Twilight: Breaking Dawn Split into Two Back-to-Back Flicks

February 11, 2010
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Breaking Dawn

By now you know how this works. We hear something about The Twilight Saga, and I make some sort of snarky comment about how unbelievable it is this series is so successful despite the source material that reads like it was written in a 15-year-old girl's diary. It's like clockwork. So now that we've got that out of the way, here's the news that you Twi-Hards want to hear, or the news that fanboys will inevitably bitch about. Deadline Hollywood reports that the final installment of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, will also be going the Deathly Hallows route and be split into two back-to-back films to begin shooting in mid-October.

The question that still remains for Summit to answer is who will be directing the close of the series. No hints at any possibilities yet, but they are said to be looking at "high-end" directors. I have to say that I'm looking forward to the end of The Twilight Saga, not simply because it will be over and we can stop hearing about it (at least until they reboot it in a couple years), but rather because I hear the final book is absolutely nuts and practically adaptation repellent, and I can't wait to see what a disaster it will be. And whichever "high end" director they hire for it better be ready for a career death after Dawn. Anyone else ready for the end?

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Hi-end my ass, good luck with any director trying to keep this pg13 I hate the twilight series, some people are like "it's written by a female give it a break" well Harry Potter is also written by a female and it is still one of the biggest franchise known to mankind. Fuck Twilight!

SexMaster on Feb 11, 2010


first movie sucked second movie...not gonna lie a tad better but still fucking blew 3rd movie....fuck that shit, i'll watch it if it has a chestburster coming out of edward cullens chest so that way i know hes dead and a facehugger wrapping itself around bella's ugly/dull face. maybe add in a few predators to kill off the entire shitty cast and we'll probally be set.

cesking on Feb 11, 2010


Alex, since you have complete content control here, why are you even posting Twilight updates? It's not as though those who love that tacky pop crap can't read about it somewhere else, and you can always post if something interesting or awful for film actually happens. But why bother with this?

Mark on Feb 11, 2010


#3 - Well, we don't ever write about Twilight, at all. This is the first time in a very long time. But I felt like there was more to this news than just bits and pieces for Twi-Hards. This affects the industry and all of us (because we now know we have many more of these movies to endure). So I thought we'd cover this news for informative reasons like that.

Alex Billington on Feb 11, 2010


Oh, Jesus Christ. Seriously?

Jennie on Feb 11, 2010


RELAX! If you don't like the saga then back the f*ck off! Don't write about and leave it alone. I hate judgemental douchebags. You can have an opinion but why bring others down? It is what it is so just back off of those whom like it ( read or watch) and get a life. Steph did a good job btw

Laura on Feb 11, 2010


@ #6, Laura, We're allowed to have opinions while keeping people informed who actually care about the franchise like you. In addition, we're not bashing the fans, just the terrible quality of writing in both screenplay form and literature (if you can even call it that). I don't get all bent out of shape at people who hate Star Wars, Indiana Jones or other franchises of which I'm a huge fan.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 11, 2010


#7 Ethan, so what your really saying that as long as the franchise is "testosterone" positive with a male lead and preferably male author your a huge fan. And by the way, you ARE blasting fans by implying that they are incapable of recognizing "terrible quality writing" in their literature. Prove to me you can really step up and read Pride and Prejudice by Austin and then see the movie. Otherwise take your "only men can make good literature or films" mysogenistic tail end to the next Terminator flick and leave the women of the world alone.

Linda on Feb 11, 2010


@#8, Linda, I've read Pride and Prejudice and seen most of the film adaptations, and I'm a guy. (and I've read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is awesome). But seriously, how can you compare Twilight to Pride and Prejudice? And when did Ethan say that "only men can make good literature or films?" Maybe I missed that quote. I respect both female and male authors, directors, actors, etc. But I do admit that Twilight is not, and really cannot be put on the same level as most well-written novels. Given, I have only read the first installment and only looked through the others. It turns me off. I tried, and I don't think I'm the only one who has. So just think of Twilight within the big picture of things, because it really isn't up to par. Anyways, I am super excited to see how Breaking Dawn turns out because it's so crazy!!

Ian Kuah on Feb 11, 2010


NGL, I'm excited. One for it to end the crazy ass sparkle vampires and two? I want to see how terrible it's going to turn out (and the parodies that are going to come from it). It's one of those trainwrecks that you just have to stare at, because hot damn are the leads terrible in these movies. I haven't seen this level of fail in a long time and I will actually enjoy watching it crash and burn. And if that is wrong then I don't want to be right, lol.

Daniel on Feb 12, 2010


Completely agree with you there Laura and Linda.

Ravster on Feb 12, 2010


#6 and 8........the twilight movies are good - if you are a 10-15 year-old girl. the problem with this series of movies? they aren't good - just popular with the teeny-bopper crowd. updates for these films would be more useful on sites that kids frequent. on this site, most don't seem to gravitate towards such teen targeted fare. and #6 - you sound just like the " judgemental douchebags" you're railing against. #8......women can and DO make good films and write great books - but commercial success doesn't necessarily mean something is good - it just means that the maker has found a target audience for their crap. "twilight" and the "potter" series fall into this category.

beavis on Feb 12, 2010


# 6 & 8 As a woman, just shut the fuck up. You like Twilight ? Fine. But don't try to pretend it's any good. You like crap. You liken a poorly written books and the poorly made cinema adaptations. NEWSFLASH : Not liking Twilight and calling what it really is does not mean you are a women-hater or sexist. (On the contrary, Twilight is sexist thanks to Edward the controlling boyfriend !) As far as bashing the fans goes ? If you hailing it as goodd literature (even literature), I'll bash you. If you think it's best book ever written, I'll bash you. If you just like and don't make a fuss about it (fuss= all the above and more), we can talk.

Sandrine on Feb 12, 2010


# 13... Lucky number cause you are so right and it's good to see you know better. I worked on the Twilight marketing image stuff in my country and I try to read it... a bit of all those books and no way! Really bad stuff and yes: The girl there, Bella (does Meyer knows about Bela Lugosi!?) it seems like a the third element of horror genre in Twilight... She's a Zombie!!! She does not look like the girls I know.

moonscar on Feb 12, 2010


Milk it for all it's worth.

SlsahBeast on Feb 12, 2010


What a mature bunch this is...

RPD on Feb 12, 2010


Please don't act like Twilight is literature in any way, shape or form.

Governor on Feb 12, 2010


The Gov speaks the truth...

moonscar on Feb 12, 2010


#8: Please don't presume to speak on behalf of all women. Please, I beg of you. What the hell does Pride and Prejudice have to do with anything? You do realize that there are many, many females out there who a) hate Twilight, and b) love things like Terminator, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones (all of which have STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS in them?!). Holy shit, the lead character in Terminator is SARAH CONNOR, who is a credit to women in about 50 different ways that Bella Swan is not. This has nothing to do with testosterone or feminism. It has everything to do with good and bad storytelling.

equustel on Feb 12, 2010


First, let me thank all the female commenters and Ian Kuah for holding the fort down. Now @ Laura, First, go ahead and read your fellow female's remarks against your unfounded accusations and insults. Done? Good. Now, like Ian Kuah said, nowhere in my response did I say men only create quality films and literature. I'm saying that the Twilight films and books are poor examples of it. The fact that it happens to be written by and features a female lead is irrelevant. And no, a franchise being "testosterone" fueled does not make it good. My point was those are some of my favorite franchises but I don't get all bent out of shape when somebody doesn't like or even hates them. And as far as your attack against my literary tastes, I have read Pride & Prejudice, and I read the first chapter of Twilight before I had to put it down because the writing was simply awful and immature. Twilight is no Pride and Prejudice. I'm a man who is able to enjoy straight romances (Before Sunrise, The Notebook), romantic comedies (When Harry Met Sally, Annie Hall) and the occasional female driven action adventure when they actually get made (Kill Bill). The problem is studios haven't figured out how to make quality female driven films that don't pander to your sex, or exploit sexuality (Tomb Raider, Aeon Flux, Elektra, etc.) Finally, in defending Twilight, I fail to see any reasons that the series in film or book form is actually good. You merely change the subject and find a way to insult myself and other males. Make sure you remember that films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones have been nominated for Best Picture at a legitimate awards outlet, whereas Twilight will never receive anything more than bogus movie accolades like the MTV Movie Awards. Regards,

Ethan Anderton on Feb 12, 2010


@13 thank you for stating the fact about Edward. I think most parents fail to see that. Why do we want want our daughters to look up to a girl who is so dependent on a male. Aren't we trying to get away from that? I understand the love story and why some would like it. I just wish people wouldn't over look the fact It's bad material and something our young girls shouldn't be looking up to.

Curtis G on Feb 12, 2010


Yep agree with #13. As a woman I also hate the Twilight series, it isn't good literature, it isn't good writing at all. I also agree, I don't see the point of watching a girl who doesn't seem to know that she can think for her god damn self, and dependent on some idiotic vampire. I love reading books like Pride & Prejudice, heck I have 6 books by Jane Austen. I also like reading Little Women. However, plz do not compare Twilights to such books, it is an insult.

Mony on Feb 12, 2010


What is wrong with u people TWILIGHT ROCKS! Keep your comments to your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TWIHARD!! on Feb 12, 2010



Ash on Feb 12, 2010


Um...I...I...I got nothing.

Xerxex on Feb 12, 2010


#23 & 24 There's nothing with us. We just have a decent taste in literature and cinema. I can at least recognised when I like something that is crap. Not that I could ever like something like Twilight Care to explain why 'TWILIGHT ROCKS' ? (And no, Edward being 'HAWT' does not count as a valid argument.) As far as keeping our comments to ourselves, free speech. We're free to comment, you're free to respond (as stupidly as you want). (What is with Twitards and not being able to accept criticism ?)

Sandrine on Feb 13, 2010


Damn. Forgot a word, should be 'There's nothing wrong with us'

Sandrine on Feb 13, 2010


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ nothing to do with artistic intentions or the book is 800 is all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and it will reflect in the production, as the previous installments of tripe has proven. Cred X.....that was pretty funny.

Clover on Feb 13, 2010


THE AIDS OF LITERATURE must be quarantined. Why'd the Twi-tards have to go busting in on our fun? Getting all defensive just because they know Edward won't come swooping in to save them from their depraved lives. I'm a female, if that makes any difference at all... which it shouldn't!

giraffic on Feb 13, 2010


#13 & #26 i've actually read the series AND seen the films but your views on it ar AWESOME.. u got my vote

Nel on Feb 13, 2010


mehh.. just leave it alone. i am a hardcore fan but i agree the movies suckk ass. i dont go watch them. i wait until they're out on dvd. it doesnt seem worth paying for shit like that. i do agree that its poorly written but theres the whole love story thing.. it has countless flawss but theres a reason people like it. it doesnt matter if its 13 year old girls or single whatever women. anyways ... people learn to take a fucking hit. alright

jane on Feb 14, 2010


I'm a woman and I love the whole Twilight thing,books and movies and all the craziness around it.And no I am not a teenager not even a tween or thirty something.It's light entertainment and escapism for me.And yes I lust after Robert Pattinson,so fucking sue me. I also love all the other stuff mentioned,Terminator,Indiana Jones,Kill Bill,Star Wars.My #1 all time favorite movie is and always will be Aliens. So what do you say to that? Just leave the twihards alone.I'm not 1 of them,I just enjoy the show from the sidelines.Let them milk this whole thing for all its worth,it's all about making money and let Robsten have their hour of fame because it sure as shit way more than 15 minutes for them.It will all blow over and disappear in time.And even if it won't disappear completely,it will calm down. And yes I know that the 4 Twilight books are not literary genius but I've read worse.

Cookie on Feb 17, 2010


What's wrong with everybody? Twilight and its sequels were great films for two hour naps.

Joe on Oct 3, 2010

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