Universal Adapting Cate Tiernan's Witch Fantasy Series 'Sweep'

October 20, 2010
Source: Variety

Sweep Covers

Yet another contender to fill the void that will be left upon the conclusion of The Twilight Saga has entered the ring. Variety reports Universal has picked up rights to Cate Tiernan's young adult fantasy series Sweep. Robert Nelson Jacobs will script the adaptation of the story (which spans 15 books) following a 16-year-old girl who discovers she's a blood witch, descended from an ancient and powerful line. Ultimately, she must decide whether to use her powers for good or evil. While every young adult series will undoubtedly be linked back to Twilight, the first book starts in an eerily familiar way for those who know the teen vampire novels.

In the first installment, Book of Shadows, the 16 year-old Morgan finds herself a person of interest to a new senior student named Cal. Of course the love interest reveals that he and his mother are Wiccans (witches), and Morgan, who seems unusually sensitive to natural energies and adept at "magick," becomes the focus of his attention. Definitely sounds familiar. In a weird twist, Vince Vaughn is producing the adaptation through his Wild West Picture Show Productions banner in conjunction with Alloy Entertainment (the company behind Sex Drive). Combine this development with Vaughn's option of Wicked Lovely, and it seems like the company has a weak spot for female driven fantasy fare. Any Sweep fans out there excited?

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No, no, no, no, NO. This is sounds just like Twilight, but with shiny witches instead of vampires. Pass, PLEASE pass!

Deft on Oct 20, 2010


sweep series was out before twilight and the series so so amazing read them before you say anything about it being another twilight film , AMAZING

Workoutsforgettingripped on Nov 12, 2011


I agree. I read them in high school loong before Meyer's Twillight series. It's much better. I loved the series but I have serious misgivings about a movie version of it.

Bear_wiggles79 on Feb 15, 2012


nothing like twilight the Sweep series is sooooooo much better!!!!!!!!

Voodooyoulove14 on Apr 29, 2012


I REALLY hate to sound like a hater, but dude this sounds awful. Seriously. More bullshit for the young ones to eat up. God, how awful. I just.. I don't... just... Terrible news. And "Sweep" is a stupid stupid stupid whismical title.

Cracky on Oct 20, 2010


read the book first. its actually good. 

tall on Jun 5, 2011



SINNERMOSS on Apr 12, 2012


People, DO NOT compare this to twilight. This book series was published years before. And unlike twilight, the main character is strong and independent. Which is something young girls can look up to, not like some stuttering character from twilight. Anyway, this adaptation will probably be butchered by hollywood.

Elisa on Oct 20, 2010


I completely agree!

Voodooyoulove14 on Apr 29, 2012


everyone should know by now every young adult book has romance and some sort of super natural element

nelson on Oct 20, 2010


I for one am very happy! This book series is very good and I can't wait to see it on the screen. I wish haters would read the books before comparing everything to Twilight because it definately is not like Twilight nor is any other Young Adult series.

Jaime on Oct 20, 2010


Meh, these books are nothing like Twilight, I've read both full series and they are nothing alike. Sweep is an awesome series and I cant wait to see it in theaters! And before anyone compares it to Harry Potter, no it is nothing like HP either. Read it before you hate on it, seriously. No, a book. Any book!

Jen on Oct 20, 2010


I'm excited. These books were my teenage favorites when I was younger (they were published in the early 2000s before Twilight, guys). So I am stoked.

Jess on Oct 20, 2010


As an actual Wiccan my first response was "Oh Gods NO! It will be like 'The Craft' all over again". It's bad enough we get every reality challenged teenager coming to us wanting to levitate their friends and shoot fireballs from their hands. Now they'll start expecting us to recognise their innate specialness and worship them as well because they were born super-witchy. I was glad for Twilight. Whilst they all dreamed of boning Edward they left us alone to get on with the business of living ordinary lives and working with our Gods. Sigh.

Jo on Oct 20, 2010


Jo, I wish I could shoot fireballs out my hands, is it possible if I really practice? I'd pay for lessons.

Crapola on Oct 21, 2010


I think this is brilliant news. I am addicted to this series. I wonder who will play Hunter Niall ... Exciting!

Becky on Oct 21, 2010


PLEASE, do not compare these books to Twilight. Take it from me: I LOVE Sweep. I DESPISE Twilight. Aside from the fact that they came out years before SMeyer had her wet dream about Edward, unlike Bella, Morgan is a strong, independent and capable young woman. Yes she gets a magical boyfriend, but unlike Bella and Edward, her boyfriend helps her discover her OWN inner strength and power. And I promise you, Cate Tiernan can actually write, and doesn't just blather about how OMG HAWT Cal is. And there's actually a plot, MANY plots! If you're curious, I linked to my review of the first three books on my name.

Alexa on Oct 21, 2010


Don't you dare compare Sweep to Twilight. Before you go insulting a very good series read it first. Unlike Bella Morgan is a strong and independent character, a good role model for women everywhere and it is nothing like Harry Potter because Sweep is more acturate with magick than Harry Potter ever was, and it is a good book so don't you dare insult something without reading it. It is really annoying and makes a lot of people on this page look like ignorant baboons.

Anne on Oct 22, 2010


Very excited about this. Sweep is one of my favourite book series. However, I am a little worried about how they're going to set it out. If they're going to make a whole film series, they're going to have put a few books together. But when I think of that, all that comes to mind is the mess they made with Darren Shan. And yes, don't compare Sweep with Twilight. The two have nothing in common. Why does everything, even if it came out years before, have to be compared with Twilight? It's not like SMeyer invented vampires or young adult books. And JK Rowling didn't invent witches

Emma on Oct 24, 2010


Yay! Sweeps has surely swept me away. Excuse the bad pun. Heck, why not make a movie. I believe you shouldn't knock 'til you try it. This is way better than Twilight. B/c Morgan (main character) is NOT all love sick over Cal. Yeah, she does things (like stab someone who tries to hurt Cal), but she's nothing like Bella. She doesn't weep over how Edward leaves her, or keep on sending e-mails not one gets. This is awesome. About time someone has put fourth effort to make this into a production. I say on with the show, on with the magik. (: E-mail me for further feedback:

Xayonara Garcia on Oct 27, 2010


This is an amazing series. I would stay up until two in the morning just to finish a book. Though i am scared to see what they would do with it concerning a movie. They have slatered Twilight, and even the t.v. series The Vampire Diaries.

Roxanne on Nov 1, 2010


Jesus they have totally left the part out in this article about how Sweep/Wicca came out long before Twilight! My copies are so dog-eared where I have read them over and over again! Stop criticising, Cate Tiernan was first with the idea and STephenie Meyers Twilight Saga doesn't even come close, she was just lucky that Summit picked her idea up first!

Rachel on Nov 4, 2010


This book series came out years before Twilight was even a blip on Stephenie Meyer's radar. I was only 15. then. Even after almost 10 years, it remains to this day my very favorite book series. I thought then, when I had read the first 4 books, that it would be amazing as a movie or TV series. In recent years, they have made new printings with updated coverart (my dogeared, bent, faded, and broken spined copies still sport the original artwork, by the way) so, it makes sense that they have attracted the attention of the youth of today whose appetite for fiction featuring a female heroine has been made voracious since Harry Potter and Twilight came on the scene. And yes, the blurp may allude to similarities to Twilight but, if anyone would even bother to read up on the series, they would discover that it is nothing like the 'sparkly vampire series'. Morgan Rowlands was my heroine growing up...not Cal Blaire or Hunter (if you don't know who that is, do some reading) To those making so many abrupt assumptions, how about you do your research before you spew your hate all over those place because you think it's 'cool' to make fun of Twilight (when you most likely haven't read or seen anything about it to begin with). Also, while spawning undiluted mass hysteria for Robert Pattinson and sparkly vampires in teenage girls everywhere, try to consider the fact that these books are getting young people to READ instead of getting into drugs or delinquent behavior. I think about that and the Pattinson hysteria seems worth it to me. Lastly...if you don't like it, DON'T WATCH IT!!!!!!!!! Ta! -Alanna

Aly on Nov 4, 2010


I've read Twilight and have just discovered the Sweep seies and I can say im in love! They are nothing alike! I hope I'm finished with all the books by the time the movie comes out, and may I say yes, I loved the twilight books, but may I say that they didnt do it at all justice with the first two movies. I hope they dont cast twilight stars into the Sweep movies, I feel it would bring the movie down and the press on that would suck... If not then I'll have mine pre-ordered... OH and congrats on it making the big screen 😉

Jessica on Nov 9, 2010


Everyone is so quick to compare every young adult series to the Twilight saga. Each one is different and offers its own value. I'll admit that I picked up Sweep because of the whole fantasy genre created by Twilight, but the Sweep series is good in its own right. It is on a completely different subject, wiccans, not vampires. If the series gets kids to read, then that's the plus. I am a fan of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy , House of Night, and Harry Potter. Like many of the above comments, please read the series before comparing, complaining, and spreading negativity. Sweep is a great series, and I'll be reading more books by Cate Tiernan because of it. I for one, can't wait to see it on the screen, although it would have made a great TV series also. I say, make all the new fantasy books into movies..... If you don't want to watch it, don't. -Sam

Sam Dillman on Nov 16, 2010


i'm so glad thatthey have decide to adapt this series. I've always love it. Its one of the books that got me interested in Wicca. Its nothing like Twilight, which is good even though I am a Twi fan. Its different but in some cases better. Its more grown up in some ways. I love it cant wait. Hope they get good actors and actress's.

Marina on Nov 24, 2010


Can't wait! When is this supposed to happen?

Sam on Nov 30, 2010



munaza on Dec 11, 2010


I was 13 when I first read Sweep series, and I was surprised to discover that I can still enjoy them at almost 20. I stayed up till 4, sometimes 5 in the morning to read those books! I feel that this will be very difficult to adapt onscreen, so it's important to get a good cast and crew. As for comparisons, this is my opinion: HP and Sweep: They are both good books, but very different books. Harry and Morgan are two very different people, and whereas for Harry it is about fighting for his friends and his principles, for Morgan it's about defeating her own tendencies and misplaced affections. Twilight and Sweep: I don't like Twilight, and to summarize my objections, I feel that the concept itself is unhealthy, and there isn't much literary merit. For example, all the characters are placeholders- "insert optimistic, supportive sister here", "insert wise, exemplary father here", etc. What I really like about Sweep is that none of the characters are above reproach. PS: I agree that Sweep is a silly name for a movie, and I'm sure the studio will be smart enough to change it.

Malavi on Dec 26, 2010


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I am so stoked about this!I loved this series in highschool, it was second only to my harry Potter addiction and that may be because HP got to me first. This is exciting for many reasons. For starters like everyone said Morgan is a strong, independent character who isn't the lime light stealer. Actually she is a huge nerd and kind of a door mat to here best friend, the way she is written is so realistic to actual life that when I was in school I could compare the personalities in the books to people in my school. For two the reactions of all the kids to the wicca aspect is pretty realistic, curiousity, fear and all out judgment and condemnation. So saying this is not like twilight is kinda hard at least in the beginning, the whole brunette girl who gets singled out by the ridiculously gorgeous brunette boy who is special kinda thing. But all Im saying is that tiernan was FINISHED with her series before the first Twilight was written, so really SMeyers books are like the Sweep books and not vice versa. Morgan also ends up with her own power and kicks everyones butts, sorry if you didnt want to know that, but she is not a huge spineless sissy like Ms.Bella. Too bad kirsten alread is doing bella, this might have been a way better role.

emma on Jan 4, 2011


I really hope this actually comes to something, i have been a wicca/sweep fan since i was 13.Twilight is awesome too, but i do agree with Emma, wicca was written and published way before, so really you cant accuse it of being a copy of twilight, actually it was probably an inspiration. The only difference is that twilight had the luck of being spotted by someone, whereas wicca/sweep has not had that chance..untill now apparently. YAY

Wiccanchicaforever on Jan 26, 2011


I'm glad Kristen can't be Morgan.It should be somone new.also Cate writes that Morgans not very good looking.

Mdfisher8126 on Feb 11, 2011


the books i have got are actually called wicca. if you look into it they have different names in different places. i think that in a way wicca would be a better name for this series. and the books i have, have fantastic covers really colourful and pictures of people on the front, these pictures are exactly as the writer describes the characters. my only real problems with this movie series would be if the actors looked too different from there descriptions and if it was changed too much. i have loved these books for atleast 6 years and have re- read them too many times for me to count so i litterally know them inside out and could answer any question about them. the best thing about this series is that it doesnt just focus on the main character (morgan) it also has a book dedicated to alisa a friend of mogans addoptive sisters who finds out that she is a half blood witch and also a book dedicated to hunter morgans seeker boyfriend. it also have two other books in which the view switches from one character to another in each chapter. Like in the last book where it is the point of view of morgans daughter and also morgan this is set 20 years after the 14th and second to last book. i truly believe that this series would be a huge hit and it would also finnally be a young adult film/ series of films worth watching not just for the young adult but for the more mature of us too. i mean all you have to do is look at how many people love the sweep/ wicca series and how many people just love to go to the cinema. i know that this will be the only film that i will happily go and see. and for me to actually leave my house alone will require paying someone to look after my little girl and that is not easy. please stop having a go about this film before you read it seriously and you who said you were a wiccan ur self if you had actually read this you would understand that this is much closer to your religion than any other book aimed at the young adults

Natalieadkins on Feb 14, 2011


I am currently on book 9 of the Sweep series and i can't put it down! Yes, I am a Twilight fan, but no, I don NOT compare it to Twilight. Morgan is her own person and just because her and Bella of twilight are both females being exposed to some sort of super natural occurance does not make them the same. I LOVE both of them for their own characteristics! I can't wait to see these movies!

KalieLaura on Feb 17, 2011


hi i am only starting the first book but from all your guys comments i feel pretty excited i read the twilight books and they where ok just bella got on my nerves

aoife on Feb 24, 2011


Please don't let Hollywood destroy your fantasitc series. I think they should leave this series alone. A movie screen does not make a book series better. So please, say no Cate! You don't want to build a rep that Meyers did for herself. She basically ruined her career by allowing Twilight to be on the screen. I'm rereading the series now and its perfect the way it is. On paper.

Amaxing 123 on Feb 25, 2011


YES! I have loved these books for years! Hope they do a great adaptation!

Rlutters on Mar 9, 2011


me too i cant wait til the movie comes out i am soooo gonna buy it when it comes on DVD

Mrs Chenney_77 on Mar 14, 2011


Whooooooooo! I love sweeep! I read them all in three weeks! Back to Back! This is excellent news! Seriously! Its a dream come true for many people! I mean, im a Wiccan and its a little exaggerated but it still has actual acts from my religion and its fun and is in my age group! Sweep is amazing! Everyone who hates should read it! And if youre hating on twilight then you should read that too because the books were a million times better that the crappy movies!

Jazz on Apr 28, 2011


in ireland its called the wicca series...i read them years ago...the 15 books wer writen before twilight and its based on an actual pagan religion...they're very good books in my opinion, far better written than twilight so haters stop cant judge them without reading them...cant wait for this to become a would giv the books so much more acknowledgement...cant wait :P...cant even begin to think who would play cal and hunter

Caoimhe on May 2, 2011


 The Sweep series are NOTHING like Twilight. Morgan is confident not meek. She has friends. She isn't crazy obsessed over a sparkly dude. She's sometimes quick to judge. She has real flaws. She is a REAL CHARACTER. Unlike Bella Swann-Cullen. Also, the books dont go on and on about how amazing Edward is. The books talk about love, yes. But it's intense, and a real relationship ie. there are problems. Not soap opera-yy EDWARD LEFT ME WAH WAH problems but problems we can relate to. End of rant. Good luck to the producers. Lindsay Shaw would be an amazing Morgan.

rach na lasair on May 19, 2011


omg this series is amazing and if it becomes a movie im buying it! and dont judge this book because it is nothing like twilight!!!

Supershootingstar123 on Aug 25, 2011


Sweep is amazing, but Balefire would be easier to make into a film. I mean, how are you going to do the end of the Sweep series? Who plays Hunter in the end? Not going to ruin the end for anyone in the middle of it, but the time lapse is gonna be hard to do.

Book_Love_Life on Sep 19, 2011


I found this book series when it first came out.  I remember having to wait anxiously for each installment, wait for my library to carry them because my family didn't have any money.  These books got me through hard times, got me interested in a religion I hadn't even known existed and, incredibly, ended up defining a part of me much like Morgan's introduction to Wicca changed HER.  As the years have gone by, I've always returned to these books for a good comfort read, I even have the first 5 on audiobook. I also have the Twilight series which I have read several times through as well.  I like both series's for different reasons.  The Twilight books have really great character development despite what people say. The characters, even the 'perfect Edward' are flawed.  They are flawed in their views and sometimes they are flawed in the actions regarding their opinions.  It's well written if sometimes a little annoying in the repetition of certain aspects (perfect Edward, beautiful Edward, impossibly gorgeous Edward...yeah yeah, we get it.)  Sweep (the title of which is meant to either refer to 'brooms=witches' which is what I got when I was a kid to being swept away on a different journey than on expected their life to take, I dunno /shrug) is different because Morgan (who is very internal like Bella but not a moron about it sometimes like B was) has to deal with other issues besides her love for someone (and her love is just for a guy, not some sparkly supernatural creature...sure the guy is a witch but...over time...gah, just read the books) but also troubles with her family, her friends, finding out about her heritage, school.  Sure, the books centralize on Wicca and magick but the human experience, fighting with your sister, getting drunk for the first time, whether or not to go all the way with someone, these are things that young people all over the world can RELATE to...not many people can relate to 'Oh my boyfriend is sparkly and, any minute now he'll rip out my throat but he's just so pretty...' /rant

Aly on Nov 29, 2011


Sweep is my book love hello mrs.sweep here!!!

Sydneymoviestar on Jan 16, 2012


does some one know a site where a could find the sweep seires like the show ?

Kaylahsm on Feb 13, 2012


Can't wait for this movie! those who compare it to Twilight need to realize that unlike meyer's fanciful version of sparkly vampires and the victorian romance of Edward and bella, Tiernan's story is more about a young girl learning who she is. While there are some fanciful moments in Tiernan's book she does describe the world of Wiccan practitioners beautifully.

Bloodegypt on Mar 9, 2012


The series is nothing like Twilight. In the beginning the main character does not know she is a witch and is living a normal catholic life. I think that we are learning a bit about witchcraft as she is learning about it herself. So do not mock the idea of the series becoming a movie. I would so love it to become a movie. I am reding the series again fir the 5 th time. And it won't be my last time. on Mar 21, 2012


'Eerily familiar'? I've read both 'Twilight' and 'Sweep', and they are completely different, in my opinion. Plus 'Sweep' has a MUCH stronger female lead character - I was always disappointed by Bella, I found her a little bit whiney and weak at times, whereas I always loved Morgan. Oh, and if it was eerily familiar, 'Twilight' must be similar to 'Sweep', not the other way around, because 'Sweep' was published ages before 'Twilight' was. Just saying. I really, really hope they do 'Sweep' justice - it really is an underrated series. I think it deserves WAY more recognition, and maybe a movie is the way to get this (if the film is good, that is). If they choose undiscovered actors and don't let it get too 'hollywood-ised', I think it could be an amazing movie/series of movies. I hope they keep to the books as much as possible - changing it too much would be a real shame - and I hope they choose actors that fit the roles (always a pet peeve of mine). Either way, I'm super excited! The author, Cate Tiernan, is a lovely woman - I actually fan-mailed her online once (I know, embarrassing, but whatever), and she responded almost immediately, answering all my questions in full. She deserves for this movie to do really well! 🙂

Ash on Aug 17, 2012


Oh, and I'm really excited to see how they bring Cal and Hunter to the screen - both (but particularly Hunter) were my 'book crushes' when I was younger, and still are. One last, but very important, thing: If Hunter isn't British, I will scream. Not kidding.

Ash on Aug 17, 2012


Omfg I can't wait to see if this actually gets made. I would be in heaven!!

Andryste on Sep 6, 2012


I think... I don't know? TV SERIES could be better then a movie. Sometimes movie adaptions come of as rushed? Tv you can take it slow... But thats the thing, Tv series could get cancelled... and then movie might not take off and become a fail? either way i don't know.. With a series though you can speed it up so it won't take 15 years for the last book to be adapted. 😀

Joey Nathan on Oct 27, 2012


i really hope they turn the sweep series books into a movie i love it they are incredible books to read and way better then twilight by far 🙂

vicki on Nov 14, 2012


and also i hope they keep just like the books if they can and not turn it into another twilight

vicki on Nov 14, 2012

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