Timberlake & Kunis in a Red Band 'Friends with Benefits' Trailer

November 5, 2010
Source: Moviefone

Friends with Benefits Trailer

Now I know why this one is coming out in the summer. Screen Gems has released a raunchy red band teaser trailer for their upcoming comedy Friends with Benefits, which is the other movie with that same title, as No Strings Attached had to change theirs, but both of them pretty much have the same plot anyway. Friends with Benefits stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis as, well, two friends with "benefits" and things get a bit funky when they try to get much more romantic. Yep, this is making every Mila Kunis dream come true. This also stars Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Patricia Clarkson, Andy Samberg & many more.

Watch the first red band trailer for Will Gluck's Friends with Benefits from YouTube:

A relationship between two friends (Timberlake/Kunis) gets complicated when they decide to go romantic.

Friends with Benefits is directed by up-and-coming American comedy filmmaker Will Gluck, who broke into directing with Fired Up and this year's Easy A. The screenplay was cowritten by Gluck as well as newcomers Keith Merryman and David A. Newman (both of an upcoming TV movie called Mystery Girl). Screen Gems is bringing Friends with Benefits to theaters everywhere on July 22nd, 2011 next summer. Your thoughts?

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that was horrible...

tms on Nov 5, 2010


that actually looked really funny i have to say

nick on Nov 5, 2010


Fall in love at the end. But she gets aids from him, it's a sad end. I'll probably watch it at some point.

Crapola on Nov 5, 2010


What a f... dude. Where did you pick this End? Are you a freak mental?

D. on Nov 5, 2010


Mila Kuuuunis yeeeeeaaaaah

Noah Owen on Nov 5, 2010


haha, I actually thought that looked pretty good....better than "No strings.." even though I think Natalie Portman is hotter!

C.murder on Nov 5, 2010


mila kunis is hot gonna watch this multiple times!

al on Nov 5, 2010


"upcoming comedy Friends with Benefits" So why didn't I find any of it funny?

Bash on Nov 5, 2010


I really hate that Timberlake is starting to appear in every other movie! I do not like him but I do like Mila Kunis. This may be Netflix worthy.

Blue Silver on Nov 5, 2010


where the funny part? sounds more like a modern love movie............

Jericho on Nov 5, 2010


looks pretty funny, Timberlake is actually a good actor, and Kunis is always great.

Xerxex on Nov 5, 2010


I have hopes for it just because it's from the director of Easy A, a film that the trailers made out to be pretty mediocre, but actually was really solid. This is the best of the romantic comedy trailers we've seen in the past 24 hours, this coming from someone who actually chuckled at the previous ones.

Gadder4311 on Nov 5, 2010


It's like the two characters these actresses play in Black Swan are trying to convince everyone of how not lesbian they are after they fuck around with each other in that film... The creation of No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits are really just meta-projects living within the world of Arronofsky's Black Swan. BRAAAHHHHHM!!!!! You're in a dream within your dream.

LINKFX on Nov 5, 2010


Ref: Young People Fucking.

MrMr. on Nov 5, 2010


Funny or not – I just fell in love.

Felix on Nov 5, 2010


@6 I agree...This looks a lot better then "No Strings Attached" I mean it's still a pretty silly movie but if I had to pick one, I'd pick this.

rblitz7 on Nov 5, 2010


@13: I lol'ed 🙂 I'm really digging justin timberlake nowadays, i wish i could trade mila with natalie for this one.

Ricardo on Nov 5, 2010


ouch.. bad.

dom on Nov 5, 2010


looks like that other movie with ashton kutcher and nataly portmen. this has been recycled too many times.

I have no name on Nov 5, 2010


I enjoy both of them, but I'm supposed to laugh...which I didn't.

First World Problem on Nov 5, 2010


I'm watching it to see some Kunis skin only. Hey, I'm being honest here.

Scared S-less!!! on Nov 5, 2010


Mila is one of the hottest actresses today she is way better looking than portman WTF

Bagman on Nov 5, 2010


I agree with #1 Whats worst is that ITS THE SAME FREAKING MOVIE AS THE ONE WITH ASHTON AND NATALIE PORTMAN.. Cant believe this got made

J Boogie on Nov 6, 2010


#22, you are drunk. Portman is GORGEOUS. Mila Kunis is cute.

Cracky on Nov 6, 2010


I agree with just looks bad

Mr.R on Nov 6, 2010


Man, that was actually super funny! Lmao...and Mila and Justin have AMAZING chemistry!! Can't wait to watch this! I can't decide if i'm more excited to see Justin or to the smoking HOT Mila...and i'm a woman! LOL!

mon on Nov 6, 2010


Yeah not gonna lie, If I ever watch this itll be for Kunis skin only.

Cody w on Nov 6, 2010


Looks okay. Could be funny. I'm stingy with my movie money and usually wait for something I don't feel I should flip a coin to decide to see. I'll wait until it's a rental and watch it with some friends.

arjones on Nov 6, 2010


Sorry but Mila beats Natalie all to hell in the looks part. She's funny and has loads of personality. Natalie is too serious and uncomfortable in her own body. This movie looks really funny. Can't wait to see it. They look really cute together. I'm a woman and I love Mila cause she has personality!!!!

alex on Nov 6, 2010


Natalie is too uncomfortable in her own body? Have you seen Black Swan?

nadia on Jan 18, 2011


When you put Justin Timberlake in a movie, u know its going to suck. That's why Shrek Three sucked.

King Aweasome on Nov 7, 2010


@29: "Natalie is too serious and uncomfortable in her own body" REALLY ? Counter Evidence is GO:

ThatsClearlyFalse on Nov 7, 2010


Actors: The best way to touch somebody else in a gratuitous way and you could even be married and when people react, you he, it's all "art". But that's besides the point, that girl has no curves! JT is too sexy for this! lolll!

I am... on Nov 9, 2010


This looks horrible except for the fact of Mila Kunis.

HotGarbage on Nov 9, 2010


the indie is often better than the studio... watch the real "friends (with benefits)" here:

chloe b. on Nov 16, 2010


Mila Kunis FTW.

Dhiram on Mar 24, 2011


The Lonely Island ROCKS!!!!!

I Just Have Sex!! on Sep 12, 2011

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