Tron Legacy Viral IMAX Event Unveiled - Welcome to Pit Cell

February 24, 2010
Source: Flynn Lives

Welcome to Pit Cell

Earlier today, the second exciting phase of a viral game for Tron Legacy kicked off with a list of 25 cities on a cryptic Zero Hour website. At the top of every hour starting from 8AM they would "open" 3 new cities, revealing an address and an instructions to find someone with a Flynn Lives shirt at that location and tell them a password. The first one there received a mobile phone and old school Tron cards that have codes written on them that would unveil one of the 66 boxes in a grid on the Zero Hour site. You still following? Once that was finished we were taken to the Pit Cell website with info on an IMAX event this Saturday.

This is definitely the long-awaited trailer for Tron Legacy that we've all been anxiously waiting to see. It'll also being playing in front of Alice in Wonderland next week, but this event will be the first time it's shown to anyone. Unfortunately it's only taking place in five cities around the world: New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, and Sydney. Unfortunately that means a lot of people won't be able to see this, but I am glad to see Disney going all out with a huge worldwide unveiling like this - definitely means big things.

If you are in one of those five cities and would like to get tickets for the event "Exclusive Limited Event" all you need to do is visit the Pit Cell website starting tomorrow at 4:00PM EST. That looks like that's all the details for this event that are currently available, since this is still part of the viral. So no confirmation on if it's the trailer or not, but I'm pretty damn sure they'll unveil the trailer in IMAX 3D on Saturday. We do also know that there are some mobile phones connected to Flynn Lives out in the wild with a few people and some more clues which will need to be put together soon. Stay tuned here on for more updates!

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Oh Lord, I'm excited. I know I won't be able to attend, but I'm excited!

equustel on Feb 24, 2010


I feel bad for people in cities where they made someone go find the guy and give him a code; and they won't have a chance to see the special screenings. Oh well, I guess they'll be happy with their schwag stuff

theotherbluth on Feb 24, 2010


gah- I HATE viral marketing. Alex, doesn't it make you feel like a puppet/tool, doing the work for some studio publicity hack? First, the studio should just worry about making a decent movie. Second, marketing should do their own job of getting the word out without relying on average people (who are not being paid) to run around town solving puzzles and posting meaningless pictures of someones glowing backside.

hawk on Feb 24, 2010


But whats the message on the hard drive looking thing next to the bit? Once you flip over all 66 squares to make the full poster, the four dots there go through some sequence. 4 bits aren't enough to spell anything in binary and it's a short repeating sequence. I suppose it could just be for decoration - but NO, everything has meaning! What is it trying to tell us? (Maybe the message is....hawk... needs.. to... take... stick... out... of.... butt... )

Leroy Skibone on Feb 25, 2010


DAMN!! I MISSED IT BY 8 MINUTES!!!!!! They're all out of the Los Angeles showing....grrr

chris on Feb 25, 2010


LA was sold out within 20 seconds. I was refreshing my browser and jump in as soon as it opened. Clicked SUBMIT and BAM! SOLD OUT! Oh well.

REVNU on Feb 25, 2010


Secured tix to LA screening and now have "Screen Scene" badge attached to profile. Woo hoo! BTW, how does someone get "Friend of Flynn" on their profile? Did they have to receive one of the "bits" in the mail?

Stu on Feb 25, 2010


"Friend of Flynn" is achieved by becoming a fan of Flynn Lives on Facebook. Congrats on the ticket!

REVNU on Feb 25, 2010


I got a ticket but didn't realize I will be moving on that day. Damn.

jeffrey on Feb 25, 2010


Just went to the NYC showing - All they did was show the trailer and kicked everyone out. No extra footage or anything. Not even an introduction. Got a free FLYNN LIVES t-shirt though. I feel bad for the guy that announced he flew in from Toronto just for it. Trailer looked amazing though!

Kanger on Feb 27, 2010


I got to go to the L.A. Screening . They showed off the new trailer and had a Q and A with both directors old and new then showed the trailer again. Prizes from the Q and A where signed posters and T-shirts after the showing. I had a great time, as I scored a poster.

Neoscott on Feb 27, 2010

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