Video Interview: Inception's Point Man Joseph Gordon-Levitt

July 18, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

A couple of weeks back I interviewed actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt to talk about Chris Nolan's Inception, including how he shot those incredible fight scenes and so much more. I've talked with Gordon-Levitt before (at Sundance for 500 Days of Summer) but he's one of my favorite actors to talk with, so I set this up before I had even seen Inception, then after seeing those jaw-dropping fight scenes (you know the ones I'm talkin' about, in the hotel hallway) I knew he was the perfect guy to talk to. Even if you haven't seen Inception, this is still spoiler free. It's a great 10 minute interview and must watch if you're also a fan of Gordon-Levitt.

Watch my interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt from Christopher Nolan's Inception:

Although the entire cast in Inception is phenomenal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my very favorite actors that I always love seeing in anything, and I thought he did an exceptional job in the movie (he plays Arthur, referred to as "The Point Man" on this poster). I loved hearing him talk about Chris Nolan and hearing his answers to all of the tech questions early on. As always, I wish I could've talked with him for longer and gone into depth about some of his scenes, but I only was given so much time. Inception is in theaters now; it was just hailed as the "movie event of the summer" by our own Jeremy Kirk. I hope you enjoyed watching this!


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Cool guy. He COULD play the joker if Nolan ever brought him back

Brandon on Jul 18, 2010


I am definitely a fan of Mr. Gordon-Levitt. Makes me even more excited to see Inception.

DaveC on Jul 18, 2010


I could watch him all day...

Shannon on Jul 18, 2010


First of, everyone you interviews seem to be "one of the greatest actors/directors/whatever you have talked". And also, learn how to set up a camera and use angels 🙂

ryderup on Jul 18, 2010


Do you have a video interview of Hardy? That'd be great to watch.

Ravster on Jul 18, 2010


ok so, i am completely turning my opinion around of JGL. he was super good in inception. he can be the 'cool' guy' pretty well, but i dont think he could be the riddler. i wouldnt accept him as that kind of character i dont think, but who knows, i probably said the same thing about ledger.

Jesus on Jul 18, 2010


Aww, he is such a humble and down to earth guy, so friendly and normal, I love him!

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 18, 2010


Congratulations on the interview.

David on Jul 18, 2010


Heath Ledger's unofficial brother? I never really noticed until now... he looks just like the guy!

Sean on Jul 18, 2010


I'd rather want him to play the Riddler. Man, that would be AWESOME!

Robbie on Jul 18, 2010


I saw this kid grow up on tv and I'm happy to see that he looks genuinly like a nice guy.

George Goodspeed on Jul 18, 2010


I watched one interview with JGL about this movie and watching this felt like a 100% re-hash, ask questions that every reporter ISN'T asking next time. Either way, this dude is cool as hell.

carlos on Jul 18, 2010


@ # 4 instead of trying to inform someone of what they need to do how abow you take a spelling class. I'm pretty sure that angles is the point that you were trying to get across.

ThaExecutor3175 on Jul 18, 2010


and about* before you go through the motions of trying to correct that one mispelled word on my recent comment. Good interview Alex!

ThaExecutor3175 on Jul 18, 2010


Haha, I'm sorry #13 (ThaExecutor3175), but you should check your spelling before you press submit. 😉

Matt H on Jul 18, 2010


Riddle me this, Who could play Edward Nigma better than JGL? No One. And if anyone say's John Depp or Robin Williams they're going straight to bed with no dinner.

TheGuyInThePJ's on Jul 18, 2010


Robin Williams? You do realize he's... old right? JGL could make a good riddler and since Nolan seems to like using big names in his movies... all the time. I wanna see an interview with Nolan and get inside his mind. He's awesome!

Eli on Jul 18, 2010


I think #4 is just upset that I deleted a few of his comments before... I could've interviewed anyone in the cast (except Leo), but I chose JGL because I DO think he's one of the best. I choose my interviews very carefully, most of them are my favorite actors/directors. #12 - Well, I'm sorry, I asked questions that I wanted to ask (I only had 10 minutes!!), plus I don't have time to watch every other interview and determine what is or isn't good to ask. What would YOU have asked instead if you're oh-so wise?

Alex Billington on Jul 18, 2010


he wasn't that good in Inception. He was sort of bland. The fighting scene ofcourse was good, but that has nothing to do with character/dramatic acting, really. He didnt bring anything interesting to the role, like Hardy did, who IMO was the best actor in the film considering how much he did with his little role.

Vito on Mar 28, 2011


A real good actor I haven't seen him in anything, I loved the movie Treasure Planet which he a voice actor in but besides that I don't know well. He's real cute and a good actor. Wished they did more with that kiss. By reading the comment, I'm not sure how it got started. But it be cool to see him play Riddler. Some directors ruse the same actors in there movies, I don't mind that. Usually it means they work well together, so I hope to see more of him in the future.

Ariel on Jul 18, 2010


People need to stop whining. We should be more grateful that Alex is doing us all a great favor by showing us an interview with one of the best up-and-coming actors in the industry. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is definitely one guy you wanna keep your eye on within the next few years.

Icefilm on Jul 18, 2010


goddamn i could stare at him all day. i thought that was a great interview. definitely taught me more about the technical aspects of filmmaking that i'm studying long live inception!

wumbo on Jul 18, 2010


This dude seriously looks like Ledger, the question is: could he pull off ledger's joker?

Vic on Jul 18, 2010


Second thoughts, Nolan is clearly setting up a new joker actor in JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT by casting him in Inception, the movie is incredibly good and JGL is clearly a shoe in to carry the role in The Dark Knight Returns 2012...mark my words.

Vic on Jul 18, 2010


at #4 The questions were great and the answers even better. The camera angle didn't matter one bit in my opinion.

DaveC on Jul 18, 2010


Sorry dude, Nolan already mentioned that the joker will never be revised. Now the Riddler would be right up his alley:)

dee on Jul 18, 2010


Who knew the kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun would grow up to be an awesome actor and a bonafide badass? For those who haven't yet, I suggest checking out Brick. He's great in that. 30+ #Inception Movie Posters here Your mind is the scene of the crime, and your wall is the scene for these posters!

DLM Entertainment on Jul 19, 2010


JGL seems like a pretty cool guy, cant wait to see his performance, had to hold off seeing inception til this weekend and sweet lord the anticipation is killing me.

Cody w on Jul 19, 2010


#23 Nolan already said hes not bringing the joker back.

Cody w on Jul 19, 2010


Good interview, JGL is a cool dude and I'm prety sure I'd watch him almost anything, but I think Tom Hardy is the man to be talking about for the Riddler/Joker role, or any big meaty role in the next Batman film, he was brilliant in Bronson and also in sky1's The Take.

Dandooo on Jul 19, 2010


JGL was pretty tough in the movie but I can think of half a dozen young actors who would have done a better job.

graffiti bandit on Jul 19, 2010


@graffiti you've got to be kidding, who would've done better? great interview, I didn't know they weren't attached to wires during the spinning that is just badass.

theotherbluth on Jul 19, 2010


wow your voice sounds exactly like mine. that was weird

matt on Jul 19, 2010


co-sign JGL playing The to see Tom Hardy involved with Batman 3 but im sure he'll be filming/preparing for Mad Max

dee8 on Jul 19, 2010


You should have asked when they were going to do a 30 Rock from the Sun reunion ok!!

carlos on Jul 20, 2010


lol, 3rd Rock, oops

carlos on Jul 20, 2010


Hell yea Alex, good work. I really enjoyed that. He's come a long ways since Angels in the Outfield. I thought your questions were perfect and you could tell he was enjoying having to answer them, especially the ones about his stunt work and his editing hobby.

peloquin on Jul 23, 2010


HAHAHAH!!! #13 got pwned!!!

gshauger on Jul 25, 2010

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