Surprise: Captain America & Other Marvel Movies May Go 3D

May 10, 2010
Source: Hero Complex

Iron Man

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Honestly, I'm surprised there was no 3D talk for Iron Man 2, but that's besides the point (and there was some talk anyway). Hero Complex published an article earlier today with quotes from Marvel's Kevin Feige: "The team has been doing a lot of research into 3-D processes, and we're looking at it on future films when we have the time," he said. "We will be doing it at some point." So it's essentially inevitable, big surprise (again). They go on to say that Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers could even "potentially be filmed with 3-D cameras," but that seems like speculation for now.

Later after that article was published, another LA Times movie blog, 24 Frames, followed up with their own response to Hero Complex writer Ben Fritz's claims about Marvel and 3D. They say: "While it's impossible to know exactly how fans would have felt about a 3-D version of Iron Man 2, they certainly embraced this [2D] version… The argument from the top of studios' corporate ladders has been that their business needs 3-D to to eliminate risk and stay solidly profitable. But Iron Man 2 did all that [without going 3D]… doing it in the most generous way possible." They're trying to say the success of Iron Man 2 could cause studios to reconsider going 3D, but Feige just said "we will be doing it at some point," so that doesn't really matter.

Most people (who read and comment on this site) seem to be opposed to 3D, specifically when it's added in post-production. However, movies converted to 3D still make a lot of money (e.g. Clash of the Titans). On the other hand, everyone gets excited when a movie (e.g. Tron Legacy) is shot in 3D because it'll look great like Avatar. So with this new speculation/rumor/hope that both Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers may be shot in 3D, does that make any of you guys actually excited for 3D again (at least with these two movies)? Or are you still opposed to 3D in all of its forms, including movies that use 3D cameras?

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i would've been down with iron man 2 being 3d with all the flying and exposions and such, but i see no reason WHATSOEVER for captain america to go 3d.

weecho on May 10, 2010


captain america should go 3d. i can't see any other reason for watching some guy shake a hammer around. i know lots of other people feel the same way as well.

Para on May 10, 2010


Imagine the beginning of Saving Private Ryan in 3D?

silver on May 10, 2010


As long as they design the movie around 3D. If your going to go 3D, balls to the walls gentlemen. But if you try throwing in the piss poor post added 3D conversion, especially in a rush? Thats nonsense you hear?

harm on May 10, 2010


dude no...3-D in a film based in World War 2 (Yes I know its a comic book movie) just sounds STUPID. Thanks James Cameron and your shitty Avatar 3-D that wasn't impressive at all. Captain America in 3-D is F A I L. Alex to answer your question I'm against 3-D in its entirety, it adds nothing and subtracts everthing. Evan Avatar did not sway me, if anything it alienated me even more. There had better be a 2-D option, because A. The glasses suck and are a pain in the ass. and 2. 3-D costs more and is useless to me.

Xerxex on May 11, 2010


Either way I'm down for both movies so far. As long as they stay away from post-production 3D. But I would be perfectly OK with 2D. I am against having to pay extra money for 3D movies that suck.

Dan W on May 11, 2010


actually, from a business standpoint I think Iron Man 2 might not be a very good example of a 2D movie not needing 3D to be successful. Sure it was successful because it made a lot of money like everyone thought it would, but it didn't 3D would maximize it's financial potential. The main example being Alice In Wonderland, because in terms of per-theater-average, Alice actually did better than Iron Man 2 (IM2 was the widest release in history). And as you know, Alice was in 3D (post-converted). So it seems that 3D is here to stay, for now.

samir on May 11, 2010


#2. A hammer? What?

dude... on May 11, 2010


#2 : ignorance is bliss ain't it 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on May 11, 2010


As long as the movies are good and look better in 2D on Blu Ray as Avatar does, they can shoot all movies from here on in in 3D as far as I'm concerned. I'll simply save my money and skip going to the cinemas and simply wait for the 2D Blu Ray release instead.

Hattori Hanzo on May 11, 2010


I think if its done right, 3D movies are excellent.

Daniel Felts on May 11, 2010


the reason why Tron Legacy and Avatar works so well in 3D is because both movies environment is not real most of it done using 3D graphics. Captain America in 3D in my opinon might not turn well. another thing 3D glasses give people headache they need to start mastering the technology so that you dont have to wear 3D glasses to watch 3D movies.

tazz on May 11, 2010


@ #1 Duhhh, throwing the shield at the camera is a no brainer. They have to build up the movie library for these new 3-D TVs. on May 11, 2010


If they have all this extra money to spend on expensive 3D camera systems and the extra post-production it will take, why not just keep it in 2D and then hire a real director and a real actor for Cap? It doesn't matter if it's in 2D or 3D or 7D... as long as Joe Johnston is still directing Chris Evans in a script by the Narnia guys... I'm out.

Pete the Geek on May 11, 2010


Playboy is now in 3-D.....the fat lady has sung....people want their 3D. Abandon shock and sarcasm and enjoy the ride, its just another age at the movies and in 5 years it'll be something new. Roll with it and enjoy.

Voice of Reason on May 11, 2010


Re : #2 Para Apparently you confused Captain America with another Marvel character. Thor is the one with a hammer. What Cap has is a shield.

Alvin on May 11, 2010


Fuck 3-D

Isa on May 11, 2010


Movies in 2-D are more enjoyable. I wasn't impressed with Avatar, in ruined my movie experience. Those f'n glasses game me a headache. I would prefer Cap just be shot with an Imax camera. 3-D is NOT for all films. Cap and Avengers will be ruined for a lot of people if they go 3-D.

Carlos Spicy Weiner on May 11, 2010


'its nature trail to 3D!"

Jimmy Love on May 11, 2010


It is obvious that not as many people where bothered by the conversion of Alice In Wonderland as people tried to say online. It ended up selling a lot of 3d tickets from word of mouth. I went expecting to see bad 3d in Alice and didn't. If you didn't like the 3d then I'm not sure what you are wanting. I think a lot of people saw what I saw when I went in to see Alice, the 3d was just fine, that is why so many 3d tickets sold and Alice went far up the gross charts. You can say how bad it was all you want, but if people go an see it and come out walking saying "I don't see what the big problem was" like me and my friend did, then if people aren't careful it becomes a kind of cry wolf thing and people won't listen anymore.

Tony Robertson on May 11, 2010


I wouldn't mind 3-D, if we didn't get hit with the extra charge, once you have the glasses, you should just be able to reuse them without paying more. Oh but wait, then how will the movies make money? thats right, its about the money these days, not about making good films...

troy on May 11, 2010


Avengers in Avatar-like 3D would be amazing. I'm not really sure Captain America should go that route... but whatever.

Chris H. on May 11, 2010


I HATE 3D. It was good in Avatar but nothing else. I was so happy that Marvel was staying away from 3D. I thought that they were geniuses and knew that 3D was crap and would (hopefully) die out soon, But I guess I was wrong...

ryan on May 11, 2010


Risk? What the hell is that supposed to mean? The only reason 3D does better in terms of revenue is because 1) Its used on blockbusters that were going to be popular regardless. 2) The tickets cost more money. Seriously, there is zero risk factor with 2D. wtf.

Al on May 11, 2010


Ugh. 3D is a gimic to lure more people to the cinema and for films of this nature it's not needed. Iron Man 2 was awesome and didn't need the added burden of being a '3-d' film. I'm still waiting for the hype to go away so people can start bringing out Good films again and not have to rely on gimics to make up for a poor story. It might have worked for Avatar - as it was pretty, but the story was lacking terribly. Don't do it!

Kit on May 11, 2010


quite the O-face

tye on May 11, 2010


Personally i don't like 3D movies except 3D animation movies like How to train your dragon, toy story and so on, when real live action and real live humans go 3D it makes people dizzy. Yes 3D movies have made a lot of money but i think that Marvel going 3D is the biggest mistake in the history of the film industry, please stay 2D! look at the history of 3D movies that have made incredible amounts of money in the past... for example- AVATAR, it was that good because none of it was real; now Tron Legacy i'm sure is going to kick a** because none of it is real. Again this goes to the brain masters of marvel please stay 2D!

Ray on May 11, 2010


Haha... I knew when I saw there were 27 posts that Xerxex would have chimed in about 3D. I couldn't agree with you more, my friend. Enough with the damn 3D already. I was really hoping that Marvel wouldn't be lured in. I guess if Hollywood can't come up with new stories and ideas, then they just have to beat the new technology to death. It happened with CG characters, now it has to be 3D. Enough already. I really hope no one tries to revive Smell-O-Vision.

Jedi on May 11, 2010


i hate chris evans as cap

Nick on May 12, 2010


I really did hope that Marvel wouldn't fall in to the 3-D trend but if they must do it at least do it well.

Anti-Fox on May 12, 2010


Oh good, more reasons for me not to get suckered in to shitty comic movies.

Demtor on May 12, 2010


why don't all movies come out in 3D ? i think all movies should come out in 3D.

Gumball Machines on May 15, 2010


3d is the future, not surprised here.

Mike Vanderwall on May 16, 2010


3d is just going to be here from now on. For the next 3 years 120 3d movies are already coming out, so far that is.

Tony R on May 18, 2010


I'm SICK of 3D films!!!!! I don't see any "magic" in this kind of making films. I've already seen one and that was enough for the rest of my life! And yes, it was Avatar..

Christina on Jul 23, 2010


3D is just a hype! Iron Man 2 was a success because of it's STORY. That's what it should be. Who gives a crap if they want to make more money. They are draining the life blood of the film industry with their hack 3D movies. Get back to the stories FIRST and leave all the 3D crap behind.

Kit1 on Aug 24, 2010

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