Tony and Sir Ridley Scott Want to Restructure and Run MGM?

April 9, 2010
Source: Financial Times

Ridley Scott / Tony Scott / MGM

We haven't been staying up to date on the MGM sale recently because it's all high level business stuff and there hasn't been anything interesting to report until now. The Financial Times is reporting (via Deadline) that Tony and Sir Ridley Scott "have expressed interest in running MGM, according to people familiar with the situation." They've also submitted a "restructuring plan" to the studio and it's financial backers in hopes of getting them to agree to the proposal with them as the new management. Talk about a landmark deal if this actually goes through. Ridley and Tony Scott take over Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, founded in 1924.

The only problem is that MGM and its investors still have yet agree to any of the offers out there, and there are currently a lot of them on the table, including Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media offer of $500 million in investment to help get productions like The Hobbit and the next James Bond off the ground. Whatever happens with MGM, it will be big, and we'll definitely be here to let you know what, when it's announced. For now, though, just consider how amazing it could be to see those two brothers take over a studio. They already run Scott Free Productions, but that would definitely be interesting. Oh the places they could go!

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Wow. Awesome.

Dude... on Apr 9, 2010


uh YES!!! The two Scotts running a new MGM? Where do I sign?

Xerxex on Apr 9, 2010


Well I would rather see the Scott brother’s take over MGM because at least they know and care about movies, rather than some investment company who only care about the bottom line.

AW on Apr 9, 2010


go on ridley & tony your the men for the job.

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 9, 2010


In my little fantasy world this is the most amazing and wonderful news I heard in a long time get Scorsese and Mann to partner up with the Scott brothers on this and I will convulse with joy for he next decade. I had a big nerdgasm when I read the headline. One could only dream of such heavens.

Loser on Apr 9, 2010


I think this is Amazing new if it comes to be fact, Both Scott brothers runing MGM.

Cineprog on Apr 9, 2010


Now that's entertainment!

Hattori Hanzo on Apr 9, 2010


Studios should just focus on QUALITY, not gimmiks and quantity. Call me crazy but if studios got together and started offering stars a few hundred thousand dollars a movie instead of tens of millions THEY WOULD STILL WORK. It's not like George Clooney is going to make that kind of money any where else, pay him 1 M per movie no points and stars will still work because they have no other skill Same goes with athletes.

WB Exec on Apr 9, 2010


so there are people who use name SIR infront of their firstname AKWARD

twilightfangirl on Apr 9, 2010


What a fantastic idea...

Phil on Apr 9, 2010


#9 he's been why not?

Xerxex on Apr 9, 2010


In the words of Tony Scott - "Brilliant!"

John Wildermuth on Apr 9, 2010


Wow, how great this would be! bring back the former glory that was once at MGM. Great films, great pruducers, go for it

ken romeo on Apr 9, 2010


Sir Ridley Scott? I did not know he had been Knighted. Um...for "what" ?

David Banner on Apr 9, 2010


@14: FOR WHAT!? You need a history lesson, apparently... See, after he directed 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Ridley Scott seemed to fall off the earth. No one knew where he was or what he was doing. While shooting that film, some of the crew became involved in a narcotics smuggling scheme due to the relatively relaxed customs policies. The film was shot in a few different countries (it's hard to find the sort of exteriors they have in that film to shoot on location, and at the time the technology didn't really exist to do the sort of digital landscaping they do now) and the crew were using the constant back and forth between the different film units to smuggle what must have been millions of dollars worth of blow and probably all kinds of other shit. Scott realized something was going on and hired a couple of private investigators to figure out exactly what was really being shipped back and forth. After he learned what exactly was taking place and the studio was informed, they basically swept it under the rug as far as they could. The production was already over budget and over deadline. Having a major scandal erupt over some drug smuggling crew would have been a huge financial shit-storm. Flash forward a couple years. The film was released and his next film was in limbo due to the lackluster reviews he'd been getting on his projects. He decided to take advantage of the down time and look further into this Hollywood smuggling ring he'd stumbled on during the shoot. After months and months of research and with the aid of about a dozen private investigators in several countries, he managed to piece together that not only was this not a rare occurrence, there were several studios that were basically floating their productions on money garnered from this - and that it wasn't limited to drugs. They were involved in weapons and even human trafficking. He basically told Sony (one of the major studios involved) that he was going to blow the whistle on their little scheme. This was obviously not good news for the studios, but it wasn't good for more reasons than just the obvious "oh shit, we're gonna goto jail" reasons. Basically this caused a lot of shell studios to go 'bankrupt' suddenly and get folded up into their parent studios or bought out by their 'distributors'. Remember Columbia Pictures? Why do you think it was called that? Orion bit it as well, and a few other smaller studios that didn't release much but always managed to have enough money floating around for some reason. Anyway, the studios still couldn't let the word get out about their little extra-curricular schemes, but not just for their own benefit. The studios are pretty politically involved, and their various smuggling activities were actually not their idea, but the US government's. The fed was actually using the studios to sell arms, drugs and all this other stuff. Very clever, actually. You'd get some raised eyebrows trying to cart a few hundred fully-automatic assault rifles into Mexico or Africa, but you can ship as many 'prop' guns in there as you'd like. Anyway, to make an already long story a little shorter than it could be, Ridley Scott eventually disarmed a nuclear device that was planted behind the Prime Minister's toilet, and the Queen was so impressed she knighted him. ps: I think this is awesome news, and I hope it's real.

Squiggly_P on Apr 9, 2010


@ 15: love your story, you shhould ask the scott brothers to produce it ... hahahahaha

gusgus on Apr 10, 2010


Seems my reply failed an hour ago, it did not get posted here (and has happened in the past, whats up with that?)so lets try again: No#15, good one, made me laught 🙂 Tried looking up on your blog where you posted this one the first time, but could not seem to find the entry, only on a google search? Anyhow, what I meant was when, around Gladiator/Black Hawk Down, and it was ofc for his work in brittish cinema. Not a specific incident, this was another filmmaker I was thinking of, but I wont say who, dont want you to make up tales of space aliens about this person 🙂 What you should have added was the how: filmcans containing negatives do NOT get opened in customs and are hermetically sealed...

David Banner on Apr 10, 2010


Scott was kighted in honour of his substantial contribution to the British film industry, but I perfer Squiggly_P's version much more exciting!

Xerxex on Apr 11, 2010


@Squiggly-_p: someboy give this guy a job in the business. Maybe th Scotts can cut u in on the MGM deal they are workin up.

Random X on Dec 2, 2010

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