Phew: Twins Will Not Be Back in Michael Bay's Transformers 3

May 10, 2010
Source: TFLAMB

The Twins

Oh hell no! Although there were many problems with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, one of the most hated aspects of it were the annoying "Twins" autobots: Skids and Mudflap. Although we learned after the fact that they were actually the creation of Michael Bay (not the writers), we were all hoping they wouldn't return in the sequel. Well, bad news, as the TFLAMB has spotted the two cars (the Chevy Beat & Chevy Trax) on set in downtown Los Angeles this week for Transformers 3. While they don't have any actual photos, a reader claims they "saw the Autobot 'twins' zooming around" and shot a video of another car getting hurled.

While this isn't fully confirmed (there are no photos to back it up), I have a feeling it's true, mainly because they're Bay's little bots and he probably wanted them back. When Transformers 2 was released, numerous high profile critics like Harry Knowles and Scott Mendelson called Skids and Mudflap "racist foul-mouthed robots" and "the most astonishingly racist caricatures that I've ever seen" (two quotes from their respective reviews). I don't know how Paramount or even Chevrolet let him bring back characters that are so racist, but let's hope he's toned down their racism and focuses more on their Decepticon ass-kicking skills in this one.

The TFLAMB also has news about actress Kym Whitley joining the cast (most likely for a smaller role) and plenty more continually updated coverage on Transformers 3. We'll probably hear more about this sequel as it continues to shoot over the next few months. This isn't great news (about the Twins), but I'm not going to write off the entire movie just because two bots are back (though they were very annoying). It needs a better script/story and it could be entertaining again like the first. What side do you fall on with these bots?

Update: Not long after we posted this, Michael Bay himself wrote an update on his official forums stating simple and strongly: "The Twins are not back in T3." So there you go, the Twins will not actually be returning, according to Bay. But let me remind you that when Transformers 2 was in development, Bay came out and said that Megatron was not in that movie, and look who showed up (and had a huge part in that sequel). However, I am actually inclined to believe that he's not lying this time, just because I do think he's smart enough not to bring them back. So until further notice, this story ain't true, and the Twins won't be back in Transformers 3.

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The twins could surprise us in the third movie. Bay took much heat for the twins' attitudes so we may see a different side - hopefullly.

jake the snake on May 10, 2010


Maybe he brought them back so he can blow them up real good.

Zantorian on May 10, 2010


After the horrible mess that was transformers 2, am pretty sure the third movie will be better. Trust me on this, not as good as the first one but better than the second one. You'll see.

akumared on May 10, 2010


am I the only one who thought transformers 2 was better than 1? totally hated 1 and thougt the twins in 2 were not even half as annoying as all the 'comedic' sequeys in 1 or the retarded mom on pot thing bay should go back to the basics... very little attempted comedy and more blowing shit up... its not like its going to have a deep story, developed characters or some sort of meaningful social commentary

Janny on May 10, 2010


@ 4, yes. You are the only one.

Chazzy O on May 10, 2010


Why in hell would bay bring back those stupid twins? I will not spend my hard earned money to watch crap like Transformer 3 if he brings those idiotic robots.

apoc1ne on May 10, 2010


#4 you are not the only one. I hated T1 with a passion. I saw T2 and it was actually better but still fucking horrible. Now T3? O lord help us!!!

REAL6 on May 10, 2010


Although in a sense I hate the movies, I cant help but let my inner CG loving self have a good time during parts of the movie. I'll be ready for a crap movie with only good explosions when the 3rd comes out

Wes on May 10, 2010


I'm Sorry but I loved the twins. I loved Jar Jar Binks and I was pissed that they wrote him out cause people hated him. I'll be happy if he sticks up for himself and keeps them!

Me. on May 10, 2010


Anyone who pays actual currency to see Transformers 3 is a fucking sucker.

graffiti bandit on May 10, 2010


@4 and everyone else...I actually like 2 waaaaaay better...not story-wise, but definitely action-wise... as for the twins, who cares if they had the attitude they were given, I mean he is supposed to give these movies life...I personally think that not giving them the attitude in the first place would have been racist in the first place...I mean, then they wouldn't have been funny...what would you have two short fat robots do? be as serious as cool looking sideswipe? I think that people pointing out and complaining the robots are supposed to be racist, are the people that are actually racist, or just looking for excuses to criticize Bay eternally... drop it please...

zeldaprimed on May 10, 2010


I wish I had missed the second movie because of these two. I felt punk'nd. How could I bring my kids to see this garbage? Having what's considered the movies comedy relief using the word pussy and blatant racist stereotyping, let alone the hero being dubbed Slaughtermous Prime, I couldn't support such a franchise again. I'm not spending a cent on this third installment unless the reviews of the most hardcore haters of Bay actually praise it. Even then I'm waiting till week 3.

Dezarath on May 10, 2010


I saw Transformers 2 only because a friend got me a free ticket, but I have to say that I found the twins amusing. In that train wreck of a script, the Twins were the only comedic element that had any rhythm or stability amidst the chaos. Maybe it's just because I like old Warner Brothers cartoons, (i.e., "the censored eleven"), and maybe it makes me a bit of a racist, but I thought that they were pretty funny; much more amusing than humping dogs, an un-funny parent getting high, John Turturro's random jockstrap, robot scrotum gags, or even Rainn Wilson in leather pants. In a story with no real structure, you have to admit that at least the Twins were consistent.

Steven on May 10, 2010


Please god no

silver on May 10, 2010


@10 I totally agree Only way I'll be seeing this while in theaters is if someone pays ME to go. Otherwise it's netflix or streaming site. The 2nd movie was trash.

Ken on May 10, 2010


If I were him I wouldn't let people tell me what I could have in my films, either...

RPD on May 10, 2010


Billington, you've done it again. How can you outright say something so biased and stupid. You are a childish reviewer and should not be allowed to to give your opinion on wide-reaching matters. I am black, and I can tell you there was nothing racist or wrong about the Twins. These phrases you use are very serious. Do not spout repeated garbage in an effort to sully the reputation of people. Bay has free reign. Let him make his films. YOU HAVE NEVER MADE A BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE FRANCHISE. So, let's just wait and see the final product, instead of throwing around words like 'racist' when you have no concept of these matters.

oly on May 10, 2010


The twins are nothing more than robots in black face. Can Spike Lee make the Gobots movie and make fun of white people the whole time? Please? I can guarantee it will be better than Mr. Racist/Explosion-Lover Michael Bay's piece of crap. Oh hey, lets go into this museum in Washington DC, and exit...a DESERT! Oh hey, looks at this rusty car. Look how shiny it is!? Oh wait...Rust isn't shiny.

Kyle A. Koyote on May 10, 2010


I don't get why everyone thinks they're racist, I guess people are over-sensitive and just look for an exuse to be victims or hate Michael Bay for no reason. Transformers 3 will be awesome!

Lincoln on May 11, 2010


I actually enjoyed the twins. While at some points a little racist, like when one says that he can't read, they were enjoyable. I'm actually glad they are coming back. Not everything has to be politically correct. The only thing that made people associate them with being black was the way they spoke, but I know plenty of white people that talk like that.

Dan W on May 11, 2010


Racist, yeah I guess if you want to go there. But you know what? Their screen time is all my 5 year old laughed at, and thats good enough for me. I thoroughly enjoyed T2, and I give it a pass for it's bad editing. It was a lot of fun, and Im a very capable critic.

Mark D on May 11, 2010


oly, you may be black, but you're also a fucking moron if you can't see that the twins are a racist caricature.

TW on May 11, 2010


i think this is Bay's way of sticking it to those critics who said the characters were racists, now i believe if the magical "N" word were applied in any for to these characters as in they having said the word or another character calls to them by the word, then i would speculate that their is Racism involved, as #20 mentions that the appeal was for kicks and giggles of having two goffy characters for entertainment purposes then why not right, but then again their was Jazz, from the first transformers who had the same vocal tones as these two characters theres my 2 cents

DaftPUNKFAN on May 11, 2010


The first Transformers was a good film. The second film was not. The action sequences were so badly edited together. Bay really rushed that film and it seems he will be doing the same with the third movie. I will be giving it a miss. As for the twins they were annoying but not as much as sam's mother. I really wish Bay would forget about doing the next Transformers film and finally make "Bad Boys III".

last son on May 11, 2010


WHY???! the twins are like Jar Jar Binks x10. I can't f'ing stand them and I think the racist stereo type was taken a bit too far for this type of film (I'm black). Just like the 'black guy' dying (Jazz) in the first film. Bay - you not black, ease up on the stereotyping!! If these two arseholes are in the 3rd film i'm torrenting it the day it comes out. I deserve compensation for sitting through the second instalment!

Metatasian on May 11, 2010


the beauty of american cinema is that it prompts conversations like this. its part of what making films is about. I for one agree with no. 11, but my point is this. How many people that think the twins were racist to any degree also think the confederate flag gets a bad rap for being a racist symbol, and vice versa, how many that say the twins weren't racist consider the confederate flag to any degree? and what does that say about our american culture as a whole here in 2010? what does it say about the ever present existence of the unspoken racial tension between countrymen? Gotta love thought provoking cinema, even when it wasnt intentional...

curtis on May 11, 2010


I might pay to go and see this if I hear that those @?/("ng twins are captured early on and their only screen time is being tortured to a slow death

Ross on May 11, 2010


@Metatasian I'm really surprise right now that youre really thinking that Jazz was "the black guy" in Transformers... i'm from germany so i got the german dubbed version but i never had any indicator in the movie that told me "that has to be the black guy"... i mean jazz is talking like some gangsta (because of learning the language from google) if youre relating that kind of language to black people its not the problem of the filmmaker... but yours. (btw it sucks that the didnt revive jazz for the second movie) same goes for Transformers 2... the twins are annoying but in no way racist (again the german dubbed version)

oh hai on May 11, 2010


We have Aliens coming to earth, illogically turning into shiney cars/trucks, marching around the world fighting each other while blowing the shit out of everything and everyone in sight and the only problem people here seem to have with the concept of Transformers is Skids and Mudflap. Allrigggghhtty then!

Hattori Hanzo on May 11, 2010


@ Oh hai That's interesting, maybe the dubbed version portrayed him differently, but i got the impression right away that he was black! I have to say though I didn't find it offensive, I just thought he was black, and when he died i thought, here we go again the black guy gets it. I agree that he should have been revived for Transformers 2 though! As for the twins i just found them generally annoying, even if they were portrayed as Asian, Middle Eastern whatever i would have still found them frustrating. It seems like Bay tried to make a film that appeals to everyone without targeting a specific audience, hence everyone will find something to complain about. I'm sure anyone under 12 would have loved the twins, whereas lots of people over 25 find them annoying.

Metatasian on May 11, 2010


Bay just said on his own sites forum that the twins are not in T3. I know he said the same about megatron being in ROTF but this would be utterly not worth keeping a secret.

rob on May 11, 2010



gfdgd on May 11, 2010


Anyone who watches 3 after 2 does not have my respect, I still consider it the worst film of the last ten years.

shadow on May 11, 2010


#23 racist or racisim does not only mean using the N Word it also means stereotype. Skids and Mudflap are a typical racist stereotypes. even the writters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman did not agree with them character. look what they said about the characters in a interview link below.

tazz on May 11, 2010


people need to start boycotting bad movies and bad movie ideas till these creatures get the idea of what people actually want instead of hey this seems good

yupyup on May 11, 2010


As if i needed more reasons for NOT watching Transformers 3, thank you Michael Bay.

almartva on May 11, 2010


#4, you are not the only one. The twins are the robots comic reliefs in those dumb movies I am glad they will be back!:)

I am... on May 11, 2010


I will still go see it. I will go in, buy popcorn, and leave my brain at the door. Sure I thought the twins were kind of an over the top comedic relief, but the movie will have big giant robots exploding. Who doesn't want to see that. Especially if it is the twins.

Killroy on May 11, 2010


First off I have to say that Transformers 2 was horrible. Everything from the acting to some of the new casting was bad. The creators made the same mistake that has been made with the newest incarnations of the cartoons and that is trying to make it too funny. Yes the original Cartoon had funny moments, but it was never meant to be a comedy. Secondly the plot was horrible and watching optimus prime do a Power Rangers combo into super optimus totally sucked. I could not believe my own eyes. What made the first Transformers great was the perfect balance of plot and action. The only thing that I had issue with in the first one was that I felt as if the decepticons and autobots did not have enough dialouge, but they corrected that in the second one

livingword on May 11, 2010


cant wait for the cam version with someone's head blocking half the screen.

Jordan on May 11, 2010


As long as these 2 stupid bots don't stare at another pair of decepticon's balls... am ok with them getting back in the third one. I just hope that this time they realize that the audience understands it's a movie about giant robots, but that doesn't mean the movie has to be stupid and have no logic at all!

Chucho on May 11, 2010


Transformers is a joke and the joke is people paying to see this piece of crap.

U.G.T.F.O. on May 11, 2010


Now I had to make these comments seperate from the above, because it deals directly with the characters of the twins. These two characters were the largest turn off to me when we talk about transformers 2. I do not like to throw the word racist around as liberally as other do, but these character were definitely right on the border of being such. The term that I believe is more applicable for todays society is stereotypes. I believe we as people tend to stereotype different races more than to be flat out racist. The twins fit into the mold of so many black stereotypes that is was really hard to watch. The gold teeth; illeteracy; the use of colloquelisms; temperment and so forth were all dipictions of the black stereotype. It bothers me even more that this was an idea of Michael Bay a director that produces movies that I really enjoy. The character of Jazz was even a really bad stereotype..........and yes I did notice that he died. How could one of Optimus Primes man go to men die? It bothers me, that in a day an age were African Americans are not given true oppotunites to be represented in hollywood that when they are through any medium it is by stereotype. Even if you do not believe that these characters are racist, you have to agree that they are more closely identified with the African American Culture. And this does not mean that it is an accurate representation either, but it is the presentation that Hollywood is most comfortable rolling out and producing. Just think about how many all black movies you see in comparison to alll white movies. How many all white cartoons you see in comparison to all black. How many all white commercial and television shows that you see in comparison to all black. You do not even see a balance representation more than the out of balanced mis representation of our society. Hollywood will not back a black character or movie unless they know it is bankable and the stereotypical balck character has been proven to be bankable. It makes it hard for me to support movies, television and other multi media mediums today because of the poor representation of the African American race. I am not partial to the African American struggle either, but am also sensative to all the other races that are poorly represented and you can not say that we are represented when the only characters that were of brown skin had bit parts. The twins were stereotypes that may have been racist tools used to belittle black people, but that can only be decided by the character and content of the individuals heart that created them. If Michael Bay believed that these characters were good comedy reliefe that at the least his view and attempt for laughs were short sighted and insensitive.

livingword on May 11, 2010


I didn`t mind paying for the first movie, nor the second, and wouldn`t mind paying to watch the third. If it keeps me entertained for two-and-a-half hours, I pay for it. I`m not a dumbass for watching this or that movie, it only depends on if I`m satisfied with what´s offered. If it offer more than it can give, that`s when I feel less satisfied. What I do think should be done with the third is to go back to the things that made the first movie the crowd-pleaser it was. Ovbiously Skip and Mudflap were made to "broad" the appeal, as well as the more "comedic" points of the second. He probably didn`t realise that the first one already had appeal with it`s decent story and great action moments. Go back to the basics, and it should work out just fine. There are certaintly worse things that could come about.

Mr.Cookie on May 11, 2010


boring...and won't pay money to see it. When will this "formula" run out for Bay?

1544K on May 11, 2010


@43 Exactly.

Jacob Crim on May 11, 2010


People see what they wanna see: If you think the twins are racist, you are racist.

Jaybob on May 11, 2010


The second movie never happened!!

Dan on May 11, 2010


WTF is the living word talking about! there's just as many(if not more) white fools running around acting like that. and blacks don't get represented in Hollywood! what are you smoking (heh) that's absolute shit. god anyone with half a brain can see that the racist thing is all but gone. grow up quit your bitching, just cause you couldn't get an acting job, they gave the job to the black people with talent!

Jimmy Love on May 11, 2010


I liked the first, won't even bother with the second. Will download the third though

Rashad on May 11, 2010


thank the lord

jimbo on May 11, 2010


The twins got on my nerves but they weren't the worst part of Transformers 2, the story was garbage, the acting, was there acting? Editing, my complaint from the first movie was magnified in the 2nd movie, the editing was so fast paced, I had no idea who was fighting who. But I have a question is how do you get interested when Megatron turns out to be a total wuss, the leader of the bad guys doesnt want to fight because he's scared? how do you make the movie engaging when you have no worthy villians? go back to racial stereotypes for entertainment?

Chase on May 11, 2010


#49 I do not even think you thought about your response before typing it. I agree that their are white people, asian people ect. who behave in the same stereotypical way that the twins did, but it is a product of their indulgancance in the black culture. And though they may behave in that manner African Americans are the only race saddled with that stereotypical image in Hollywood. You may be able to name a few white people who have played characters that potray said image, but for every white person you will find 20 to 30 African Americans. Jaybob you are incredible bright with you statement. It is so insightful and thought out. The reason that we can never move beyond are anxieties as people as it pertains to race is because inlighted ingnoramisus like Jaybob and Jimmy Love. An individuals point of view should not be attacked but heard. Should not be shot at but protected. One who is unable to hear another ones point of view is one is destined to destroy oneself

livingword on May 11, 2010


@U.G.T.F.O. You are 100% correct with your assessment. Could not have said it better myself.

Forget It on May 11, 2010


actually mine was thought out and i stand by it. people see what they wanna see., and seriously acting lessons might help. but your right i did forget, they give the roles to the blacks with talent AND! to the rappers, so your right it is unfair

Jimmy Love on May 11, 2010


Car Car Binks.

Governor on May 11, 2010


am i one of the few people who actually enjoyed watchin the twins?

harrison on May 11, 2010


The term "racist" is so over-used it has almost lost meaning. Looking at someone in a way they perceive to be "wrong" can be labeled as "racist," especially now... It's the answer to every argument when logic and common sense have failed. Personally, I just thought The Twins were stupid... Now, if Michael Bay brought them back just so they could get blown up into tiny little pieces, that would be worth seeing... But, of course, were that to happen, someone would think it to be "racist."

Frank N. Stein on May 11, 2010


Twins didnt bother me either I mean, they are just characters, stupid brothers that act stupid thats all wheres the problem here i've no idea.

gfdgd on May 12, 2010


@11 The robots just didn't have attitude; they had gold teeth, spoke in dialect, bad English, and were ignorant. These are some of the things people found offense in. If the robots spoke in a heavy Mexican accent, played Tejano music, were lazy, exemplifying negative Latin stereotypes, I'm sure people would have a problem with them as well. The characertization of the robots was something you would have seen on Amos and Andy. Were the Twins racist? Thats debatable. Were they offensive, I thought so, and most people did as well.

Mike on May 12, 2010


@29 You are such an idiot. The movie is based on Hasbro toys that came out in the 80s. Obvisously you were born in the 90s. What a loser. I am sorry you did not grow up in that period. Instead you grew up with Barney. LOL! HA HA.

Good Guy on May 12, 2010


I liked 2 better [for the action]...... Transformers for me has never been about a story line (OR megan fox). Never cared about it as a kid in the 80's and I dont care now. Good vs bad is just fine. If the movies were just robots fighting, it'd be even better for me. I think these "twins" were OKAY but I liked Jazz WAAAAY better in terms of an urban portrayal. As a minoriy I agree w/ 60 because they did act Buffoon-ish, and re-inforced all sorts of caricatured stereotypes... That said, I think their behavior stemmed from Bay going over the top and pressing for laughs which exaggerated EVERYTHING that could be taken negatively. just me.

jomba joose on May 12, 2010


thank god the twins are out. to me they just dragged the movie on with corny jokes and just kept on swearing for no apparent reason. and by the way i didn't think they were racist just really bad comedians

max s. on May 12, 2010


Ohhh... I thought you were talking about Megan Fox's "twins." 🙂 Those twins can be in any movie they want. Were there robots in Transformers? I remember a motorcycle. ~ easily-distracted-Chuck

Chuck on May 13, 2010


hey i think this is retarded because they were bomb diggity not childish i <3 them put them in the movie or im not gonna see it and every one i know luuves them too so PUT THEM IN IT!!!!!!!

ariel on May 19, 2010


Whatever, man, I thought they were funny. People are so stupidly oversensitive. Racist my ass.

Andrew on May 20, 2010


Maybe not racist, but seriously profiled and 'targeted' to an audience that was already there. Duh. And can I say...Thank Goodness! They were terribly annoying and distracting.

allison on Jun 10, 2010


the third movie will be terrible regardless

meatcarnage on Jun 10, 2010


I thought the twins talked with a new yorker accent... maybe im wrong hmmm

zach on Sep 29, 2010


whoever wrote this article is an ass, why the hell do u hate the twins they r so cool, alot of people like the twins, maybe ur just jealous they can fight better than u.

Marc Simon Ramatali on Jun 18, 2011


the twins are the jokes ever, dont hate on em 

Nrrshellb on Jun 30, 2011


i loved the twins they where awsome and funny dont diss

Crazysamj on Jul 5, 2011

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