TIFF Picks a Hockey Musical to Open 2010 Fest - Watch a Trailer Here

July 14, 2010
Source: TIFF, Twitch

Score: A Hockey Musical

Two months out from kicking off, the Toronto International Film Festival announced earlier today the opening film of the 35th edition of the popular fall festival. The film that will headline the fest is a - get this - hockey musical (the first of its kind?) called Score: A Hockey Musical featuring Olivia Newton-John and Nelly Furtado. The coming-of-age movie portrays a sheltered 17-year-old, played by newcomer Noah Reid, going "from zero to hero" on the ice in a matter of weeks. THR describes it as "Glee with sticks and skates as hockey players croon while slapping a puck round an ice rink." Um I personally think that sounds amazing.

The Toronto Film Fest kicks off on September 9th and last for 11 days. I'll be up heading up there again, as TIFF is one of my favorite fall fests, and I've got a feeling the rest of their selection will be just as exciting. "I can't think of a better way to kick off our 35th anniversary Festival than with Score: A Hockey Musical," says Cameron Bailey, Co-Director of the Toronto International Film Festival. "It continues our tradition of launching the very best in Canadian filmmaking, although in 35 years this is our first musical romance about hockey. Plan for a fun night on September 9." I will! The film features 19 songs about, well, hockey.

Luckily, for those of you impatient to see something from this after hearing about it, Twitch got their hands on the first trailer (embedded below). Suffice it to say, it does look awesome, but that may just be because I have a weak spot for musicals. Score: A Hockey Musical is written/directed by homegrown Toronto native Michael McGowan which makes this a perfect choice. Check out the trailer below. Anyone want to see this?

For more information on this fest, visit the official Toronto International Film Festival website at:

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That's a uh interesting choice.

PJ on Jul 14, 2010



carlos on Jul 14, 2010


I agree with #1 and #2.

Vet4Peace on Jul 14, 2010


As a proud Canadian, I can feel my heart gushing with pride (or is that embarrassment?)

Couch on Jul 14, 2010


Gross. Sidney Crosby is all the pansy girly man I can handle, hockey doesn't need a high school musical equivalent on top of that. Miracle or gtfo!

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 14, 2010


it has its moments...but once they broke out into song and in sync choreography, it was kinda hard to take in...

chilin on Jul 15, 2010


This was filmed on my street. I don't know if that's good or bad...

Adam on Jul 15, 2010


My sympathies #7

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 15, 2010


I heard that the Toronto Maple Leafs will have a private screening of it in the hopes of picking up a few pointers .. Probably the best hockey Toronto will see all year LOL

Hab Fan on Jul 15, 2010


Hab Fan, If it were filmed in Montreal it would be Called "Riot: A Hab Musical "

ConnachtFan on Jul 15, 2010


#10, I knew that would bring out the Leaf fans LOL

Hab Fan on Jul 15, 2010


Is that Theo Fleury towards the end? Looks pretty crappy, so it's fitting that a Toronto hockey fan made it.

NYF on Jul 15, 2010


RE:#10 actually they're already making a movie about the Habs in Montreal, its called The Smurfs. as for this thing...looks like innocent fun but the dancing on ice made me facepalm a few times.

buggy on Jul 15, 2010


what the hell was that. the only hockey movies i'll watch are miracle, the mighty ducks, or some hockey movie that actually looks good.

max s. on Jul 15, 2010


if it's a movie about manning up and playing hockey why the hell are they singing. anybody involved in this movie i now consider gay. also, why does hockey need a high school musical treatment it's an embarassment to the sport, it's fans, and it's players

max s. on Jul 15, 2010


As a die hard hockey fan....this preview, ugh, this preview and the sheer concept of this makes me want to drown out my sorrows in a purely Canadian Molson Golden. But there's good....and there's bad. The Bad: Hockey already has a bad name in the US, and the worst issue's not respected as a sport. This is not going to help that problem. Hockey fans may go see this movie simply because there aren't any other new hockey movies out there (they're few and far between compared to other sports movies. Heck I was thrilled that The Rock played a hockey player in "The Tooth Fairy" this past year....thats how desperate we are for decent hockey movies)....but chances are most hockey fans will avoid this movie like hip check to the face. The Good: Hockey's popularity in my life time was at its peak when The Mighty Ducks came out. Cheesy kids movies. Movies like that do a lot to promote the sport to young kids and teens, and considering this is the High School Musical sad as it is to say this movie may be a home run for the NHL. A cheesy kids friendly musical about hockey may interest a younger audience, and that would not be a bad thing for the sport. It may start with lame on ice dance capading.....but a new crop of hockey fans and players could be born out of that.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jul 15, 2010


crap. i just scratched one eye out.

JL on Jul 16, 2010


this is an embarrasment to anybody who plays hockey, who would combine singing with hockey, such a disgrace to us hockey players

embarrassed on Jul 18, 2010


How do the Executives from NASCAR, NBA, MLB, NFL squash the recent rise of popularity NHL has been seeing? Fund a Hockey Musical.... damn conspiracy

Jason on Jul 18, 2010


Almost as bad as Tooth Fairy.

Jason on Jul 18, 2010


It'll get recognition because it's a sports film but what 'masculine' sports guy would watch a musical, right?

Eli on Jul 26, 2010


'Score' is without a doubt, one of the worst films I have ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Terrible acting, writing, casting and directing. A complete mistake from top to bottom. What were they thinking? Did they think a musical would work with hockey fans? Did they think hockey would work with musical fans? And who cast those terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE actors in those roles? Did the makers of this piece of unwatchable garbage think that people would look past the third-rate amateurism on display because it was of Canadian cultural significance? Who was in charge here? Didn't the film maker have any real friends who would come forward and ay ' Uh, excuse me, but this is crap'? I just watched the debut of this piece of crap at the TIFF opening and I honestly felt embarrassed by what was on screen. I have never, in my entire life, felt embarrassed by watching a movie before. The audio was actually out of synch, I'm not kidding. The voices and the singing did not match the movements of the lips of the so-called actors. God, I can't begin to tell how bad it really was. Too many 'yes' men. Too much funding for a supposedly Canadian product. Too much rank amateurism on display. I would give this zero stars out of four. A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE PIECE OF CRAP FROM START TO FINISH.

Joel Parkes on Sep 9, 2010

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