Superman Returning Christmas 2012, DC Universe is Growing

April 28, 2010
Source: IESB


There's already so much to be excited about for Superman's return to the big screen with Chris Nolan, his brother Jonah Nolan, and David Goyer working together on The Man of Steel. Today we heard about a massive Warner Bros deal to bring 20 movies to IMAX theaters, and while Superman's new beginning was listed, no release date was mentioned. But IESB went ahead and found out that WB and Legendary Pictures are planning to release The Man of Steel at Christmas 2012, and apparently DC Entertainment has started to figure out the logistics and chronology of their cinematic universe to lead into a Justice League movie.

IESB's sources don't have any real specifics on The Man of Steel or even the Justice League movie yet, but the information they have apparently heard is evidence of a path towards such a venture. In order to better explain, first we need to call back to something Christopher Nolan said to Hero Complex when referring to the characters in the DC Universe and how they live in separate cinematic worlds:

"A lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us that’s what I know how to do,” Nolan said, emphasizing the idea that Batman exists in a world where he is the only superhero and a similar approach to the Man of Steel would assure the integrity needed for the film. “Each serves to the internal logic of the story. They have nothing to do with each other."

Apparently DC Entertainment begs to differ, at least somewhat, as they are already building the chronology of their heroes individual storylines towards ultimately bringing them together sometime later. For example, Batman Begins is being referred to as Action Comics #1 where Batman is the only superhero around at that time, and the same goes for The Dark Knight, or rather Action Comics #2. And so coming down the line would be Green Lantern as Action Comics #3, and it is in this installment that there are apparently talks happening to make reference to Gotham City, and maybe even Batman himself. As far as Superman, he's around, but in this chronology he would still only be a young Clark Kent in the town of Smallville. Apparently that's where the timeline stops right now. The Man of Steel would then pick up down the line.

At first I was thinking that DC Entertainment's lunge towards a Justice League movie would feel a little late with Marvel's The Avengers already leaps and bounds ahead in the development stages, but this seems like it could potentially be pretty damn awesome. I actually like the idea that they don't all exist at the same time and their paths will eventually cross. Anybody else like the sound of this lead up to Justice League?

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Jon Hamm, baby. Jon Hamm.

jloveness on Apr 28, 2010


tom welling ftw!

Matt-hardy-07 on Jan 31, 2011


A Justice League Movie? Can Nolan's Batman really be connected into the Justice League? As for Superman whatever I'll believe it when I see it.

Xerxex on Apr 28, 2010


I do however agree with jloveness Jon Hamm would make a great Superman.

Xerxex on Apr 28, 2010


Batman existing before Superman = FAIL. And there's no way they'll get Bale into a "Justice League" movie. They should just let Nolan's Batman films play out, and then start a new Batman franchise that's intentionally within the established Green Lantern/Superman/Justice League continuity. ---

DRM on Apr 28, 2010


Please no Justice League. Super Hero movies are great when the hero stands alone. I don't love Superman to begin with because he's just too perfect. I agree with post #2, I think Nolan's Batman needs to remain its own entity, and shouldn't be lumped in with any collaboration film. The only way I could enjoy a Justice League movie is if they went with the "Death of Superman" plot line and dealt with how the other heroes went on without him.

No No No No No on Apr 28, 2010


@#1 i with you Jon Hamm is perfect @ #4 start a new Batman franchise is a bad idea that mean we get another reboot. plus Batman existing before Superman is not really a fail. Batman ment to be older looking then Superman anyway him existing before Superman makes sense @Ethan Anderton there was reference to Gotham City in Superman Returns

tazz on Apr 28, 2010


If there's a Justice League movie Batman and Superman should not be in it. It will look ridiculous on screen. I'd actually prefer actually there be no Justice League movie

ShriekoftheVulture on Apr 28, 2010


No to Justice League (imo DC characters just don't play nice together) but a very big yes to supes. Please do this right.

germs on Apr 28, 2010


Yes to the JLA. Yes to eventually doing the Legion of Superheroes Movie. Yes to a Martian Manhunter movie. And you have to have Batman and Superman in the JLA, along with Flash and Wonder Woman. Oh yeah Wonder why isn't SHE brought up at all? I know why...because Wonder Woman is the SHIZZLE MA' NIZZZLE!!!

Zantorian on Apr 28, 2010


The lead up to Justice League sounds decent. Hopefully, it doesn't get out of control like Marvel is doing now in all their movies.

jake the snake on Apr 28, 2010


I have to agree with #9. Wonder Woman is the SHIZZLE MA' NIZZZLE!!!

Cory on Apr 28, 2010


How old is Jon Hamm? Young enough to play the man of steel?

jake the snake on Apr 28, 2010



roke on Apr 28, 2010


I think I heard Bale might show up in Superman, but only as Bruce Wayne. I think Hamm is a bit old to play Superman. It'll be interesting to see how this unfolds.

People's Champ on Apr 28, 2010


@Jake The Snake he's 39...but I still think he could do it.

Xerxex on Apr 28, 2010


Xerxex That's not too bad. He could probably still pull it off and they could always make him look younger than he does now I guess.

jake the snake on Apr 28, 2010


Fuck John Hamm. He's a grandpa compared to how old Supes should be. Maybe if this was a new Superman V. They better not try to go with ANOTHER origin story either.

Jo Momma on Apr 28, 2010


I agree with Xerxex, I don't think there's a way Nolan/Bale's Batman could exist in that kind of movie. It'd probably just look comical (no pun intended).

Rops on Apr 28, 2010


I don't think we'll ever see a JLA movie it just doesn't seem possible. Nolan's Batman is to based in reality and to have characters who police outer space and where born on other planets just doesn't fit with Nolan's film. Let's be honest without Batman would anyone want a JLA I know I wouldn't. Batman and Superman are the two most important characters with just one of them it's not enough.

CLAW on Apr 28, 2010


I have to agree. Although a great choice, Hamm is a little too old at this point. He would have been great maybe as Captain America. Actually Mark Valley of Fringe and Human Target would have been a great choice for the Captain, but they went for the young wise ass from Fantastic Four which was mostly awful. I just think he's way too young and hasn't impressed me yet. Not really a fan of the past Supermans after Reeve. They've all been too soft, too pansy. Singer met the last one in a hot tub for fuck sake. Reeve played a very strong multi-layered character with compassion. Compassion with confidence, I mean he's the frickin Man of Steel for gods sake. Ironclad character, with chiseled good looks...Jon Hamm... but younger.

Bryanmakeup on Apr 28, 2010


#20 You should watch "London". It's a whole different side to Chris Evans. Maybe you will like his performance in that. Just don't watch it if you're young or around any family or kids. It's hard R.

jake the snake on Apr 28, 2010


anything is possible Jake the Snake!

Xerxex on Apr 28, 2010


Christopher Nolan has done something amazing by making the only successful remake of Batman, don't fuck that up with this Justice League movie. The reason the Nolans Batman movie is so incredible is the realism and the (This is possible) feeling while watching. No one has super powers, just bravery and mental problems haha. (I know it couldnt actually happen in real life but everything is very real) - Before anyone chews me out about how it's just a movie that couldnt happen.

Maro Leon on Apr 29, 2010


Whats the point? The world ends 4 days before it arrives in theatres. 🙁

Erik keating on Apr 29, 2010


Why do people want a young Superman? We got that with Routh and he looked like... well, too young. I've always seen Lois and Clark as older. If we want a youngster, let's go with Spider-Man. Superman is mature, the leader. He's a MAN. Look at Alex Ross paintings. Does he look 23 in those? Nein. He looks like Jon Hamm... put that man in glasses, a fedora, and watch the dollars flow in.

jloveness on Apr 29, 2010


I think the Justice League movie can and should happen, but I don't think they should do it like Marvel is doing the Avengers. They should stick to Christopher Nolan's rule: each superhero is the only superhero in their universe. But when something comes up that threatens multiple universes, one character (could be Martian Manhunter, could be someone else) must unite these great heroes from each universe to stop this new crisis. DC loves it some multi-earth crises, so I think this would be a perfectly acceptable way to give fans the ultimate team-up payoff without compromising the integrity of each hero's individual films. You don't get the little continuity bits throughout each film, but you also don't risk "Batman & Robin"-ing up your serious franchises just to shoehorn in something that wouldn't normally make sense for those universes.

Outlaw on Apr 29, 2010


Why is John Hamm so special?

WB Exec on Apr 29, 2010


If we're going with an older Superman, I've always thought James Caviezel would be a perfect fit. He has the Christopher Reeves look, but at the same time more rugged.

The One on Apr 29, 2010


Plus, who better to play a God like character than Jesus himself.... 🙂

The One on Apr 29, 2010


I can't understand why people hated Routh so much. I think he would be great in a Superman re-boot, because he look slike Clark Kent. I agree that Bale's Batman would be weird in a "Superhero" environment, where people can fly and shoot fricken lazer beams out of their eyes.... BUT If anyone can pull it off and not make it look silly, then Nolan can. Bring Routh back and let Nolan make the magic happen imo.

Irish_Dave on Apr 29, 2010


I also think Routh is a good actor....Look at "Chuck"

Irish_Dave on Apr 29, 2010


@ # 6 Tazz – I agree @ # 4 DRM – how is it not good, Bat’s has always been ahead in age to Supes’ so how you’re figuring otherwise I have no clue. Second, what tells you Bale won’t do a JLA? I haven’t heard him mentioned anything regarding it. Especially now that the Terminator franchise is cancelled there’s no reason why he wouldn’t take the role to bank. Also regarding having Bat’s restart for the rest of Leaguers is just a waste of time and money for DC/WB. You and other’s I’ve seen claim that Nolan’s Bat’s shouldn’t be in future cross over’s, why not? Does that mean every Leaguer who has natural abilities/no super powers shouldn’t be included? I just don’t see the reason why he can’t be included, is it because Nolan first came out in the open about it since the first film. If he would have never mentioned that one comment and kept everything as is would you all still think the same (btw don’t take it like I’m bashing you bro lol). @ #7 Shriekofthevulture – why would you suggest for those not to be in it? Would the Avengers look right if Cap and IM weren’t in it? @ #12 Jake the snake – he’s 39, he be great if they did a Kingdom Come but in this case as the article mentions it seems CK will be in Smallville during Batman Begins so it needs to be an actor from 25 – 30, young looking. @ 19 CLAW – the same I said to DRM, why can’t it work. DC/WB will tell Nolan that it can’t work without Bats. They will make it work and I’m confident it will transcend nicely. But I ask you again, why it can’t work, because Nolan first said it when Batman Begins came out. So you’re saying all the Leaguers who do not have super powers can’t be in the film? In some ways if you think about it IM and Thor are on the same level and it seems to working fine. @ 23 Maro Leon – DC/WB/Nolan and all the creative heads as long as they work together with one purpose they can still combine all elements and keep it realistic, keep it real for non power heroes and super power heroes. We shouldn’t shoot it down, we should embrace the thought that they finally moving. @ 25 Jloveness – true, Jon Hamm looks like he can do Supes, he looks like he can pull the CK look but can he really portray CK. In order for this to kick ass he needs to pull both sides of the character. The CK side is part I’m worried about (acting not looking part). @ 26 Outlaw – I can see that as well. I would suggest MM to be the one to unite them. But it would be nice to hear a few hints, references and see some Easter eggs wouldn’t it.

blue & orange ny on Apr 29, 2010


I just came across this as well, IESB posts, "In fact, there are still on-going talks to make references to Gotham City if not Batman himself [in Green Lantern]. And although Superman himself isn't around just yet in this time-line, Clark Kent does exist in Smallville - the fictional town in Kansas, not the television series. You just know somebody is going make that assumption. At the moment, that's where the 'comic series' stops. So for you good folks saying how Batman (as played by Christian Bale) couldn't co-exist with Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern and whatever no-name actor cast as the next Superman, WB/DC are hard at work to make it all make sense."

blue & orange ny on Apr 29, 2010


@26 You're right that would be the only way it would work without ruining most of the films. But a JLA movie still seems unlikely they would have to get some more films going first, as of now it would be Batman, Superman and The Green Lantern only. That means we would need a Wonder Woman film and The Flash too.That would be the five you would need to have a really great film. Then without having their own films just throw some of the lesser heros into the mix I would go with Atom, Zatanna, Green Arrow, Black Canary and of course Martian Manhunter. I hope the don't add Aquaman cause he SUCKS BIG ONES!!!

CLAW on Apr 29, 2010


Nolan, stick to your guns and keep this Batman separate from the JLA. WB/DC should have their universes connect because it's a good idea, not because Marvel is doing it. They should recognize that this Batman has no place in a universe with superheroes, if anyone's seen the video "Superman Meets The Dark Knight", it's for comedy, but it highlights the problem with integrating these characters. They should keep Batman separate and then integrate him in the JLA after this series if they need to.

SlashBeast on Apr 29, 2010


I hope that this is just a rumor. The reason why Batman was so awesome was because it was realistic and that they mad Batman the only hero. They shouldn't try and copy what Marvel does because then it isn't original anymore. Create total different universes for each hero and don't have them meet at all, or Batman is no longer a fantastic character anymore. But it could turn out awesome if Nolan is behind it all, like Favreau for Marvel.

RJ on Apr 29, 2010


not a big fan of DC comics. I am a huge fan of DC animation. they have consistently produced kick ass cartoons and movies. the best of which always have a team or had a ton of team ups (JL, JLU, Teen Titans, Batman Brave and the Bold, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies). Superman is a pretty stale character. any expanding of his universe should be welcomed.frankly I would rather see a movie with mostly superheros and very few ordinary characters than the other way around. get rid of the parents and the unobtainable love in the origin movie and then concentrate on the incredible battles between heroes and villains.

karl on Apr 29, 2010


You're all very gay. Join the military and do something with your lives that matters...or just get real jobs.

Olive on Apr 29, 2010


All heros fall without a worthy opponent. My question is witch villain is worthy?

Omarius on Apr 29, 2010


This is bullshit. Nolan's already stated that his Batman doesn't exist in a world with superheroes. If he's forced to merge the universes then he should walk out on WB. They should be connecting universes because it makes sense, not FORCING characters to work together. Even in the comics, Batman never gels with the rest of the JLA, you always have to depower the superheroes or empower Batman to make the relationship even which basically means that these characters do not naturally belong together. Everyone thinks continuity is what HAS to happen because Marvel's doing it but it's not a successful approach with every set of characters.

Governor on Apr 29, 2010


#40 Governor Relax homie. Nolan will do the next Batman movie his way and then give input on Justice League. He won't change the way he does things to please anyone. That's obvious by not doing Batman in 3D.

jake the snake on Apr 29, 2010


I like the idea of everything leading up to JLA, but it needs continuity, i.e. Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds for starters. Sounds pretty big budget, I hope they can pull it off. Personally, I don't see it happening, but we'll see. Superman will have to be some young up and comer to make this work. And I really hope we don't just end up seeing Lex Luthor in The Man of Steel. Please add another villan....please....

Tim on Apr 29, 2010


@38 THANK YOU for showing us that we're silly little idiots who do nothing but sit around and complain about upcoming movies. Will you teach us how to become men one day please I'm scared I'll never become one. You're the best human being on Earth GOD BLESS YOU DOUCHEBAG!!!!!

CLAW on Apr 29, 2010


So long as they keep batman in the roll of detective, I don't really see the problem with including him in a Justice League movie. As in, he's out digging up intel on the villains Ultimate Plan while the rest of the heroes are out kicking butts. More of an advisor/informant roll than anything. That said, I'd really prefer to keep each heroes own movie independent of the DC Universe. Every marvel movie feels so kitschy with their endless references and pandering and characters that show up; it's just a mess.

Lorn on Apr 29, 2010


Continuity is a bad idea. Even Iron Man 2 is getting criticism for spending too much time setting up other films. Marvel's approach basically depreciates their films into extended trailers for a team-up movie. Nolan's approach is the right one, keep them separate.

1-7 on Apr 30, 2010


It does sound awesome. So to recap the Avengers will include Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk. With Iron Man and the incredible Hulk already released back in 2008, Iron Man 2 coming this Friday and then in 2011 Thor and Captain America to eventually lead up to the Avengers. That's Marvel. Then we have DC. To recap, they already have Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, then the Green Lantern in 2011 and Superman in 2012 and also a Flash movie in the works, to lead up to the Justice League. With the success and excellent quality of Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Batman Begins, and the Dark Knight it seems the future releases are in good hands. So all this is going to lead up to one BIG showdown: the Avengers vs. Justice League. It doesn't matter what comes first, everyone is going to compare the two and see which makes more money. Both Comics have a lot of fans so I doubt that anyone can predict who will come out on top. Needless to say, the coming years of Comic Book Movie Adaptions are going to be very interesting...

Fac on May 2, 2010

48 see how this all plays out.

Fac on May 2, 2010


This Batman universe should NOT be connected to the rest of DC. There are no superheroes in this film world and it should stay that way. Honestly, how much of a threat is the Joker if Superman can fly in and save the day?

BookWorm on May 2, 2010


Marvel’s connected universes is a bad idea as it limits creative freedom. Nolan’s allowed to pursue the full extent of his vision with the Batman franchise because it exists in it’s own contained world and he doesn’t have to worry about catering to external films and franchises. It makes superhero films more unique and important within their own worlds. Continuity forces characters to interact and stifles independent vision. DC shouldn't follow this route and instead should have their own independent plan for their franchises.

Glass on May 2, 2010


I can't help but feel Christopher Nolan is being extremely selfish with his interpretations of DC's characters by not allowing them to be used by others. Batman and Superman can and have successfully co-exist in the same universe. All it would take to link them is something as minor as a shot of a newspaper article on Batman in the Daily Planet, or a box with a Wayne Enterprises logo. It would have no effect on the movie or its plot, and yet would serve as a treat to the fans and keep things open for a future Justice League movie.

GG on May 9, 2010


^ No, he's not being selfish, he's being smart. Having superheroes in this Batman universe undermines the very film universe itself. This connected universes idea is bullshit, keep them separate, keep the quality.

SlashBeast on May 10, 2010


i think they should get away from the original superman storyline. i mean all those movies had the same elements repeated over and over. 1 crash land on earth, 2 live on farm, 3 work for newspaper, 4 become superman, win fight roll credits. Like in Batman Begins didnt stick excactly to the formula. yes bruce wayne is bruce wayne. hes a billionare and thats in every movie but (and i dont keep up with the comics) in the old movies/tv show there was no league of shadows and that was one of the reasons i liked that movie. in the old batman he just magically put on the suit and beat ppl up no problem. Anyway, getting back to my point, the superman movie should bring something new to the table. all these rumors of lex luthor and brainiac those are like the only two superman villians i can think of right of the bat (again i dont follow comics and the animated movies were ok but they get boring). Bring in a lesser known villian someone that isnt going to burn the city down like joker did but just become such a problem that superman is needed. like batman was needed in batman begins with the scarecrow and raz al ghul. (srry if i misspelled that lol). nolan is heading the project so hopefully he does what he does best for this movie. make it great. and sell alot of tickits. lol

Hawk on Aug 12, 2010


and on the subject of a justice league movie, unless they change up the costumes and some characters i will not watch it. DC has a thing for putting all their characters in tights and underwear. like really superman. couldnt figure out which order you put them on in? underwear then tights. lol and for the flash he would be kinda a cg experience with crappy angles to try and make it seem its real. and the green latern i saw a pic of ryan renolds in costume (go here and scroll alway down and all have to say is it looks like he did that pose in a blue suit and they cgi'ed his costume. really? why would you do that? and his mask is like face paint cg'd facepaint. lol im geting off topic but oh well

Hawk on Aug 12, 2010


Please, please... Mark Valley has the PERFECT LOOK FOR SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!! If you really look at him, he even looks like the version (most perfect version) of Superman created by Alex Ross. Superman ALWAYS was a MAN, no just a Young kid, like the one they picked up for "Superman Returns". I hope that the Studios pick someone like MARK VALLEY for the role.

gus on Aug 27, 2010


Jon Hamm would NOT make a good Superman. They'd be better off getting someone like Henry Cavill for the role.

lloydy on Sep 20, 2010


If you ask me, following a model like Smallville has had would make all these Movies kick butt. Tom Welling Should play Superman.

CK on Sep 25, 2010


i think that superman returns was not that great of a movie.... i think if they were to do anything start from the beginning... meaning krypton then move to him in a sequel of smallville how he grew up towards being the man of steel... so many possibilities but seems they ruined it with superman returns... if you ask me i think starting with it from the ground up. krypton, smallville, superman, and so on....

tony on Oct 30, 2010


i like Brandon Routh to play superman not tom welling,because Brandon is superman

jeff jose on Nov 25, 2010


Forget bringing them all together. Superman works alone. Leave them seperate and, for great Ceaser's ghost, start working on SUPERMAN IMMEDIATELY. Superman Returns was very good...make the next one better...more action and perhaps a little darker.

David on Jan 10, 2011

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