'They're Here' - Another Viral Site for an Alien Invasion Film?

September 2, 2010

They're Here

If you're an avid reader of FS, you'll know we're big fans of any and all viral marketing games and concepts, big or small. Last week I came across a viral site located at that's promoting a mysterious, upcoming sci-fi flick. The site only contains some very ominous text stating "Meet Them" and "Be The First To See Them" and that all will be revealed on 10-10-10, but other than that we have no clue what this is. However, we just got an email today from the site with a link to a YouTube video that shows some amateur nighttime UFO footage, but we're still in the dark. Anyone want to help us figure out what this viral is for?

The weird thing is that the website is centered on a potentially fictitious character named Paul Geist, who has been communicating with people via twitter and the website. The site is also based out of the UK, which may not mean much, but I have a feeling this isn't connect with any Hollywood feature film. Obviously there are a lot of alien invasion sci-fi projects currently in the works, but I can't figure out what this is for. Maybe it's something we've never heard of yet? And how much will they reveal on 10-10-10? Apparently a trailer will be arriving in September for the "feature film" so it looks like we will have a bit more to check out soon.

In the meantime, look around the site, check out the video and tell us what you think. If you find any leads or hints or have any idea what this is for, let us know, as it seems like it might be an interesting sci-fi flick.

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deadpool72 on Sep 2, 2010


a meeting of the fuzzy type

XD on Sep 2, 2010


another one? jeez what not just make a Mass Effect film? oh wait...

Xerxex on Sep 2, 2010


Paul Geist on Twitter is known as Paul Terrence Geist - Paul-Terr-Geist - poltergeist... I'm guessing by the footage 'they' are not coming out of the TV set this time. On the main website there is a bunch of symbols (words) just under the 10.10.10 date. The very bottom of the main page has writing like you see on a movie poster, it is the same symbols as the top of the main page. The image is of poor quality and you can't blow it up well enough to see what it says - but I'm guessing if you could get a clear view of it, you could decypher the symbols.

imaclatchie on Sep 2, 2010


That's just a drunk farmer on a country road near Falkirk, happens all the time.

Crapola on Sep 2, 2010


Hm...who had a movie comming out at 10.10.10 again? Read it hear a few weeks ago?

David Banner on Sep 2, 2010


I think maybe the text on the website translates to "time waits for no-one". It seems to fit and kind of makes sense in the context of the clock.

Vet4Peace on Sep 2, 2010


That seems to work for what I can make out of the text on the bottom, too. You can see three characters in the larger text at the bottom that repeat several times. It looks kind of like IEV, which I believe decodes to "the".

Vet4Peace on Sep 2, 2010


Area 51. It's gotta be Area 51. Remember how much Oren Peli loves viral marketing?

Alex G on Sep 2, 2010


i would love another alien the many that are coming out along with those SyFy keeps bleeding out....ah well at least it isnt a vampire flick

Jericho on Sep 2, 2010


it would be nice to have another alien movie with enough viral sites to make us disappointed in the final movie.... ok i went to one of my nerd friends and asked him about the symbols...they are from Star Wars and the message under the 10/10/10 is 'Time Waits For No"One'... seriously try it yourself

Jericho on Sep 2, 2010


Alien Invasion.....hmmmm, Not to believe, all MIND CONTROL!!!

WakeUp on Sep 2, 2010


I'm likely way off the mark, but does anyone think this could be for 'Super 8'? The film is a homage to Spielberg films, and he did Poltergeist which had the line "They're Here" in it....

Rodion on Sep 2, 2010


No idea yet on what this will lead to, but Jericho appears to be correct on the Star Wars language being used. The talented and intelligent folks over at Unfiction Forums have a thread dealing with some translating. Interesting stuff so far.

Tether on Sep 2, 2010


I vote Oren Peli's "Area 51"

Tim on Sep 3, 2010


"Talented and intelligent" thanks Tether 🙂

Shizzire on Sep 3, 2010


=) You're most welcome Shizzire! I was gonna reply to your post over at UF, but I really have nothing to add to your work. I always head over to UF whenever one of these mysterious sites pop up. You all seem to have things figured out before I can get it into a search engine =P

Tether on Sep 3, 2010

18 This is the film you are looking for.

Caleb Downs on Sep 3, 2010


Hey Guys, Pretty sure this is a viral for an upcoming alien abduction flick called 'A70' based on the true story of two guys who claimed to have been abducted by aliens in the mid 90's in Scotland. Hope this helps, Cheers.

KevJ on Sep 3, 2010


@ Caleb and Kev Many thanks for the lead. The problem with any new viral marketing is the frustrating sense of not knowing what you're getting into. Of course, that is also the draw to it as well =)

Tether on Sep 3, 2010


Although it could be about alien abduction, people were taking a lot of acid and ecstasy in the mid 90's in Scotland so it could have been a mad acid trip. Just putting it out there.

Crapola on Sep 3, 2010


@ Crapola I think things in Falkirk may still be the same today as they were 15 years ago 🙂

Caleb Downs on Sep 3, 2010


Damn Animal rights groups!

man on Oct 9, 2010


omg it's a stupid animal rights advertisment xD

Michael on Nov 10, 2010


yep, another scam to get people to listen to the damn animal rights commercials.

animal hater on Jan 2, 2011

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