Tim Burton's Frankenweenie in 3D to Start Production Soon

March 21, 2010
Source: Ain't It Cool News


Way, way back in 2007 in the same exact story announcing that Tim Burton would be bringing us Alice in Wonderland in 3D, was news that Burton would also be turning early his short film Frankenweenie into a feature stop-motion animation project in 3D as well. For a while we didn't hear much about Frankenweenie, mainly because the focus was on all things Alice, but not anymore. We reported just last week that Burton may potentially direct an Addams Family movie in 3D, but his very next animated project may actually be Frankenweenie instead, or so says AICN, who also spoke with Disney producer Don Hahn about the project.

Although there aren't any quotes, Harry says that Hahn told him "that the puppets are ready, the script is done and now that Tim Burton is clear of Alice in Wonderland, he's set to helm Frankenweenie in 3D." As a refresher, Frankenweenie was originally one of Burton's first short films from 1984 that tells the story of a pet dog brought back to life by his loyal owner. It's the perfect story to adapt into a full-length stop-motion feature and I'm glad it's moving along swiftly, not only because it will take a few years to complete the work on it anyway, but also because there can never be enough stop-motion movies. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Remakes are not Burton's forte, I wonder how he will do remaking one of his own classics... Johny Depp is playing Frankenweenie right?

almartva on Mar 21, 2010


Tim Burton is becoming the next Quentin Tarantino! He has so many announced projects: Frankenweenie, Abraham Lincoln: Zombie Killer, Addams Family, Malefacent, etc.!

Paulo on Mar 21, 2010


Don Hahn did a Q&A recently at my school for Waking Sleeping Beauty where he said they're building the sets right now in london. I'm interested in seeing what the feature comes out to look like. I hope it's just not another corpse bride.

Jesse Gouldsbury on Mar 21, 2010


@1- Hilarious!! Stop flipping burgers and do stand up.

People's Champ on Mar 21, 2010


I must say i was suprised with Alice in Wonderland it was good. It was far better than expected. I thought it was better than the original cartoon of the same name, It had the right story and for Johnny Depp was far outstanding in hit. Has for Frankenweenie the stop motion aniamation I have found not to be that intresting.

Cineprog on Mar 21, 2010


No more Burton!, no more Burton! *chants with sign stick in front of Hollywood*

Cody w on Mar 21, 2010


Yeah I'm a little sick of hearing about Burton remaking something new and in freaky deaky 3-D.

Xerxex on Mar 21, 2010


Stay home! Stay Home! Read Something else! Read something else!

People's Champ on Mar 21, 2010


Personally, I always had a special place in my heart for Frankenweenie. The original was only like half an hour or forty minutes - but had room to be developed into something bigger. Who knows - maybe a fleshed out Frankenweenie is the key to getting Burton's Mojo back. (nyuk nyuk nyuk) Plus - personally I'm hearing good things about Alice, in spite of the blowback reviews. Overall consensus seems to be - "You should still see it." and I think that'll ensure that we get more Burton films to come.

Django 3000 on Mar 21, 2010


Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm all Tim Burtoned out.

Sean on Mar 21, 2010


The 3D films are going to keep coming now with all of the success of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. It is no surprise on this one. He was probably waiting to see how Alice did, and now let the 3D film craze begin.

One Source Talent on Mar 21, 2010



Daniel felts on Mar 21, 2010


Considering it's his story to begin with, I'd say we can think of this as an extension rather than a remake. I'd quite like to see this, actually.

Mathieu on Mar 21, 2010


I hate Tim Burton.

Francis on Mar 22, 2010


Tim Burton is one of the best directors ever. He hasn't done a bad movie yet. i look forward to this one as much as any others he will come up with.

Vold on Mar 22, 2010


All his films look the same to me and they never seem to get to a satisfactory climax save for a couple of them. I suppose Depp will be the lead carachter (...huge yawn...) yet again....

Freddy on Mar 22, 2010


#16 Yes, Mars Attacks looks exactly like Sweeney Todd, doesn't it? Which looks exactly like Big Fish, which looks exactly like Ed Wood, which is a dead ringer for Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Yawn. He has a distinctive voice and a stock company of loyal actors, something which most auteur directors are praised for, but Burton gets jumped on by knee-jerk haters who decide beforehand what they think of his work. Your loss.

Mathieu on Mar 22, 2010


This is a perfekt movie for Tim Burton.

Paul on Mar 28, 2010


Tim Burton is my favorite director, and when I herd he was gonna make Frankenweenie into a stop motion film, I was so excited. I can barely wait. It takes so long to make these movies but they are amazing. I swear I'll see it the first day it comes out 🙂

Alyssa on Oct 31, 2010


Tim's early 80's films were amazing, apart from batman. Yes most people are of the option that burtons films have of late have been that they are half baked, rehashes of classics like alice and charlie and the chocolate factory. but i think the animated market works well for his dark style. So far a have had good reports about Frankenweenie from people working on the project so i wait with bated breath to see the final result. The scrips good tho 😉

Anomalous on Dec 21, 2010

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