Victoria's Secret's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Congrats Video

May 31, 2010
Source: Facebook

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Wow, Victoria's Secret really loves their models! Reader Gaz A. informed us that the lingerie company just debuted a video on their Facebook page congratulating "angel" Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who got the big role in Transformers 3 replacing Megan Fox as announced by Deadline last week. It was first reported that Huntington-Whiteley was the frontrunner along with other candidates like Sarah Wright and Brooklyn Decker. This was probably directed by Michael Bay and is just a big "look how beautiful our model-who's-now-a-star is yay!" But boy is she purty to look at. And that's why we love this… So feast your eyes on this!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Victoria's Secret Video

It was announced a couple of weeks ago that Megan Fox had dropped out of Michael Bay's Transformers 3 over reported disagreements between her and Bay. We're not exactly sure how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's character will be worked into the script as a replacement, since we don't know much about the story to begin with, but there will probably be a "I'm dumping you Mikaela" moment and then we'll get this beauty. Let's just cross our fingers and hope she can act, because it would suck to have a replacement who's worse. But so far so good, she's absolutely gorgeous, and it'll be good to see a fresh new face in this one. Go Get 'Em Rosie!

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Yep thats me, Gaz A - pretty excited I got a mention 🙂 Big follower all the way Manchester, England people... god that bird is fit eh?

Gaz A on May 31, 2010


I thought theses movies were about Robots... Not that I mind but seriously who cares about Samls goining to college and Turturo showing his rear

drunkimus on May 31, 2010


Hmmm, she's pretty for sure, but I had hoped they would...go in a new direction. Either way I hope she realizes what a huge chance this is and brings some acting to the table - not just another cardboard cut out of a pretty girl. Nice catch Gaz A!

germs on May 31, 2010


This kinda makes me wanna see this film less.

TaylorF on May 31, 2010


like the previous movie (i thought the first 1 was pretty damn good) all ull want to remember at the end will be the robots fighting and the hot girl in slo mo. Theyll probably give her some line like " im right underneath the enemy's scrotum". i know what. lets all start a facebook page to vote for betty white to replace this girl.

Logan on May 31, 2010


Absolutely stunning! I'm glad Megan Fox is out, I didn't like her in any of the TF movies, she sucked. She'd be much better off going down a different direction to prove herself as an actress.

Gemma on May 31, 2010


Waaaay hotter and more striking than Megan. She's gone overboard with the lip injections and they dont suit her. At least this chick is natural.

Dan on May 31, 2010


megan is a babe but this girl is prettier IMO. her face isn't as harsh looking as megan's is getting these days. she looked nicer in the first transformers movie. i didnt think much of her acting in either though so i think it's best that she did leave anyway. she should do something different. i hope this girl does well, she's hot and seems really nice in her interviews.

Steven on May 31, 2010


im a straight girl and all but id go gay for Rosie! so pretty and cute. good luck to megan with whatever else she does.

Katalina on May 31, 2010


The 2nd TF wasn't all that great so I hope this 3rd one will be better. Maybe bringing in a new hottie isn't such a bad idea? I mean, she's stunning!

Mike on May 31, 2010


I agree with #4...Models can't act; everyone knows that, well except Michael Bay apparently. Plus, are we supposed to believe that a nerd like Sam Wiwicky could get a girl like this?! At least now robot aliens taking over the world won't seem as far fetched...

peloquin on May 31, 2010


Good riddance to megan fox! the girl was hot but she was painful to watch in both films, i love a good popcorn flick but at least some decent acting would be nice even if you are just eye candy. Welcome Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Jordan on May 31, 2010


I know she's a model but she can't be worse than megan fox... or can she? we'll just have to wait and see. to be honest i was getting bored of megan's character and her acting anyway.

Kyle on May 31, 2010


She may be a model but I'm not gonna judge her until I actually see her in the movie. It wouldn't be fair to assume that her being a model means she can't handle the role she'll be given. She's stunning like Megan anyway so she'll fit in eye candy wise at least.

Nikita on May 31, 2010


So is this model gonna just replace Fox in the role of Mikaela? No. So I assume we are gonna get a break-up scene that goes against the entire Sam and Mikaela romance sub-plot? The second movie was all about them putting themselves in mortal danger and survivng as a team, and telling each that they love one another finally...and now we may get an out of place break up scene? That just sounds fucking stupid. Look I know these films aren't about the writing and plot but seriously this has got to be the lamest idea since peanut butter and jelly in the same bottle!!! I hope they just re-cast the role and don't introduce a new love interest, it worked in The Dark Knight. C'mon guys the character of Mikaela was horribly written, Fox did the best she could with a terrible role.

Xerxex on May 31, 2010


@ Xerxex, I agree. And I'm meh about this new girl.

Sabes on May 31, 2010


Shes a butterface! Shes got a great body! BUTTERFACE! Ugh she really did get hit with the ugly BOARD

Jimmy Love on May 31, 2010


Ok, well not that I care about the plot but, Fox's character better die or some good development that they broke up. I dont want the beginning to start with a quick mention that they broke up with no Fox screentime, personally Id rather see Megatron randomly bounce into the screen and tear her in half.

Cody w on May 31, 2010


I am glad to see, that an audience primarily judges an actress by the quality of her performance... I am happy to know, that in the film industry it's not all about money, special effects and sex... Movies are art. Not products. Obviously.

Buckaroo Banzai on Jun 1, 2010


less humans, more robots...

Roderick on Jun 1, 2010


Replacing a bimbo for another bimbo is not very smart Michael Bay.

almartva on Jun 1, 2010


HAHAHA man shes not very pretty, great body but i mean her face not good, hope she can act and by act i mean accurately make her dialog sound realistic not running in so-mo and know when to arc her back acting!

buffandthestuff on Jun 1, 2010


The scene in TF1 were Mikaela opens up Bumblebee's hood will be in my mind forever!!!... but, if she doesn't want to be in our big-ass-robots movies... that's ok. This Rosie girl... yummy!!!! kudos! Can't wait to see her in barely no clothes and running slow-mo for her life. =D

Chucho on Jun 1, 2010


She looks wicked and all, but more importantly - WHAT IS THE MUSIC USED FOR THIS VIDEO???

Damien on Jun 1, 2010


PHOTOS of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from GQ Magazine U.K. May 2010: http://film-book.com/rosie-huntington-whiteley-gq-magazine-u-k-may-2010-photos/

ProMovieBlogger on Jun 2, 2010


lol Michael Bay directed the movie i guess again for Victoria's Secret 😀 Ahh well, to bad, cauwe i kinda liked Megan Fox's appearance. But hey its still a robot movie. Give us more chick robots!!!! (NOT)

Digit on Jun 4, 2010


damn you michale bay!! we all know that victoria models dont act.. they're airheads.. bay is not focusing right in this movie.. he is putting a lot of good names (actors) in this next film.. i think it gonna blow, he is putting a lot of material and actors he is going way out of line.. and now a damn model?? WTF!! and all of you stop and think for a moment in her acting carrer instead of her ass and boobs and face!! maaaann im getting dissapointed of all you people supposed to be fans or having knowledge about this movies and criticizing megan, when a model is worst.. dont go to far.. you all remeber TAXI right??

aaron bEE ambriz on Jun 11, 2010


I think she will be a great replacement for Megan, she is very beautiful. She promotes so many Victoria's Secret coupons online too!

Jenna on Jul 27, 2010

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