Terrence Malick Casts Bale, Bardem & McAdams in Romance

February 3, 2010

Christian Bale, Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams

Though the legendary filmmaker has only directed a handful of feature films, Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line) has quite a respectful following. With his most recent film, The Tree of Life starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt, in post-production, Malick is already gearing up for his next project as Deadline Hollywood reports he has grabbed Christian Bale, Javier Bardem(No Country for Old Men), Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes), and Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) to star in an untitled romance that he has written and will direct later this year. Literally no story details have surfaced anywhere on the internet yet.

This is quite an impressive gathering of talent for a romance that is currently only described as a "powerful and moving love story." But none of these actors are strangers to romance with films like Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Bale), Vicky Christina Barcelona (Bardem), The Notebook (McAdams), and Paris Je T'aime (Kurylenko) between the four of them. I'm most interested in seeing Christian Bale in a role like this since it's been more than awhile since he's had a film where he hasn't screamed like crazy in it. And under the direction and script of Malick, this should shape up to be more than an interesting romance on its release.

However, as LA Times' 24 Frames jokes: "Given Malick's famously slow work pace -- he went silent between Days of Heaven in 1978 and The Thin Red Line in 1998 and has been editing and reediting Tree of Life for some time -- the new romance should probably hit sometime in 2019." In all seriousness, who knows when this will be released, let alone actually go into production, but as soon as any details hit, we'll let you know.

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What the hell is going on with Tree of life? He's been editing that for years it seems and ever since hearing it has dinosaurs in it my interest has grown substantially. Does anyone know if it's going to be premiered at Cannes this year?

peloquin on Feb 3, 2010


this sounds pretty good and its a good move for Bale. Bale is slowly becoming typecasted as an action star, It'll be good to see him in something like this.

Xerxex on Feb 3, 2010


Bale yet worked with Terrence Malick in the romantic drama "new world"(Pocahontas 'story) .He 's very loving and credible as lover/husband(and well better than Colin Farrell)

carrie on Feb 3, 2010


very interesting. then again rachael mcadams is hot, so i will see her in whatever movie she's in.

lego on Feb 3, 2010


thank you. this would be amazing. I hope it comes out before 2013.

chris c on Feb 3, 2010


Great cast. A Bloke, a Spaniard, a Canuck and a Slav.

Shane on Feb 3, 2010


Mmmm...Christian Bale. I'll watch anything involving this man. *moans*

SuicidalOptimist on Feb 3, 2010


#2 - Xerxex Typecasted as an action star? For what? Terminator? This isn't Shwarzenneger territory. And Bale's only recent "shouty" role was Terminator, please expand your film knowledge.

Governor on Feb 3, 2010


Bale was in Malick's film The New World. His role was very small, but he was great with the little time he had. Hopefully this won't be uber-boring.

SlashBeast on Feb 3, 2010


#8 - Governor Seriously?? The Batman movies, 3:10 to Yuma, Harsh Times, Public Enemies, Equilibirum, Reign of Fire? Those are within the last decade. Maybe you should brush up on your film knowledge.

In-Rainbows on Feb 3, 2010


Well we know Rachel will be good in it. The Notebook, The Time Traveler's Wife, she shines in Romantics.

Peyton on Feb 3, 2010


Governor, are you sure you want to challenge a Balehead?? Think about it! Thanks for having my back In-Rainbows (radiohead is awesome).

Xerxex on Feb 3, 2010


whoa whoa whoa Terrence...slow down there..

sedna on Feb 3, 2010


Bale has already done dramatic-romance movies, you could see him in Metroland and he was just great in his protrayal of Chris Lloyd when he was just 22 years old, he is absolutely capable of doing this as he is so intense and deep actor, he also did a movie before with Malick called The New World and it seems by their own words that they had a ggod time working together. Good luck Christian!

eireglcb on Feb 4, 2010


#10 - In-Rainbows American Psycho, The Machinist, The New World, The Prestige, I'm Not There and Rescue Dawn were also in the last decade. How the hell does that qualify him as typecasted as an "action star"? Enough to get typecast? Fuck no!

Governor on Feb 4, 2010


Those movies you listed were either in limited release or didn't gross much over their respected budget. That means no one saw them. So if you were to ask the average movie going person to name 2 Christian Bale movies chances are they aren't going to be any of those. They'll name the $100 million dollar blockbuster action movies he was in. Making him only profitable as a typecast "action star". Just because you consider yourself a connoisseur of Christian Bale films doesnt mean the average American is.

In-Rainbows on Feb 4, 2010


American Psycho, and The Machinist are some of Bale's best work to date, but his best movie ever is Empire of the Sun hands down, Equilibrium is a great cult classic, and I'm Not There is an excellent film as well, but as In-Rainbows said you ask anyone to name two Bale films it gonna be Batman and Terminator, Not Harsh Times or Rescue Dawn (two excellent movies by the way) Bale to those people will only see him as an action Star, and the guy has a great resume of films, but that won't matter to the average person. That's what I mean my Bale being typecasted.

Xerxex on Feb 4, 2010


Question: why do you think is everybody speaking and posting about Mr.Bale? I know the answer, he is The Actor. He moves others people feellings like nobody else could do, There are likes and hates around him always. Everybody wants to talk about Christian and has something to say about everything he does. I looooove him so much that I don't care what you have to say.

eireglcb on Feb 5, 2010


#16 - In-Rainbows You have a very loose conception of typecasting. What you're talking about is perception, not reality. What people perceive to be an actor's most well-known roles doesn't equate to reality. Typecasting doesn't rely on perception, typecasting is what IS. As I've proven, he's anything but typecast. Just because those are his most well-known roles, that doesn't mean he's "typecast" in them.

Governor on Feb 5, 2010


In-Rainbows, In your definition, any actor who has one or two roles that they're most well-known for is typecast. So that means every actor is typecast. Doesn't make sense does it?

SlashBeast on Feb 12, 2010


I assume thee author of this article left their name out because they knew how stupid they are. The only "shouty" role Bale has done recently is Terminator. Learn some film knowledge fool.

1-7 on Feb 16, 2010

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