Terribly Unfunny Full Trailer for Adam Sandler's Grown Ups

April 15, 2010
Source: MySpace

Grown Ups Trailer

Its been five months since Sony debuted the teaser trailer for Grown Ups, starring Sandler, Schneider, Rock, James, Spade, Hayek, and Buscemi, but the official theatrical trailer is finally here (via MySpace). Unfortunately, my interest in this just went from slight to none. There's nothing funny about this, nothing exciting about it, no potential at all. It gets really bad when the entire group of kids and adults just stand around going "ohhh!" every time Kevin James gets hurt. Who laughs at this kind of stuff? Now I know one movie that I will staying far away from this summer. If you still want to watch this trailer, then have a look.

Watch the theatrical trailer for the comedy Grown Ups from YouTube:

Thirty years after their high school graduation, five friends reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Grown Ups is directed by long-time comedy director Dennis Dugan, of You Don't Mess with the Zohan, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, The Benchwarmers, National Security, Saving Silverman, Big Daddy, Beverly Hills Ninja, and Happy Gilmore previously. The screenplay was co-written by Adam Sandler, Tim Herlihy (Bedtime Stories, Mr. Deeds), and Fred Wolf (Dickie Roberts, Without a Paddle). Sony is bringing Grown Ups to theaters everywhere on June 25th. So am I the only one who thinks this just looks terrible?

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Its not that bad if you like the comedians involved.

Jason McGuire on Apr 15, 2010


I actually expected this trailer to be "terribly unfunny" since I didn't like the teaser, but found myself pretty entertained. Looks decent to me.

Dark Fist on Apr 15, 2010


Gotta agree with Alex here....looks terrible.

Cody w on Apr 15, 2010


Looks so so. Not something I'm going to see opening weekend or anything.

People's Champ on Apr 16, 2010


kinda like Wild Hogs, you'll never see it in theaters, and it becomes a guilty pleasure.

Xerxex on Apr 16, 2010


the pee part was funny

Rob on Apr 16, 2010


Thanks Alex, you've just confirmed what I've thought for a while now... I'm going to take the exact opposite views of everything you like and dislike 😉 I think that looks pretty good to be honest.

Big John on Apr 16, 2010


Wow. That looks horrible, Alex is right. The pee part was funny? Yikes. What a disaster.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass on Apr 16, 2010


Poor Rob Schneider - everyone seems to love him except for movie audiences.

Louis on Apr 16, 2010


Ahhh c'mon, this looks like it would be something out of my own life and friend's life! I'm sold!

pipo on Apr 16, 2010


you guys exaggerate, It Looks Like A Nice Family Film

josh on Apr 16, 2010


HAhaha ... Its just a movie to kill the time..and thats not the godfather or something...give it a chance.. =)

Sakyo on Apr 16, 2010


The Best thing about this trailer was All over the World By ELO, and thats it just not funny 🙁

Cineprog on Apr 16, 2010


Fucking awful. Seriously, everything about this looks bad. Doesn't help that I hate David Spade and Rob Schneider, but a funny movie is a funny movie... this isn't funny.

Syphous on Apr 16, 2010


I like it, seems funny, and have Sandler and Cris Rock. What you guys expected? "Hangover" it the only funny movie? And the pee part it's actually real funny. Puke is funny and pee is yikes? weard!

D. on Apr 16, 2010


Yup, didn't laugh once. All those comedians and hilarious actors, and that's the best they can show? Usually I complain that "all the funny parts were in the trailers" but for this film's sake, I hope none of the funny parts are in the trailer.

Scott on Apr 16, 2010


David Spade kills fun.

pleasepleaseplease on Apr 16, 2010


The last part was kinda funny. The rest... Meeeeehh.

That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Apr 16, 2010


I still haven't joined the hate Sandler club, and I don't plan on it. I know thats what all the "Cool" kids did after Big Daddy. This reminds me of a combination of 80's movies. like The Great Outdoors/Parenthood with a reunion. I wasn't falling out of my chair laughing, but I wouldn't call it terrible. I do think it is hard to like a movie if you "Hate" one or more of the stars.

theotherbluth on Apr 16, 2010


seriously, a lot of hate for Sandler and his friends, not me. I'm down for anything with Spade in it, the rest of the crew is an added bonus. I'll be there for sure.

Colt on Apr 16, 2010


That little boy with all the freckles is unbelievably cute.

Lar on Apr 16, 2010


No thanks, looks pretty bad.

Sabes on Apr 16, 2010


I like Chris Rock a lot, but I don't think he'll be able to save this movie from sucking.

Craig on Apr 16, 2010


Wow, this looks great. Like all 99% of comedies I'll wait for video but still, can't wait to Netflix!

tra la la la la di da on Apr 16, 2010


Of course its not Avatar or The Dark Knight so according to most it will suck. I agree it doesnt look like its going to be the best movie of the summer but it doesnt look that damn bad.

keggy on Apr 16, 2010


the only laugh I ever got from Adam Sandler was his song about the "Piece O'Shit Car"...the rest has been juvenile at best. jmo.

jj8myshorts on Apr 16, 2010


Sam Worthington is not in this?

Grape Kool-Aid on Apr 16, 2010


Sorry Alex! Most of the time I agree with you but this looks funny. Sandler has been out of touch lately with films like "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" & "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" not being that good, but with last years "Funny People" my faith in him has returned.

last son on Apr 16, 2010


This looks absoultely horrid. My god I hope its just a bad trailer for all of their sakes. How can anybody think this trailer was even remotely entertaining? It sucks the likability out of every one of these actors.

Mark D on Apr 16, 2010


Expendables will be funnier than this supposed comedy..

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 17, 2010


Probably primed to be #1 at the box office for a couple weeks. The crowd will flock to this!

Anomalous Material on Apr 17, 2010


"Fat guy falling down" seems to be fighting with dick jokes for what defines comedy nowadays. Not something I'll bother to spend money on.

Tinman on Apr 17, 2010


I think that they should do a movie where 2 groups of comedians are involved. Like Sandler, Spade and Rob and their gang against Ferrell, Rudd and Reilly and their gang. Now that would be funny. Rock should just stick with stand-up. This movie looks like something my dad would find hilarious and I would just smile every so often.

arjones on Apr 18, 2010


C'mon! Every film you listed made at least 30 million but was made for pennies, keeping Sandler's friends working on a regular basis. Pretty exceptional in Hollywood and pretty cool. Not all films are "art" much as you want them to be. Tell your readers about the history B-movies, why don't you? I find your discussion of Takeshi Kitano's new movie hilarious. Perhaps if you had done a little research, your readers might know what it's about... Remember people, this is the guy who loved Cloverfield... and the guy who makes money off of other people's hard work then criticizes them for not being up to his "high" standards. Quick-time provides trailers without the pissy, snarky comments. Might want to try over there. Also, they don't have to take them down for copyright infringement.

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Apr 19, 2010


I'm a big fan of the actors in this movie. It should be a fun movie.

watch grown ups online on Apr 22, 2010


Better they all star in one avoidable film. It's easier than having them each put out their own pile of dog shit each year.

never_to_return on Jun 12, 2010

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