Two More Back-to-Back 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Sequels Next!

December 3, 2010
Source: HitFix

Jack Sparrow

If you were worried that just one more dive back into the ocean with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides wasn't going to be enough to quench your thirst for Captain Jack Sparrow then you are in luck. HitFix reports Disney has been quietly telling cast and crew to save a big chunk of their time in the near future to shoot a the fifth and sixth installments of their successful franchise back-to-back. This isn't surprising since the second and third sequels employed the same technique, but honestly, I thought the latter sequels suffered the same plight as the Matrix sequels with more cohesion only within the last two films rather than all three.

However, with Johnny Depp already scheduled for Dark Shadows and The Lone Ranger in 2011, it's anybody's guess as to when these sequels will get off the ground. It's also unclear whether or not Rob Marshall will return to directthese two sequels much like Gore Verbinski did for the first trilogy. In addition, since On Stranger Tides found its inspiration from a previously published novel by Tim Powers, writers Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott will have to work pretty hard to craft two more stories and connect them back to the first film lest they fall into the same hole as the first trilogy. Anyway, it doesn't look like this franchise is dying anytime soon, so I hope these new sequels deliver some decent swashbuckling adventures. What do you think?

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I don't believe that's a good idea. They did back to back films already, and not a lot of people thought they lived up to the first one. I'm okay with making this fourth film, but all Hollywood wants to do is milk everything they can out of them; that just destroys the integrity of the films. Stop it already.

Brian on Dec 3, 2010


cool but they shouldnt drag it on >_>

A5J4DX on Dec 3, 2010


Oh ENOUGH already! I'm only giving the 4th one a shot to make up for those shitty sequels #2 and #3.

Film Fan on Dec 3, 2010


@ Brian You do realize the Dead Man's Chest made over a billion dollars, and At World's End make $961 million. So obviously someone thought they were okay movies. I'll be a very happy person if Disney keeps making the POTC films.

EJP on Dec 3, 2010


On Stranger Tides will make or break Pirates for me. The Curse of the Black Pearl was the best out of the films...Dead's Man Chest was pretty bland and At Worlds End was *shudders* this will have to be better than the two sequels.

Xerxex on Dec 3, 2010


Oh god no

Marcus on Dec 3, 2010


The Leprechaun is a better franchise at this point. I'm not against it, but the films can't take themselves so seriously. A little more fun please.

Al on Dec 3, 2010


Hollywood...bringing the phrase "beating a dead horse" to a whole new level.

JeepFu on Dec 3, 2010


wow more crap

xanatos on Dec 3, 2010


How can people hate on Pirates, 2 and 3 were good movies (DMC a little bit better than AWE) but still good. Although if they're want to keep going like this, why don't they just make a television series.

Lamar on Dec 3, 2010


too bad its not Gore Verbinski directing but i am definately looking forward to more Jack Sparrow.

RICH on Dec 3, 2010


Okay, so if there is going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and then a Pirates of the Caribbean 6, then what years will they be released to theaters ???, any ideas on that possibly ???.

Sean on Dec 3, 2010


BUT WHY? I can only see the franchise going under with Tides even with Depp and the rest of the cast members. This is a horrible mistake and I certainly won't be following the films after the third film which was a little far fetched.

Eli on Dec 3, 2010


Nit Pick Time! (pun intended) to Quote Ethan: "I thought the latter sequels, suffered the same plight as the Matrix sequels with more cohesion only within the last two films rather than all three" Both The Matrix and Black Pearl were 1 shot movies that were way more successful then anticipated (especially Pirates), the 2nd and 3rd films were thought up afterward and and had to restart the storyline, as the 1st movie had proper endings (hero flys/sails off into the sunset). In addition both 2nd movies end in a cliffhanger, so OBVIOUSLY there's more cohesion within the latter two films. Oh and nobody don't compare these to Star Wars, Potter, Narnia, and Twilight as these we are all set up to span more than one film from the get go. And my only grip about Pirates 2 and 3 (that I can recall) is the "epic battle" between the Pirate and Company fleets was A MASSIVE LETDOWN. sure the budget would've been 500 million, but they did sell it to have the fleets clash.

Akirakorn on Dec 3, 2010


Jeep fu. haha.

Eli on Dec 3, 2010


@EJP -- Just because movies make big bank, doesn't automatically make them good movies. Transformers 2?

doubloon on Dec 3, 2010



be on Dec 3, 2010


Besides, audiences go to see sequels based on the goodwill of the first movie they liked, so the box office is built on that.

doubloon on Dec 3, 2010


Wasn't the 2nd film just an extended trailer for the 3rd? And the 3rd a lead up to the 4th? they just had a lot of filler. I liked the idea of them, but 6 films is taking the urine.

Crapola on Dec 3, 2010


No. If Depp signs up for more of this crap, he's crazy.

gonnarentit on Dec 3, 2010


Funny they said that exact same thing about the spiderman series and then they decided to reboot the entire maybe we'll be seeing a rebooted pirates series?

Nick on Dec 3, 2010


one sentence : few houndred million dollars profit personally I dont mind,someone must be paying to see these movies and besides the more money a studio makes the more likely they are to invest in new directors with good scripts rather than put everything into one guranteed flagpole project,thats business.

tir na nog on Dec 4, 2010


#14 So was The Golden Compass (which of course is the first part of the His Dark Materials trilogy), but I don't think anyone believes we'll be seeing Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass get made anytime soon.

Jeeze on Dec 4, 2010


i think we should see the new ones before hollywood says that this new one is good enough for a sequel.

KING on Dec 4, 2010


I'm with #7, let's make this more fun. 2nd and 3rd were way too serious after the first one and that's what 2 and 3 were missing. so yeah if they put a little more summer swashbuckling fun back into the series @4 one word, Avatar biggest amount of profit of any movie that's been made to this date, iffy movie and probobally the most overrated

max s. on Dec 4, 2010


I blame these bullshit franchise extensions on Saw, they just kept making money and studios see they actually can just beat an idea to death 100 times over and still make profit. Dont get me wrong I love POTC but I promised the 4th was the last for me. Its more the principle of the matter, Im going to rephrase my much said question: Where is the EFFORT to come up with some original ideas.

Cody w on Dec 5, 2010


Sounds good as long as the writer's are given time to write the scripts properly. When they shot 2 and 3, the script for the second film wasn't finished until a week (can't remember the exact length of time) into shooting and the third film only existed as an overview with a few complete scenes. It was then a rush job to complete the script in time. As it was, the script they filmed for the third film was not up to the standards the screenwriters hold themselves to, and they both agreed they needed more time to polish it.

Mark on Dec 5, 2010


As long as the Macguffin is fresh, I'm in... Keep the story flowing, yet bring in different pirate lady leads. I think it's safe to say that we kinda got sick of the Elizabeth Swan "thing" by the end of the 2nd movie and it started to weigh the series down.

Solo Calrissian on Dec 5, 2010


I just figured out when Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Pirates of the Caribbean 6 come to theaters!. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be coming to theaters in 2013, and then Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will be coming to theaters in 2014.

Sean on Dec 6, 2010


As long as they keep the characters fresh, the whole Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan thing got boring. I was more interested in Jack Sparrow then everyone else. Though I think they should hold their horses and wait and see if the forth pirates even is any good. Even though the trailer was totally awesome it is still unpredictable how all the audiences feel after the forth one is out. If the forth one ends up being totally friggen awesome and everyone loves it. Then be my guest and make a number 5! Pirates one through three were all about Will and Elizabeth, Disney thought that everyone would love their characters but instead everyone fell in love with Jack Sparrow. So they had to finish Will and Elizabeth's story so they can get on with Jack Sparrows. I'm all into seeing Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides, I have a feeling that its going to be the best out of the whoe sieres.

CaptainFlyingSparrow on Dec 14, 2010


Well my computer decided to enter my comment before I was even done, so friggen whole came out whoe instead. Damn computer and I'm sure there are a lot of other errors in there. Sorry.

CaptainFlyingSparrow on Dec 14, 2010


Why do they call it the first trilogy? Won't 5 and 6 be apart of the first three movies? And does anyone have any idea on what they're doing in 5 and 6?

DoYouFearDeath333 on Jan 2, 2011

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