but evidently only forced into the movie to try to create some action. I haven't seen the first Wall Street, so it's possible that the sequel feels like a worthwhile movie to see if you're a fan of the first movie, but as a standalone film, I can't recommend it.

Andreas Climent on Sep 25, 2010


I haven't seen it but I sure hope the hell that the address the fact that they just swapped out Gekko's son with a daughter. I mean, WTF. Greed is Good

Paul on Sep 25, 2010


For someone who has seen the original Wall Street close to 20 times, MNS really didn't have any connection or relation to its original. First thing you can't help but notice about some of the actors and background artist is the geriatrics and bad plastic surgery? With Eli Wallach, you can pick your choice of either impression; from an embombed corpse who snuck out of his open casket or an resident at a retirement home given all the facial twitches in incoherent expressions he made. And god bless Sylvia Miles, but come on…..I loved it when we kept getting a glimpse of her shaky, arthritic hands! And what's up with her wig, reminds you of those jabbering monkeys wearing clothes playing people all lopsided! My guess is these were some of Ollies old cronies. The story was weak, Winnie who didn't exist during the original though she did have some Sean Young features, but, in my humble opinion it would have been better to keep Rudy alive. As for Josh Brolin's character - Bretton James being and looking the part of age 42 which would have made him the age of 19 during the original and 23 years old when he setup and testified against Gordon Gekko back in 1990. Plus his portrayal of an antagonistic wasn't strong enough nor convincing. Charlie Sheen's cameo didn't come off to well either. Coming off with smirking with two young attractive women on each of his side, you can't help but get the impression of a possible threesome somewhere in the bathroom later in the evening? And when Gekko asks Fox about how Bluestar Airlines is doing these days, he replies he sold it for more money! Uh….. wasn't that what Gekko originally wanted to do 23 years prior before Fox pulled the rug from under him?? I would have loved it if Bud Fox would have said "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacot Steel" instead of "Gordon Gekko". Enough said!

Hansom Ransom on Sep 25, 2010


I thought the movie was flat, sort of like soda left in the fridge for a few days... a few bubbles, but not all that satisfying. The dialogue was flabby, there should have been more editing or better writing then the gems such as: "I'm going to take a shower" or "Tequila?" "Yeah, Shots." It lack an edge that the first one offered. The only exciting themes in the movie were the aspects of how the market fell and the "bubble burst," but then again I can watch all that on CNN for youtube. Douglas did a great job and had some great dialogue, but his is a complex character. I wasn't quite convinced with Shia, but I blame the writing for some of the LAME lines he was given. Half way through the movie Wall Street turned into the Fast and the Furious with a motorcycle scene, again it added nothing to the plot. I walked out almost at the ending so I don't know what happened. I know, I should have stayed. My husband and I figured we get home early for more interesting entertainment. I'll catch the ending when it comes out on DVD, besides I'm sure I've figured it out already anyway.

AZ on Sep 25, 2010


it sucked big time

DaftPUNKFAN on Sep 25, 2010


Thanks for this blog and this article post. I have friend who is getting into screenwriting, I will have to share. on Sep 25, 2010


I agree with most reviews it was flat, NO TENSION OR DESPERATION, which made the movie 30 minutes too long but it was not a complete dead loss.

MOG on Sep 26, 2010


I've been following this movie since it was announced, but have yet to see it. Like #20, I've seen the original a couple dozen times since 1987, and is a personal favorite (mostly due to the great cast of characters and actors, Darryl Hannah excepted). There was always a big question mark at the end of the first Wall Street, so many years later we have a sequel, and I will see this on DVD if only to see what happened to Gekko.

lunch is for wimps on Sep 26, 2010


The movie seems like a mish mosh of different stories. It seems as if the story was changed during filming as the whole subprime mortgage disaster took place as this movie was in production, and they than added in the collapse of the banks, but that really was not important to the story. It just added to the movie being disjointed and not not cohesive for me. It does not feel to be a sequel in anyway, other than the fact that Gekko is in it. Shia Leboufs character is already a success and this contrasts greatly with Bud Fox from the original who made himself into a success, albeit through insider info. I just thought it was an ok movie, not good or great, just ok.

Achilles on Sep 26, 2010


awesome movie!!!!!

Carlos on Sep 26, 2010


I liked it! Wasn't as good as the first! I wish the movie had focused more on Gekko building his image back. I would have also loved a focus on the tension between James and Gekko. Brolin played his character very well, but I think a more heated battle would have been better. My scenario--Jake goes to work for James for two reasons: 1) To get revenge 2) To help Gekko get revenge The plot would have been more interesting if Jake was working for James undermining his business operations with Gekko pulling the strings.

Bill on Sep 26, 2010


Does not stand close to the original one. Was more like a family drama and the second half was an unbelievable drag. Charlie Sheen's cameo was more like a promo for two and half men. Susan and Mulligan were unbearable in the movie. Apart form the love story and relationship woes they should have focussed on the market crash which was shown in a couple of seconds and the fed meetings for the bail outs. Oliver you have lost the touch with this one my friend.

Dhiram on Sep 27, 2010


Great movie! Great cast! Great performaces! Gekko is back and better than ever. This is a great sequel. Frank Langella role was short but awesome. Carey Mulligan delivered. It was just good. People need to understand the world has changed since 1987, so it couldn't be the same movie as the first one. By the way, it has a lot of good references to the first one though. It's still Wall Street. I even liked Charlie Sheen's cameo. C'mon, his character moved on, got successful after his jail time and is living another life. So it's undestandable that Buddy looks more relaxed and funny than in the first movie. The guy was up to a party with his 2 lady friends! I had a good laugh. @Hansom Ransom, I disagree with you. Bud Fox sold Blue Star after building it into a premiere airline in the country, not like what Gekko wanted to do in the first movie: turn it upside down, cut it in piece and sell each one cheap. Not exactly the same thing!!!

AK on Sep 27, 2010


This movie has nothing on the original. Where the original was a masterclass in storytelling (maybe not in a original way, but it really shows you how it's done) this movie was fuzzy, all over the place and had so sense of dramatic structure. I didn't care for any of the characters, and Gordon Gekko was like a caricature of himself from the first movie. The movie had some good moments, but was overall a disappointment. And the Charlie Sheen cameo was just stupid. Sure I laughed, but it seemed all wrong for the movie Oliver Stone was trying to make.

Thomas, Sweden on Sep 27, 2010


I walked out on this film. The first one was amazing. Save your time and money.

Mashawnda on Sep 28, 2010


I really wanted this movie to be fantastic just like the first one. It never delivered. It was just a hodgepodge of scenery and jumped from one thing to another. I walked out 2 hours into the movie, when Jake saw that Gordon has moved out of his apartment. I just couldn't take another second. I kept wondering why in the world they had Jake's mom in it. She was nothing but annoying. Sorry to have to say it, but Oliver Stone, you're movie is a big bomb.

Carol on Oct 3, 2010


good movie~ I thought all the actors were great except for Carey Mulligan. She was just terrible.

mee on Oct 4, 2010


Movie was just ok. Poor directing & the story was all over the place with no real great plot, Geiko went a little spft but still the best acting & character by douglas, Shia LeBoeuf was surpisingly good,im not a big fan of him, but his GF geikos's daughter(casey mulligan) was a mulligan just awful character & acting hated her throughout the movie,wish they would have found someone better for this, susan sarandon's role as the mother didnt really add anything to the movie but she was good in the role,frank langella's role was short but he was great as the mentor.Charlie sheens cameo was bad when he said that he gutted the company like what gordan wanted to do,wish that they would of used his cameo better,maybe have put him in the storyline a little would have been nice. The movie ended aburptly & kind of unanwsered it looked like they left the door open for a sequel but who knows, overall it was a good not great movie id give it 2 out of 4 stars

chuck on Oct 7, 2010


What the hell is wrong with charlie sheen's face ? He looks nearly as old as Douglas in the movie. And the ending is too soft. I thought when Douglas takes the money and runs, I am going to kill Oliver Stone if the bad taste in my mouth remains when I walk out of the theatre. Gekko does redeem himself in one grand gesture to Winnie which was more suited to either a Bollywood song-and-dance movie or an aniston rom-com. I mean, come on, this is Gordon Gekko : His personality changes because he looks at an Ultrasound video ? For the 2nd time ? Josh Brolin I thought was excellent. Slimy, cold-blooded, reptilian- a worthy successor to Gekko. Again, to try and make bankers interesting, Stone has had Brolin and Labeouf riding motorbikes in the countryside : a bit too Bollywood . I am Indian : If I want to watch bullshit hero-idolising, I can watch a Hindi movie anytime.

Andy on Oct 8, 2010


Another way to look at it is he wasn't going to give up $100mil without multiplying it 12 times. Hey, I not only like the way he handled it...and agree. Go Gekko!!!!!

Lucid1 on Jan 10, 2011


Fuck you all. WS2 rules. You all are fucking angry at Wall Street.

Bretton James on Oct 24, 2010


Great, long awaited for sequel. Watch WALLSTREET first then immediately the WALLSTREET 2. Gekko calls it like it it or not. We all are living it.

Lucid1 on Jan 10, 2011

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