Tron Night Video Reactions + Quick Steve Lisberger Interview

October 28, 2010

Tron Night 2010

With only two months left until Joe Kosinski's Tron Legacy hits theaters, Disney is kicking off their final marketing push, so they held their own fan-oriented promo event tonight in the form of Tron Night 2010. Similar to Avatar Day last year (see those reactions), they showed roughly 23 minutes of IMAX 3D footage at theaters in 50 countries around the world and all 50 states in the US. It was an extended look at some select scenes from the first half of the film, the same stuff that I saw at a Disney Showcase event a few weeks ago. I think it looks absolutely amazing, but I decided to turn to the fans in the theater to get their reaction as well.

I shot a quick video asking fans leaving what they thought of the footage. Almost all of them had something good to say. I also got to chat briefly with Tron director Steve Lisberger at the ending for a few minutes.

My apologies to those that felt like I was dive bombing them with my camera at the movie theater. I always like getting reactions and opinions straight from the fans at events like this, and it's obvious that almost all of them are as excited as I am for this movie. All of the footage really does look amazing, visually this movie is like nothing we've ever seen, I truly mean that, and I still expect to be blown away when it hits theaters. If you also were at Tron Night tonight, let us know what you thought! We'd love to hear more reactions!

Tron Legacy is directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay was co-written by Adam Horowitz ("Lost"), Richard Jefferies (Blood Tide, Living Hell), Edward Kitsis ("Lost"), and the director of the original movie, Steven Lisberger. This first got the greenlight last year because this early teaser played well at Comic-Con. Disney is bringing Tron Legacy to theaters in 3D starting on December 17th. You in?

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Was at Tron Night in Glasgow Uk, All I can say is.. It was mindblowingly awesome! The Disc Wars, The Escape, The Recognizors, Daft Punk and the brilliant scene where Flynns Arcade was rediscovered. It doesnt look and it doesnt feel like a Disney film but nothing like Ive seen before either, It will easily be Disneys highest grossing film of all time I reckon. Cant Wait!

Geo on Oct 28, 2010


HAHA at 2:24 in in, the hot girl looks at the Asian dude and he rolls his eyes at the geek!

rodion on Oct 29, 2010


I'm still not convinced. All these reactions are coming from people who would've seen the film on opening weekend anyway. Of course they're going to say it's awesome. Tron Night was marketed online to Tron fans. If they want a big box office, they're going to need more than people who are already fans.

Matt Bacon on Oct 29, 2010



casshern on Oct 29, 2010


I went to the showing at the Empire in Leiscter Square in London and I thought that the visuals were amazing, and the 3D was immersive but not intrusive. However it is still to early to tell what the final film will be like, so I guess that only time will tell

Sonixx on Oct 29, 2010


I saw this one yesterday evening here in Norway, and it looked awesome! However, I wasn't that blown away by the 3D effects as I maybe hoped to be, the only really cool effect with the 3D was the digital "raindrops" covering Bridges as he sat there meditating. Apart from that, the 3D was kind of blurry I think, I eved had to put the glasses on my nose sometimes to see it with my own eyes...and as one of the guys in the video said, the first part was just 2D, before he gets into the world of Tron...the only thing that was 3D in that part was the subtitles. But all in all, I am really looking forward to this, and also to hear Daft Punk's theme in full...when I saw them in the 23min clip, I just thought "oh yeah, bring it on, let's rock!" This has made me want to see the original over again quite soon, before Legacy opens.

Robert on Oct 29, 2010


Me and my friends went to Tron Night in San Francisco and were totally surprised when Joe Kosinski showed up in the theater to answer questions for the audience before they rolled the preview. The footage we saw was amazing. The audience was speechless the whole way through. The Daft Punk score was so freaking cool! Tron Legacy is going to blow peoples minds! The director actually sat with the audience during the show so afterwards we got to meet him and talk more about the film in person. It was such an awesome moment for us, considering we're all film students haha so it was cool and we really appreciated Joe Kosinski stepping away from Skywalker Ranch to come chat with us about the movie 😛 ohhh man the gladiator scene with the disc throwing...insane! so much fun!

Alec on Oct 29, 2010


I wish i could see the footage too. My country was listed in the site but it was not updated with any links.. For about 2 weeks was checking that site almost every hour but for nothing.. I guess i'll just have to wait for the movie to release now.

Nithin on Oct 29, 2010


just saw the new clip online, Quorra seems awesome, but the look of the film looks really meh.

LINKFX on Oct 29, 2010


Holy crap I didn't know that was you Alex! I'm a big fan of this site and visit on a daily basis hahaha. i'm the dude 1 minute into the video

Chris on Oct 29, 2010


Chris - Awesome man, what's up! My apologies for not mentioning the site, I was being quick and getting as many videos as I could. Next time you see me say something if you can!

Alex Billington on Oct 29, 2010


hahaha no worries. my pleasure.

Chris on Oct 29, 2010


Saw it in San Diego last night. The IMAX experience makes it a movie experience. The music bumping in IMAX sound is where its at. Overall this movie is impressive in 2d and I was not blown away with the 3D. I actually preferred the AVATAR 3d as it was more submersible to the scenes. DISC WARS! DISC WARS! DISC WARS! Pretty damn epic! Some of the 3d was a bit blurry but the light cycles was shit hot!

dee on Oct 29, 2010


i think captain eo at disneyland was more 3d than any other movie can try to be lol

Chris on Oct 29, 2010


I will say something that not a lot of people were saying... The scenes that were shown were WELL ACTED. This is the problem when you see a tech heavy movie. People forget to add the emotion or life into the story (Lucas) and the people end up being props and not the people you care about. When Flynn met his son and said: You got so big. And Sam looked at his dad and said: You got so old. Sam said it's been a long time (Now he's a man) and Flynn said you have no idea (remember how much longer time is while in the system). So Flynn is almost robotic (nice touch) I just works. So after people get over the FX they will remember the STORY and this is looking like the story is center stage.

Paximus on Nov 1, 2010


Tron night was sick! IMAX 3D is so great esp catching a flick like Tron Legacy. The footage did no disappoint. Not sure if it was just me but I thought it looked way better than Avatar. I couldn't believe around 50 or so people showed up, thought there would be more since tix were gone and the IMAX folks were expecting 200.

1544K on Nov 3, 2010

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