Space Paranoids Online Fully Playable Tron Viral Game is Out

May 6, 2010
Source: Flynn Lives

Space Paranoids Online

It all started in 1982 and now Kevin Flynn's Space Paranoids game is here today, fully playable online, courtesy of the viral marketing for Tron Legacy. We've been watching the countdown clock since last week and now the fictional Encom (I wish they were real) has launched a completely playable badass version of Space Paranoids, the game which oh so much of the Tron world is based on. Basically, you drive around in a little tank killing recognizers and other enemies until you beat each level. It's a lot of fun and a great way to kick back and pass the time all day long. I think there are secrets hidden on every level, but I can't find any.

Space Paranoids Online

To play, visit: If you want to help move this viral along, be sure to start playing now and let us know if you find anything unusual or find any other hidden secrets in the game. Additionally, there seem to be a few more Tron Legacy viral bits to mention, including a very interesting (and awesome) virtual server created by Encom. I found a link to in the discussion forum on Flynn Lives and when you visit it launches an Encom server like the same one seen in the teaser trailer (when he goes down to Kevin Flynn's secret room with the laser). Here's a better screenshot of that site:

Sam Flynn Server

The server shows a few photos of some concept art / lightcycle sketches and asks for "File Code" entries, one of which can be found in a caption. I saw a mention in the Unfiction forums that someone found a "hidden wall" inside the Space Paranoids game and found a barcode which scanned a number that was also a file. Maybe there are more of these barcodes and files hidden around the Space Paranoids game? Not sure, but if you're ready to join the hunt and help us find more, dive right in at and get to work killing recognizers! Stay tuned for updates on this part of the viral right here (to be added below).

Update #1: I've been following over at Unfiction as they break down more secret walls and find more viral codes and one of them they just unlocked is this incredibly badass photos (directly below) of what looks to be an older version of a lightcycle (not sure what exactly it is?). You can check out a much bigger version of it by clicking on the photo. It comes from the Sam Flynn server I talked about directly above and shows up when you enter the code: 888822039114. Check it out and stay tuned for more new Tron viral updates!

Legacy Lightcycle

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Awesome gonna play it now!

kevvin on May 6, 2010


Got to level 6 on it. Very fun to play. I did see the secret bar code wall too on level 3. Maybe more...

Ajax on May 6, 2010


I'm afraid to play this game. I don't want to get sucked into my computer.

Brad on May 6, 2010


hey alex. if you're gonna purport to be one of "us" (the people doing the real work on unfiction etc), please actually post as yourself on unfiction. stop being a tool and hiding behind, and claiming as your own, other peoples work. go ahead, delete this comment like you have all my others calling you out for not actually being involved in the viral the way you allude to. flynn can't stand you.

anon on May 6, 2010


Hey so i passed all the levels and i got all the codes for all 15 Levels, i entered them into my what

Jay on May 7, 2010


#4 - It wasn't my intention to use Unfiction in that way, but you guys are a great reference site that solves these viral games faster than anyone, so sometimes I'm just playing catch-up. And you deserve the credit and reference, so I apologize if you think it's not right that I can't always be active on the forums as well. #5 - The codes unlock concept art photos like the ones above. Check Unfiction for all of the codes to unlock all of the photos. That's really all there is to it.

Alex Billington on May 7, 2010


i love tron's space paranoids and tron

Pedro on Aug 6, 2011

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