One Long Trailer for RZA's Wu-Tang vs The Golden Phoenix!

June 28, 2010
Source: Quiet Earth

RZA's Wu-Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix

Fans of kung fu - this one's for you! Okay, let me be clear, this is not the full-on $20 million kung fu movie that RZA is planning to shoot called The Man With The Iron Fist. That hasn't shot yet. In fact, I'm not even sure what the story is on this. These trailers are for a film called Wu-Tang vs The Golden Phoenix that Quiet Earth says has been "in the making for the past decade." I assume this was just a kung fu experiment involving Wu-Tang, that RZA shot as a way of getting into the genre and getting used to directing. But who knows what it really is. One thing I can tell you - they're both freakin' awesome. Watch the trailers below!

Watch the (only remaining) unofficial trailer for The RZA's Wu-Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix:

Even though this seems really lo-fi (or low budget), I think it looks pretty awesome. It just looks like one of those badass kung fu movies you pop in whenever you're chilling out on a weekend afternoon with nothing better than a big of… you get the idea. As stated in the first trailer, The RZA stars in this (and I'm assuming he also directed it, but I don't know). Fight choreography was done by Robert Tai of Shaolin Temple and a whole bunch of other martial arts films. You can buy art prints made for the film and much more on RZA's official website. Other than that, we're not sure when this will hit theaters or arrive on DVD, so stay tuned.

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Idc what it is or who is in it or who made it.... If it looks like two highschoolers shot it I don't wanna watch it. .............. ....... or do I? Lol it looks fun.

ChazzyO on Jun 28, 2010


(Facepalms) Oh god not Rap Crap

Jimmy Love on Jun 28, 2010


@Jimmy Love do you realize how ignorant your comment is? rap is crap, but HIP HOP isnt... if you werent so close minded maybe you would realize that the RZA is a genius not jus with music, but with filmmaking and entreprenaurship (probably spelled that wrong)... and either way, i dont see how this is related to Hip Hop at all, its a kung fu movie, a very breathtaking-looking one as well, i thought people who liked movies actually visited this shit not people who hate on stuff they dont even know anything about?

ripthejacker on Jun 28, 2010


hahaha WICKED

Kenji on Jun 28, 2010


as in the Wu-Tang Clan... with Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killah and all those guys?

Said on Jun 28, 2010


The 5 Deadly Venoms was one of the greatest Kung Fu flicks ever.

L on Jun 28, 2010


Haha, I liked that. Very cool!

Sabes on Jun 28, 2010


Cool... now this is what a kung fu movie should look like none of that CGI crap. o and for all those people who think it looks bad that because they shot it that way its mimicking the way classic kung fu movies looked back in the day so don’t take it seriously because movies aren’t supposed to be taken serious there supposed to be for our enjoyment. Can’t wait to see this one lol.

rome on Jun 28, 2010


5 Deadly Venoms was the most awesome Kung Fu flick that didn't star Bruce Lee. Kid with the Golden Arm and Dynasty are close runners up. This looks like a loving tribute to the chop socky flicks I grew up watching. Obviously the RZA is a huge fan of the genre and went to great lengths to work with the very best. He might not be the best actor out there, but if this is any indication, I can't wait to see what he does with the Man with the Iron Fist movie.

DLM Entertainment on Jun 28, 2010


Look stupid, incredibly low budget, and amateurish... And yet I loved every second of it haha. It really did feel like a pointless fun movie to put on on Fridays or Saturdays with some friends. I wish it were a full flick.

Rops on Jun 28, 2010


Wow. Really really poorly made. Not even close to the originals they're clearly trying to copy. Looks like it was made by school kids in their back garden. Shame, good idea too.

sonnychiba1 on Jun 29, 2010


Haha I'm surprised I didnt see Tarantino Production somewhere. Looks funny and bad ass all wrapped in one.

JimD on Jun 29, 2010


Like I said Rap Crap

Jimmy Love on Jun 29, 2010


@13 by 14 ...Ouch! Maybe that'll teach him a lesson...but i highly doubt that.

dex on Jun 29, 2010


@ 14 : Wow, mind keeping it a little cleaner? For the most part this site is always professional but you just dropped it down to the level of some random /b/ thread, congrats. @ Topic : Looks fun and entertaining. It would definately be in my Quentin Tarantino (yes i know it's not his but it's the same style that he has been bringing back lately) marathon right there between Kill Bill vol. 2 and Death Proof.

Hedgehog on Jun 29, 2010



Brandon on Jun 29, 2010


Yeah, this looks like one of those old school kung fu films, I'd see it. BTW well said at the end Shelby Hemstock.

lamar on Jun 29, 2010


Looks like something I would have watched as a kid on kung-fu theater on saturday afternoon on the UHF channels.

D on Jun 29, 2010


@ 14 if i was white trailer trash like yourself I would be dumb enough to listen to the atrocity to music that is rap Rap Crap!

Jimmy Love on Jun 29, 2010


Wow! pass me the cheese and popcorn! Could be entertaining you never know with these things.

arjones on Jun 30, 2010


oh man...i don't know jack about kung-fu...i tried to watch it, just not my thing...showcasing raw (if it is in any way) kung-fu is good for kung-fu lovers but as a movie, i don't know...i know they tried to make it an old kung-fu film but it looks so amateurish even beyond the point where "it looks so bad, it's funny" i can be really wrong...perhaps i am...

chilin on Jun 30, 2010


Yeah #14. Chill out. This is probably the only site where I enjoy reading what people post in the comments section. Don't screw this up. Also, this looks pretty silly, but in a good way.

Garrett on Jun 30, 2010


@Jimmy Love: Well it sure as hell makes better '70s Kung Fu homage than Rock Slop.

Christopher Nolan on Jun 30, 2010


I would like for this film to be a winner, but I can't lie. It looks like total crap. Man this is 2010, not 1985! It shouldn't see that light of day in a theater, and if it makes it to Blockbuster video, it should be on VHS somewhere in the back in a box. RZA had a golden opportunity to bring Kung-Fu back, and didn't move it towards the new generation by utilizing todays technology. I'm very disappointed in both trailers, as it looks like it was shot from a crappy cell phone camera. Boo! P.S. 13 & 14, ya'll trippin, let that go.

Black Dynamite on Jun 30, 2010


People that say this is poorly made are probably mostly ignorant to Kung Fu movies. Especially the Shaw Bros library .. which this is mostly modeled after. It's also where the name Master Killer came from .. Rza has always been an open Kung Fu fan and this looks like a pretty awesome movie so far. They really nailed the film grain. Although a lot of older Kung Fu movies look quite clear when remastered recently in hi-def. Either way this looks like a fun time. You don't see anyone trying to make a modern movie like the classics .. budget, style and all. I think it shows his dedication to old Kung Fu which just makes me further think it will be great. If you are not into this kind of thing then why comment? If you have only seen Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li movies .. again why comment negatively this isn't your thing.

The Dude on Jun 30, 2010


Whoa, I know Kung Fu. Throwback to Kung Fu theatre, total retro and bad ass. My kind of grindhouse. Let's hope it make it out to theatres.

1544K on Jul 1, 2010


I cant stand it when the coloreds try to do stuff like this. They need to stay in their huts and leave te movies to us REAL AMERICANS!

matt damon on Jul 1, 2010


It looks horrible. I mean BAD. A bad knock off of old kung-fu films

spec on Jul 2, 2010

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