Universal & De Laurentiis Rebooting Stephen King's 'Firestarter'

December 13, 2010


She has the power… an evil destructive force. Variety (via JoBlo) is reporting that Universal and the Dino De Laurentiis Company are teaming up for a brand new reboot of Firestarter, which was originally based on the 1980 Stephen King novel. The movie, which earned $17 million at the box office back in 1984, starred Drew Barrymore (as seen above) in another one of her very early roles as a girl with the ability to start fires at will. No sequels were made and plot details for the reboot are being kept under wraps, except that it'll be "loosely based on the original King book, but the main character is to be reinvented with a little more edge."

"We see this as a unique, character-driven thriller with a supernatural edge, based on a timeless concept and enhanced by recent visual effects advances," Martha De Laurentiis said. A girl being able to start fires is a timless concept? Okay. Anyway, the project was one of the last that legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis worked on before his death in November at age 91. "Firestarter has a great mythology and with Martha and Lorenzo's vision we believe the franchise can be extended in a new and exciting direction," said Uni's Debbie Liebling. Mark L. Smith (Vacancy, The Hole) is writing the script, but they haven't looked at directors yet.

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Another reboot. They won't see this coming..

Big Boss on Dec 13, 2010


bet chloe moretz will be offered this lol

nelson on Dec 14, 2010


They did make a sequel, in 2002, about a more grown-up Charlie:

Outlaw on Dec 14, 2010


Really? Firestarter? Wasn't push sort of like a remake of Firestarter anyways?

Alex T. on Dec 14, 2010


Get ready to sit through a two hour extended remix of the Prodigy song. They're going to re-write the little girl character to give her "a little more edge"? Why can't they do something more imaginative with the idea? The kid doesn't need more edge; they just need to exploit the horror of how her powers develop. The character is probably going to be turned into some emo/goth chick who has been sexually abused; and the fire-starting abilities will grow out of that. Wouldn't it be more terrifying if it started springing from a seemingly well adjusted kid for almost no apparent reason? It needs a more interesting hook than "A girl hits puberty and the onset of her period gives her the ability to start fires with her brain; an ability she uses to combat her burgeoning status as a high school freshman knock-out." ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... On the other hand, it's not as if the original was a work of high brow cinema magic.

Dave Lister J.M.C. on Dec 14, 2010



A5J4DX on Dec 14, 2010


Lol, I was thinking the same thing #2. And #5 is pretty much dead-on. I would wage a bit of money on those plot details.

Cracky on Dec 14, 2010


ALEX ? uhhh THERE WAS A SEQUEL! come on man ?



I'm with Dave (#5). FFS..."a little more edge"?? Haven't we had too much of the edge and 'tude slinging already!? Maybe I can swallow a character who becomes jaded after being pursued all her life by middle of the film or so, but please...none of the emo/posing crap from the get-go. Thinking about it, even that sounds like it would be better for a sequel. It's been done to death. What made the original plot so rich was that Charlie was an innocent with power. And it freaks people out enough that she was that powerful, but the possibility of what she could or would do when she finally snaps, scared people even more...heck, she destroyed an entire government black-ops facility and left no survivors. Even if the original wasn't a "work of high brow cinema magic", as Dave puts it, let's be's what they could do in the 1980's. 😉

Joseph on Dec 14, 2010


@#9 You are correct. They did the best they could with 80's film making technology. What I meant most to point out was that they'll completely mess up the tone in favor of a teen angst-ploitation storyline. We all can read between the lines and see the imminent silliness that will ensue. This project is doomed already by those four simple words, "a little more edge".

Dave Lister J.M.C. on Dec 15, 2010

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