Burton's Stop Motion Addams Family Project Moving Forward

June 26, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

Addams Family

Back in March we reported that Tim Burton was developing a new version of an Addams Family movie, and will actually be going back to Charles Addams' original comics and making it animated, not live-action. Illumination Entertainment, who made Universal's Despicable Me, is developing this, but they didn't have a writer in March, so we weren't sure how soon it was going to happen. ComingSoon just talked with producer Chris Meledandri who confirmed that this new Addams Family movie is moving forward with Burton and that it'll be stop-motion, not computer animated. However, it's still in the very early stages of development.

ComingSoon hasn't published any quotes from Meledandri yet, so we're simply going off of what they said. Apparently it's planned for stop motion, but of course that could change (but I hope it doesn't). Isn't Burton already working on a feature version of his stop motion short Frankenweenie? Maybe he rekindled his love for that animation style while working on that, but I'm not sure if it's even started production. Interestingly, Meledandri also said they might go black & white with the Addams Family movie, which would be cool to see, but again that's still undetermined as of now. This sounds like it could be great, we'll keep you updated.

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Why can't he make original ideas

daniel on Jun 26, 2010


@ daniel. because he is one of the few directors who mangage to stay true to the source material and delivers. This is timely news because my niece has recently become a fan of the show in black and white. She's six so it's a little shocking that she took to it so well.

Eli on Jun 26, 2010


I don't like it. Most things he does is cool and okay. But I don't like this.

Daniel Felts on Jun 26, 2010


There's never been a version of the Adam's Family that is as good as the pinball machine 😛

Genre Addict on Jun 26, 2010


Uh @Daniel havent you heard of this thing little movie called the Nightmare Before Christmas? That was Burtons original ideas, and so was Frankenweenie and Victor. Do some research.

Johnny Crow on Jun 26, 2010


thing/little movie*

Johnny Crow on Jun 26, 2010


@5... Nightmare was Henry Selick's film, Burton just produced, helped with the music, and came up with a few characters. Not to mention Victor and Frankenweenie were two of his very first films which came out in the early 80s. He hasn't made an original film since Edward Scissorhands in 1990 (which in my opinion was his last GOOD film). ...I think YOU need to do some research.

peloquin on Jun 26, 2010


Let's see how he works Johnny Depp and Helena Carter into this one.

Brad on Jun 26, 2010


Tim Burton just needs to stop making movies

Jimmy Love on Jun 26, 2010


Tim Burton's work is like a roast; it either comes out fabulous or it bombs. In most cases, it's safe to say that it comes out fabulous.

Eli on Jun 26, 2010


This man really needs to get a new schitck. If I see another horizontal black and white stripe pattern this man officially has to get banned from all major studios. @8 umm gomez and morticia?

meatcarnage on Jun 26, 2010


@7 First off, NBC was Buton's IDEA, I never said he directed it. Secondly, the point was that Burton can make original ideas, which was opposing the argument he couldnt. I agree he should go back to using his original ideas, but he does have them.

Johnny Crow on Jun 26, 2010


Okay cool we're on the same page then, I really hope he still has some original ideas floating around because it's been 20 years since we've seen one. Sorry about the Selick correction, you didn't say he directed it and I misread your comment.

peloquin on Jun 26, 2010


This sounds like it'll be worthless crap, just like everything Burton has done in the last decade. Boy, I wonder who the **** he'll get to voice Gomez and Morticia. Don't everyone all put your hands up at once, now.

DDD on Jun 27, 2010


@7 have you heard of a little known film called ED WOOD? it was , i think one of the most under appreciated and under valued cinema of the last 20 yrs!!!!

Navi Pornographer on Jun 27, 2010


What are the chances that Burton will cast Mia Wasikowska in this one? Talk about family reunions!

Jeeze on Jun 27, 2010


I doubt it will be black & white, I'm sure it will be 3D though. I wish it was a live-action movie.. Oh well it's gonna be great regardless, hopefully better than Alice.

Lincoln on Jun 27, 2010


#2 - Eli Yeah, he was so faithful to Alice in Wonderland that he took Carroll's novel of non-sensibility and eccentricity and stuffed it into the formulaic “quest leads to life lessons” structure.

Glass on Jun 27, 2010


Burton will cast Johnny Depp as Gomez and Helena Bonham Carter as Morticia. I'd put money on it.

Kell on Jun 27, 2010


#18 I'm probably going to upset you now, because I liked it. I admit that it's relationship with the literary source is let's say at best passable. What you had with Alice was a story with 2 people who were quite likeable. It was essentially a buddy flick. The whole esscence was that Alice and Tarrant were like a brother and sister. Burton did to Alice what Guy Ritchie to Sherlock Holmes which was updating the story.

Jeeze on Jun 28, 2010


Let's hope he doesn't gay it up like he did with Charlie and Alice.

Angry Chief on Jun 28, 2010


P@1(daniel) I totally agree with you. I want Tim Burton's 1980-1990's brain back!!!! Sorry to burst your bubbles but Johnny Depp is going to play all the characters. lol Seriously though I have been annoyed by Burton's recent films because they are kiddish, silly, wacky, Johnny Depp, and its their not even weird anymore. I'm pretty sure he is going to direct The Munsters movie soon too.

Julesgm on Jun 28, 2010


I've been consistently disappointed by Burton's work in recent years, and yet like with Alice, I find myself looking forward to this movie. I'm a huge fan of the 1960s show, and somehow I think this movie has potential. #19: I'm quite certain you're right. If this were a live-action movie, I actually wouldn't mind that so much. I can picture Helena as Morticia, and I think Depp has the versatility to become Gomez. But I don't like the idea of them doing the voice work, as this is going to be animated after all. Good actors don't necessarily make good voice actors, and I seem to recall not liking Corpse Bride very much.

Craig on Jun 28, 2010


thats awesome Burton is going for the oldies and making them new but i think he needs to come back with his originality (Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Xmas, Big Fish) his originality is what i think makes him look more creative than his special effects, and i guarntee he can make a successful movie without putting Carter or Depp in his film, although they both have their uniqueness, there are several actors who he can use any thoughts

wizkid on Jun 29, 2010


#20 - Jeeze Are you dumb? The novel is as brilliant, fresh and touching today as it was back then.  Carroll transcended his time and place by constructing characters that are wildly eccentric and wittily funny.  Burton's just coasting on formula and conventionalism that will seem dated only a few months after release. Updating the story? Mutilate your genitals.

Glass on Oct 22, 2010

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