Stephen Sommers Might Be Adapting Koontz's 'Odd Thomas'

September 9, 2010
Source: Prod Weekly

Stephen Sommers / Odd Thomas

There aren't too many filmmakers who I find as underwhelming and unimpressive as Stephen Sommers. From The Mummy franchise to his recent craptastic adaptation of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, I just find no value in his filmmaking even at the most basic level. Therefore I'm not too thrilled with Production Weekly's update (via Twitter) that Sommers is looking to adapt the first novel in Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series. The supernatural mysteries focus on the titular Odd Thomas (who narrates the books almost like a film noir) who lacks ambition working as a fry cook in California but has the gift of seeing and conversing with ghosts.

To continue the book's storyline: Thomas certainly isn't looking to change the world, but he does use his talents to help out the local police chief in solving brutal crimes. The chief, his girlfriend, and an eccentric author friend, are the only ones who know Thomas' secret, but danger is on the horizon. Since Thomas can also see bodachs, malevolent spirits that feast on pain and whose presence signifies likelihood of imminent violence, imagine his concern when he discovers hundreds of them following around a strange man in town. When Thomas discovers this stranger (whom he has dubbed Fungus Man) has built a shrine to serial killers, a dangerous plot seems to be afoot, and Thomas finds himself in a race against time to try and stop the man.

That sounds like a somewhat interesting concept and there's at least three more novels that follow it, not to mention a graphic novel prequel, which may prove to be a lucrative franchise for whichever studio picks this up. Odd Thomas was a New York Times Bestseller and was well received by critics and readers alike when it was first published in 2003. Since I don't really have a lot of interest in Koontz novels or Stephen Sommers' films, I can't say that this is an exciting prospect, so I'll leave it up to you guys. Any fans of Odd Thomas?

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I an a fan of the books. They WOULD take special treatment... he absolute love for Stormy Llewellyn, his calmness, his unique view of the world... It could be done so well, and it would be so easy to destroy it. here's hoping...

wygit on Sep 9, 2010


I love those books. *hopes it's done right*

Sabes on Sep 9, 2010


I absolutly love the ODD Thomas series. (Have read them numerous times) And I am in total agreement with Wygit in these movies can go both ways.. Either extreamly aweful, or absolutly mind blowing... I am hoping for the latter! God I hope they remember Elivs!!!

Allen Newby on Sep 9, 2010


Another Odd Thomas, and Koontz in general, fan here. I would love to see this done well. Hopefully they stick close to the source material. I'll see it regardless.

Garrett on Sep 10, 2010


I loved Cold Fire back in the day, but haven't gotten around to reading Odd Thomas yet. I'll definitely have to check it out before Sommers ruins it for everyone.

peloquin on Sep 10, 2010


There are a lot of things I like about the Odd Thomas series, but somehow it always feel like I'm reading teen fiction.

Craig on Sep 10, 2010


yeah because the last Koontz adaptation was so good. To quote Jay -"Affleck was the bomb in "phantoms", yo"

Astroboy3000 on Sep 10, 2010


I agree on the fact that Sommers is very underwhelming. I do not think I have seen one of his movies and thought it was anything above average. That being said, I did enjoy the Odd Thomas series and would like to see what someone could do with the first book Also, Dark Tower series coming to the big screen....this is the one I have been waiting for.

Alan on Sep 11, 2010


It's easy to criticize but difficult to make movies! I've read many reviews of the works of various filmmakers and the one thing I realized is that most reviewers see themselves as Gods. Able to make or break films or filmmakers with a single review. Sometimes the reviews are right on the money. Sometimes the reviews are skewed and lean towards just being mean spirited and not very constructive. Anyone can criticize, but not everyone can make movies that get released much less make money. And I have yet to see a critic that was a filmmaker, or at least one who made movies that get released either theatrically, or even to video. If I'm wrong please enlighten me. Makes me think that most critics, though not all, are envious little people. Little Napoleons, making big noises and always ready to destroy another's lively hood with their blogs. Criticism is a tool to be used by those worthy of wielding it's power justly and constructively. Destructive criticism serves no purpose other than to fuel the critic's own ego, making them feel like they are better than the person they are criticizing. When in actuality they prove themselves the opposite. The challenge for all would be critics then is to be impartial and if you must stand in judgement of others, then be willing to be judged. And if you so desperately feel the need to judge another, then judge them not by past efforts but on their most recent and relevant work. And for God's sake be constructive and not destructive. For everyone can grow, and improve. Everyone can change and become better for as it's said, practice makes perfect. And like my mom to used to always say, "If you can't play nice, don't play at all."

Shadowman25 on Sep 11, 2010


The 1999 Mummy movie was actually pretty good.

not bad on Sep 11, 2010


Yeah it was but the others sucked

Zew1012 on May 26, 2011


this does not bode well...Koontz's stories are delicate as they are writen for a dedicated audience...none to date have been handled well as movies at all..."Watchers" could have been a truly thought provoking film but instead hardly rated as poor drive-in fare... to give "Odd Thomas" to someone with a bad track record coming out the gate seems disaster in the making...for my money, I would rather they not be made into movies at all if they are not going to be done right...JMO

blasphemer on Sep 14, 2010


Dean has never been excited about a movie adaptation before and he is jumping in joy over the thought of this becoming a potentially great movie. I am pretty sure this will be a hard movie to make a disaster out of unless they cram 4 books into one movie. My only concern is that Dean makes me feel like I actually know and feel his characters pain through his writing. Ive seen all his movies ans unfortunately I didnt feel anything... The movies were not all that good but when you can write a book that ANYBODY can enjoy and remember forever and not be a part of the movie production crew, who cares. In my opinion, Dean Koontz is the greatest story teller to grace our minds. Odd was the first book of his I read and HAD to go get the rest of the novels. Since then I have purchased all of his books and am currently on christopher snows second installment "Seize the Night" which will slap you right in the face with nonstop action then punch your teeth out with brass knuckles of suspence. Dean, I love your work and dont blame you for the movies! You are the greatest and dont let those arseheads out there get to you. Cant wait for the new book a little big life. Trixie will be missed...

Zew1012 on May 26, 2011

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