Tony Gilroy's 'Bourne Legacy' Sequel Won't Have Jason Bourne

October 10, 2010
Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

The Bourne Legacy

It was officially announced early last week that director Tony Gilroy (of Michael Clayton, Duplicity) would be taking over the Bourne franchise to bring us the fourth new sequel called The Bourne Legacy. But, of course, since Paul Greengrass won't be back, neither will Matt Damon, so this is not going to be the sequel we're all probably expecting. Gilroy called Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere after the news broke last week to give him actual details on what to expect: "This is not a reboot or a recast or a prequel. No one's replacing Matt Damon. There will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter… this is a stand-alone project." Wow.

So no Jason Bourne, a new "hero", a fresh start, isn't that exactly what a franchise reboot is, especially if they're at least continuing with a CIA super-agent who goes on the run. "The easiest way to think of it is an expansion or a reveal," Gilroy added. "Jason Bourne will not be in this film, but he's very much alive. What happened in the first three films is the trigger for what happens. I'm building a legend and an environment and a wider conspiracy… the world we're making enhances and advances and invites Jason Bourne's return [down the road]." Okay, now I'm intrigued! Gilroy is one of my personal favorite directors and I had a good feeling he would eventually take over Bourne and it sounds like he's got some very interesting plans for this.

"Everything you saw in the first three films actually happened, and everyone who got into will be rewarded for paying attention. We're going to show you the bigger picture, the bigger canvas. When you see what we're going and see what we're doing it'll be pretty obvious." The Bourne franchise had a fantastic finale in 2007 with The Bourne Ultimatum, but has been on a rocky road ever since because Universal wants more, but not many others do. They've hired countless writers to take a crack at a story and honestly I don't even know who's behind the script that Gilroy is using. Whatever the case, now we know where they're headed.

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I'm honestly interested in the idea, but right now the best thing in the world of spies is Rubicon and I'm addicted. If it can't surpass that show, then I won't be happy.

Kent Lundblad on Oct 10, 2010


to me this is a grate mistake the franchise might as well be dead in the water without Jason Bourne in it, that for me is what everyone want Jason Bourne no one cares about what went on before the first 3 film without Matt Damon at the elm its nothing.

Cineprog on Oct 10, 2010


I would love see Damon back, but this concept sounds pretty badass. Using Bourne has the match to the powder keg is a brilian idea. We all remember Clive Owen in Idenity eventough its a small part he realy showed the other side to the other agents trained like Bourne was, I'd like to see the fim follow Paz the agent that let Bourne go at the end of Ultimatum played to Edgar Ramirez, but I'm sure Gilroy will surprise us.

Xerxex on Oct 10, 2010


like everyone says,rename the title,theres no point calling it the bourne legacy if bourne isnt in it

Spider94 on Oct 10, 2010


oh my...My #3 comment is ridiculous! sheesh...can't spell today, sorry.

Xerxex on Oct 10, 2010


This is pointless.

Film Fan on Oct 10, 2010


if i'm not staken the title is bourne, SO SHOULDN'T THERE BE JASON BOURNE IN THE MOVIE. I think that if neither Damon or Greengrass or returning Universal should drop this like it's hot

max s. on Oct 10, 2010


Perhaps they might get Jason Bourne's "dad" called 'Nick Bourne' and make him Indiana Jones style flick lol. That way they could get away with the title. "a whole new chapter… this is a stand-alone project" then why not call it there own title, with a new fresh spy.. Im not bothered..

Fearl3ss on Oct 10, 2010


The idea sounds great!  Open and expand this series up. Seriously, a bold step was needed! You can only stretch the Jason Bourne series so far before it gets mundane or before Damon says enough. If it takes off in an explosive way... then perhaps a later  collaboration with Jason Bourne. Of course some will be mad, but u gotta crack some eggs and make bold moves if you want to keep this series as exciting as it deserves.

McWilly on Oct 10, 2010


So, why call it a "Bourne" movie anyway? Maybe make a prequel called, "Treadstone" and introduce a new agent. Make the story take place during the operational days of the agency before Bourne took them down. You can bring back a lot of the other agents that Jason Bourne's killed in the past movies (like a scene with Clive Owen's character doing a mission with the main character?) I don't know, that's my pitch. Now, about my cut...

IceFilm on Oct 10, 2010


Bourne Legacy U-hu.... and without jason bourne... u-hu.. this will sucks

Sakyo on Oct 10, 2010


I have no interest in seeing this movie now!

SilentJay on Oct 10, 2010


I can see the tagline on the poster: Matt Damon is *not* Jason Bourne. Yep, I can see audiences flocking to see this one.

Jazzed on Oct 10, 2010


Let Greengrass and Damon go make more lame, nausea-inducing shakycam propaganda movies. Tony Gilroy has been at the heart of the series since the very beginning, so he deserves a shot at restoring it back to its former glory. As to everyone complaining about the title: I personally wish they'd come up with something original, but keeping "Bourne" in it is #1 - vital to marketing, and #2 - still applicable, because the titles have always been representative of the plot...NOT the character. Let's see...Jason Bourne's actions are key to the ongoing story arc, and have directly affected what happens to the series world as a why the confusion about "The Bourne Legacy"? If anything, "The Bourne Supremacy" made less sense than "Legacy", because there is nothing supreme about such a flawed character.

durga on Oct 10, 2010


The Bourne Supremacy was titled that way for one reason, which was to bring closure to the primary character. Identity was to find out who is Jason Bourne. Ultimatium was to eliminate all doubt as to the identity and purpose of Jason Bourne. So with that being said I personally feel that the next movie should have a different name. Due to the fact that many people will be under the perception that Matt Damon will be returning to the movie. Please do nont try to say that the internet will inform the public at large about the changes that we are talking about. Not all of the fans of the Bourne movies will be looking and researching the franchase like we seem to be doing right now.

Michaelburrows74 on Feb 4, 2011


Response to 14 "durga" "Let Greengrass and Damon go make more lame, nausea-inducing shakycam propaganda movies" Are you serious? Propaganda you say? Do you even know what propaganda is? I seriously doubt that. I bet you are one of those that like Michael Bay and his movies, because they are so rich in content and emotions, right? If you cannot fathom what Greengrass has done for the Bourne character and how his directing style identifies with Bourne's persona, then, your opinion about the Bourne franchise has no relevance, no bearing and no meaning at all. Keep watching the films you understand better. It's better for you..

MajesticXIII on Oct 11, 2010


What a rancid idea. Fuck this shit. Destined for the shit bin of franchises. File alongside Highlander II & Indy 4.

Malaka on Oct 11, 2010


Who in the fuck is Tony Gilroy and his ego?

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 11, 2010


I wonder if "Legacy" will be at all based on the spinoff book of the same name?

Kenny on Oct 11, 2010


#14: I agree that sometimes shaky cam techniques is way too overused in action movies to the point of cinematic oblivion. But Greengrass used this technique with flair & efficiency in the 2 Bourne movies he made with Damon. As for the new series without Matt Damon, best of luck. I love the spy genre especially done with realism & respect for audience intelligence. But the no. 1 reason why the Bourne series so successful is because of the humanity of the main character as played by Damon. Nowhere has a spy with violent past been so melancholic, tinged with rage & remorse. You know at the end of Bourne Supremacy when Bourne seeks closure with the remaining member of the family he killed, that must have set some kind of cinematic precedence: the apologetic superspy. That of course doesn't stop Daniel Craig, the traditionally unapologetic superspy, to propel the new James Bond series to similar box office height. You notice James Bond & Jason Bourne have the same initials?

Gary the Bruce on Oct 11, 2010


Yeah, I was thinking something similar after hearing of the newest progress. A third program with someone like Bourne hearing of what Bourne did and recognizing he has to get out too. It's a far better idea than the return of Bourne himself. His story is over.

Michael on Oct 11, 2010


interesting as long as a new Bourne isn't actually involved I'm fine

silver on Oct 11, 2010


Glad to hear it. Ultimatum was a great end to the trilogy. If Bourne is reintroduced in say the 5th movie then that'd be awesome but this sounds like a good continuation of the Bourne universe. And for those gripping about the name. Think more Bourne's Legacy versus Bourne Legacy. It's about what he did and what he left behind to fester in the minds of other agents. Great title for a flick related to Bourne but not needing him in it.

Hedgehog on Oct 11, 2010


New movie coming out.... "Batman legacy"... oh wait but batman isn't in it!! Come on...what waste.

Chris on Oct 11, 2010


People WTF is up with complains about the title I agree with 14 about the title and y can't Bourne's legacy work out if gilroy says the movies lead to this then just chill okay . Stop whining over the damn title.

Alan on Oct 12, 2010


If this is based on the Legacy book it should be about Bourne's son, although Bourne was also part of that. If Damon wants to play the Divo to get his own way about Greengrass then I say good riddance! It's too ridiculous. The lack of character driven film with over actionated sequences and unviewable shaky segments which Greengrass brought are better gone. Liman's direction was better. They should show some intestinal fortitude and re-cast Bourne. This kissing up to Damon and inviting him back for future films is a bit sleazy. No one is indispensable. They should cast Chris Pine as Bourne or Bourne's son. He has the same coloring, the same intelligence behind the blue eyes and can do the drama, tough guy well. He would make a great Borne.

clevo on Oct 12, 2010


C'Mon..!!!, BOURNE is DAMON..No compromised..!!..I liked Bourne Trilogy very much..but Now..When Damon,s not involves in next story..Bourne Legacy is A Worst Movie Concept..!..Mr. Gilroy..Think it again for kick out Mr. Damon from his Legacy...BOURNE Must Return..

Mr. Myuta on Oct 18, 2010


Matt Damon will be Jason Bourne always, no one can replace him, I think they should change the tittle! I hope someday Greengrass will reunite with Damon to start a real new Bourne movie!!

George on Feb 25, 2011


seems like these reboots are just happening way to fast call it something else then.

Jeffrey_fender on Feb 26, 2011


No other man can replace a roll as Jason Bourne except Matt Damon. It's rather obvious right:P. So, wait till matt have a free time . Oo

Salival Kayness on Mar 19, 2011

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