The Invaders Will Appear in Joe Johnston's Captain America

February 7, 2010
Source: CHUD

Captain America

As expected, there's a lot of big Captain America news hitting the web this weekend because director Joe Johnston is finally out talking to press. In addition to all the details we learned about the movie yesterday, over at CHUD they've confirmed with Johnston himself that The Invaders, a WWII superteam that Cap and Bucky are a part of, will be in the movie, too. In fact, "they'll be in the entire second half," Johnston told them. It was first rumored last year that The Invaders might make an appearance but now we know they're officially involved. So does that mean we might see up to "nine costumed characters" in this movie total?

The Invaders are a group of WWII superheroes first created in 1975. In addition to Cap and Bucky, they're made up of other various characters like the Human Torch, Toro, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and the Silver Scorpion. What it looks like they're doing in Captain America is creating The Invaders, instead, out of a group of European characters, hence why Kevin Feige said last year that The Invaders would give them "an opportunity for much more international casting." Johnson also told CHUD that The Invaders will have six members, so if you add Bucky, Cap, and Red Skull, that means nine costumed characters (or just seven?).

I'm glad we're starting to this much more about The First Avenger: Captain America. I'm happy that they chose to go with the original WWII storyline to begin with but now hearing that they're going all out to make this the irreplaceable Captain America movie is awesome. I think Marvel is sparing no expense with every new movie they work on. As in, Iron Man 2 they're already going all out with, Thor we've heard that they're going all out (and its got a great cast), and now with Captain America, it sounds like it's the perfect origin story (and intro to The Avengers). Feige knows what he's doing and I'm excited to see The Invaders as well.

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DC/WB.... step your game up.

dfgsdgas on Feb 7, 2010


DC cowers before Marvel....all they got is Nolan Batman Lets get on with the casting already then



All right Thor is already gonna be one the best comic book adaptations ever Captain America better be up to par!

Xerxex on Feb 7, 2010


Wait til DC hit them with Green Latern fuck Captain American that's why that fool got shot.

DON P on Feb 7, 2010


Sounds awesome! @#2 You really want to rush Nolan? when you rush those things s**t happens.

L017 on Feb 7, 2010


Each update you send out Alex, gets me more and more pumped up about this movie. They seem to be taking this approach VERRRRY seriously. Keep it coming!

Nick Sears on Feb 7, 2010


i hear alot about reboots and new movies and what have we learned time and time again marvel movies never gotten anything right before, has never been true to the character and thats why they fail ... i mean its already there

sam on Feb 8, 2010


this news keeps getting better & better,baron zemo was the bad guy who put captain america in ice.hopefully they make that announcement soon.



Tons of news coming on Cap - I love it.

Jake on Feb 8, 2010


As a collector of golden comics, I'm excited to see screen incarnations of them. I really liked the golden agers in Watchmen, like a 40s comic come to life. Why, though, does Hollywood always feel it has change things? Obviously, Namor is not American. The rest, though, are, like Miss America. What are we gonna get, Miss France? Leave well enough alone. Are they really gonna put the Whizzer in the flick?

zubzwank on Feb 8, 2010


I'm pumped. Just hope they don't screw up my favorite avenger!

Christi Johnson on Feb 8, 2010


I'm more excited for Green Lantern than any of these marvel movies.

germs on Feb 8, 2010


Why does the Captain have to have blonde hair?

Xerxex on Feb 8, 2010


he symbolizes the all american male at that time white Tall blonde hair blue eyes not to mention he is fighting nazi's and hitler who also viewed the perfect male to look like that a good dynamic imo

nelson on Feb 8, 2010


I am really excited about this movie.

Fisherr on Feb 8, 2010


was the american male an aryan!? I can see it know good ole Captain America with a goose-step! it is a good dynamic but funny at the same time.

Xerxex on Feb 8, 2010


Green Latern's gonna be terrible.

green lard on Feb 8, 2010


You sure Green Lard?

Xerxex on Feb 8, 2010


the reason his hair should be blonde is because his hair was blonde in the comic book. i hate it when they change things like that for a movie.

jebstuart on Feb 8, 2010


@ Green Lard I wouldn't go as far as saying terrible, I would say not memorable, I think it'll be like the Craptastic Four.

Victor on Feb 9, 2010


The movie will be great I'm excited. Marvel doing great things. But as much as I love Marvel, also looking forward to Green Lantern. I know alot of people hate Ryan Reynolds, but I always knew the kid has it in him. Wait till you see "Buried" and I can't wait for Deadpool(hopefully Disney willnot give it a rated PG rating).

Rudy on Feb 9, 2010


What's good about them putting the "Invaders" in the Captain America movie, is that it sets up a precedent for a "super-team" like the Avengers. It also establishes Captain America's relationship dynamic when working with, or leading, a team of heroes. The entire Captain America movie is really just a foundation setting for the Avengers movie, which isn't surprising considering the title. Unfortunately "Namor" is likely tied up with Fox's "Fantastic Four" movie rights, and probably won't be in the movie. Which is really a shame since Namor is one of those characters that subtely ties the entire comic Marvel universe together. Being one of Marvel's first characters, the world's first mutant, an Invader, a reocurring enemy of the Fantastic Four, one of the first people the Avengers ever fight against, and a member of the Illuminati. I imagine "the human torch" name is also tried up, but it's actually a completely different character.

DRM on Feb 9, 2010


It sounds like X MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE: a lot of characters and a bad movie

Doc Mambo on Feb 9, 2010


Unfortunately people keeps repeating about Green Latern, but forget what happen with Superman Returns, come on people, it took Batman to wake up DC/Warner to restructure its Comic Book franchise and let go a couple of knuckle heads rename the company to DC Entertainment...People love their action heroes let it be Marvel or DC Comic, but it took almost thirty years for DC realize what they were doing wrong...Kudos for Marvel doing it right...Can wait to see Captain America and also Green Latern hopefully they dont do the same mistake like they did with Superman...

Loynaz on Feb 9, 2010


#10: "Why, though, does Hollywood always feel it has change things? Obviously, Namor is not American. The rest, though, are, like Miss America. What are we gonna get, Miss France? Leave well enough alone." If you had read the article, knucklehead, you'd have seen, "that The Invaders would give them 'an opportunity for much more international casting.'" And do remember that Union Jack and Spitfire were not American.

NYF on Feb 9, 2010


NYF#26- Well, jerkoff, I did read the article...and I repeat: leave well enough alone. Btw, the "original" Invaders were Cap, Torch, Miss America, Whizzer (all American characters) and Namor. Sidekicks tagged along, too.

zubzwank on Feb 9, 2010


@ 4,7,13 you are retards, green lantern wont measure up simply because DC has yet to really impress me other then the batman franchise, watchmen was pretty and all but ehh. (like avatar all visuals and mehh on the story or lack of pulling it in film) I am not diggen this whole invaders thing either, but what is done is done. Other then that Captain america is one of the best stories i have read even though other iterations have been good, they will never measure up to its original piece. i think the marvel movies still hold a huge promise in that they will be great to watch and i do not doubt them on there approach to the gradual build of the avengers. and 27- think about it with a more diverse line up we get a more interesting cast compared to your all american team. Dont get me wrong im all american, the only real american i want to shine in this movie is the captain.

Splinter on Feb 10, 2010


28: So you are judging Green Lantern based on the fact that you didn't like one out of two recent DC movies? Give it a chance.

germs on Feb 10, 2010


This thread is about a Captain America movie. If you have Green Lantern issues, please provide them on a Green Lantern thread.

zubzwank on Feb 10, 2010


30: When someone calls me a retard I like to respond back. But to keep this on topic: with regards to casting: I'm not so concerned with the hair/eye color as I am with pure acting ability. Captain America borders the cheese, so we need someone with enough chops to bring it back from the ledge.

germs on Feb 10, 2010


ARMIE HAMMER is right!!!! He's like he's just stepped ouuta the comic books, born to play CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!

LEEE777 on Feb 12, 2010


"Unfortunately "Namor" is likely tied up with Fox's "Fantastic Four" movie rights, and probably won't be in the movie. Which is really a shame since Namor is one of those characters that subtely ties the entire comic Marvel universe together." Actualy, last i looked, it was Universal that owned Namor (they had Namor and Hulk a few years back) If they do what they did with Hulk, they may drop the Sub mariner movie rights back to Marvel if they can get distribution rights. Anyway, FOX last I saw, had NO ownership of Namor in any way what so ever.

Timothy on May 16, 2010


no they wont....

croniccris on Dec 13, 2010

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