Video Interview: Clash of the Titans Director Louis Leterrier

March 31, 2010

Louis Leterrier

I've been a big fan of French director Louis Leterrier ever since The Incredible Hulk, which wasn't that long ago, and I've never even seen Transporter 2. But after seeing him speak in-person at Comic-Con and seeing his version of Hulk, I became a big fan of his style and I knew I wanted to talk to him, especially after hearing that he was remaking one of my all-time favorites (the original Clash). Thankfully I got to talk with Leterrier the day after seeing his new version of Clash of the Titans (which I actually enjoyed) and here's the video from it. We cover quite a few topics, including creature design and his love for Greek mythology.

Watch our interview with Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier:

This interview was shot using my Flip Mino camera, so apologies for the audio being a bit soft. Although I know that Leterrier's Clash of the Titans is getting some harsh criticism from other critics online, I actually think there is a lot to admire about it, even though it's not as fantastic as the original Clash nor does it have Ray Harryhausen-style effects. I had plenty to ask Leterrier and there's even more I wanted to talk with him about that we didn't even have time to get into, so I may do a follow-up Q&A at some point. But I hope this helps answer some questions you guys might've had. Clash hits theaters this weekend. Go see it (in 2D).

Clash of the Titans

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Alex, I actually saw this at a special screening already as well. I am not going to influence others with its content. However, I found that it remained true to the original but (for me) less of the impact of the original. Back then, we were amazed by the Krakken, Medusa etc. The modern day technology has done well, but I am one of those who miss animatronics and scaled versions of cities etc versus CGI and Green Screen effects. Notwithstanding, Leterrier's vision shouldn't go un-noticed in this revision - He has done well I think......Oh, and yes - definitely a 2D viewing as I have also seen this in 3D and to be quite honest, it takes away from the viewing pleasure IMHO. Dan

Dan the Man on Mar 31, 2010


I think is funny how even though he is a successful director he giggles like a fan boy when he sees Christopher Nolan. I'm looking forward to Clash of Titans, I love the original, and this new one looks pretty awesome, it has Liam Nesson for Perseus's sakes.

almartva on Mar 31, 2010


I'm there, on Friday in the 2-D theater.

Xerxex on Mar 31, 2010


Going to see it, in 2D. I wonder how much the box office will suffer. I checked several cities near me and was surprised that most of the theaters are only offering a 2D version. Dragon and Alice are still in 3D and IMAX so there's no room for Clash I guess. Sounds like he wants to do sequels. If he does Greek mythos well I'm all for it.

Moviegimp on Mar 31, 2010


@2 I wouldnt call him a successful director...transporter 2 was terrible and the incredible hulk is his only good film that have come out for him so far. In my book Nolan is a whole other level above this guy. He makes a good mindless action flick but hes no Scott or Scorsese. I guess Clash could decide whether he just "has his moments" or is actually a talented director cause hes yet to prove that if ya ask me.

Cody w on Mar 31, 2010


A little comment from France. Leterrier is originally a yes-man from Luc Besson's Europacorp. So, he's not a great filmmaker, Transporter 2 is just awful and Danny the Dog (with Jet Li... i don't know what is the title in English) is barelly good. And Hulk is the only film pretty cool he made. I love Leterrier 'cause is very cool, and he talks about his work with passion and a fresh lucidity about the making of films in Hollywood. I saw him in France, in few shows, and he doesn't arrogant and he's very funny with everyone. I went on a show with a guy who hates Transporter 2, but he was just cool and funny. That's why i like him. He's just a cool geek guy, like us, but he can make movies. I give you the videos about this funny interview of Leterrier (about Transporter 2). The show (this time only don't worry) is called 'America Fuck Yeah'. Yes, in France, we are so funny ^^. Enjoy, if you understand the french. If you don't, just watch the beginning, its pretty funny...

Gort on Mar 31, 2010


@ Dan The Man I agree with you, I think the modern movies overuse CGI and green/blue screen they sacrifice realism just to save a few bucks.

Quaked2023 on Mar 31, 2010



jaja on Apr 1, 2010


Mr Louie Terrier or whatever his name is should have stayed at home the day they handed out the assignment for this remake.... its horrible.. The effects are great but the 3d is not 3d at all... And the story is horrendous... I understand the original was pretty simple as well, but good ol Louie should have left it alone instead of the butchering he gave it.. its full of holes.. theres no character progression.. he basically Rewrites the Greek myths.. .. so tired of how all the great special efect eye candy movies have to be synymous with horrid story. Where do they find these talentless arrogant directors/writers ? who keep butchering the classic tales..300 , troy, Beowulf... etc etc cant wait till this trend is over and historic fantasy goes back to what it's supposed to be.

grrr on Apr 4, 2010


FTW?!?! #1 ARE YOU BRAIN DEAD??? True to the original my ass. If that is true, who played Hades in the original? oh, that's right Hades doesn't even belong in this story!!! and who the heck is Io??? Way to go Leterrier rewrite an ancient story to make absolutely NO sense. #9 has hit the nail on the head. This movie is a monumental waste of time. Now I also know that i should take Mr. Billington's opinions lightly. What is did you find "enjoyable" about this train wreck? Oh, as I have suspected for a while, ACTION. Plot, good characters, intelligent dialogue, Nope not here on "First showing." It's all about block headed fight scenes and CGI. I wanted to demand my money back, hopefully i can convince other people to save theirs.

kitt on Apr 6, 2010


I love how he geeks out when Nolan's sitting beside him.

SlashBeast on Apr 9, 2010

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