Super 8 Rocket Poppeteers Ice Cream Truck Lands in San Diego

July 25, 2010

Rocket Poppeteers

Now this is great surprise. A few days back I started hearing rumblings that an ice cream truck for Rocket Poppeteers was roaming through the streets of San Diego. Wait a minute - who or what or why is Rocket Poppeteers? Well, if you're a hardcore J.J. Abrams fan and love virals, you may remember after the initial debut of the trailer for Super 8, Abrams' new sci-fi movie, a website was discovered that contained a server with media on it. When unlocked, fans discovered a newspaper article that not-so-coincidentally had an ad on it for Rocket Poppeteers. Some predicted this would be the new Slusho, and it definitely looks like it will.

Thanks to a post on, I learned that there is twitter account at @RocketPoppeteer that was posting locations in San Diego where the truck would be. As I was busy, I did my best to catch the ice cream truck yesterday afternoon, but as I headed out to find it I ran into one that was driving around the streets blaring some loud Rocket Poppeteers theme music. In addition, a cute girl was roller skating alongside of it handing out t-shirts to people. Unfortunately the freebie hungry crowds of Comic-Con yanked them out of her hands before I could get one, but they were just shirts with the Rocket Poppeteers logo (as seen here).

I've included some photos of the truck and everything else below. During the "Visionaries" panel earlier in the week with Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams said that it was too early to do anything for Super 8 because they hadn't even shot it yet (won't start until September). I didn't expect them to bring anything, but it definitely looks like they want to start building some buzz and general interest in the idea of Rocket Poppeteers in the same way as with Slusho. Sadly, I don't think anyone grabbing the free stuff they were handing out has ANY clue what they're getting, but it was quite a great surprise to see this ice cream truck show up in San Diego.

We're not sure if this leads to anything or starts up the next phase of the viral, but you can check out articles on Super 8 News and MovieViral for details on the truck. They've even been keeping track of things like the license plate number and background of the twitter page to look for clues, which seems a bit excessive, but I think that's where Abrams likes to hide viral stuff. Stay tuned for updates and check out these photos!

Rocket Poppeteers Ice Cream Truck

Rocket Poppeteers Ice Cream Truck

Rocket Poppeteers Ice Cream Truck

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Man I hope Super 8 turns out great. If anything with these original movies right now indicate, hope Hollywood can continue with new ideas as the years keep following.

4k4k on Jul 25, 2010


cool,super 8 is gonna be massive hit next year.

deadpool72 on Jul 25, 2010


Interesting. I miss films that are very secretive. At least they weren't excessive with the trailer; trying to show us EVERYTHING like so many mainstream movies. Definitely looking forward for this one.

David Romero on Jul 25, 2010


Jajaja...JJ Abramsnever change his tactics..good for him

Sakyo on Jul 25, 2010



MonsterKilledThePilot on Jul 25, 2010


I love those pictures. To people on the street it must have looked like hoards of ice cream fans. haha.

Al on Jul 25, 2010


can't wait!

cheezy c on Jul 25, 2010


viral marketing is the way to go!

AC on Jul 26, 2010


JJ ....please add a Slusho flavor and we have our tie in! I just love this!

Clover on Jul 26, 2010


Clover,there is no tie in. This movie is not a Cloverfield Redux. It is a separate entity within itself. You'll get your "Clover" fix in due time. If all plays out like J.J. Abrams normally does, he will have to make "Clover 2" a epic piece of art for anyone but the devotees to spend 12.50 of hard earned ducats for a ticket to watch something that they already have an inkling of the plot on [ What Little plot there was] . All good things come to those who wait.

docanaheim55 on Jan 29, 2011


when i think ice-cream truck : i think sweettooth from twisted metal.

beavis on Jul 27, 2010


First thought that came into my mind ,too. That wicked ear to ear razor sharp grin and that cackling laugh.

docanaheim55 on Jan 29, 2011

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