Tron Legacy Proofed by Pixar's Best & Had Reshoots in June

July 13, 2010
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Tron Legacy

Now this is an awesome story to hear. Entertainment Weekly published a great article today about how the Tron Legacy filmmakers sought out the help of some of Pixar's best and brightest for advice on improving the film after they showed them an early cut in March. Then, they actually hired Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt and director Brad Bird to write some of the new pages for the reshoots. The screening took place in March, they also showed it to other filmmakers in LA, and then they went in for planned reshoots in June. An absolutely brilliant idea and I think this is going to only help make it a more polished movie all around.

The Pixar team that Tron was shown to included: John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, The Incredibles director Brad Bird, Toy Story 3/Little Miss Sunshine writer Michael Arndt, and others. They wanted to improve things like "character, emotion, and theme" and got advice from the guys who know that stuff the best. "Tron is very much Joe Kosinski's vision, a vision which is thrilling to me and I hope is thrilling to the fans," said producer Sean Bailey. "What I give Joe and the filmmaking team immense credit for, is this was all born out of how do we give the fans the best movie we can. We were very fortunate that Pixar wanted to play a part."

Beyond just being a brilliant idea, one reason in particular that this was a smart movie is that I know many, many people I've talked to about Tron Legacy have been worried the most about its story. Everyone has said that it certainly looks great, visually it's worth seeing, but they just want the story to be great as well, and I agree with them. This right here is evidence that they're doing everything they can to deliver the best story they can, on top of improving everything else about it. I'm already extremely excited for Tron Legacy and this only makes me more impatient. I can't wait to see what footage they show us at Comic-Con next week!

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I too am looking forward to TRON Legacy and the footage they will be showing us in a week or so. I also would like to see Cindy Morgan (Lora Baines Bradley/Yori) brought in as a special guest for the TRON Legacy panel. It would be too cool to have all 3 original stars at the panel. Plus, Cindy did such a wonderful job in promoting TRON Legacy at Wondercon it would be great to have her back at the panel.

Doug Warner on Jul 13, 2010


sweet. even more excited for this movie than i was 5 minutes ago 😀

sNufFy SMASH on Jul 13, 2010


Reshoots are never good news.

YK on Jul 13, 2010


@3... That's not always true, but it is a fascinating film debate. Scott Pilgrim did reshoots as well and I say if you have the time to make a film better and the studio is willing to back you with a larger budget then you should take that opportunity to enhance the experience for the audience as much as you can. Plus, they're not forced reshoots at the demand of some studio heads, they're voluntary reshoots based on what some of the best artists in the world are saying. A first time film maker like Kosinski would have to be one arrogant prick to look John Lassetor in the eye and tell him "fuck off, your ideas are stupid I'm not changing anything." Ironic that they're using Pixar for the reshoots because I recall a quote from Andrew Stanton (Walle) where he said that "A film is never truly finished, you just run out of time."

peloquin on Jul 13, 2010


3 I pray to God your wrong.

jeffrey on Jul 13, 2010


#3 - It's a bit naive to go around with the philosophy that "reshoots are always a bad thing." I think we're going to get a much better movie knowing that they went through this process. Reshoots allow them to make improvements in the places that need them, and that's usually a good thing. These in particular had been planned from the beginning. Plus, the fact that they hired Bird and Arndt to actually write the pages for the new reshoots is even better. It just shows they're taking this year of post-production to really make the best movie they can. Not all reshoots are a good thing, but not all are bad, and this is a clear example of that.

Alex Billington on Jul 13, 2010


#3 - Zodiac had massive re-shoots at the request of Fincher and look at how amazing that film was!

Bryan on Jul 13, 2010


#3 everyone else was talking to you so I'm just fallowing the crowd to be cool

DoomCanoe on Jul 13, 2010


#3 You are obviously right, no matter what they say...

Daniel on Jul 13, 2010


#9 - Just trolling along with him to keep things fun, I see?

Alex Billington on Jul 13, 2010


Alex Billington knows his stuff people i mean dat i met da guy

Yummy on Jul 14, 2010


Alex just because you go bananas over this flick without even seing the trailer does not mean everyone else does. 3 and 9 are right, Reshoots are never a good thing. The only reason to reshoot is when the makers realize the final product wont be that good and try to redo some things.

shige on Jul 14, 2010


THE END IS NIGH!!! There I got on the bandwagon!

John on Jul 14, 2010


one of the reasons i do reshoots is mainly because i thought up another way to aproach the already filmed peice to make it better or more unique or add something ive completely forgotten back in. it doesnt necisarily mean its a bad thing unless the footage inteded is bad which well we wont know till the dvd extras are out ^^6

Shyguy on Jul 14, 2010


very cool, builds more vibe - not that they need it - there is sooo much anticipation already.

Phillip Gibb on Jul 14, 2010


I hope reshoots means putting Cindy Morgan in the movie.

reshoots really tied the room together on Jul 14, 2010

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