Tron Legacy's Joe Kosinksi Talks 3D Tech, IMAX & Daft Punk

January 21, 2010
Source: MTV

Tron Legacy

Hot on the heels of that slick new poster release featuring the yellow light cycle, the hype machine for Tron Legacy just might get cranked up to 11 (ironically enough with 11 months to go before release) as MTV has sat down for an in depth interview with freshman filmmaker Joe Kosinski who is the man brave to tackle the long awaited, effects heavy, digital 3-D sequel to Disney's cult classic flick Tron. Currently working his ass off in post-production, Kosinski talked about calling back to the original 1982 film, their stunning new 3-D tech, and how the masters of electronic beats, Daft Punk, came on to score the whole thing. Read on!

As much love for 3-D as there is out there, plenty of haters are firing back with more than a fleeting distaste for the trend. Hopefully Kosinki's enthusiastic approach and visually justified use of 3-D can change that:

"Our approach is not like Avatar, which I think is 3-D from the first shot to the last. Ours is sort of a Wizard of Oz approach. Ninety-eight percent of the 3-D is in the world of Tron. The 3-D really starts once we get into the Tron world. It's a combination of technologies that [Robert] Zemeckis [and James Cameron have] been using in terms of the completely digital motion-capture of a character and for the live-action camera system. We used a camera developed by James Cameron's company. We used a newer generation of camera than the one used on Avatar. They built it specifically for us."

So the 3-D is going to throw us right into the world of Tron, but don't forget that we also get to check this sucker out on IMAX. However, there isn't anything shot with IMAX cameras because shooting for digital 3-D means no celluloid, and the IMAX camera uses oversized film. But IMAX viewers will still be getting something special. Kosinski points out: "We are doing an IMAX version. What I am considering doing now is finishing four or five sections of the film in a tall format -- not letterbox -- and in an IMAX theater, the black bars at the top and bottom of the frame will disappear and it will become a full-screen sequence, which should be really cool. I think IMAX will be the way to see this movie."

So what about the infamous test footage that wowed audiences at Comic-Con? While the teaser footage is an accurate representation of the style and tone we'll see in the film, that sequence will not be in the film itself.

"The teaser, at least tonally, represented the direction I wanted to take it. It represents a period of time before our film begins. We were able to refine the design of the light cycles, the characters, the world and kind of flesh it out to a much higher level of detail than we were able to do for the test. What we're going to see in the film will feel a lot more photorealistic. They did that test with eight or 10 people in a matter of months. We have thousands of people working on the film. It's a whole different scale."

It sounds like that teaser is more of a bridge between Tron and Tron Legacy than anything else. Of course, Jeff Bridges ends up being quite an integral part of that bridge, showing up as two different versions of himself (young and old). So how exactly does "The Dude" come into play?

"He's playing Kevin Flynn, the character from the original film, and he's playing Clu, the avatar that Kevin Flynn created in the 1980s. I'd say he's Clu 2. There was a Clu in the first film who looked like Jeff but was very simple in terms of his abilities. He's very stiff. Clu 2 is a second incarnation of Kevin's avatar. He doesn't only look like Jeff, but he can think like him too. So it's a whole new level of artificial intelligence."

And it's this second virtual incarnation of Flynn that seems to change the game a bit. Tron is a Disney film afterall and while there's certainly danger and excitement, the end of the teaser footage certainly hinted at a darker tone, potentially upping the ante from the Disney's usual G-rated fare. But although this isn't your father's Tron, that doesn't mean it's not for your kids either. Kosinski was never forced to keep it bright and sunny though. "While making the movie, we never did anything to serve a particular rating. We made the movie we wanted to make. I think Disney would be really happy with a PG rating. But I haven't had it reviewed by anyone. I imagine it will be PG or PG-13."

So everything is being updated. Sleek, polished effects. Digital 3-D and IMAX presentations. But what does that mean for those who loved the original? You needn't worry that this will stomp on the sacred ground that Tron sits on in your cherished memories. This is a tride and true sequel through and through with the utmost respect and homage paid to the original. Kosinski says:

"We've taken the events of the first movie as historical facts… There are fun references to parts of the first film. Sam Flynn [Garrett Hedlund], in searching for his father, has to retrace his steps and comes upon clues and places that we visited in the first film, like Flynn's Arcade. Even in the world of Tron itself, a lot of vehicles and sequences have evolved. We'll get to see how the disc game has changed, how the light cycle battle has changed. We get to see the new version of these iconic sequences. Things have gotten bigger and a bit out of control."

With such a literally electric film, it's almost mandatory to go with an equally electric band, and so Kosinski brought in the best by snagging the masterful electronic duo Daft Punk to compose music for the film:

"This is a film where there was a lot of interest from different electronic bands that I follow to work on the film. I felt it was important, just as the first film was so forward-thinking visually and Wendy Carlos' music was so innovative, I felt we had to do the same thing here. So rather than going with a traditional film composer, I wanted to try something fresh and different. I set up a meeting with Daft Punk. Obviously, Tron was a huge influence on them. It was almost like they were interviewing me to make sure that I was going to hold up to the Tron legacy. But the more we talked, we realized that creatively, we were totally synced up."

And if audiences sync up with the film just as well, a Tron franchise doesn't sound out of order. "I think the world we've built here is big enough and has scale to support another story. As to whether that will happen, that depends on how the film is received when it comes out." If the hype thus far is any indication, I think that we'll definitely see another installment after Tron Legacy hits theaters this December. It's definitely one of my most anticipated films of 2010. And hopefully all this talk about it means we'll see a full-length trailer soon. I've heard there may be one in front of Alice in Wonderland, but that's still a few months out.

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well, daft punk music, tron, 3d, ...jeff bridges, cool CGI shit...what can go wrong 😛 ofc it's going to be a kick ass movie, can't wait! 😀 i would like, however, to know at least as possible until i see the movie, so, no trailers for me 🙂

adrian on Jan 21, 2010



Antioch on Jan 21, 2010


I got to Netflix the old one again. Can't wait, should be an awesome movie!! Yes more 3-D!!

Chauncey on Jan 21, 2010


I saw the original Tron for the first time a few months ago and liked it quite a bit. I am getting pretty excited for this movie now too. I used to be one of the 'no 3D' crowd until Avatar. Now it's not just a novelty anymore. Long stretches of 3D look really amazing and help suck you into the screen. After all, movies are made to be looked at; visuals are part of the film as well as story.

Galinoth on Jan 21, 2010


Who the fuck are daft punk??????? why not they use someone like danny elfman?

Yuong on Jan 21, 2010


Thanks for sharing. Sounds like it's going to be fun.

jeffrey on Jan 21, 2010


WTF are daft punk? that's like me saying wtf is danny elfman

wish01 on Jan 21, 2010


#5 & #7 you guys live under the same rock? DAFT PUNK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as far as this goes, the preview for TRON kicks ass this is a good mix, can't wait 🙂

Madnezz344 on Jan 21, 2010


#5 & #7 you guys live under the same rock? DAFT PUNK AND TRON 🙂 one hell of a good mix cant wait 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Jan 21, 2010


Damn big role for Garrett Hedlund, totally underrated young actor.

Scott McHenry on Jan 21, 2010


are they gonna release an actual trailer for everyone to watch or just paste posters on billboards???

TrailerHunter on Jan 21, 2010


Yes no more 3D.

d1rEct on Jan 22, 2010


No more 3-D????? wtf why not? From what I've seen latel,y 3-D rawks my face off. Quit playing with those blue and red lenses and get into the 21st Century. Tr2n Legacy is going to kick some serious @$$. CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE IT IN IMAX 3-D !!!!

1544K on Jan 22, 2010


danny elfman fail.

phillibuster on Jan 24, 2010


I love the WIZARD OF OZ reference. The 3D technology of today is exactly what people must have felt like watching the film go from the usual black and white to Color. It's a perfect metaphor. Switching from 2D to 3D will also keep making the 3D even more eye popping with the contrast between each other. DAFT PUNK are rumored to be doing a TRON score tour as well. Haven't been this giddy about a film in years and years. SO can not wait :-)= P.S; Awesome to hear that it might even get a PG 13. Darker and less kiddy is always great for any sci-fi film..

Mau-Dee on Jan 24, 2010


Daft Punk soundtrack @ the lightcycle reveal @ ComicCon. (some nsfw language) can't wait!!

bozo on Jan 25, 2010


Thank you very much for that post (bozo #16) The music has a very Pac Man era game sound feel to it. Looks like Kosinski picked the right band with Daft Punk on the team for the sound track.

Computer Support Toronto on Feb 16, 2010

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