Two More Fast & Furious Movies Are Shifting Into Gear Soon

January 11, 2010
Source: Facebook, AICN

Fast & Furious

And you thought this series was already finished! Actor Vin Diesel recently updated his personal Facebook page (via AICN) to reveal that two more installments of the Fast and the Furious franchise might be on the way. Diesel wrote: "If 2009's Fast and Furious was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and Chapter 3." So we've got at least two more of these movies on the way. Personally speaking, I imagine a script for something like Fast & Furious to have lots of pictures and small words. But hot damn if the people you knew in high school who put spoilers and body kits on Chrysler LeBaron's aren't excited!

So obviously the next installments will bring back Diesel's character Dominic Toretto and if they are indeed the next chapters continuing last year's money-making Fast & Furious, then most likely Paul Walker will be back as well. What else does he have to do? Diesel expanded upon his thoughts about the new scripts:

"I have never been submitted a two story saga from a studio before…it is very exciting and shows a commitment level that is hard not to respond to. Excited about the sexy locations the filming of this saga would take us…this novel-like story, that has twists and unexpected turns that is authentic, truthful and challenging to the characters."

That kind of commitment level has to be akin to the strength required to make Death Bed: The Bed That Eats which Patton Oswalt so phenomenally recounted. And additionally, if any Fast and the Furious film is ever "novel-like, authentic or challenging to the characters," I will swallow my own head. I understand that the Fast and the Furious films are nonsensical action fun, and yes, the first one was actually ridiculously entertaining. But this last movie had boring action sequences, completely uncool cars (a huge mainstay in the franchise) and even worse screenwriting. Fast the Furious: something to leave behind in the last decade.

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dave on Jan 11, 2010


the fast and furious movies were decent but now it's starting to get played out just a little bit...

jake the snake on Jan 11, 2010


Man don't hate on something that was FUN. Hate on the stuff that was both CRAP and BORING. Fast & Furious is just good times all around. I wish we could get a sequel to Tokyo Drift. That would be FUN. 🙂

Hedgehog on Jan 11, 2010


fuck, this has to be someone taking the piss.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 11, 2010


Someone's jealous of the pussy magnet that is the '83 Le Baron. Grow up.

In-Rainbows on Jan 11, 2010


There's always a audience for movies like these. The first 3 were okay at best, but that last one was real garbage.

Nasty Nate on Jan 11, 2010


A lot of people are acutally excited about this. Thanks for the update but if you're going to badmouth entertaining movies then go watch some boring ass award winners and leave the popcorn flicks to everyone else. Way to insult someone who's ten times as powerful as you both physically and financially.

Gambino on Jan 11, 2010


I actually enjoy the entire series. Just plain fun. The first was the best though and the fourth the second best for me. Then the third and last was the second.

NSX on Jan 11, 2010


I agree with everyone - FAST AND FURIOUS is a lot of fun, and man, ill be there for another and another.

crumb on Jan 11, 2010


Are you guys complaining because you LIKE the Fast & Furious movies and Ethan doesn't? Because man, those movies DO suck, even if you love them (sorry, but they do). But as for that sentence at the beginning, I did just change it (since it was a bit harsh).

Alex Billington on Jan 11, 2010


Well Alex, his Diesel comment started with the wrong foot. And even if you don't like and think the movies suck, you don't need to fill the article with hate. It's not supposed to read as a common forum post.

Darunia on Jan 11, 2010


Hey guys, Obviously we all have our own opinion, and mine differs drasically from most of yours. I'll come right out and say I think The Fast & the Furious franchise is one of the worst ever made. I'll admit that the first film had some great cars and some cool action sequences, but since then the series has been all about making more money with the writing, acting and even the cars all going to the dogs. @ Nasty Nate, You're right...there's always an audience for these films, but I'm not in it, and neither is anyone else at FirstShowing, but we want to make sure all you people who enjoy the series are up to date on the developments with any new projects in the series. As always, news like this comes with our own personal spin which frequently features our opinion, and as you know, we won't always agree. As far as "hate," for Vin's not personal, but simply based on his complete lack of acting talent. The only two movies I've ever enjoyed Diesel in are The Iron Giant (the voice of the Iron Giant), and Saving Private Ryan (of which he has about five minutes of screen time and he dies early on). So, yes...keep on liking it. By all means, I'm not telling you to change your mind. I like fun nonsensical action movies too. I dig The Transporter, Crank and other action flicks that don't star Jason Statham. So take it easy! Regards,

Ethan Anderton on Jan 11, 2010


The first one was the only good one and the latest was such a mind numbingly boring movie I could care less about this sucked dry franchise.

Cody on Jan 11, 2010


I think one thing we can agree on is that if you are coming to this site, you love movies, bottom line. Some may love this franchise, others wont. Lets just calm the hate down and be a little more respectful to one another. I'm growing a little tired of all the bashing going back and fourth on movie blogs lately. Be excellent to each other!!!

BigT on Jan 11, 2010


Why I did like the last movie (I even liked Tokyo Drift, the second one is worse then a DTV film and the first is nothing special), this is just stupid. Kill this franchise with fire. Please!

Brandon on Jan 12, 2010


#14, in general it feels hate is in the American air....seriously everyone is pissed off and right now everyone is bickering at each other. You see it in politics, everday society, and sadly and evidently its even grown to the ENTERTAINMENT industry. People fail to realize whats truly happening to our country, and its sad when the effects of it spreads to something meant for enjoyment and spectacle.

Cody on Jan 12, 2010


#14 and #16 The only thing that can be done is to spread positive vibrations to every you meet. This may sound completely hippy but it's true. A simple smile, a thanks or helping a complete stranger. These are the things lacking in society today. Everyone is too caught up in their own selfish ego to care about what others think or want. Too busy hearing themselves speak to care about what someone else is going through. The polarized divide of partisan politics is a prime example and is creating an America that is anything but united. Anyhow back to the movies. How about that Paul Walker guy? What a horrible one dimensional actor. I know why this series stay afloat: it's all what is out there for the car junkies. The cars in the last movie were the real stars. Easy money for the studios. Just repetitive drivel entertainment for the rest of us. Vin Diesel needs another paycheck somehow I suppose.

Brandon on Jan 12, 2010


well i like the franchise they are fast they are funny and definitly deliver enoguh action and way too much exhaust and i love that 😀 but there seems to be a glich in what Diesel has said "If 2009's Fast and Furious was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and Chapter 3." he is deeply mistaken.. since all those who have watched the films should realise that chronologically the movies go as 1- Fast and the furious 2- 2 Fast 2 Furious 3- Fast and Furious 4- Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift so actually 2009s FaF is the 3rd in the series on the timeline thats 😀 but may be it was a typo or he might have been thinking of his Riddick sequels (and i can hardly wait on them too :D) i will be there to see the new sequels of the squeeling tires and bright colors 😀 count me in

burak "Daequitas" on Jan 12, 2010


There's no accounting for taste. I get that some people don't like this franchise, but the "why do you like this--it sucks" whining has to stop. I bought all three Legally Blonde movies for my wife and didn't complain once about how dumb it looks. For those who don't know, the F & F francise is a profitable one. SOME people out there like it. And if the studio wants to cater to those people, let 'em. Just don't go see it.

Nada Nuff on Jan 12, 2010


I am glad there is plans for a Two more F&F films thanks to Vin Deisel facebook page. I would like to see another Riddick movie. cannot wait for the Start filming of F&F films of film.

Cineprog on Jan 12, 2010


First off, ditch those fucking CGI cars. I can play a video game if I want to see those. Secondly, can the next films actually have some racing? The last one had ONE race in the entire fucking movie. The rest was a bunch of CGI cars playing follow the leader in a CGI cave.

SlashBeast on Jan 12, 2010


Two more!AWSOME

Mate Mujan on Jan 27, 2010


Stop the hate. It's a fan-service movie and there's nothing wrong with that. Your opinion on what a "cool car" is shows your lack of appreciation of the car modding world. The first movie had nothing but cheap cars turned shitty and fast (eclipses, civics, integras, jetta, etc) ... the only legit cars were the supra (minus the retarded decals and wing) and the challenger at the end. As the movies have continued, the taste has matured a bit. This last one had some ridiculously cool cars as long as you can appreciate a TRULY nice ride. M5, Sylvias, Skyline, STi and some buck nasty muscle cars. So don't be so quick to say the movie has lost it's direction of "cool cars" when the truth is the cars HAVE been getting "cooler"

alexm on May 28, 2010

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