Universal's Lengthy New Trailer for Ron Howard's The Dilemma

October 8, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The Dilemma

We didn't write about this because I just didn't think it was worth extra attention, but Universal got a lot of flack from industry folk for the first trailer for Ron Howard's The Dilemma, which contained an offensive "gay" reference. They were forced to recut the trailer and remove that scene, as reported on Deadline, but it looks like they decided to release an entirely new trailer to take attention away from that incident. This new 3-minute trailer for the adulterous comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly plays a bit better, but not much. I only laughed once at that joke with Betty at the end.

Watch the second theatrical trailer for Ron Howard's The Dilemma from Universal:

You can also watch this second trailer for The Dilemma in High Definition on Yahoo

A story about a man who finds out that what you don't say to a friend is just as important as what you do.

The Dilemma is directed by Oscar winning actor-turned-filmmaker Ron Howard, who's directed many great films previously including Grand Theft Auto, Cocoon, Gung Ho, Willow, Parenthood, Backdraft, Apollo 13, Ransom, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Da Vinci Code, Frost/Nixon and Angels & Demons. The script was written by Allan Loeb, of Things We Lost in the Fire, 21, The Switch, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Universal will be bringing The Dilemma to theaters in the dead season starting on January 14th next year.

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looks like another classic from ronnie! if this is as half as good as da vinci code 1 & 2, it will make a bundle!

Para on Oct 9, 2010


#1 hahahaha

DoomCanoe on Oct 9, 2010


vince vaughn will do what he can with it. But overall this looks like crap.

filmfan111 on Oct 9, 2010


Well, at least vince vaughn is funny.

PHiZiK on Oct 9, 2010


Can someone tell me what the offensive "gay" reference was? I'm really curious now.

Cracky on Oct 9, 2010


Looks bland though I've always liked Vaughn and James. It almost feels like Howard is stuck in the 80's with his comedy. Comedy has grown in the last 25 years and I need something sharp, a little in your face and smart. I wouldn't go spend money to see this. The only way I would see this is if I was buzzed at a friends and couldn't move, but because I like Vaughn I kept my eyes open. I know seems a little harsh, but there you go.

arjones on Oct 9, 2010


Looks much better than I expected.

Craig on Oct 9, 2010


Can people get over this political correctness crap?

CPJ on Oct 9, 2010


@Cracky "Hybrid cars are Gay." that was it. Anderson Cooper was shocked when he heard it. Apparently the gays are offended when someone calls a car gay, as in stupid...I say we the people need the word gay, much like we need the word retarded, I think some are confused whenever someone uses gay to describe something...but oh well, I'm still a fan of Cooper and Vaughn.

Xerxex on Oct 9, 2010


Oh oh, I see now. Thanks Xerxex. And I suppose there is a point to the madness. If ANYTHING, I've never actually heard the word "gay" used in a trailer before like that. You might hear it if the actor is talking about someone's actual sexuality, but never as a insult adjective. But oh well.

Cracky on Oct 9, 2010


that's the whole problem, the line wasn't targeted at anyone, just hybrid cars which are pretty lame in the looks department.

Xerxex on Oct 9, 2010


Political correctness has got to stop.

Al on Oct 9, 2010


The funniest part was in the trailer he even says, "not homosexual gay" and explains that he means gay as in "lame". I'm all for equal treatment of gays, but seriously people need to relax. and of course Universal just caved, and acted like they did something wrong. Just because gay people took a word that meant happy, and now claim it as theirs doesn't mean they can police the use of it. Oh and this new trailer is super gay.

theotherbluth on Oct 9, 2010


Looks like another movie produced from the turd factory. Vince Vaughn is almost like the male equivalent of Jennifer Aniston. For every good movie he is in, he's in about 8 pieces of crap. I want the Vince Vaughn of Swingers back.

First World Problem on Oct 10, 2010


I'm more offended by Vince Vaughn's refusal to quit playing the same asshole in EVERY movie he's ever done than the gay word.

Megan on Oct 10, 2010


I'm not really sure what to think about them changing the trailer. I mean really, with everything that is out now and how people use words in different ways all of the time in film and TV. Was it really necessary????

OST on Oct 10, 2010


Wow I never caught that in the last trailer (the extremely offensive use of the word "Gay".). And frankly I'm a little repulsed by how many people on this site are actually not bothered by this at all. Sure it may seem like just a little joke, but everyone really needs to realize that these "small" remarks add up over time. And we need to just stop this altogether no matter how brief. This is especially upsetting to me after no more than a week ago a young man killed himself after such toxicity. And #13, don't even try to pull that argument out, yes gay originally meant happy, but I know you know perfectly well the screenwriters obviously meant it in a derogatory manner. I apologize Alex for turning this into a political argument, but I can't just sit hear and read through this without acknowledging these ignorant commentators. My intention is not to direct anyone towards totally giving rights to homosexuals, I just want moviegoers to realize it is absolutely intolerable to include such offensive dialogue to anyone in such regards, anywhere; anytime.

Caitie on Oct 10, 2010


Caitie, did you read the part I wrote where in the trailer, he makes it a point to say he is not refering to homosexuals? and no, I don't know perfectly well anyone's intentions but my own. I agree that it is tragic and horrible that there are kids today who kill themselves because of bullying, anyone who picks on another based on their sexual orientation, or any reason really is just an insecure and shitty person. But this trailer had nothing to do with bullying until Anderson and Ellen said it did. When Universal changed the trailer, no matter what the intentions of the screenwriters were; it now looks like the intentions were to put down gay people. You said yourself you did not even notice the joke when you watched the trailer, well most people didn't, but guess what now EVERYONE one has. They are making a mountain out of a molehill. People who weren't offended, are now; because they think they are supposed to be, because Ellen told them to be. In a time when there are REAL people protesting at funerals(for christs sake!) of dead soldiers, claiming God hates fags, I'm sorry but a made up character in a movie saying hybrid cars are gay does not offend me.

theotherbluth on Oct 10, 2010


I personnaly have been lobbying for a while about the need for us "heterosexuals" to take the word gay back. Saying shit is gay is one of the most satisfying ways of expressing the state of lameness of somethings, just try it for a week. We have already lost the right to such colorful words as fruit, queer, fairy and fag, all of which really spiced up any cocktail party small talk in the 1950's. We need the word gay and we promise that when we use it, the idea of referencing the action of two studs getting it on will be the farthest thing from our minds, mostly because that's a disturbing image to us non initiates. The bottom line is some situations call for the G word and nothin but, like Brian Singer's Superman returns. Could you associate it with any sort of sexuality straight or alternative? No. But it was effin gay. On a more serious note, I do believe homosexuals should enjoy ALL the rights and benefits the rest of us do, the contratry is just an absurdity in this day and age. But I also believe that for the last 20 years filmmakers and musicians have been dropping n****r bombs in reference to everything and anything. So if a word with such painful undertones can be used in entertainment with such banality, I believe we can all take a deep breath and not get our pantys in a bunch for a semi-funny one liner in what is gearing up to be another miserably generic hollywood comedy. If I was an homosexual in 2010 I would be more worried about the rise of anti-masturbation Jesus freaks who will surely try to slowly claw away at my civil rights in the name of morality if they ever take control of congress or white house.

John Wishbone on Oct 10, 2010


They dropped.......THE 'G' word!?!?!?! So our freedom of speech is comprimised for a word that most of the time isn't even used in the correct circumstances? How many people say the word gay without it having anything to do with homosexuality? Stop having a bloody cry over nothing.

DiR3cT on Oct 11, 2010

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