Universal Warming Up a Whole New Batch of 'American Pie'

February 17, 2010
Source: LA Times

American Pie

Universal knows that if one thing is consistent in teenage culture today, it's that hormones will always be raging, and thus, there will always be an audience ready for some home-cooked, raunchy American Pie. At least that's what the studio is banking on, as LA Times' 24 Frames reports they are looking to re-bake an American Pie franchise. Going by the clever moniker American Pie 4, the film does have the interest of some of the original cast members, but it's still early in development and no deals are in place. After a series of terrible American Pie straight-to-DVD films, I think I speak for everyone when I say, enough is enough!

This isn't that surprising in this reboot obsessed industry, but with the batch of original actors now in their late 20's and early 30's, it's not as fun to witness their sexual struggles and humiliation. But what else do they have to do? The only two young actors who rode the American Pie wave to a steady, respectable acting career are Sean William Scott (next appearing in Cop Out) and Alyson Hannigan (she's currently on CBS' "How I Met Your Mother"). Meanwhile, Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Tara Reid aren't generating any buzz unless its related to a terrible movie or nude photos.

You can bet Eugene Levy will be back since he's starred in every installment including all of the straight-to-DVD American Pie Presents titles, but his comedic presence just isn't enough. As the original American Pie trilogy, if you will, came out when I was just a hormone raged teen, desperate for onscreen nudity, they hold a special place in my heart for the raunchy, silly comedies they are. But if all we're going to get is cheap nudity and sex jokes, then let it be. No need to return a franchise that officially ended in 2003. Leave it in the past, Universal, and figure out how you're going to make decent movies instead of scraping the bottom.

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I think is a great idea but only if they do it with good intensions and not just to show boobs or stuff

Silent on Feb 17, 2010


I would love to see Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs together again.

Xerxex on Feb 17, 2010


did those straight to dvd movies really make the money to make this look like a good idea

silver on Feb 17, 2010


Gimme a break already, Maybe if I was 13 years old forever.

People's Champ 3D on Feb 17, 2010


I have to admit I loved the first 3 American Pie movies (American Pie 1, American Pie 2, American Wedding) at the time I saw them; so I would see a "back-to-basics" new American Pie if were released in theaters. However, if it is some pure potent "Young Stiffler" bullshit I'd sooner self-immolate, closely followed by a swift and efficient hari kiri.

The Man With No Name on Feb 17, 2010


please stop

Gabe the Accuser on Feb 17, 2010


I'm not sure Eugene Levy's "comedic presence" would be enough to get people to watch a twenty minute show, let alone a movie that they have to pay for. I mean, yeah, he can be funny, but you can tell he's really trying.

Mark on Feb 17, 2010


It was quiet funny, they made 4 too many, it should be over. But wait, they dig up the corpse and flog it some more.

Crapola on Feb 17, 2010


I think is a great idea but only if they do it with the intensions of just show boobs and stuff not really i think its a terrible idea

DoomCanoe on Feb 18, 2010


If Christopher Mintz Plasse is in it, I'm in.

Jeeze on Feb 18, 2010


oh great(sarcasm),it will probably be in 3d,i suppose boobs in 3d could be a plus point.



Enough is enough. Let it go.

Nada Nuff on Feb 18, 2010


Boooooooooo(bs in 3-d would be kinda cool, but still....)ooooooooooooo

Voice of Reason on Feb 18, 2010


Eathan my Sentiments are Enough is Enough. What they guner have is American pie the granny.

Cineprog on Feb 18, 2010


yes its time to let go and move on. the audience have grown up!

free kids games on Feb 18, 2010


Guess her role Six Feet Under wasnt good enough for ya

Hale18 on Feb 18, 2010


Just let it go.....please for the love of god just let it go.

Cody on Feb 18, 2010


Ive actually enjoyed the straight to dvd movies... weren't amazing... but they had a few good laughs... I personally wouldnt mind seeing the series continue

DJ Sil3nt on Feb 18, 2010



Clover on Feb 18, 2010


I think that showing the original crew with kids now could be interesting, it'd be like they were starting the whole cycle over again except with Biggs playing the Dad character made famous by Eugene Levy. I loved the first three so I'd be interested in a fourth if all the original players were back, I never saw any of the straight to dvd sequels so this story concept may have already been touched on.

peloquin on Feb 18, 2010


How many ties can they slice this pie, it's dead bury it and leave it alone!

Adam on Feb 18, 2010


I actually have all the straight to DVD ones and they are funny as hell. Me and my wife just watched watched the last one (The Book of Love) a week ago and we died laughing. American Wedding was horrible. Its the worst one besides Band Camp.

Shaun on Feb 18, 2010


i would love to if their is a new american pie that a new stifler is a girl that would be a great movie and idea right????..................i would love to watch again n again.......and i would love to see jason biggs again in the screen.........hehehe....plssss..agree..

Waltz on Jul 31, 2010

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