Third Batman Movie is Officially Titled 'The Dark Knight Rises'

October 27, 2010
Source: Hero Complex

The Dark Knight

And here we go… Our good friend Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex got on the phone with Christopher Nolan recently and got a big update straight from the man himself. The third Batman movie will be officially titled The Dark Knight Rises as his follow-up and epic conclusion to the fantastically unforgettable The Dark Knight from 2008. Nolan confirmed a few other things as well: that it won't be in 3D, that he will shoot with high def and IMAX cameras (again) instead, and that the villain is not Riddler nor will Harvey Dent be back at all. So there you have it, now we know the title and a bit more about where he's going with this. Read on!

"We'll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we'll be introducing some new ones," Nolan told him. Not many more details were revealed in today's Hero Complex update, but I did see Geoff Boucher mention something interesting over on his Facebook account that links to this article: "Hugo Strange and Catwoman now jump to the top of the list." So Nolan ruled out Riddler, Joker and Harvey Dent, and after talking with Nolan, Boucher thinks it might be Hugo Strange (is this Tom Hardy's role?) and/or Catwoman who will show up as the big villains in this one. Only time will tell, right? Either way, now we know that it's The Dark Knight Rises that will be hitting theaters on July 20th 2012. Bring it on! Everyone else excited?

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TERRIBLE NEWS!!!!! just kidding....awesome!

Voice of Reason on Oct 27, 2010


tom hardy is the black mask imo

nelson on Oct 27, 2010


I thought Christopher Nolan would have come up with something more clever than 'the dark knight rises', don't get me wrong im stoked for this but is it just me? and opinion #2 please not catwoman....

Philip J. Fry on Oct 27, 2010


p.s. what about bane?

Philip J. Fry on Oct 27, 2010


He said no Harvey dent, but didn't say anything about two-face...haha jk. I'm not excited about catwoman though. But this shit will rule no matter what.

Killer on Oct 27, 2010



SnootchieBoochies on Oct 27, 2010


now that's what i call Splendid news! Awesome!!

sur@z on Oct 27, 2010


It would have been awesome to see Nolans take on "No Mans Land" and watch Batman dealing not with new enemies but with 5 or 6 different criminals he already has a history with. Each one of them requiring a different approach. We could see small cameos of some and long fights with others...

dreckent on Oct 27, 2010


Terrible. Another Spider-Man 3 on our hands.

Remy on Oct 27, 2010



Happy Camper on Oct 27, 2010


the title make sense, i guess i'll warm up to it

yan on Oct 27, 2010


If this is the end of the trilogy with Bale, they have to make it memorable. Catwoman is "fantastical" and thus should not be used. It's just not believable. I'm just a casual Batman fan, maybe that's why i have never heard of Hugo Strange.

Chad on Oct 27, 2010


The title is ok .... but you know how at the end of BB and TDK, CHris Nolan would have the title appear right at the end credits? well its gonna feel weird if he puts THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at the end of the movie... unless Batman falls in this film.

Ned Beatty on Oct 27, 2010


and Tom Hardy will play Det. Harvey Bullock

Ned Beatty on Oct 27, 2010


Great news about the film release date, updates on characters, etc., but I'm not impressed with the title. Maybe I'm a bit premature in saying this, but a little disappointed with the title choice.

Shane on Oct 27, 2010


Catwoman? Please, no.

Craig on Oct 27, 2010


Bronson + Hugo Strange = Win

Alex O on Oct 27, 2010


#12 catwoman being to fantastical? nolan used the freaking scare crow his batman series is not as grounded as people seem to think

nelson on Oct 27, 2010


Not as clever as I was hoping but oh well

Geoff on Oct 27, 2010


Sounds like they're going to stick some zombies or vampires in there some where. Was really looking forward to Johnny Depp as the Riddler. on Oct 27, 2010


Well First Showing, remember that supposed 'scoop' you guys had that the Riddler was going to be the villain...... Looking a bit silly now aren't we, ha ha ha... πŸ˜€

kinks! on Oct 27, 2010


Chris Nolan has never let us down in any of his films... so we can be sure TDKR will be a GREAT batman movie to end the trilogy. but seriously, the title is kinda not 1st class as his other two Batman movies. it could have been called "THE DARK KNIGHT'S VICTORY" like the graphic Novel Dark Victory.

Susana York on Oct 27, 2010


Penguin hasn't been eliminated though, just sayin..

zzz on Oct 27, 2010


From Batman Wiki ... Captain Gordon is ordered to put together a Task Force to capture Batman, with Strange working as a consultant to try to discover Batman's identity. As the investigation continues, however, Strange grows increasingly monomaniacal in his obsession with Batman. His greatest desire is to become Batman. To that end, he has attempts to kill the Caped Crusader, and then take his place. Strange eventually concludes that Bruce Wayne is most likely Batman, brainwashes the head of the police Task Force into becoming a lethal vigilante to turn public sentiment against Batman

LetterJ13 on Oct 27, 2010


his enemy should be Bane, he is the only one besides the joker that made great story's and fights

ishmell on Oct 27, 2010


An ok title, nothing amazing. But I wasn't expecting amazing.... πŸ™‚

Adam on Oct 27, 2010


Bane doesnΒ΄t fit at all in Nolan's universe, imo. Catwoman might, but i would rather have someone else. I don't like the title at all and i think it might confuse people at the box office.

Ricardo on Oct 27, 2010


I'm not feeling the title, but I'm sure the film will blow me away.

MMH on Oct 27, 2010


#27 I agree. I also don't feel that catwoman or riddler fit in either. I think Black Mask would fit in nicely to the current Gotham that Nolan has created. He's one of the greatest crime bosses in Gotham history and would fit in nicely to the gothic, seedy tone that has been established in the first two movies.

Michael on Oct 27, 2010


Well, I'm kind of on the fence with this title, but "In Nolan I trust".

Brian on Oct 27, 2010


No Riddler, No Joker? And the Villain is.....Osama Bin Laden!!!

Mother Goose on Oct 27, 2010


catwoman fits perfectly with this universe. with rachel dawes gone, it is a perfect continuation of that aspect of bruce wayne's storyline. in terms of tom hardy's character, if a villian, no clue whatsoever. riddler? = no. penguin? = doubt they would rehash the same two villians as batman 2. hugo strange? = too obscure no clue whatsoever.

Mike on Oct 27, 2010


Ok. FIRSTLY. Dark Knight Rises....what did he rise from in part 2? Did he "fall" in that film? Maybe I missed it. I was hearing something a few years back of it being called "Shadow of the Bat" which would have been a good title. This title is ONLY good if the part 2 actually showed Batman falling. Again, did he fall in part 2? SECOND. Who the HELL is Hugo Strange and Black Mask? Maybe I am a bit old-fashioned and have not been keeping up with the news but it seems pretty obvious to go with Riddler with which you can make an excellent film. But alas, people tend not to do the obvious and lean towards the nonsensical which lands us with...catwoman? strange? mask? the hell? thank you, HH

Have Hope on Oct 27, 2010


I still think Talia al Ghul would be the best female villain considering the ark Nolan has taken. Hugo Strange would work great in this batman universe as well.

firestorm02 on Oct 27, 2010


Not really excited if Catwoman is one of the villians...IMO...A cat zombie is not really something I'd be excited about.

Lahirry on Oct 27, 2010


I go into this a little bit on my blog ( but I would love to see Bane come in and break Batman. It fits into Nolans Batman world, Tom Hardy could play the part with a bit of a work out, and it could lead to my dream come true. Nolan and crew coming back to it in 10 years and doing The Dark Knigt Returns.

Chris on Oct 27, 2010


The reason I think its rises is because at the end remember everyone thinks he killed all those people Dent did and became a bad guy in the court of public opinion.

Steve on Oct 27, 2010


I hate the title.

Moon on Oct 27, 2010


bad news... I was really looking forward to a sinister Riddler, but Nolan knows what he's doing. Anyone but Catwomen.

antioch on Oct 27, 2010


I'm sure Nolan will give us what we want.

Xerxex on Oct 27, 2010


How about the Penguin or Bane? Either would be sweet!

Brian on Oct 27, 2010


Hugo Strange seems like a plausible villain in Nolan's Batman universe. He's known as a mad scientist type who, among other things, uses drug to create superhuman zombies and lightning machines to help him , uhm, rob banks (from Wiki). Although, a realistic depiction of Riddler played by Tom Hardy will be fantastic. If you see Hardy in BRONSON, the mad character he plays there is only a few crazy ideas away from a DC villain. A top billed female antagonist in Nolan's movie seems unlikely, although you can extrapolate Marion Cortillard's dark character in INCEPTION to something of a full blown villain. This will be interesting if they decide to go with Catwoman. But I agree, if the 3rd film is to be a closed arc, Talia Al Ghul, in full revenge mode (after the events in BATMAN BEGINS), will be far more interesting. The Catwoman character will be welcome if written as somebody who has personal connection/beef/grudge with Bruce Wayne/Batman. The 1st film is about fear, 2nd is about chaos. And as implied in DARK KNIGHT, the Batman actually brings more chaos than order. Can Batman be relevant in that world he put into chaos?

Gary the Bruce on Oct 27, 2010


dark knight rises?first transformers dark of the moon now batman,what a year for crappy movie titles lmao

Spider94 on Oct 27, 2010


So, they get rid of Riddler and add Catwoman? Please, Christopher, don't ruin the best trilogy of movies in the past 20 years. I'll beg, if you want. Something doesn't sound right here, though. There hasn't been any casting news of a major female role, so unless it's somehow gone undetected, I'm saying he's pulling our legs. It'd be cool to have Hugo Strange and Blackmask though. Blackmask is a badass villain.

Connor on Oct 27, 2010


The Dark Knight Rises + The Dark Knight Returns = TDKR πŸ˜‰ lol oh Nolan i see what u doing with the title. @#33 Have Hope he did fall in The Dark Knight cause everyone believe he killed Dent and the other people. Hugo Strange and Black Mask has been in the Batman comics and cartoon for years how u dont know that. type their name on wikipedia and u will know who they are since u got the internet.

tazz on Oct 27, 2010


What about aliens?

Valerie Atherton on Oct 27, 2010


what happen to that official studio casting grid from a couple of months ago that named the riddler as a character in the film

jd on Oct 27, 2010


i hope catwoman isn't in it - but lets be honest...........regardless who the villian is, we'll all be there on opening night.

beavis on Oct 27, 2010


#33 You could say TDK as a whole was him falling, he loses the love of his life, the one hope for justice is turned to evil(dent), half of Gotham thinks he did it. Crime overall got the best of Batman and Gotham. You cant say the way TDK ended was exactly victorious.

Cody w on Oct 27, 2010


Ugh. Need a very identifyable villian to make this work. Joker was excellent for many reasons, not the least of which was the actor and his circumstances that got a lot of attention. Nobody but the comic nuts know any of these other characters outide of The Riddler, Catwoman, or The Pengiun. They are all classic, well known, and ready for reinvention. I personally grew up with Batman and didn't even know Bane if it wasnt for the video game last year.

Mark D on Oct 27, 2010


Footnote - nobody has pulled off a believable female vilian in like, ever. Regardless of his abilities, Nolan would have a tough time with Catwoman, especially since it make us all cringe thinking about Halley Berry.

Mark D on Oct 27, 2010


I hope this one won't be as dark as the last one!

John on Oct 27, 2010


#52 Go watch Batman Returns then come back to me. Sorry people, Batman DID make a great speech at the end of TDK but he did not fall from grace. He just DECIDED to say he killed all those people and DECIDED to let the city be against him. His choice, so why should anyone feel sorry for him?

Have Hope on Oct 27, 2010


title doesn't roll of the tongue. im glad we wont see a bland, household villain though.

Al on Oct 27, 2010


The title is a little iffy, but I can dig it. 2012 can't come fast enough. It will have big shoes to fill, but I have faith in Christopher Nolan to just blow me away as he's done in his last two outings. Check out a buttload of Dark Knight posters here:

DLM Entertainment on Oct 27, 2010


yo 52, Nurse Ratched Annie Wilkes Regan MacNeil Bonnie Parker

Chris on Oct 27, 2010


worst. filmname. ever

james on Oct 27, 2010


rachel claws!!!

wes on Oct 27, 2010


Catwoman it will be. Nolan will erase all memories of the Burton/Halle Berry nonsense. Nolan will ground the character in reality. She will be the new woman Bruce falls for and her alter-ego will be a high stakes catburglar. She will not have "cat-like powers" bestowed via cat bites like the Tim Burton version. (thank goodnees). She will be a self-made character, much like Batman himself, who trained and learned skills of stealth etc. She will be a trust-fund girl, a socialite who resents her inherent wealth and status, knowing much of her families wealth was earned corruptly, and like Robin Hood, she will steal from the rich, not necessarily to give to the poor, but to punish the corrupt wealthy of Gotham out of anger. Of course there will be a subplot involving Tom Hardy hunting for Batman's identity in the film. Now who would be the perfect match to Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman? my wishes are: Rachel Weisz Kate Beckinsale Both are around Bale's age, British (like Bale) and would be able to hold their own in dramatic scenes. Beskinsale could handle the action. Weisz is unproven in that department. what say you all? your casting wishes?

DREW on Oct 27, 2010


Anything Nolan does I don't question...even if he does include catwoman or some other ridiculous character, im sure he'll make it fit and it will be amazing...i questioned him on the scarecrow in begins and of course i was wrong bc that movie was amazing...i mean seriously memento, the prestige, inception...along with the first two batman movies...the guy has never let us down.

cmo on Oct 27, 2010


#52 is right. Whether you agree or not, the point is that extraordinary female roles are very very very rare. Catwoman would be awful. And I'm not saying that because the title of this movie sounds uninspired or because Catwoman sucks, I'm saying this because I don't think Nolan can make a very good female role. Both Batman Begins and TDK had close to NO FEMALE characters. Why? Because I don't think this shit is about the females. The ONLY time the female Batman characters were great were in the comics.... and that's because they are in COMICS. Sexy, bizarre, crazy and fantastical works in the comics. In the movies they would only be laughed at. They are not AT ALL in Nolan's style. I'm actually starting to think that Nolan secretly despises female actresses. He blew up two of them in The Dark Knight. Fuck Catwoman. And the title ACTUALLY made me a bit less excited. I was hoping for something that would grab me by the throat.

Cracky on Oct 27, 2010


CRACKY'S CRACKED. Catwoman will be grand. It can be done well. Read post number 60.

DREW on Oct 27, 2010


Not a Catwomen fan at all and I think it would be a bad choice BUT Kate Beckinsale in that suit? Mighty tasty.

roast on Oct 27, 2010



kLO on Oct 27, 2010


Very glad Riddler has been ruled out. That character was never more than a pale imitation of Joker and in the comics Batman usually beat him easily. Otherwise, I agree with #34, Talia al Ghul would be an excellent villian and in combination with Catwoman could be great. Since both have straddled the line between enemy and ally, I think Nolan could create an amazing film with them.

Ralph on Oct 27, 2010


no killer croc or penguin?

harrison on Oct 27, 2010



OQArrow on Oct 27, 2010


im puzzled o_0?? what if they are just pulling our legs and they do go off to use the ridler or not??? oh hell no no cat woman please no?? either way what ever they make a good film πŸ™‚

DaftPUNKFAN on Oct 27, 2010


first @24, do you really believe wikipedia and do you really think nolan would let out his scripts EVER!!!! Not so excited about the title, think maybe nolan could do a better job with it. Anyways, i'm not very batman savvy with the comics and all love nolans films don't read the comics. but you've all forgotten, POISON IVY, she would be great for this. JOKE!!!!!!!! had you there for a second though right. Catwoman i'm not so sure about. I mean batman isn't about getting the girl or stuff like that, it just doesn't seem like nolans or batmans style. Anyways, title may suck, but i'll be there July 9th in the IMAX theater seeing how Christopher Nolan perfects batman and makes the best movie trilogy ever made. (lord of the rings will bow down to this after this is made)

max s. on Oct 27, 2010


sorry, July 19th Also, just wanted to add, i'm with the no love interest in this movie for another reason, i've never seen a woman blow me away in a role, i don't want to sound sexist or anything, but i've never been blown away be a female role and rellly the love interest thing would just drag this movie down

max s. on Oct 27, 2010


I hate it! This movie is not conforming to my expectations of how I imagined the movie should be! Hugo Strange?! Who the hell is that?! If I don't know about someone I should never have to learn about him ever! Batman should always be dark and miserable! And dark! Always! I rate the entire movie 0.5/10 just because of the title! ^My obvious troll post is obvious. Either way, I'm sure I'll be watching this. πŸ™‚

LW on Oct 27, 2010


wow 71 posts and nobody menitons the date? Not sure how long it was from when Dark Knight was announced & released, but 602 days seems way too short for a blockbuster. I know Nolan will use mostly live-action/on-set effects rather than special/post effects but still. I remember both Iron Man 2 and Tranformers 2 were out in under 2 years (and Nolan only has just under 1 year and 8 months to go) and look how they turned out. Sure it's more that physically possible to make Batman 3, but keep in mind you have to schedule in your actors and outsourced effects companies... and with the massive slate of blockbuster shooting and in development you're gonna have to step on a lot of toes to get it done.

Akirakorn on Oct 27, 2010


Another vote for Hush here.

Bruce on Oct 27, 2010


I don't like the title at all. Instead of a fresh new name it reads as The Dark Knight 2, which is good for ticket sales I guess. But really nothing original here. I really hope it changes.

Skeeter on Oct 27, 2010


@73 The script is already written, the locations are already scouted. 70% of the cast is already returning and they're currently casting the newbies. It's going to follow the same production schedule as TDK. What's the problem?

Rabstown on Oct 27, 2010


@73. ????????? If you look at it in terms of time after the last Batman movie was made, this one will have more time than The Dark Knight did. This will have 4 years, while TDK had 3. And you might be thinking that Inception was made in there, too. It was, yes, but The Prestige was made between BB and TDK, too. I really don't see what you're worried about. Like 76 says, it has the same production schedule as TDK.

Chazzy on Oct 27, 2010


Hopefully that's a working title. I'm all for Selena Kyle/Catwoman as a love interest and minor role, but in no way shape or form one of the main villains. Definitely not a fan of introducing "new age" villians......Ra's al Ghul and the Lazarus Chamber anyone? J/P Thank You GOVERNATOR, because of your clusterfuckery no one in their right mind would ever consider Mr. Freeze But in all seriousness I trust Nolan, hasn't steered us wrong yet.

........... on Oct 27, 2010


I don't like either of these movies. Christian Bale is ok as Bruce Wayne but awful as Batman. The only thing good about Dark Knight was Joker. I always wonder if people really like that movie or so blown away by Ledger's performance that they thing the Dark Knight is actually a good movie.

Brian Ricci on Oct 27, 2010


Dude! He isn't going to shoot on "high def." High def is a video format, and a compromise for anyone who know's what they're doing. He will most likely be shooting this film on IMAX, 65mm, and perhaps VistaVision, in addition to the standard 35mm. That is what he used on the last Batman film. And for Inception they used all those except the IMAX, and threw in some Photosonics high speed cameras as well for the slow motion scenes. Anyway no matter who ever the villain is, you know it's going to be a good movie. I can't wait to see it when it comes out!

Degeaffusunuman on Oct 28, 2010


Ok everyone stop fighting.... We all know that the movie will be incredible no matter who (or what) the villains are. I must however agree with both 24 and 34 on this one. Talia Al Ghul imo is a perfect continuation from the character arc story that was responsible for his beginnings. Truthfully that could be an awesome love story with a twist for revenge. Also the Hugo Strange element is probably key with the fact that "we have to chase him" otherwise Gordon will only make up excuses for him throughout the film. Throw in a few answers to the (who are the five murders) issue and you have a finale. I'm in!!

Bobby on Oct 28, 2010


the name is quite disappointing to know.i've been a nolan fan since i saw memento,i liked the way he named the films too,but this time he should have come with some creative,never mentioned before name.anyway his films are always on top of the list and this too will be.and now that they are saying this is the conclusion of the great epic,it's surely gonna be interestin'.waiting for jul 20 2012.

sobha raj on Oct 28, 2010


It'll be just fine. Everyone was bitching and whining when they announced that Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker. He did awesome and everyone is eating their hat on it. Nolan has done the series justice twice before, he will do great the 3rd time around as well. ... I wonder if they can overdub Bale's horrible Batman voice though...

L on Oct 28, 2010


I shake my head at the people that won't question the "great" Nolan. Go watch BATMAN by our friend, Timmy Burton, then come back to me. Name makes no sense. TDK made no sense and Ledger single-handedly saved that film from being a yawn-fest and despite the strenghts of Begins which it has this day, Keaton is STILL Batman. We await more news... HH

Have Hope on Oct 28, 2010


@Have Hope u FAIL at comic book knowledge

terry on Oct 28, 2010


"Is Ra's Al Ghul immortal?"

Manuel on Oct 28, 2010


The Dark Knight Rises is actually kinda cool. It fits in well with established themes & dialogue from both of the previous films ("Why do we fall, Bruce?", "The night is always darkest just before the day"). Looking forward to seeing how Nolan finishes the trilogy. Both of the previous films are widely regarded as excellent. To the people who came here to post that the first two films weren't very good and that you don't get the hype... "hype" is just people giving their positive opinions on a subject. You're also giving just your opinion, so you're no different to them, except you're in the minority.

Well on Oct 28, 2010


i think it makes the most sense to have Bane as at least ONE of the bad guys. now that theyre hunting Batman. Bane is one of the more known and more "bad ass" characters, and he would be easy to bring into the 'real world' setting. a russian hitman on the juice. i hope its Bane....i WUV Bane.

chickenpotpie on Oct 28, 2010


All I can say is that Nolan has not disappointed me yet so I'll trust whatever he does with this franchise. I doubt it'll be on the level of Batman and Robin! Ew!

judasbarron on Oct 28, 2010


I believe in Chris Nolan... this is the last batman movie so i'm sure he will make it as epic as the first 2 batman films. INCEPTION was a masterpiece and it didnt even have a hero.

Lenners on Oct 28, 2010


So the Dark Knight Rises! What like the great pumpkin?

Jimmy Love on Oct 28, 2010


It's a nice title and all, but for the regular's still Batman 3. Adding Rises causes confusion!

The Movie Doc on Oct 28, 2010


Possible choices for Catwoman : Lucy Lawless Cate Blanchet (just ask her to die the hair) Jaime Winston (yes, SEXY BEAST Ray Winstone's kid) For the male villain: One guy: Tom Hardy

Gary the Bruce on Oct 28, 2010


@70 : max s ... I wasn't insinuating that the Batman wiki quote I posted was the plot for The Dark Knight Rises. I was simply offering a storyline that the showed how the comics have previously used Hugo Strange. All I was saying is that this COULD BE how they use Strange, IF his character is the villain for the final film. Like you said ... you're not savvy with the comics, so you only have Nolan's take on Batman. I assume most of us are either HUGE Batman comic people, or are on the other side of the spectrum, and are only associated with the recent films over the last couple decades. I think Nolan could make this Hugo Strange storyline work well in the world he created, while continuing the flow of the story from The Dark Knight, and appeasing both sets of the fans I mentioned. Personally, I think Catwoman could be an interesting twist as a sub-villain / love interest that works her way into the finale story nicely. But I'd rather see Talia. I think either character has potential bringing Batman full circle. Batman at his core is an everyday, conflicted, human character. A love interest / conflicted relationship with a potential female villain is, and has always been, a possibility with Batman's development. I'm looking forward to seeing which way Nolan takes it and have nothing but trust in his decision making.

LetterJ13 on Oct 28, 2010


ANYONE WHO SAYS CATWOMAN SHOULD BE SHOT! Lone catburglar? Jewel thief? This isn't 1950. Such an out of touch character. My choices: Scarecrow - his appearance in the past 2 have built up his character's insanity, so who knows what it could have turned into by now Blackmask - as leader of False Face and hater of Batman and Bruce Wayne, would keep him busy Anarky - with the anti-gov't Tea Party, this could get political Firefly - instant resentment towards Bruce Waybe since he was an orphan Talia al Ghul - many interesting scenarios

Sky on Oct 28, 2010


The title sounds too original!!! What about Gotham City or The Caped Crusader???

DeeJay on Oct 28, 2010


After reading a few more posts after, I believe my troll post stands true. lol!

LW on Oct 28, 2010


Talia Al Ghul it is

Gary the Bruce on Oct 28, 2010


You're all retarded. The title is awesome and the movie will be too. All you losers are giving your armchair, video game playing advice to Da Vinci. Shut up and wait for the artist to complete his work before giving your 2nd grade, pulled from your lumpy ass advice. Want to see tits in this one!

Waste of Time on Oct 28, 2010


Hope its a better film than the one with Ledger which I found annoying to the point that the last 20 minutes I just folded up. Glad I paid nothing to see it........... Ledger took the Joker and made him into something I did not recognize............. I understand fully an actor's creativity need, but come on................

Rosalee on Oct 28, 2010


I love the name, it sounds badass as a start for me.I would love to see more serious characters from the universe like Hush, Strange, Riddler, Catwoman and maybe Penguin.

Fisherr on Oct 29, 2010


imo, i want to see mr. freeze

player2aj on Oct 29, 2010


I think the title is rather lame... That being said I've always liked the villain "Scarface" and would like to see if Nolan could make him believable.

Proudfoot on Oct 29, 2010


Poison Ivy - a modern take on the twisted eco-terrorist........would fit well with the real world problems concerning climate change. Harley Quinn - with the Scarecrow linking the first two films with a subtle nod at the strat of TDK, why not a nod towards the Joker (now residing within Arkham Asylum) with something involving the Joker's sidekick. Any thoughts on vehicles, as we've had the Batmobile and Batcycle. Maybe the Batwing as it would interesting to see how they would tackle that, or will they go for the more simple approach and just have a revamped Batmobile as the first was trashed in TDK. We also have a new guy that knows Batman's identity, the accountant, that's got to be followed up in the new film for continuation. Would have made an interesting Riddler, forget the loud and brash version of Jim Carrey and the notion of Depp playing the role, and have a more subtle version.

Steven on Oct 30, 2010


@ 104.... Scarface is the Ventriloquist puppet. First seen in Detective Comics #583.

Steven on Oct 30, 2010


Took that long to come up with that name? Clearly they need help...

tra la la la la di da on Nov 2, 2010


Catwoman ???? you're kidding, right??? I was really hoping they might continue trying to have really hardcore villians like Ledger's Joker....Catwoman???? shoulda known...I mean really, just gotta draw in the preteen hard-ons to make that extra dollar huh???? what a POS this is gonna be...

rahjneesh on Nov 2, 2010


The Riddler may not be top dog anymore. But does he still have a bite worse than his bark?

The Dark Knight on Nov 16, 2010


This gotta be good! hahahaha.. **excited

Tristan Eua Lipa Yap on Jan 20, 2011

109 she makes some good points...

Mikefly on Jan 31, 2011

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