There is a Good Chance Greg Berlanti Will Direct The Flash!

February 25, 2010
Source: IESB

The Flash

Apparently I missed the memo that this week was going to be Huge Comic Book News Week, but alas, the hits just keep on coming as another high profile comic book character from DC Comics' universe is in the midst of finally getting a director attached after years of being in development. IESB is reporting that Greg Berlanti, who recently wrote, produced and almost directed Green Lantern, is at the top contender to bring the speedy heroics ofΒ Barry Allen, aka The Flash, to the big screen. After yesterday's big news surrounding the new Superman project, titled The Man of Steel, there's no denying that DC Entertainment is on fire.

Warner Bros is also behind The Flash and since they're also the studio behind Supes and Batman, they're a big driving force behind this new energy surrounding the comic label which, in the cinematic department, has been largely lacking in giving Marvel Entertainment any worthwhile competition with the exception of the new Batman franchise. Of course, all that will change over these next few years with Superman, Green Lantern and the continued success of Batman, as we watch the comic book rivalry between DC and Marvel move up to the big screen. Fortunately, we all have the best seats in the house for this epic battle. Excited?

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Chris Evans for Flash?

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


im excited will they call this movie The Flash or The Fastest Man Alive since we have The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel. the next they need to do Wonder Woman and whats happen with this Hawkman movie and Lobo

tazz on Feb 25, 2010


Top 3.............. I have to say that I am truely excited about the flash movie, but I am not so excited about how his villians will translate on screen. The flash probably had some of the corniest villians of any comic super hero and that never bolds well for major comic book motion picture. I just hope that they do not mess this movie up like marvel humilated themselves with Wolverine, X-1, 2 and 3 and ghost rider. I am still trying to sear those movies out of my memory

livingword on Feb 25, 2010


Hope We see a serious script for Flash. All I care about.

Jake the snake on Feb 25, 2010


livingwood X2 was one of the best comic book movies.

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


#3 how the hell marvel humilated themeselves with X1 and x2 they are good comic book movies.

tazz on Feb 25, 2010


Are we really going through this AGAIN!!!?????? How many times are we going to here these rumors...The Flash is up it is down...After David Goyer, Shawn Levy and others....I will believe it when there is a cast and production has actually started....NOT before that. It is amazing that it has taken so long to get this character off the ground! I agree with #3 that his villains are horrendous but there doesn't have to be a super villain. They can have him fight a crime lord or kingpin in the first film. Unfortunately he is committed to Capt Kirk but I think Chris PINE would be a fantastic choice for the role.

JAY on Feb 25, 2010


#7... we are entering a new era where DC ENTERTAINMENT is running the show. This time it's going to work out as planned. What do you think the point of creating DCE was? Pre-DCE nobody at warner had a clue as to how to approach these characters on screen.

dffsgf on Feb 25, 2010


A year ago this would have been a Wally West movie. A character who is far preferred by many over his predecessor Barry Allen. But since DC revived Barry, they're undoubtedly going to shove him down our throats in the movie. Which significantly reduced my interest for the film. ---

DRM on Feb 25, 2010


X1 & 2 were horrible translations of the x-men comic books and television shows. The characters did not have any type of accurate representation of the beloved characters we all know and love. Wolverine was watered down and oversized. Storm was an empty form of the Storm of the Uncanny X-men and do I even need to describe how utterly mind numbing the stories were. Where were the sentinals? The relentless and powerful Magneto? Not too mention a weak Charles Xavier. I will give you guys this...It X1 & X2 are no were near as bad as the last one, but in terms of their accurate or creative reamagining of the x-men history they fell well short. I believe that the best movies to capture the true essense of their comic books source material have been Spiderman 1 and 2, as well as Nolans Batman movies.

livingword on Feb 25, 2010


I'll give you that livingword, they were bland in the histroy department but as far as a comic book movie goes X-2 was very well done.

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


Xerxex I can not agree with you wholeheartedly, but I do understand where you are coming from. In terms what what we have seen done with the genre I can agree that it is a good movie. Yet if you compare it next to the very best comic book movies ever done the x-me movies fail to deliver. The action scenes were just awful, but spiderman and batman both managed to blend a great story along side great action. As a stand alone movie I believe the X-Men movies were horrible, but in comparison to the genre as a whole they can be viewed as ok or good.

livingword on Feb 25, 2010


I am excited to see all the d.c comics getting on the big screen. its nice that its not just batman and superman anymore. I also sort of think that with all the little characters getting movies they might be trying to set up for an epic Justice League movie.

Mara on Feb 25, 2010


I agree livingword, compard to the comics it fell short, but as a film in kicked ass.

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


Well I would be much more happier for my man Ackles to get the part of Flash then Captain America. GO DC!

Rooney on Feb 25, 2010


#4 So right. They really need to make this one intelligent. I feel like The Flash, in the wrong hands, could slide into "Daredevil" territory.

Pale Paul on Feb 25, 2010


Livingword... YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!! Seriously. X-1 and X-2 kickstarted the comic trend of late. They may not be the same as the comics and X-3 was overly popcorn fare but X-Men was a friggin' awesome trilogy. I agree with 16... The Flash is gonna be tough to adapt. it's gonna be daredevil without ben affleck.

Will on Feb 26, 2010


X2 is one of the best comic films to date easily top 5

nelson on Feb 26, 2010


X-Men and X2 are just Wolverine movie featuring the X-Men where every character somehow knows martial arts. But, I hope a Flash movie gets running soon, I'm very excited for this.

SlashBeast on Feb 26, 2010


hey guys and gals πŸ˜€ its good to hear that the scarlet speedster is gonna have his own time on with the big guys πŸ˜€ after his TV series run its been too long (and i personally loved the series) i would love to see Grogg, Zoom, captain cold trickster etc exchanging fists and zaps and so... lets just hope they get a decent script and beliavable SFX and they dont change the character. and about the remarks regarding the X titles: the frist was ok, the second was great, the third had its moments where wolvie as on screen but it failed in regard to its potential. and i dont want to talk about Wolverine which only had wolvie and a great sabretooth cast and part, good silverfox, great Wade Wilson but terrible Deadpool scenes, moderate Gambit and everything else just didnt feel right, πŸ™ why the producers think just because they have the money they own the right to ruin the character. why dont the directors do their homework and do some digging and try to familiriaze themselves with the characters..? just dont get it. lets hope DC has learnt his share from their epic Superman failure and give their best to Flash. or MArvel is sure to sweep the floor with them with Thor, Captain America and yes, Avengers πŸ˜€ The Dark Knight wont be enough to save the race once good old Cap hits the theaters πŸ˜€ lets keep our fingers and hope we faithfull movie goers, comic collectors, die hard fans get to gain the most and leave the theatres with a smile of joy cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on Feb 26, 2010


Will..The X titles to not break the top 5 at all. The top 5 comic book movies would be 1.The Dark Knight 2. Spiderman 2 3. Batman Begins 4. Spiderman 5. The Hulk(reboot) I would agree that the X series is one of the best comic book movies made, but that is only due to a bunch of horrible movies in the running i.e. Ghost Rider, The first Hulk, Electra, Daredevil, Fatastic Four 1 & 2, Wolverine, Superman Returns. It may be in the top ten but only through attretion. As time goes on and more movies are made, I am confident that these movies will not stand the test of time. I just hope that they do not mess up the Flash and Green Lantern, because those are two of my favorite comic book characters. ................Also this has been driving me crazy as of late, but can anyone tell me why no one has made a Robotech Movie YET! I believe this easily could be another Avatar or better. It has a natural story and is chop full of action. I would love to see the original Robetech Cartoon transformed into a movie.

livingword on Feb 26, 2010


^ The fact that you'd include Hulk up there makes you a cum-sucker. Oh, and the first two Spider-Man movies were the same movie repeated.

SlashBeast on Mar 3, 2010

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