Tom Cruise Back as Les Grossman for the MTV Movie Awards

May 28, 2010
Source: MTV

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman

Back in '08, I lost myself in uncontrollable laughter every time Tom Cruise appeared in Tropic Thunder as the insanely angry studio executive Les Grossman. The good news is that Cruise has not only returned as the bald, screaming exec, but also as Joel Goodsen, his career-making role from Risky Business. The bad news is that it's only in the form of a 45-second TV spot promoting the MTV Movie Awards which, if you're into shitty, meaningless awards, will be broadcast live on Sunday, June 6th at 9PM EST. Still, the spot is worth watching if only to see Cruise yelling at himself and making film history in that iconic scene. Watch below.

The MTV Movie Awards are those awful awards with categories like Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Villain, Best WTF Moment, Biggest Badass Star, Best "Scared-as-S**t" Performance, and of course, the Global Superstar award because why the hell not? Unless you're maybe a kid in high school, who really even cares about these at all?! You can still vote on the official website for whatever you want (it'll probably be all Twilight winning anyway). And if you want, tune into the awards show next week. Or, as Les Grossman might say, "Oh, wait! I got a better idea. Instead of watching the MTV Movie Awards, how about I send you a hobo's dick cheese?"

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God I hope they make a sequel so I can see Len Grossman again. He re-ignited Tom Cruise's career for me.

peloquin on May 28, 2010


And thank you for sharing this Mr. Anderson, I would have never even knew it existed if not for Firstshowings random coverage of what they know people want to see regardless of how integral it is to the film business as a whole.

peloquin on May 28, 2010


The MTV Movie Awards aren't that bad Anderton, its the punk edition of The Oscars!

Xerxex on May 29, 2010


Im for anything with Les Grossman in it but I really wish he would have given Robert Pattison a beatdown in the other promo.

blowtorch1919 on May 29, 2010


I agree with # 1

XXX on May 29, 2010


No one really cares about who wins the awards, but the show as a whole is a lot more entertaining than the oscars.

Levo on May 29, 2010


Stupid american bs of " video can not be viewed outside of the usa for copyright reasons"

John on May 29, 2010


#3 - The punk edition of the Oscars? Come on... It's the totally BS teen heartthrob it's-all-about-the-ratings, Twilight-will-always-win version of the Oscars... Not even close to "punk!"

Alex Billington on May 29, 2010


Hahahaha, punk version of the Oscars. That made me laugh. You have obviously never listened to real punk like Crass, The Addicts, G.B.H., Filth, or The Pist. You must be comparing it to the Avirl Lavigne, Paramoure, Panic! type of "punk" which is just MTV friendly shit. So yeah I guess it is the worthless "MTV punk" alternative to an actual award show.

Forget It on May 29, 2010


Aha I dont think he meant Punk as in the genre but more along the lines of punk ass kids you wanna beat up because of how lame they are...aha crazy people

Maxx on May 29, 2010


PUNK? lol.

Felix on May 29, 2010


I only watch MTVMA If they have a hilarious host. Well I did watch the tribute to Matt Damon Thursday so I guess I do watch useless awards.

Daniel Felts on May 29, 2010


Excuse the hell outta me! fuck, @Alex I haven't watched the MTV movie awards since Timberlake and Sean William Scott hosted and that was the last time. Then it went to shit, and I haven't watched since. @Forget it, really? Punk means a lot of things and I don't even listen to punk rock or whatever the hell its called...I'm more of a Post-Rock/Pink Floyd fanboy since that has anything to do with this started it. also who the hell is Paramoure? Lesson I learned? never utter the word punk and oscars in the same sentence, or I'll get blasted by like 4 different people. But I'll specify what I mean; The award show that gives films awards based soley on how much fun they are by fan you don't take film so seriously...I'm a two-faced cinephile, I love serious films that require you to think and feel for the characters, and easily switch to a brain dead action flick. The Oscars are the serious awards, while the MTV movie awards used to be the fun lackadaisical awards, until Jimmy Fallon hosted and ruined it.

Xerxex on May 29, 2010


Care to share a link so non-us residents can watch?

Rick on May 29, 2010


I just like the mini Movies Like the matrix one and Tankman(even if it did have ND in it, man I hate that kid) oh and the star wars one.

Jimmy Love on May 29, 2010


Yes MTV I win. We beat America today, boys, but there'll be another battle tomorrow. And the next day - lives will be lost. They can with hold copyrighted videos but they'll never take away our FREEEEDOM!. P.S Poster not from Scotland. Enjoy non-US residentes. Revolution.

Orangutang on May 29, 2010


Bubblegum punk version of Oscars is more like it. The only thing you can usually pull out of the awards show is 1 or 2 pretty funny vignettes.

L on May 30, 2010


Dumbass region-locked Internet videos. America is NOT the center of the known universe.

casting couch on May 30, 2010


Aren't all awards shitty and meaningless?

pleasepleaseplease on May 30, 2010


Oh.. great. An overrated actor reappearing as an overrated character from an overrated movie in an overrated awards show.

Dresden on May 31, 2010


Les Grossman against Ari Gold.... legendary?

ed on May 31, 2010

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