Tip: Please Go See 'The King's Speech' During the Holiday Break

December 17, 2010

Colin Firth in The King's Speech

Yes, this is some very blatant shilling for a studio, but I saw The King's Speech myself at the Toronto Film Festival (read my review) and it's one of my favorite films of the year, so it deserves all the support I can give it. I'm not sure why, but not many know about The King's Speech yet, and whenever I mention it to anyone, I'm still asked, "what is it?" So this is my plea to go see The King's Speech during the holidays, as it will be expanding wide into 600 theaters on Christmas Day, which means a lot of you will finally have the chance to see it - and you should, even if you don't know what it's about (in case you don't, watch the trailer here).

This quote-filled advertising image came in an e-mail from a publicist recently and I thought it would be a good final kicker for this film. Now there's no excuse not to see The King's Speech, especially considering it was on Roger Ebert's Best 10 of 2010 at #2 and received a leading 7 Golden Globe nominations this week.

The King's Speech Awards Advertisement

The story of King George VI of Britain (Colin Firth), his impromptu ascension to the throne in 1937, and the speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush) who helped the monarch overcome a challenging speech impediment.

The King's Speech is directed by Emmy winning British filmmaker Tom Hooper, of Red Dust, Longford, the John Adams mini-series and The Damned United previously. The screenplay was written by David Seidler, of mostly TV movies previously, including Malice in Wonderland, Dancing in the Dark, Quest for Camelot, The King and I and also Kung Fu Killer previously. After premiering at the Telluride & Toronto Film Fests, The Weinstein Company released The King's Speech in limited theaters on Thanksgiving week, November 26th, and has been expanding it ever since. It did quite well its opening weekend. "This holiday, experience the most triumphant and enthralling movie of the year!" Go for it, I know you won't regret it, it's wonderful!

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I want to, so badly...its just hard to find someone to go with...my movie buddy passed away so I'm desperate to find a new one!

Xerxex on Dec 17, 2010


I shall definitely try and find the time to watch this movie.

SkaOreo on Dec 17, 2010


My 'to watch' list keeps growing! And it is somewhere near the top of my list. Sigh....Life is hard when you are in grad school! No time for anything else! LOL!

Ron on Dec 17, 2010


I can't comprehend why people think this film is so amazing...it's a movie that was specifically made as an award vehicle. I mean for some reason critcs get such hard ons when it comes to films about british royalty. Of course this movie will most likely win every award it's nominated for rather then the more innovative creative movies that came out this year(inception,black swan,127 hours). It's like if a movie comes out about a queen or king that has to overcome something then it's considered a great movie...honestly this a movie that will not stand the test of time and soon be forgotten, unlike inception which will be talked abour for years.

cmo on Dec 17, 2010


@cmo I take it you haven't actually seen the movie. Granted neither have I yet, but after seeing a clip of the film, It actually looks really interesting (saying a lot coming from me) and I'm really looking forward to it. Critics aren't praising this film because its a period drama about a monarch, its because its very well acted, well writing, surprisingly funny and interestingly original. For the general public to dismiss a film soully for being a period drama that will win a lot of awards is just as irresponsible as a critic dismissing a film soully for being a sci-fi and/or widely seen.

John.E on Dec 17, 2010


I have seen it and I loved it - but then I expected to because I am a great fan of Colin Firth and most of the other actors. But my daughter, who saw it with me, didn't expect to like it, and she was completely won over and she can't wait to see it again as well. There are so many mixed emotions in the film, laughter a lot of the time, then complete silence when the serious moments occur, and I must admit I left the cinema with tears running down my face. It really is worth making the effort to see this one. Please don't judge it on what you think the film will be like - you really need to experience it.

Lizzie on Dec 18, 2010


cmo, Lol, it's hard to debate your opinion because it seems to be a certainty. But I will say this: the reason those types of films always seem to garner Oscars and critical success is because they deserve it. They deserve it because they prepare for it. And they prepare for it by loading the movie with excellent acting abilities, a decent director and a plot that can both uplift and mezmerize without using special effects. And quite honestly, the British do it well (British royalty aside. When you say it's "an award vehicle"... you are correct. Would you go to the Olympics and not expect to win a medal? It's only natural that these actors and their director want to show what they got and get some god damned recognition.

Cracky on Dec 18, 2010


I'd love too, but why the lousy distribution. Playing in arthouse theater dwntown SF!! Did no one want to book it? Luckily after seeing Black Swan in the 1 worst theter in SF all over the place so I can see/hear it again.

Leonard Abel on Dec 18, 2010


I'm planning on seeing it after True Grit and Black Swan though.

Moon on Dec 18, 2010


I'm so sick of people saying this movie was made to win an oscar. They forget it's a small $15 million movie (nearly 1/3 the cost of The Social Network, despite being a period piece) - an independent film that had no assurance that it would have any wide distribution. As a fan of Firth, I've seen so many of his films dry up on the side of the indie roadside, and I hoped this wouldn't be another one. That it has garnered so much acclaim and attention is because of its excellence, not because of some plot to conjure some Frankensteinian Oscar bait.

KN Sat on Dec 18, 2010


Ha! A British film; 'very blatant shilling.' I see what you did there.

Dan on Dec 18, 2010


@ john e @ cracky I loved your guys comments and I'll take what you guys said into consideration. Unfortunately I haven't been able to see the fim yet due to the limited release but plan to as it just opened in a nearby theater, so maybe I'll have a different outlook and eat my words after actually seeing it because it does look like a solid film. Also I think it's pretty safe to assume that firth will sweep the awards season which is great for him as he is a very underated actor who deserves it. My only problem is that it seems like awards shows are so quick to dismiss the filmakers who are making original and creative films(anything aronofsky or nolan makes) while constantly rewarding the fims that are "oscar" type movies.

cmo on Dec 19, 2010


Like The Social Network, I'm looking forward to The King's Speech to arriving on Blu Ray. Great movies no doubt, but not a cinema experience.

Hattori Hanzo on Dec 20, 2010

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