Tron Legacy Photos Series & Trailer News: Only in Theaters!

March 4, 2010
Source: MTV, Facebook


Although we originally predicted that the first trailer we got to see last weekend for Tron Legacy would be online this week, MTV has confirmed that Disney is holding it until next week. Why? Because director Joe Kosinski wants you to see it in theaters in front of Alice in Wonderland in glorious 3D. "My suggestion is to see it in 3-D in surround sound this weekend and download it next week and feel free to freeze-frame and analyze," Kosinski said. "It was important to me that when people see it for the first time, they have the opportunity to see it in 3-D on a big screen." Disney has also been unveiling a series of photos on Facebook.

For those of you that may be a little upset that Disney has been teasing us with the viral and all the buzz last week, we've got a little message for you from Kosinski. Apparently a few people flew in to some cities for the "special event" last weekend and were a little upset that it was just a two-minute trailer (before anyone else).

"I was surprised at the lengths people went to," Kosinski said. "I heard about people getting on planes and flying from Chicago to New York and crazy stuff that I would have never anticipated. We were playing to the 'Tron' base, so if it doesn't play well to those guys and girls, we're in trouble. But it played great. It was fun to hear them cheer for little details that only a die-hard would know, like a glimpse of a laser or a shot of Flynn's Arcade from the outside. That's satisfying, because I've put a lot of those little Easter eggs throughout the film."

Don't worry, those of you that haven't seen it will get a chance soon, but if I were you I'd go find a showing of Alice in Wonderland in 3D and watch that. Kosinski is right, you want to see this in 3D on a huge screen for your first time. "I've had my head down plowing forward for almost two years now," he says. "It's great to be able to step back and show the fans a glimpse of the world we're creating and see their reactions." And if it's anything like last weekend, fans are going to absolute nuts after seeing this. But that's exactly why I'm so anxious to watch it online already - it's so awesome I just want to watch it over and over (not kidding)!

Over on Facebook Fan Page for Tron Legacy, Disney has been unveiling one photo at a time leading up to the trailer debut in theaters. The photos are a small series that show Sam Flynn going into Flynn's Arcade and finding the old Tron arcade machine. This is the intro you'll see in the beginning of the trailer anyway. Check out the photo series below and stay tuned for the Tron Legacy trailer arriving sometime next week!

Tron Legacy Photo Series #1

Tron Legacy Photo Series #2

Tron Legacy Photo Series #3

Tron Legacy Photo Series #4

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But seriously, the photos look pretty cool. Can't wait to see a trailer.

Joshua m on Mar 4, 2010


why do they make us wait everytime.....

Hellboy on Mar 4, 2010


Because they know every moment were not seeing it is another bit of anticipation that builds up...seriously even if this movie somehow sucks its gonna make bank on how well theyve sold this movie. I for one sure am gonna be in the theater on that friday night.

Cody on Mar 4, 2010


I know the Effects are gonna Kick Ass, I just hope the script is up to par.

People's Champ on Mar 4, 2010


I am in Australia and I just saw Alice In Wonderland last night and there was no trailer of "Tron Legacy". I guess you have to be in America to see it.

last son on Mar 5, 2010


I went to see Alice 3D in Germany last night and got to see the Trailer of Tron Legacy. The virtual reality has a really cool look to it (as we already know from the VFX test) but there was no sign of a good script. Then again the trailer was pretty short, so you can't really tell too much right now. Don't know yet if I'm looking forward to it - the trailer felt rather weak and disappointing.

c-r-u-x on Mar 5, 2010


cool! now i'm definitely seeing Alice regardless of how bad it looks.

movie mike on Mar 5, 2010


I caught it in front of alice last night, it was absolutely gorgeous. The first shot of the computer world made everyone in the theater go dead silent in awe.

shadow on Mar 5, 2010


#5 damn that sucks. Guess you'll have to watch it on the comp and imagine what it would look like in IMAX 3D. Put another shrimp on the Barby.

jeffrey on Mar 5, 2010


Going to see Alice Sun...all the sat IMAX shows in NY were sold out. At least the real IMAX at Lincoln Center shows were all sold out.

jeffrey on Mar 5, 2010


going to ALice today......all rumors lead to the trailer being show today in 3-D.

Clover on Mar 5, 2010


That's pretty sick. You have to admit. You, as in, the haters.

Nick Sears on Mar 5, 2010


Do they play any Daft Punk on the trailer is all I want to know?? I could care less about this movie but Im stoked to get a new album from these robot rockers!!!

Tomi on Mar 5, 2010


#13 - Yes, the song they use in the trailer is a song Daft Punk specifically made for this trailer and this trailer alone. Won't be used in the movie or anywhere else. Daft Punk is very heavily involved in this movie. 🙂

Alex Billington on Mar 5, 2010


I got jacked! Someone needs to be derezzed! Off with their heads! Ummm....kick em in the crotch! I saw Alice this afternoon in Imax 3D in Lincolnshire, IL. NO TRON TRAILER! Not even the cool owl Guardians thing trailer. Just Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3. Weak sauce. I think I deserve at least a buck back. Maybe even $1.25.

Leroy Skibone on Mar 5, 2010


I saw Alice in 3D here in Dallas Texas...and NO TRON TRAILER! And is it me or what, I don't really think 3D movies are all that great. I got charged 3.00 rental fee for the glasses (which were scratched) and they didn't fit all to well. I couldn't take it anymore after 10 min. into the movie and walked out.

James on Mar 5, 2010


TRON trailer in front of was OK......if you have been "IN" the orginal, hard to approve.

Clover on Mar 6, 2010


I went to see Alice in 3d today in Romania and i was expecting to see the new Tron trailer , but it never came. wtf I was disappointed the entire Alice movie.

Darko on Mar 6, 2010


Just like Darko (#18) I never got the Tron trailer I was promised. And also found Alice to be shit.

Al on Mar 6, 2010


I went to see Jonny deep in wonder land, the movie sucked big time, and the only mind blowing thing that I personally enjoyed was the Preview for TRON legacy along with one of Daft Punks new songs................ and boy does it look FREAKEN AWSOME :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 7, 2010


I just saw the trailer this morning in 3D and WOW I can't wait for this movie

Duck on Mar 8, 2010

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