Titans Director Denies 3D, But Confirms Massive Attack Score

January 8, 2010
Source: MTV

Clash of the Titans

Recently, director Louis Leterrier and the team behind the Clash of the Titans remake seemed to be making some epic production choices from presenting the film in digital 3-D to a score provided by the rock band Muse. However, in an interview with MTV, Leterrier confirmed that both of these developments will not come to fruition.  The director was kind enough to clear up a bit of misinformation on both sides and though this is quite a disappointment for both fans of 3-D and Muse, he remains optimistic about plans for both 3-D and using Muse front-man Matt Bellamy to score something else in the future. Read on for more!

On the soundtrack side it turns out Muse, as an entire band, was never set to score Titans. Leterrier said:

"It was not Muse ever, it was Matt Bellamy [who I spoke to about providing music]. I love Muse, I'm the biggest Muse fan ever, but I wanted something a little different. [Matt] wrote a lot of stuff, but he started his tour. So not so long ago, he called me and he was like 'Louis, I'm so sorry. I have to be respectful to my audience and professional and I have to stop on Clash.' Craig Armstrong, who did my Incredible Hulk score-- Craig, he was going to write the score and Matt Bellamy was going to come in and do maybe 30 minutes of music."

Still, 30 minutes of music on Clash of the Titans from Matt Bellamy would have been a real treat for Muse fans and everyone else. Kudos to Bellamy for being professional about it and not just phoning in 30 minutes of shitty music. Fortunately, Bellamy has been replaced by another unique and stellar musical creative force: "Craig Armstrong is still doing the score and I called my friend Neil Davidge from Massive Attack to replace Matt… So it'll be Craig Armstrong and Massive Attack, which is pretty exciting." So what happens to the work that Bellamy did finish? "On my computer I've got great Matt Bellamy stuff [that he recorded for Clash, but it won't be appearing in the movie.] It's like a rain check, like let's do something later." Perfect!

As far as considering going 3-D for the movie, it sound like having Sam Worthington on set in the midst of the Avatar madness late last year might have intimidated Leterrier just a little bit. He admits to MTV:

"We tried [to do 3-D for Clash].' We tried hard. We just won't have time. Because it was Sam Worthington, I could hear all these 3-D stories from Avatar. And James Cameron was calling often, and I was like 'Guys, I'm doing the best I can with [the two dimensions] I've got!' So if we ever get to do [Clash] in 3-D, that would be fantastic. But it'll never be as good as James Cameron's stereoscopic 3-D. Maybe we possibly can re-release it in 3-D."

Behold, the power of James "JC" Cameron. It's kind of depressing to hear that Leterrier felt self-conscious about using 3-D all because of the epic force that Avatar had gathered before it was even released. But it might end up being good for the flick, so the 3-D doesn't feel like a tacked on gimmick, which is what I was worried would happen when we first heard that they might go 3-D. Hopefully the flick is good enough to stand on its own in two dimensions, although with Worthington and Leterrier, I don't think we have to be worried about anything. Any of this upsetting or is everyone still excited for Clash of the Titans?

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thank you movie gods DEATH TO 3-D!!!! as for Matt Bellamy I sold on him as a composer for the film his work on all three parts The Exogenesis Symphony was stupendous, he should suffice on COTT score.

Xerxex on Jan 8, 2010


I gotta say though these directors are selling out, they want every movie in 3-D and that is just a BIG Mistake all around, this hard-on for 3-D is horrible, yes it worked in Avatar, but in Clash of the Titans? no sir, no sale, fuck off. Leave 3-D out of film.

Xerxex on Jan 8, 2010


I'm waiting for one filmmaker to actually acknowledge this little group of internet folk who are dead set against 3D. It seems everyone is feeling the pressure and caving right in. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

germs on Jan 8, 2010


I know I'm suck of the 3D thing already and theres a bunch coming out this year. Yeah I can understand Alice in Wonderland and a few Sci-fi flicks, but Clash of the Titans, No thanks! The dumbest thing I've heard was that Musketeers movie in 3D.

Nasty Nate on Jan 8, 2010


3d sucks anyway

jeb stuart on Jan 8, 2010


Yay for a movie without 3-D. I don't get the fascination of it but I've only seen it work once, and that is with.. wait for it.. dur AVATAR!

Hedgehog on Jan 8, 2010


Im so excited for this movie. It looks awesome!

????? on Jan 8, 2010


Lets just hope that they never totally commit movies to 3d and stop showing them normal.

Cody on Jan 8, 2010


thank you their is a god,their is fucking to many film's getting the 3-d treatment,let's just release some film's normal for a change,how films use to be made.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 9, 2010


Re: the score....awesome. I *love* Massive Attack!!!

Film Fan on Jan 9, 2010


"But it'll never be as good as James Cameron's stereoscopic 3-D. Maybe we possibly can re-release it in 3-D." That is the key, right here. If the 3D is going to take off for action oriented movies, it needs to be done right for the start of the movie. Film it in IMAX 3D rather than converting it afterward.

Gonnarentit on Jan 10, 2010


Sam Worthington is a one dimensional actor at best so why bother with 3-D? Try some CGI to bulk up that scrawny frame and thin wrists, though That's a practical application of technology.

Wad on Jan 10, 2010


Hey Wad maybe this will let Worthington venture from his shell and breach into a better world of acting?

Xerxex on Jan 10, 2010

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