'Toy Story' Short Featuring Barbie and Ken is Attached to 'Cars 2'?

December 20, 2010
Source: Digital Spy

Ken and Barbie

Shortly after the charming yet tear-jerking Toy Story 3 hit theaters, director Lee Unkrich revealed that the farewell to Andy's toys didn't mean the characters wouldn't be returning. While Toy Story 4 seemed to be unlikely, the director said the traditional Pixar short playing before Cars 2 would feature some of the Toy Story characters. Well, now Digital Spy has noticed a recent Twitter update from Disney animator Floyd Norman saying, “Saw the Pixar 'Hawaii' short. Cute. Ken and Barbie want to go to Hawaii. I don’t know what it’s gonna be attached to. Fun stuff, however.” So it sounds like there will be a Hawaiian adventure before Cars 2!

This isn't exactly official yet, but putting two and two together, this definitely seems like a safe bet. So when Cars 2 hits theaters on June 24th, 2011, it looks like we'll have the return of a couple franchise in the same sitting. Personally, the original shorts that don't feature Pixar's staple characters are the ones I prefer, but by no means should my stance imply that I don't enjoy seeing my favorite characters returning in their shorts. After all, Ken and Barbie had quite the hilarious relationship (even if Ken did betray her at first), so this should be a blast. Sound good?

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I miss the days of Pixar's originality. Cars 2. Monsters Inc 2. If they wanted to play it safe then they wouldnt have made Walle or Up. With the unoriginal films being pumped out of the studio, and standard issue franchise related shorts, they might as well change their name to Dreamworks.

Al on Dec 20, 2010



A5J4DX on Dec 20, 2010


@Al Pixar only makes sequels when they feel they can continue the story legitimetly, not just for making money off a franchise. Why to you think Toy Story 2 and 3 are considered to be two of the best sequels ever made? Its because they dont tread the same ground (or at least not the exact same ground) that many other sequels fall for to the point where its just recycling the same film coughPirates3cough. The Toy Story sequels did have original, well written storys, just with the same characters. Because of this I trust Pixar with what they want to make of Cars 2 and Monsters Inc. 2, and if you are still stuck up over hating sequel just because they are sequels, just wait two year until Brave comes out.

John.E on Dec 20, 2010


I'm with John.E, but I do agree with Al that Cars 2 is going to be poo. Don't even start claiming that "You haven't seen it therefore you can't judge it" because it doesn't matter.

Yea on Dec 20, 2010


I don't hate sequels for the point of hating sequels. I hate sequels when they're made by a studio that usually only makes one film a year, and if thats the case, I'd rather see they're original work which I love then something they've done before. Do I like the Toy Story sequels? Yes. But that doesn't mean I think Cars 2 or Monsters Inc 2 will be any good. Also, the sequels are affecting other decisions made by Pixar. Newt got dumped, and they say Brave is on the fence. Treading the same ground is follow ups is bad enough, but if they only have enough money for Cars 2 or something totally new (Newt) don't just destroy a project thats risky because you know you can make money. My concerns aren't stuck up, they seem pretty justified to me.

Al on Dec 20, 2010


@3 -- Do really believe they make sequels for the love and art and NOT the money?? You do know Disney is backing them... What world are you living in?

business is business on Dec 20, 2010


the characters that pixar has created are so amazing, why shouldn't they make sequels

CCavins on Dec 20, 2010


Free online viewing:

caosir on Dec 20, 2010


The cars in "Cars" were not amazing. I was completely floored when I saw they were making a sequel. I personally love when sequels are made, I just never imagined Pixar (of all studios) would start cranking them out so rapidly.

Cracky on Dec 21, 2010


The fact that a movie a is a sequel doesn't have any effect on the films quality. All movies by major corporations are made for the sole purpose of making a profit; its business. The artistic value in movies is usually irrelevant because the financier of the project will choose an artist who they feel will make them the most profit, not the artist who is the most talented or has the most interesting/compelling image. For this reason sequels exist because there is an established audience, however the quality of the movie is not effected by this because there is still the same chance that a good writing and directing team could take hold of the project and do it justice. Therefore arguing about sequels being good or bad is stupid, however I do agree that I would rather see Pixar work on new projects as I am not a part of the Cars established audience.

G on Dec 21, 2010


@1 everyone has the moments when they don't have anything new that cannot be compared to other things you have the sequel is born... besides this page is about the short film not the new sequel *not like you guys are not going to go see it anyways*

Jericho on Dec 22, 2010

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