There's a Live-Action Shogun Warriors Movie in the Works?

March 29, 2010
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Shogun Warriors

This is a bit of an odd news story, but interesting nonetheless. The Shogun Warriors were a line of toys, licensed by Mattel in the late 1970s, that consisted of a series of imported Japanese robots based on popular giant robot anime shows. Ain't It Cool News is reporting that a live-action version is in now the works, but it's hard to figure out what exactly is going on, since their article is more of a story about the interview that first got them this scoop. Apparently they were talking with Jules Urbach, the founder of LightStage (the company that scanned Brad Pitt for Benjamin Button) when they learned about a project about Gaiking.

Gaiking is one of the super robots from the Shogun Warriors series that is getting his own feature film. "We are building the robots life size. Matt is one of the last great practical effects guys in the business who can pull this off," Urbach said in an e-mail. They made a CGI test that you can see on AICN, which is where that photo of Gaiking above comes from. Apparently Urbach was originally working on a 7-minute short version of Shogun Warriors that was going to end up in David Fincher's Heavy Metal ensemble project. Eventually he acquired the rights to multiple characters and decided to make a feature length Gaiking movie instead.

Apparently all development is focused on Gaiking at the moment, but Urbach said at one point that "we'll have more Shogun Warriors than ever appeared in the Marvel Comics." Urbach also took advice from David Fincher to heart: "make sure to tell a great story, above and beyond what[ever] great tech they use for the robots." As long as they continue down that path and spend plenty of time dedicated to pulling off great CGI (or building actual real-life giant robots), then I'm sure we'll have a good movie in the end. That's all I can really get from AICN's article for now, but it sounds like it's coming, so if you're interested, just hold tight!

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Haven't heard about the shogun warriors in a while. Great news!

Jake the snake on Mar 29, 2010


Looks like mecha mecha crazy. Could be fun for the visuals. The movement seemed a lot slower than Transformers which is a plus.

Crapola on Mar 29, 2010


ok with that test footage and alot of the movies that have something sort of like that with robotic suit controlling, why dont they already stop teasing us and develop a gundam movie all the specs and tech are here so why not lol

K-yle on Mar 29, 2010


Hi,I'm japanese. sorry,I'm not good at English. I like super robot all over the world and super hero. This movie was screened at "The Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010". The name of this robot is "GAIKING". Gaikingu is a robot animated cartoon that the "Toei animation" produced in 1976.

ulpapa on Mar 29, 2010


excellent news,lets hope it doesn't get the 3-d treatment. @ ulpapa you have good knowledge on the shogun warriors.i love your anime its the best animation in the world.stuff like naruto,full metal alchemist,ghost in the shell & the classic akira are just amazing & should be made live action if they have japanese director & cast.

DEADPOOL 72 on Mar 29, 2010


If those robots are what i think they are... this is one of the most awesome movie news in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreckent on Mar 29, 2010


man shogun warriors? i hated it when i was a kid, why not do some other like Gundam, good story with believable robots?

Jericho on Mar 29, 2010


I agree with #3 Gundam movie needs to arrive soon, although I'm not sure if they should make one based off the original or go with Gundam Wing since it was the most popular in America. Either way, both movies would be sweet.

Rooney on Mar 29, 2010


Yay, A robot fighting movie without the pathetic attempt at a story IE transformers. Im actually kinda excited about this but I know nothing about the source material.

Cody w on Mar 29, 2010


Gaiking? Really? We see a Gaiking movie before Gigantor, Mazinger Z, Gundam, Grendizer, Voltron (Golion and Dairugger), and every other giant robot anime more popular than Gaiking? Maybe they want to test a live action movie on a property that isn't a marquis brand, but I doubt that's the plan.

Chris H. on Mar 29, 2010


I used to have the Dragun robot when I was a kid.

LORDHAVMERCY on Mar 29, 2010


There is already a trailer:

Joppe on Mar 30, 2010


HD Teaser looks good.

yoman on Mar 30, 2010


mazinga z!!

Lando is a system not a man on Mar 30, 2010



Lando is a system not a man on Mar 30, 2010


loved these toys when i was 9 in 1979 hope the movie does well

Rcolossle on Mar 10, 2011

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