The Star Wars Saga in 3D Returning to Theaters Starting 2012

September 28, 2010
Source: USA Today, Heat Vision

Darth Vader 3D Glasses

Though we'd heard rumors about the Star Wars saga making a return to theaters in 3D for awhile, back in January the man behind the curtain, George Lucas said the quality and success of Avatar's 3D presentation was "a new impetus to make that happen." Nine months later and USA Today has officially announced that Lucasfilm will reprocess the entire movie series in 3D and re-release them in theaters starting in 2012. Episode I: The Phantom Menace will be the first film to hit theaters and Heat Vision says that will hit in the early months of 2012 with the remaining films released every following year in chronological order.

If Lucas is employing the same technology and time dedication that James Cameron is utilizing for the 3D conversion of Titanic (also being released in 2012), then I don't have a problem with the three dimensional upgrade (and I'm going to put the kibosh on anyone saying "I have a bad feeling about this.") Lucasfilm spokeswoman Lynne Hale explains: "The process is really extensive, and we want to make sure each of the films gets the attention it needs, so we're not ready to talk about the release patterns of the other films."

Though Heat Vision has already pointed out a timeframe for the 3D release, USA Today says the season of release is undetermined simply because they don't want to be forced to rush the 3D conversion to meet a deadline. As far as the release in early 2012, it'd be nice to have something to look forward to in the dead box office months of January to April. After all, the special edition re-releases of the original trilogy in 1997 were released chronologically in January, February and March, but it doesn't sound like that will happen.

Since the 3D conversion is in the hands of John Knoll, visual effects supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic and co-creator of Adobe Photoshop, I'm not even close to being worried about the conversion, also because Lucas himself is a stickler for quality as well. My issue personally stems from the fact that they're starting with The Phantom Menace. I think audiences should experience the Star Wars saga exactly as it unfolded over the course of history starting with Star Wars (no, I won't call it A New Hope) and ending with Revenge of the Sith. Oh well. Will you give more of your money to George Lucas for Star Wars in 3D?

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Jesus Christ

Skeeter on Sep 28, 2010


I will only see IV, V, and VI. F**k the others.

Dan W on Sep 28, 2010


Knowing Lucas' fetish for CG this will probably have the awful "remastered" versions of IV-VI. Except this time Greedo probably shoots at the audience first just to show this is in 3D.

Zeether on Sep 28, 2010


I am so not surprised right now.

lego on Sep 28, 2010


Someone's overmilking the Star Wars cashcow....

AwesomeO3000 on Sep 28, 2010


This isn't a good idea to begin with, but to start off with the Phantom Menace just makes it that much worse.

FancyMonocle on Sep 28, 2010


This is my surprised face -_-

MIKE LEE on Sep 28, 2010


Heck yeah I'll see them. So will a lot of other people. However, I think they should fix the 'Greedo shoots first' crap. That is lame.

tivdatsun on Sep 28, 2010


@5 Really? I noticed that when I watched Ewoks: The Battle for Endor... when I was 8. @3 Actually it was Lucas that shot first Seriously though, I'd rather watch Howard The Duck in 3D. I am serious.

Akirakorn on Sep 28, 2010


This is gonna suck hard

gshauger on Sep 28, 2010


Gosh I could be open to a conversion of the originals but screw the others. They were crap in 2d and will be crap in 3d!

DJSNOLA` on Sep 28, 2010


I've got a bad feeling about this. No Episode IV until 2016? Who gives a fuck.

DinoChow on Sep 28, 2010


Seen it in 3D already.........well pseudo 3D anyway, and it looked like fun. The attack run down the Death Star trench was pretty damn good. If you are wondering how, Samsung 3D tv's convert 2D to 3D.

cinemabandit on Sep 28, 2010



8=D on Sep 28, 2010


( . Y . ) on Sep 28, 2010


Lucas is a pretty savvy guy ... surprised he couldn't predict 3-D will be as hip and cool as the hula hoop by 2012.

Christian Toto on Sep 28, 2010


2015 is IV. Dunno if I wanna see converted 3D, but maybe the tech will be up to speed in 2015? NOT gunna watch I-II-III in 3D, and maybe never again in "normal mode". If you havnt seen redlettermedia's Episode I review, you have missed out on something great: It lasts 1h8min, but is broken up into 7 parts on youtube if you dont have time to sit that long in 1 go 🙂

David Banner on Sep 29, 2010


WTF?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop giving lucas your money for this garbage.

filmfan111 on Sep 29, 2010



none on Sep 29, 2010


What der fackenstein is up with the comments today. As much as I enjoyed Star Wars as a young person. In 3d really? Away and cgi some gophers Lucas. Surely he's going to croak soon and this won't ever happen. I'm sure even if he did die it would be used to promote 'the vision he always wanted'. Star Wars is for nerds. I'm a geek, but really if your excited by watching Star Wars, a film which you no doubt will have already watched about 30 times already, your a NERD.

Crapola on Sep 29, 2010


whats next SMELL-O-VISION, because I thought they smelled bad on the outside.

lefthook on Sep 29, 2010


DAMN. Just when I thought I was out....

Voice of Reason on Sep 29, 2010


Just get them out in Blu Ray and let them go at that; fuck this amateur childish 3D shit!

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 29, 2010


its unfortunate they are going to start with the 3 movies no one wants to see again, as soon as the originals start playing ill be there tho.

abcdefg on Sep 29, 2010


Funny thing about you Lucas and Star Wars prequels haters. For a series of movies that's supposed to be so bad, why do they still sell in the millions ever time they are re-releasd? There are either milions of fans worldwide who love the prequels or there are a lot of very stupid Lucas and Star Wars perquel haters like you out there who buy them anyway. And if you haters are buying them anyway, then you are even bigger fucking morons than you appear to be.

Sam Shadey on Sep 29, 2010


Wow, no comment from Xerxes? ...I hope he didn't shoot himself when he read this headline.

peloquin on Sep 29, 2010


Lucas is a fool for not letting others continue his Star Wars saga on the big screen. Instead of re-re-re-releasing the same 6 movies in quintuple-dip box sets and in every big screen format possible, he could be milking a huge franchise worth of films and all the merchandise that comes with them (or comes before them, as has been the case with the last four films). If he's not interested in writing and directing more, that's fine (after the prequels, believe me, it's MORE than fine...). All the "Expanded Universe" stuff has proven that there is both an audience that is dying for more Star Wars products and a talent base willing and capable of making it. So many of the young and talented filmmakers of our time have grown up with a fan's love for this world he created that you KNOW they would pour as much love as possible into whatever they made. He could of course be Emperor Producer on anything made so if he didn't like it, he could stop it dead in its tracks (and don't worry about him losing money on a stalled project - the guy's so rich he's given HALF his money to charity without breaking a sweat!). There are people who want to make them and ten times as many people who want to see them. I just pray Lucas can make it happen before someone in 2015 realizes they are paying full movie ticket price to see a 3D-converted movie first released 37 years prior.

Outlaw on Sep 29, 2010


@ peloquin. He he he

Crapola on Sep 29, 2010


So retarded. They have had plans for this for years, and I guess George finally needed the money. It gives him another opportunity to tinker with the originals, and make a few million pretty easily. At least we might get the wampa attack added to Empire, and they will re-shoot it in 3-D. Whoop, whoop! However I can't sit through Episode I again. It was cool when it first came out b/c I was high at midnight, but after seeing it again I realized it was just an abortion of a movie.

blester01 on Sep 29, 2010


Hopefully by that time 3D will be gone.

germs on Sep 29, 2010


@ peloquin i was wondering the same thing. he probably read the article title and ran out to dispatch of Lucas ASAP ... or he shot him self

DoomCanoe on Sep 29, 2010


By the time the last of the original trilogy hits theaters, there will be some other new / better, out of this world technology for ultimate viewing and / or people will be burnt out on 3D. I'm already there and can't fathom how people are actually that impressed with the 3D options that are out today. I agree with #25 - Just put the saga on blu ray already and be done with it. The original trilogy does not need anymore upgrades or additions. The prequels (love 'em or hate 'em) won't be any better, regardless of how many dimensions you put them into. I just don't see 3D really drawing anybody but a brand new audience, who have been suckered into thinking that 3D, it's hefty ticket price, and those stupid glasses are the new norm.

LetterJ on Sep 29, 2010


Instead of re-releasing the Phantom Menace in 3D, maybe Lucas should, re-write, re-cast and re-shoot the phantom menace (with much less input from Lucas himself), and pretend that the 1st phantom menace was all just a bad joke... Then he should repeat this exersize 2 more times...

Google the Oct8pus on Sep 29, 2010


Will 3D make Hayden Christensen a better actor? Will 3D make Jar Jar suck less? Will 3D magically improve the horrendous dialogue? This, ladies and gents, is a huge exercise in turd polishing.

Telltale Twin on Sep 29, 2010


The guy above that made the idiotic suggestion of the films still selling millions all over is the reason why films have gone down the hill. The first three films were disgraceful, and this comes from a non-fan. Lucas seems happy to cement himself as the genius that did all he could to ruin his artistry. The last things you do on Earth are that which are remembered.

Have Hope on Sep 29, 2010


Yes #38, but as I said, if they are that bad, who are the millions who are buying these so called same terrible movies over and over and over every time they are re-released ... See my point?

Sam Shadey on Sep 29, 2010


@39. Sam Shadey. Children like you buy these terrible movies over and over again. Go buy some more plush ewoks.

Alex T. on Sep 29, 2010


If you don't want those maybe I can interest you in some sticker books or pez dispensers.

Alex T. on Sep 29, 2010


This will bomb. Badly. The general notion of 3d is already WAY past Avatar. People don't care for it. 3dtvs dont sell and when you ask anyone really, people much rather have a regular good movie. I grew up loving SW. Turns out the only reason why these old movies were so good was because Lucas has way less control. When the Special editions came out it was already evident: Lucas is a hack. Example: Lucas says "now with CG it allows me to finally tell the stories the way i wanted them" result: ROTJ now has a nice 'muppet' musical number in Jabbas palace. Yes. Pure. Art. Empire will always be dear to me. Always. But the movies have been milked so badly that i will not (besides having Empire on Bluray) give this any more money... I think #29 said it best, really. And i do agree, people want more. But they do NOT want them like TPM or AOTC. The only reason why those movies made money was because a) people were curious and b) with every movie people kept their hopes up that maybe, just maybe the next one would be better. Which never happened. And after the last Indy Jones (Which btw, Spielberg still has to redeem himself as well), Lucas is the richest hack in the movie world as of now...

Brandon on Sep 29, 2010


Uhh... Star Wars will never go away... Only one i might even consider to see is Empire Strikes Back.

D on Sep 29, 2010


@Sam Shadey. Millions of people followed Hitler, turned out he was a bit of a ballbag. Although Hitler in 3d would probably still shift a few units today.

Crapola on Sep 29, 2010


Making money ≠ good movie.

germs on Sep 29, 2010


Yes #40 and 44, the rest of the world who is wrong and you are right. Your childish responses are about as mature as one would expect from morons.

Sam Shadey on Sep 29, 2010


I'll definately see these , i wish it was starting with the old trilogy first but oh well , and if the 3d sux ... who cares the movies are great not in 3d themselves so ha!

o Toxin o on Sep 29, 2010


Sounds like crap. Leave Star Wars alone. I, II, and III sucked and 3-D will make the sucking harder. They already "enhanced" the originals and ruined them with extra scenes and creatures totally not necessary, e.g., Mos Eisley scenes in IV. No need for Lucas to milk the tit further. Great for the young kids who have not yet experienced, but bad for us old geeks who love the originals (specifically IV and V...jury still out for me on VI...ewoks suck).

Waste of Time on Sep 29, 2010


Umm, #44, but George Lucas has said since the very first Star Wars movie that it was made for children. If you are an adult, why are you so obsessed with knocking a kid's movie? My children love the Star Wars movies and that works for me. As for Sam Shadey, he’s entitled to his opinion and if he likes those movies who cares? Maybe you and other hateful people like you need to grow up and act your age instead of acting like children because if you were my child I'd have you sitting in a corner.

Annie The Mom on Sep 29, 2010


You all knew this was coming....this may however convert the 3-d "haters" into spending the jake to see these. Plus I not only want to....but all of us that are SW will be required!

Clover on Sep 29, 2010


C'mon Sam of course the rest of the world is wrong, I'm fighting a 'mind war' and the idiots are winning. I too had a great deal of Star Wars figures, watched the films, bought the comics as a child, but sticking a few more spaceships in or making it 'pop out' isn't worth wetting the bed over. Empire Strikes Back is a good film, I'm not so fussed about seeing any of the others ever again. My kid isn't getting to watch StarWars, I have a hard enough time watching Toy Story with him at the moment, although the whole Zorg playing ball with Buzz thing sums up in a few minutes what the whole 6 films mean.

Crapola on Sep 29, 2010


They were not shot with 3D in mind. I don't care what they do to them. I'm not paying good money to go see them in 3D. This is what is wrong with the 3D movement. Take a movie never intended for 3D and convert it, tarnishing the movie and and real 3D movies. It's already the beginning of the end for the 3D movement.

Mark Giles on Sep 29, 2010


Lucas was planning on 3D'n the old trilogy for years now, waaaaaay b4 avatar , posted the plans years ago so lucas isn't jumpin on the bandwagon they've just been takin their time and workin on a number of projects.

o Toxin o on Sep 29, 2010


I REALLY don't like that idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian on Sep 29, 2010


OMG i will be the 1st one there when its hits theaters in Egypt i cant wait if they did eps1 good i am sure i will be the 1st one there in the rest of the saga hehe 😀

Abdu on Sep 29, 2010


HEY!? Peloquin nd DoomCanoe I've tried! My first comment was removed, my second attempt didn't post, so here goes! I for one will not partake in a 3-useless-D re-release of one of my fond childhood memories, Lucas has let me down ever since he has refused to release the original quality films on DVD only his so called "Better editions" which happen to take away everything that made SW what it was, and this money grabbing ploy just makes it worse to be a SW fanboy. I'd rather Lucasarts just put the original films in theaters again, then release the OQ films on DVD, but it won't happen, because Lucas basically hates what he brought us in the late 70's early 80's the guy's ego has taken full control. P.S. Peloquin there is an X, I know you know!

Xerxex on Sep 29, 2010


Old George's Viagra pills must be running he foists yet ANOTHER incarnation of Star Wars on us. Its just too damn bad that 3-D can't make Hayden Christensen act any better...

The Credenza Kid on Sep 29, 2010


I know I'll get crap for this, but Im all for it. Im a sucker for star wars, i hated the clone wars (in theaters) but have grown to love them (season 2 was badass and season 3 is shaping up quite strong) I'll give him my money again and again but im also waiting for something new, I think its only a matter of time til we get the expanded universe stuff on film..cant wait! I think the SW franchise will outlive us all!!

lando on Sep 29, 2010


at first i was excited that star wars was being re release i think every generation should have a chance to see the original trilogy on the big screen, besides i thought the world was supposed to be ending on 12/21/12. i guess releasing star wars saga in 3D IS the beginning of the apocolypse. i'm glad i saw the saga the way i did on the big screen parts 4,5,6 then 1,2,3. i will not be seeing parts 1,2,,3 in theaters . once was enough

salber on cinema on Sep 29, 2010


haha nerd rage. . .

Kitaro on Sep 29, 2010


Since we already heard about this i'm wondering if anyone e noticed that in revenge of the sith when ben and anikin were floating down the lava river the way it was filmed made it look like lucas was already doing things do that when it gets converted to 3d it will be already primed for it. I don't know maybe its just me.

Wish01 on Sep 30, 2010


george lucas come on think of more star wars movies rather than go back to the 6 originals

graeme on Oct 2, 2010


George, you fucked up your franchise with your "lone wolf" attitude and HUGE ego. Now, do us all a favor and wear that failure like a man. Quit trying to TELL the public what's good and what's bad, they can accomplish that on their own....YOU fucked the prequels up, now YOU have to own it. Remember George, you're not a bank, insurance company or automaker.....YOU ARE NOT TOO BIG TO FAIL. If you want to redeem yourself make some GOOD MOVIES making room for other people in the collaborative process besides YOU & YOUR EGO. In the words of Qui Gon Jin...."The life of a Jedi is a hard one" Perhaps you need to revisit your own Jedi code.

American_Jedi on Dec 21, 2010


Yesssss! Whatcha waiting for... More 3D please!

Darrenscanlon2 on Apr 16, 2011


who are we kidding? we all know we're gonna watch them. even though we don't really want to. 

it's-a-me on Dec 4, 2011


I know this makes me a massive nerd but am I the only one that's so fucking excited for this day not only for this but because breaking dawn part 1 come out on DVD then too?!?!? Also all u dickheads who stay star wars sucks how about u get a life and stop searching things on the internet for something u "hate." anywho I cannot wait I literally want Sheldon cooper to hurry up and make a time machine so I could go in the future and watch it. Wowwww I reall am a nerd:( o well. No point in trying to change.

Luvme2f on Jan 29, 2012


well, besides the breaking dawn part of your comment, I completely and totally agree with you.

Jaron Talotta on Feb 15, 2012


thats stupid that means the last one will show 2017, they should just force them all within a 2 year period, talk about mad revenue in a quick amount of time

John Gomez2 on Feb 5, 2012


Only stupid nerds hate the prequels because they are to dumb to understand a more serious plot. They dont care about story or the message that it brings at all!! All they want is mindless shooting and "Space Adventures" If you want that go and watch the stupid ass boring star trek. And leave us TRUE starwars fans alone! And the blue ray changes are kinda dumb but that's no reason to hate on starwars,OH NOO THE DOORS ARE BIGGER NOW I HATE STARWARS 

Awsanga on Feb 18, 2012

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