Universal Developing Another 'Timecop' Without Van Damme?

September 19, 2010
Source: What's Playing


This already sounds like a flop in the making, but oh well. We first reported a rumor way back in 2007 that Dark Horse was developing a remake of the Jean-Claude Van Damme 1990's sci-fi action classic Timecop. Years have passed and we haven't heard a word about it, but a sketchy movie site called What's Playing (via The Playlist) is now reporting that Universal is trying to develop a reboot of Timecop titled simply Timecop 2.0. They claim that Universal has "been developing the pic for four years" but won't be bringing back Van Damme (as it is a reboot). However, they say it will be on the release docket in the "next [12 to 18] months."

The reason why Dark Horse was/is originally involved is because the Timecop movie is actually based on a comic book serial (two-issue series) written by Mark Verheiden and published by Dark Horse Comics in the 90s. The story in the comic involves a "time enforcement" officer who breaks the laws concerning time travel in order to save his wife. But the story in the Van Damme movie follows an interconnected web of "episodes" in the officer's life as he fights time-travel crime and investigates a politician's unusually successful career. Timecop is Van Damme's highest grossing movie at over $100M worldwide on a reported budget of $25M.

The website says that Universal is "envisioning a big-budget science-fiction blockbuster with a major star" and are apparently "pouring buckets" of money into its development. That does actually make some sense considering the studio is hurting nowadays and is probably searching their archives to find properties that they can remake/reboot that they know will connect with audiences. Alas, I think it's kind of ridiculous that they would choose this, but then again there's no confirmation that it is actually happening yet, so for now it's only just a rumor. We'll let you know if we hear anything else. Anyone want to see this reboot?

For nostalgic purposes, and anyone who hasn't seen the movie, I've included the Timecop trailer below.

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NoWay this is the worst movie news I heard. Plus without Van-Damme, = straight to DVD. What they going to do is use SO MUCH special effects and naff action. If its a reboot why call it Timecop 2.0?? Straight to FAIL BLOG! lol

AgentX on Sep 19, 2010


van damme isnt gonna do the project anyway so whats the point

Spider94 on Sep 19, 2010


wait so they made a timecop 2 with jason scott lee...thats even more fail lmao top it up by calling this remake timecop 2.0 too

Spider94 on Sep 19, 2010


Don't forget the t.v show that ran for a short run.

stefinn on Sep 19, 2010


Timecop is actually a pretty decent movie. Van Damme was also OK in it.

Bash on Sep 19, 2010


Frankly, my dear, I don't give a Van Damme.

The Credenza Kid on Sep 19, 2010


Terrible idea! "Timecop 2.0", a reboot, when there is already that sequel with Jason Scott Lee? No way! I usually tend to give these ideas the benefit of the doubt, no matter how ridiculous, but this is just absurd! .....I sure hope to see Van Damme make his way back to the big screen, as most action stars of yesteryear are either joining creative forces with talented directors(Robert Rodriguez) or just banding together for a an action fest("The Expendables", and Wesley Snipes' upcoming "Havana Heat"). I believe that it's time for Van Damme to make his impact too!

Spider on Sep 19, 2010



Xerxex on Sep 19, 2010


Well it not the worst nor the best Van Damme film of the nineties... I guess thats something

Bizzle on Sep 19, 2010


No... just NO... Instead here are some other good ideas! Time Butcher: A butcher goes back in time to stop Mad Cow Diseas Time Teacher: A teacher goes back in time to teach the kids of the 80s how to use condoms. Time Dealer: A drug dealer goes back in time and sells crack in the Victorian era. Time Hoe: This one i think is self explanatory. (sequal -> Time Pimp: Pimp Smack Through Time.) Time Hollywood: A Hollywood producer goes back in time and to find out how Hollywood used to come up with original ideas for movies! ok im done.

d on Sep 19, 2010


i really liked timecop with van damme, i went to the cinema to see this when i was little 🙂 really enjoyed it. and saw it a couple times more on tv BUT without vandamme it's not the same, and already there is a crap sequel "berlin decision" made a few years ago. So.yeah, it's a no. It's a maybe if they made a sequel with van damme, but... that's cause i'm feeling nostalgic.

adrian on Sep 19, 2010


Since 1994 when I first went to see Timecop, it's been a guilty pleasure in the ensuing years. Sure, it's cheesy and has plot holes all over the place, but it has some good action, Van Damme at his ass-kicking best, and the late Ron Silver as the slimy senator. Bonus points for naked Mia Sara.

there is never enough time on Sep 20, 2010


why hasn't anyone in hollywood realized? we just want more VanDamme!

DoomCanoe on Sep 20, 2010


I don't want Van to Damage any more timecop so good.

Jimmy Love on Sep 20, 2010

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