Story Details for Transformers 3 from USA Today's Set Visit!

June 10, 2010
Source: USA Today


Time to get excited about next summer (even though we're not even done with this summer)! Friend and colleague Anthony Breznican of USA Today recently visited the set of Transformers 3, which is currently shooting all around Los Angeles. Not only did they talk about how big of a misstep Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was: "I'll take some of the criticism," says Bay, "It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers' strike." But they also reveal new details about Transformers 3, which doesn't have a fancy name yet, like that it delves into the 60's space race between the USSR and the USA. Read on!

"Shia has this great line: 'You know, I've saved the world twice, but I can't get a job,'" producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura mentions. They're striving for a "more coherent story, less goofball humor and a pledge that characters who die will stay dead" this time around. So far so good. "One thing we're getting rid of is what I call the dorky comedy," Bay says, adding that The Twins are "basically gone" (meaning they'll be back). Of course, it will be in 3D (that's now confirmed), and the villain will be Shockwave, the laser cannon-toting cyclops Decepticon badass, but that's all they say. As for the Megan Fox switch, Bay kind of blows it off: "Sam and Mikaela became one character, and here… you have discovery again from a new perspective."

So what of this USSR vs USA story? "The movie is more of a mystery," Bay says. "It ties in what we know as history growing up as kids with what really happened." For example, apparently during the space race of the 60's, "there was a hidden Transformers role in it all that remains one of the planet's most dangerous secrets." Ooohh, I love how epic they make it sound! "As a trilogy, it really ends," Bay proclaims. "It could be rebooted again, but I think it has a really killer ending." So this really is the final conclusion, the last Transformers movie from Bay. So far, I'm looking forward to it. Read the full USA Today piece for more!

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I love what what im hearing. But im not sure i believe it

movie mike on Jun 10, 2010


I love what what im hearing. But im not sure i believe it

movie mike on Jun 10, 2010


I agree with Mike. This is coming from a director that had a Deception teabag a pyramid and also introduced two "N*ggabots" with gold teeth..

Big Boss on Jun 10, 2010


"So far, I'm looking forward to it." They got you again, Alex. Fool me once (Transformers 1), shame on you. Fool me twice (Transformers 2), shame on me... ... try and fool me a third time (Transformers 3): fuck you.

graffiti bandit on Jun 10, 2010


I'm hoping they keep Shockwave as an emotionless, purely logical engine of destruction. And no Fox is a good thing. So far, so good. Here's hoping.

DarkRaven18599 on Jun 10, 2010


Finish Bay's trilogy and then hand the franchise off to Joseph Kahn.

adgfsfgd on Jun 10, 2010


i thought they were gonna avoid 3D for this film. maybe another disinformation campaign from bay?

peaches on Jun 10, 2010


Yeah it'd be nice if someone made a real transformers movie, Bay obviously doesn't know that much about them

Jimmy Love on Jun 10, 2010


Loved 1 & 2 im there for 3 and il probly see that one three times as well :-/ But seriously the twins where just ridiculous and i would rather not see them again. I have to agree with number 5 Shockwave as an emotionless, purely logical engine of destruction has a powerfull character traight about him and its similar to what we saw as a cartoons. I just hope he comes down to earth to kick some but as well. (He's my favorite)

werdnafaz on Jun 10, 2010


Btw, im already exicted for next summer, cause this one kinda sucks

movie mike on Jun 10, 2010


I don't care what haters say BAY IS THE FUCKING MAN!

Brad Clooney on Jun 10, 2010


I agree with number 6. Let him finish this give the franchise to someone else . Let them do something completly different and better . I also guess it's safe to say the Twins will die in this movie .

Superchyle on Jun 10, 2010


#4 It should be fool me once ON part TWO, Part 1 was pretty good 2 is what was bad.

Kris on Jun 10, 2010


I like the sound of the story. I love when they put science fiction into history like that, if it fits.

Spencer on Jun 10, 2010


Bay is a brilliant business man who knows that as long as he's honest in the marketing of this film there will be hordes of people lining up to see it. It's hot women and robots fighting that doesn't take itself too seriously in regards to plot or any other cinematic trait for that matter. They are bad movies, but as long as you give the audience what they're expecting he'll make lots of money.

peloquin on Jun 10, 2010


No doubt they'll be more useless Transformers who DON'T TRANSFORM into anything! (Scorponic, Ravage, Soundwave)

Ntoxc8 on Jun 10, 2010


Writer's strike = scape goat. It may be hard to make a brilliant movie, but you have to go out of your way to write a script and make a movie as bad as Transformers 2. This movie will suck dog's ball like the other 2. Big deal if it does improve and ends up being a 3/10 movie instead of a 1/10 movie. As an enemy, The Fallen was weak as piss. Shockwave is a name they've grabbed because it sounds cool and will excite fans. Making a good Transformers movie is not on the priority list. Making money is.

SV7 on Jun 10, 2010


How can anyone possibly look forward to a film by Michael Bay, unless you're retarded.

Optimus Crime on Jun 10, 2010


Nice of Bay to take some critiscism like a man. I rather listen to a guy who admit their wrongdoings than someone who flat out trashes any negativity.

Mr.Cookie on Jun 11, 2010


Im sorry I read nothing but..."I cant make good characters at all, I suck at directing and try harder at failing everytime"....he should place it all on cybertron and have nothing but robot war, NOW that movie Id pay to see this time and actually get my moneys worth. But Im not falling for it again T1 was ok with some awesome action, t2 was atrocious and I cant believe I was fooled, ill wait for it on dvd this time.

Cody w on Jun 11, 2010


I have feeling the two racist bots are going to get killed

Mike on Jun 11, 2010


This sounds so intresting Bay is making the story more darker Good!

Cineprog on Jun 11, 2010


Not that I condone Bay, but can comment 18 from Optimus Crime tell me what films you've directed? And making fun of people with mental disabilities is a little bit cheap by the way. Grow up, if you have something to say at the very least make it a valid point and not meaningless waffle.

James on Jun 11, 2010


I think is funny that after all the fuzz Bay made about 3d being a fad the movie is going to be in 3d. He must be must really pissed about that. None of this makes me want to watch a transformers movie again, nice try doing damage control, but not good enough.

almartva on Jun 11, 2010


@ #7 i thought they (bay) said that he didnt wanna do 3d unless it was shot in 3d and not post 3d like clash, which of course is great for everyone. i could be wrong, but i believe thats what i read on this website couple weeks or months back. but regardless, ima still see it, even tho revenge of the fallen wasnt the greatest, it still had it moments and was entertaining. hopefully this one ends well and sum crazy stuff happens to unexpected autobots and humans.

KING on Jun 11, 2010


Soundz good so far. Emphasis on SOUNDZ. Waiting for trailer and/or more concrete plot details.

Nada Nuff on Jun 11, 2010


I don't understand why sequels always need a trilogy. 2 was so baddd.. and don't so excited about shockwave cause bays gonna make him a fucking dumptruck. Weak ass. Half the stories gonna be spent on shais new love interest. The war on cybertron video game already looks 100times better than all the movies combined.

coulditbthechad on Jun 11, 2010


On the one hand, it's nice that even though the movie was a huge success Bay understands what was so terrible, on the other this is Michael Bay we're talking about. While I'm sure that the movie won't be as bad as TF2, I don't know if that means it'll be a good movie on its own. Also with all this talk about the final movie finally focusing on plot, it makes me wonder why the hell they couldn't do that from the get go?

SkaOreo on Jun 11, 2010


so i guess no unicron. I was hopeful that would happen.

slophole on Jun 11, 2010


Don't make me laugh. The paychecks and box office numbers will make sure Bay and Paramount never let this die.

1-7 on Jun 11, 2010


i really hope Bay knows wat hs doing

pulp fiction212 on Jun 11, 2010


Shockwave ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jake the snake on Jun 11, 2010


well at least he's admittig it was terrible anyways hope they can end the series with a bang and not do something compltely stupid as in transformers 2. I don't know why you guys hate on bay i like him for his amazing action sequences and ok story lines (like in pearl harbor, transformers 1, and arnageddon) but let's face it transormers 2 will probobally go down as one of the worst sequels ever made

max s. on Jun 11, 2010


Mark my words... this movie will suck balls.

meatcarnage on Jun 12, 2010


"Sam and Mikaela became one character" Does he actually believe that his movies feature character?!!??!!!

PJ Hanrahan on Jun 12, 2010


I agree with number 3. No more n*ggers. They ruin movies. just like the Spics

matt damon on Jun 13, 2010


Plz atleast have some well-known decepticons like Tidalwave who arn't copies of older Bay models like demolisher who Optimis killed in the 1 movie yet was able to come back in the 2 movie and kill 1 of the RC triplets! And can anyone tell me what the hell happened to Prowel the cop transformer from the 1st movie. Finally 36 or Matt Damon say some racist shit like that again and I'll find you and kick you in the balls so many times your great grandkids will come out the womb with footprints on their foreheads. Have a nice day.

BigBuck on Aug 10, 2010


#3 "N*ggabots" PRICELESS!! and he totally tea bagged that pyramid! God... Revenge of the Fallen was AWFUL!

mike on Aug 13, 2010


hope the new one will be better because revenge of the fallen sucks!!! but I don't think so!!!

george on Nov 11, 2010


guys,i dont care what you say and i dont know why was it bad,because the second part was AWESOME...!!!And the thrid will be even better 🙂 they already plan on making the fourth movie...probably.

Vlasonjicpzs on Jan 12, 2011


Hey you moron haters, we're talking about a movie about sentient robots? Yes it's dumb, Bay may be every bit as clueless as you say, but the bottom line is my 6, 7, and 10 year old love it because it's made to attract the adolescent and pre-pubescent while trying to entertain those of us who are pushing 40. It's entertaining and well worth the money spent. lower your expectations and enjoy the film for what it is.. sophomoric sci-fi...

Asimov Lover on Apr 5, 2011


Utter crap, the story has basically been about Sam and Mikaela. How do you go from the dramatic end of Rise of the fallens I love you to ohhh um yeah they broke up. Stupid

Donald R Gray on May 26, 2011

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