Toronto Review & Video: James Gunn's Newest Comedy 'Super'

September 11, 2010

James Gunn's Super

My first Midnight Madness film of the Toronto Film Festival this year was Slither director James Gunn's new "superhero" comedy Super, starring Rainn Wilson as The Crimson Bolt (as pictured above). It's one of those wacky regular-citizen-decides-to-become-a-crime-fighter comedies in the same vein as Kick-Ass or Defendor, but with Gunn's own badass, unique comedic and stylistic touch. It's a helluva lot of fun and it's one of those hilarious indie comedies that you have to watch with a group of people (because everyone will be cheering) but unfortunately I didn't love it. I had a great time watching it, but I still love Kick-Ass more.

Wilson stars as Frank D'Arbo, a simple religious man whose wife, played by Liv Tyler, leaves him for a drug dealing kingpin, played effortlessly by Kevin Bacon. He has a vision one night and is "touched by the finger of God" (literally) and decide to become The Crimson Bolt, a masked crime fighter beating up drug dealers and line-butters with a pipe wrench. Along the way he meets comic book fanatic Libby, played amazingly by Ellen Page, who becomes his sidekick Boltie. It's a fun story, it's a great cast, it's a bit better than Defendor, it's crazy violent and overly realistic (so that's what happens when you beat someone with a pipe wrench!), but it didn't really take the comedic vigilante concept to the next level like I was really hoping this would.

That said, if you're a fan of James Gunn or Rainn Wilson or you really like this concept, Super is a must see, just because it is so fun and it is very well done for an extremely low budget film. After the screening, Peter from SlashFilm and Frosty from Collider and I met up to record a video blog of our reactions to Super, which you can check out below. So for a more varied and well-rounded review of the film, watch the video.

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i'm a big fan of rainn wilson and ellen, i was in regardless of who likes or dislikes this.

beavis on Sep 11, 2010


I'll watch this but he still looks like he pissed himself while on stage in front of a sell out crowd

Jimmy Love on Sep 11, 2010


Kick-Ass was a terrible movie...not good cinema.

LINKFX on Sep 11, 2010


Wait nobody in their right mind is going to believe Rainn Wilson could land Liv Tyler not even in a piece of fiction that alone may ruin this movie because its impossible. But as luck would have it the supporting cast will save this film mostly Ellen Page and Nathan Fillion.

CLAW on Sep 11, 2010


what beavis said.

Xerxex on Sep 11, 2010


In like Flynn. I don't like when the "same-vein" movies are compared to Kick-Ass, because--instantly--I start to believe that the movie will be far better than Kick-Ass. Because Kick-Ass wasn't that great. Bing bang.

Cracky on Sep 11, 2010


#3 - kick-ass was a fun movie to watch............and the scene where hitgirl has the conversation with her dad as he's dying?............very emotional. i think you're way off base on this one. #4 - why is it impossible? hey! i LOVE the name of ellen pages sidekick persona - "Boltie"................Boltie and hitgirl should hook up (in crime-fighting only - nothing sexual, you pervs!!) in crossover movie.

beavis on Sep 11, 2010


Hmmm, Ill see it thru download. Kick-Ass was a very entertaining movie....great movie cinema.

McWilly on Sep 11, 2010


Hey beavis your kidding right?

CLAW on Sep 11, 2010


Were those other two guys (not Alex) the founders of their respective sites?

David on Sep 11, 2010


hey, if anyone is interested - i just stumbled across this trailer for "super" i had never seen it before and i LOVED it!! here's the link (just copy and paste!):

beavis on Sep 11, 2010


claw - yea, i was kidding - until i saw the trailer i put up on #10. watch it - man, boltie and hitgirl together?...........that'd be one bloodsoaked movie! LOL

beavis on Sep 11, 2010


You're right on target beavis, Hitgirl and Boltie in the same movie would be beyond amazing. No I changed my mind I think the awesomeness of a movie like that would cause my brain to explode.

CLAW on Sep 11, 2010


thanks, claw - man, after watching that trailer - i'm soooooo stoked for "super"!

beavis on Sep 12, 2010


yeah that was awesome, and to think I was getting tired of Page...shame on me! thanks for posting that beavis!

Xerxex on Sep 12, 2010


it was luck i found it.......just net surfing and found a "link to a link" - you know how it goes. yea, man - i LOVE boltie! this looks like it's going to be a fun watch!!

beavis on Sep 12, 2010


Yo A.B., if you're gonna do some video reviews, go solo and script that sh*t up!

The Man With No Name on Sep 12, 2010


I just caught the 9:30am showing yesterday. It was a great movie. Everyone in the audience was laughing. The casting was perfect. For me, Ellen Page stole the movie. Her character was hilariously entertaining. Definitely a must see for all Rainn and Ellen fans.

Rayn on Sep 13, 2010

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